Watch This Video Before You Die

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Amir shayan Moghtaderi
Amir shayan Moghtaderi - Time siden
Great video...Very very Important topic and thank you to cover it...I really like your videos and I hope from my bottom of my heart that you reach your Dreams..every single one of them
Ubermensch Hörbücher
Ubermensch Hörbücher - 3 timer siden
Oh man, Barack Obama nostalgia... I miss the times when world wide news were not dominated by the question, what stupid thing the president of the US has said or done.
A Roshan
A Roshan - 3 timer siden
Failure is better than Regret
P Nikhil Yadav
P Nikhil Yadav - 2 dager siden
He: watch before you die
Me: can I watch in my next life?
Eligbue Felix
Eligbue Felix - 3 dager siden
One of the best videos I have watched so far
Madison DeAngelis-Monnet
Madison DeAngelis-Monnet - 4 dager siden
this video stopped my panic attack.. thank you
Martina M
Martina M - 4 dager siden
"you are going to die". I am dead already
Rational Fragile
Rational Fragile - 5 dager siden
What if there is nothing you really wanna do?
Mathias Plum
Mathias Plum - 6 dager siden
*Mat D'avella when he sees my finished cooked food:*
Mohit CR
Mohit CR - 6 dager siden
I wanna die on my birthday next month
MyMy - 4 dager siden
you better not
delmar418 - 7 dager siden
Okay, the first thing will be to rob a bank. Then, I hide myself long enough to make a bucket list, and then I do each one of those things.
sachini Ramasinghe
sachini Ramasinghe - 8 dager siden
Don’t Die before the Death!!!
sachini Ramasinghe
sachini Ramasinghe - 8 dager siden
Don’t Die before the Death!!!
Nicolas Homez
Nicolas Homez - 9 dager siden
I'm going to see the video after my dead
Idiot. Bye
Aisyah - 10 dager siden
Hello i from Indonesian 🇮🇩 i so like you Vidio but please give your Video subtitle 😅
FunkyFreak - 11 dager siden
I wouldn't be so sure about it in wihin 20 years they probably invented anti aging you can still die but not from age then thanks to technology and modern world, yes its true but for now you still die, why are youtubers like these always so far behind? its plain annoying.
sadboy4ever - 11 dager siden
I could die any day i live happy tho
Serhat Abı
Serhat Abı - 13 dager siden
Death is the way to reach the eternal life. We have been brought into this world for a reason. We re not here just to achieve our goals and spending a great time to do these things and die before really being satisfied and enjoy. Yes We should go after our goals, passion and we should work hard to be a good person both to ourselves and to humanity but at least for me, as long as there is death, I, in reality, can't be really happy because everything I love is subject to death and being nothing. So there's a God and He created us in order for us to know him and we will live in another realm.
Kassy G
Kassy G - 13 dager siden
This video makes me wanna go out of my house and do something but I'm in quarantine :(. Ill just do the things I can cross off at home I guess haha!
Leviathan Cottrill
Leviathan Cottrill - 13 dager siden
Surely I'll what this video before to die cause after I won't got time
Malaika Ali
Malaika Ali - 13 dager siden
Best thing to see Barack Obama playing basketball with them 👍😁
Gamer Gurl
Gamer Gurl - 13 dager siden
Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️
Tommy ortega
Tommy ortega - 14 dager siden
Bro this man really just went and played basketball with obama

thanks Obama
Alehabarr Gaming
Alehabarr Gaming - 14 dager siden
To the person who is reading this:
You’re amazing and beautiful, stay safe and I hope your dreams come true one day! 🌈

My dream is to reach 100 subs. I’ve been struggling to get there.🍭
Shojoni F
Shojoni F - 14 dager siden
u inspired me u
Anukriti Arya
Anukriti Arya - 14 dager siden
Ahana Mondal
Ahana Mondal - 15 dager siden
I am already dead.
Ok i will take my cell phone to heaven and will watch.
Leah Piper
Leah Piper - 15 dager siden
I’m a Christian so like, I’m okay.
The Sims Player
The Sims Player - 15 dager siden
Oh.. dang.. I just died yesterday.. sorry
Ava Montout
Ava Montout - 15 dager siden
That's why I started a Youtube channel bc I always wanted to do it.
Gururaj Chadaga
Gururaj Chadaga - 16 dager siden
Came here to reply to the title of the video: No
Lucifer Sam
Lucifer Sam - 16 dager siden
He's my new crush
Léa Hdj
Léa Hdj - 16 dager siden
how do I do if I don’t know what to put on my list , like it seems so great to achieve goals ofc but tbh idk what to write , maybe few few things but it’s not like « dreams » , it’s just stuff that would be fun . Is it possible to not have «  dreams » at 18 ? Hahaha i feel so desperate rn when I read what I just write
小布 - 16 dager siden
Why are there no subtitles……
David Stingle
David Stingle - 17 dager siden
great video!
Aidan J
Aidan J - 17 dager siden
Anyone want to help me go to every country in the world?
Letícia Castro
Letícia Castro - 17 dager siden
i was scrolling and i felt like he was staring at me and i wanted to scroll past it but dude what a haunting thumbnail and title
Emi - 17 dager siden
omg i remember watching The Buried Life almost everyday when i was in school (it inspired me to live life on my own terms) and i used to have the biggest crush on Ben ❤️😂 anyway as a young adult now, finding myself and trying to navigate through options in my life to achieve what’s most fulfilling and important to me, is confusing af, i’m constantly looking for life advices and contemplating a lot of things, and this video came to me at the right time. Nothing comes easy but regret does, so thanks Ben everything you said resonates with me ❤️ and to you too Matt thanks!
Ana Aguirre
Ana Aguirre - 18 dager siden
kirby - 18 dager siden
Ha ha I'm dead watching this video
Manshi Surbhi
Manshi Surbhi - 18 dager siden
When he said you're going to die and I'm reminding you that I was shook and I kinda realized that yeah I'm gonna die especially at this corona time! Thank you for making me realise that!
Ganesh - 18 dager siden
OK now I can die
Random things
Random things - 18 dager siden
Damn... You guys should collab with Yes Theory
Caravan Hound
Caravan Hound - 19 dager siden
But i live in a tight bound patriarchal society,where everyone expects me to finish my education,get a stable steady-paying job and get married to a person i will only have met once/twice. What the hell would you recommend that i do??
Not kidding...would seriously love some advice.
Josh Charles
Josh Charles - 19 dager siden
Good fucking title!
Hypr. - 19 dager siden
this video is inspiring on a level of "packing your bags and leaving the country" - great job!
S D - 19 dager siden
Me watching before I commit suicide
Karina Jacobson
Karina Jacobson - 19 dager siden
Sometimes a re-watch this video and every single time it gives me so much joy! Thanks, guys!
Official Nyi Yan Moe Htet Channel
Haily sOcRaTe
Haily sOcRaTe - 19 dager siden
I used to be afraid of death but now I use it every day to motivate me
Mimilaya GL
Mimilaya GL - 19 dager siden
This is in my recommendations what is that supposed to mean-
happy - 19 dager siden
m00nchild - 20 dager siden
Tenzin Sonam
Tenzin Sonam - 20 dager siden
Let me first watch this
Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson - 21 dag siden
I'm dead 💀
Monkey Man
Monkey Man - 21 dag siden
I watched this right before going to bed
Leorio for Chairman 2020
Leorio for Chairman 2020 - 21 dag siden
My dream: find the one piece
Mahnaz Abbasvazin
Mahnaz Abbasvazin - 21 dag siden
My favorite youtuber of all the time
Samuel Kill
Samuel Kill - 21 dag siden
Matt you are so divine to look at and perfection to listen to. Thanks for the amazing content. So inspiring..
Fiona YL. Lai
Fiona YL. Lai - 21 dag siden
who ever has lost someone dear to them, well I get you. I'm at the brink of regrets but at least there's this and I've had the life and death talk since I was 8 because my mum and dad were realistic😅🙃