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Archana Chandran
Archana Chandran - 2 dager siden
Landon u got a precious mom and so as shyla with her precious mom(in law)
Sergine Chrysostome
Sergine Chrysostome - 10 dager siden
She is so cute why your parents get divorced
Stacy Ann Samuels
Stacy Ann Samuels - 10 dager siden
London mummy bust u lol😜😜😜
TRIPPY JIT lil peep
TRIPPY JIT lil peep - 11 dager siden
I love your mom, she’s very sweet
Sarah Dias
Sarah Dias - 12 dager siden
I wish I get a mother in law like yours bcz I dont get good vibes from my bf mom ..I think I gotta leave this nasty insensitive boy and find a new bf ...🤣😛😜🤪
Kelia 206
Kelia 206 - 15 dager siden
Landon moms so beautiful and so sweet
Peace And Love
Peace And Love - 15 dager siden
I love her...she's always so sweet..♥️
Sakeenah Peterson
Sakeenah Peterson - 17 dager siden
I love your mom's purse I carry lots of stuff with me but my purses always break under the weight eventually. My purses are typically 10-15 lbs I need to get one like that I am sure that it would hold up because if she put a of that in there wow
magdalena Vasquez
magdalena Vasquez - 17 dager siden
😂🤣😂😂Dude she had wallets after wallets.
beautifully_flawed0489 - 18 dager siden
Kayla Brooks
Kayla Brooks - 19 dager siden
Landons mom was so calm through the whole “argument”! She was trying to make things better. She’s such a sweetheart, down to earth & sooo beautiful!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dan H
Dan H - 21 dag siden
He doesn't even look lightskin he looks pure Spanish
Aprildoeswhat - 23 dager siden
Came to watch one video but got “what’s in mom’s bag” video for free 😍😍
It’s Angie
It’s Angie - 24 dager siden
Landons mom is so innocent lol
Shan Gunasekara
Shan Gunasekara - 26 dager siden

Amiracle Sisters
Amiracle Sisters - 27 dager siden
I love mama Hahahha most purest adorable women
Mary Jane Tanquilut
Mary Jane Tanquilut - 27 dager siden
Omg... I love that she's got so many purses inside her big bag 🤣
Sarah Kerns
Sarah Kerns - 27 dager siden
I love the way she reacted when she thought Landon pushed Shyla. She was like, “now I KNOW I didn’t raise him like that”😂😂 9:09
NJ Miracle
NJ Miracle - 28 dager siden
let me just say I LOOOOVVVVEEE their intro song. LOOOOVVVVVEEEE ITTT.
Keep It Real
Keep It Real - Måned siden
Jas_67 - Måned siden
13:07 I can not Hahahaha her face saying Jamba Juice Hahahaha
amber dibella
amber dibella - Måned siden
She didn’t belive this was a prank haha
amber dibella
amber dibella - Måned siden
Dance Queen
Dance Queen - Måned siden
"WE'RE NOT GOING TO LUNCH?" She's me lol
Ofelia Lozano
Ofelia Lozano - Måned siden
Shyla hello this is your man 😂😂😂
Lisa Johnson Bowens
Lisa Johnson Bowens - Måned siden
LMBO she's so confused🤦😂😂😂😂💞💖💞💖💞💖💞
Abigail Ayala Flores
Abigail Ayala Flores - Måned siden
12:58 oop
tanzeena choudhury
tanzeena choudhury - Måned siden
Omg I love his mom 😂❤️
Diarelys Camilo
Diarelys Camilo - Måned siden
She’s so good with her daughter in laws❤️ She is also very stunning and sooooo calm an sweet!🤗
Karinda Elise
Karinda Elise - Måned siden
I love how Landons mom was reminding Shyla that "this is your man" reminding her who tf she is 😂👏👏
C W - Måned siden
his mom is so pretty!!!
Nokwazi Chester
Nokwazi Chester - Måned siden
His mom is always smiling that what's i like about her she's a good mother
Manaswi Makana
Manaswi Makana - Måned siden
Shyla's outfit is soo cutee 🤩💓
Neha D Johnson
Neha D Johnson - Måned siden
is it just me or does shyla (with blond hair) actually does look like Rita Ora???!!!
Lo Woah
Lo Woah - Måned siden
They played this out so good 😂😂😂 seemed so real
Aileen Salmeron
Aileen Salmeron - Måned siden
I love his momma!!! Lmao
parsley - Måned siden
His mom looks like such a nice woman. She is gorgeous, the way she smiles and all. So balanced
Cooking with the Gusse’s
His mom is absolutely beautiful!!!
Mubi Nas
Mubi Nas - Måned siden
The ending was more awkward thank the prank
Elizabeth Bobadilla
Elizabeth Bobadilla - Måned siden
eva ahmed
eva ahmed - Måned siden
I lv ur mom purse
eva ahmed
eva ahmed - Måned siden
Respect ur mom lov ur mom she is the only one loves u.
eva ahmed
eva ahmed - Måned siden
Ur mom really cute
LadyEvil1969 Galindez
LadyEvil1969 Galindez - Måned siden
Mom was so calm & collective. Love it!
Nirusha Venkatesh
Nirusha Venkatesh - Måned siden
“How old was he when he started to crawl”😂
Mercedes AC.
Mercedes AC. - Måned siden
Wow my mom & his are so alike to funny
Bumble Bre
Bumble Bre - 2 måneder siden
Lol your mom should come out with her own channel
digna umana
digna umana - 2 måneder siden
8:24 😭😭💕 she like “well what now ? they brought me here n then left me” lmao 😂
n.s - 2 måneder siden
Okay, I just found these two beautiful people. Their mom/mil or to be is sooo fricking gorgeous 😍
Krystal Blaze
Krystal Blaze - 2 måneder siden
This was painful to watch 🤣 I felt awkward for mama kim
Christina P
Christina P - 2 måneder siden
His mum is sooo lovely and cute 🥺🥺
Tsering Lhamo
Tsering Lhamo - 2 måneder siden
This mom is so good so patience so frankly so loving and words is not enough to describe her nature. She’s so preety as well
Firdous Muneer
Firdous Muneer - 2 måneder siden
His mum is hilarious
"Well were gonna pause the video here"
Ameera Sulaiman
Ameera Sulaiman - 2 måneder siden
Finally catching up on all the videos I didn’t get to watch😌. Binging on your guys channel, while just chilling in bed is a vibe. Especially because it’s raining and it’s so cold out here in Cape Town, South Africa😬😬. I literally got my popcorn for this video 😂❤️
Selena Rodriguez
Selena Rodriguez - 2 måneder siden
Landons mom “shyla hello this is your man” lmao
Jayna Martínez
Jayna Martínez - 2 måneder siden
She said “Shyla, this yo man” 😭😭😭 and she dead gave the death stare to Landon when they brought up him cheating 😭😭😭
miriam acosta
miriam acosta - 2 måneder siden
This is so fucking funnyyy
Angela Mathew
Angela Mathew - 2 måneder siden
Shyla - You know what was crazy.... one time I found some shorts in your closet.. in Malibu.....they were not my shorts
Landons mom - 😬😯They weren’t mine either

Ζωή Κουλούρη
Ζωή Κουλούρη - 2 måneder siden
This is L&S my favorite channel❤️❤️
lolTaaa - 2 måneder siden
This was fun 😂👍
Deepali Reddy
Deepali Reddy - 2 måneder siden
Landon”s mom is soo cute!!