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Mango Madness
Mango Madness - 4 timer siden
He sure has aged since the last time I seen him
NAIA - 6 timer siden
I love your channel, it has encouraged me to try so many new things to get out of my comfort zone in so many aspects of my life! Thank you for the videos!!
Selen Gonzalez
Selen Gonzalez - 9 timer siden
Erik Huang
Erik Huang - 13 timer siden
yesterday I made a bucket list of what i need to do everyday.
Holly Liu
Holly Liu - Dag siden
8:59 - 9:19
Dhruvik Pandya
Dhruvik Pandya - Dag siden
I am watching it after my death but still worth it
Luiza - Dag siden
Jesus Christ wants a realtionship with u:)
Anastasia Papidze
Anastasia Papidze - Dag siden
Am I late?
Andrea Villicaña
Andrea Villicaña - Dag siden
Bro, i was just having suicidal thoughts, and then this video was on my recommendations.... I guess its meant to be. Good Bye.
Cathy Preddie
Cathy Preddie - 2 dager siden
Wow. Love this!!!❤️
Pie In The Sky
Pie In The Sky - 2 dager siden
I think it’s terrible that chasing your dreams is something people mock...
Lissa L.
Lissa L. - 2 dager siden
Not super inspiring tbh.
Thinking about dying just doesn't fill me with the energy and positivity I need to live out my dreams.
Khánh Huyền Nguyễn
Khánh Huyền Nguyễn - 2 dager siden
Thank you Matt, for the video
Khadija Ait Hmid
Khadija Ait Hmid - 2 dager siden
" Just picture yourself on your deathbed..." OOUUUFF !!!!
Awesome Guss
Awesome Guss - 2 dager siden
the last part 💯💯💯💯
Alex - 2 dager siden
That moment when your only 10 so you are just forced to sit around and wait to grow up. 😂. I wanna travel the world. Before this the mindset was to be a intellectual.
Richard Mckain
Richard Mckain - 2 dager siden
i am 13 and going to die in less than year
Pia Justynn
Pia Justynn - 3 dager siden
Thank you for making this video. I work as a nurse and I have a little family I look after. I've always wanted to learn about photography and videography but "life" always gets in the way. Last year I started making youtube videos. I was incredibly nervous and embarrassed and didn't even showed my face during my first few videos. My husband knows about it and is very supportive, but I don't even have the courage to tell my parents and other families just yet. I definitely have goals as part of my bucket list for my channel. This has given me a different perspective. What an amazing, timely video. Thank you for sharing it to us.
Oz_TeeX23 Cs
Oz_TeeX23 Cs - 3 dager siden
Achieving a good body, starting a business, help as many people as possible. Change and inspire the world.
sabrina - 4 dager siden
I wish to escape the abusive family I've been forced to have.. that is the only thing on my bucket list.. to experience true freedom... I want to be free.. even if it's for a moment.
DemonicTowtoe - 4 dager siden
Dang im too late
RAJAT CHOPRA 1860 A - 4 dager siden
Doctor: you have 5 minutes to live
Me: watches this video
Doctor: but it's 10 minutes long
Matt: I'll allow it
Alex Nk Roll no.67 sec -E
Alex Nk Roll no.67 sec -E - 5 dager siden
i think sushant singh rajput also use to do like this
Leona Mck
Leona Mck - 5 dager siden
This is literally the best video I’ve ever watched!!
Jny Jdeidany
Jny Jdeidany - 6 dager siden
this is amazing
Pouya Oskouie
Pouya Oskouie - 6 dager siden
lol, follow ur dreams ay? "how to end up broke, starving and cold" seems like a more fitting title
YouTube Account
YouTube Account - 6 dager siden
What a title 😂 shocked me
aris toci
aris toci - 7 dager siden
Matt D'Avella : "Watch this video before you die"
Me : *opens video
Matt D'Avella : 00:00
Me : O__O
mustea networking
mustea networking - 8 dager siden
this video started very optimistic
Joshua Varghese
Joshua Varghese - 8 dager siden
I will never die, I trust in Jesus, I have accepted his salvation now I will like eternally forever. you can too by accepting Jesus in your life.
Zynel - 6 dager siden
werszo1259 - 8 dager siden
oh i was just about to die, let's watch this before
Reid Cipriani
Reid Cipriani - 9 dager siden
Anyone else Googling flights?
Steven Arroyave
Steven Arroyave - 9 dager siden
This was definitely a wake up call. I need to watch this video ever single week. Thank you.
marine buton
marine buton - 10 dager siden
wow only fell on this video now but it is so inspiring and so true and now I need to make a bucket list! 📝 can't believe they actually played basket ball with Obama that is awesome!
Hann - 10 dager siden
When I was 13 I discovered vloggers and I wanted to film my teenage years, things that made me cry, my achievements, my friends, my fam, things I loved to do, but fear stopped me. Some say crying while filming is a dumb thing to do, some say I won't be successful, etc. I never started and that's because of society and the 13 years old me that wants to be one of the cool kids, doesn't want to be called an idiot for doing embarrassing things. I'm 17 now, I just realized the years I wasted just because of fear. Now I'm confident enough, I should start what I wanna do and you should too
Nina M.S
Nina M.S - 11 dager siden
I want to visit america
I want to visit india the hamalaya mountains
I want to go africa and see the wild animals
I want to go to Japan and see the modern technology
I want to do Alhaj enshallah
I want to go to Maldives with a lover
I have a small dick but bro,
I have a small dick but bro, - 11 dager siden
can i die now?
Matthew Drummond
Matthew Drummond - 11 dager siden
There's 111k likes as I watch this. Coincidence?
Artem Avadani
Artem Avadani - 12 dager siden
Me: Live each day as if it's your last day.
My depression: Don't take it seriously man. You've already lived your life.
yan zhao
yan zhao - 12 dager siden
Thank you for helping me.
Abdiel Uriostegui
Abdiel Uriostegui - 12 dager siden
Ava Chan
Ava Chan - 12 dager siden
I didn't understand a thing but I still watched it
dqrkhappy - 12 dager siden
Me who cant do my dreams cause im 15 with no money 😙
Future Millionaire
Future Millionaire - 13 dager siden
Anyone here in 2021? 🗿
Adam Ali Mansouri
Adam Ali Mansouri - 13 dager siden
hhh .. nice video BUT , life is so easy to you up there, to the point that you can do anything you want,
try to leave like that in a third world country, ...
anyway thanks for sharing and I like that smart title to catch more viewers and subscribers, including me.
Xyle Lictawa
Xyle Lictawa - 13 dager siden
"what do you want to do before you die"
Me: I want to learn how to ride a bike 😀
Ramla Warsame
Ramla Warsame - 14 dager siden
2020 really made us realize that death can happen at any moment w covid & quarantine really put it into perspective on how important it is to live your life to the fullest.
ლაშა ხუციშვილი Lasha Khutsishvili
I am really glad that I came across this video this vidoe made me happy because I'm pretty young and I have much time. I am speechless. Im truly happy.
Valerein - 14 dager siden
When I was very young I watched an anime that a child that had cancer had a bucket list and some one helped her achieving them and that made me inspired to create emy own bucket list to achieve.
ahmed eid
ahmed eid - 14 dager siden
Who is trying to start changing in 2021
Chris Webb
Chris Webb - 14 dager siden
I have no idea who this person is or why this was recommended.
pretty marie
pretty marie - 15 dager siden
Youtube Recommended this to me at 1/1/2021 , I think it’s a Sign for me to start over and to do me a list and Accomplish them.. I will be back to my comment the end of this year and tell you if i did it or not. ( if i didn’t come back that means i’m Dead)
The design of bumblbees from da 2007
K IM - 15 dager siden
Riding a bull is not funny, it’s animal abuse
Ester Rembeci
Ester Rembeci - 15 dager siden
i- this was on my recommendations😳😳 is that a sign i-
Zhiyue Yang
Zhiyue Yang - 15 dager siden
I have some contradicting ones.
I want to feel happy every day (or at least most days) but i also want to experience a traumatic event. Ik, that is definitely masochistic and *not* normal. But my curiosity overwhelms my self preservation 🤷‍♀️
I hope i didn’t offend anyone who had actually gone through anything traumatic, I’m really sorry if i did since lots of people are really sensitive about this stuff.
LivinThe AllyLife
LivinThe AllyLife - 15 dager siden
Damn I really need to “live” more life is so sort imma be dead some day... that’s trippy
Даня - 15 dager siden
Best title ever.
Momir Pupčević
Momir Pupčević - 16 dager siden
J Lupus
J Lupus - 16 dager siden
Epicureanism: The Movie
Norjanah Abdullah
Norjanah Abdullah - 16 dager siden
Ok i watched this for fifth time.
:now what what time or day im gonna die?
Wild toxic cat
Wild toxic cat - 16 dager siden
im just gonna leave a comment and a like so it looks like i watched it
Donald Dong
Donald Dong - 16 dager siden
memento mori
Haroon - 16 dager siden
Unnus Annus
WolfAngel 13
WolfAngel 13 - 17 dager siden
People who don't watched this and let this through thier recommended:* infinity lives *
Me: * deciding whether I should click the play button or not *
faisal baseit
faisal baseit - 17 dager siden
ok I watched the video... where did I put the rope
zenil H
zenil H - 17 dager siden
Oh my god our generation 😭
Who will be watching this vedio after 100 years
Greta Nardi
Greta Nardi - 17 dager siden
Why am I crying?
•Izumi Midoriya•いずみ みどりや
version for haters: So go away and nobody will plan your grave so i will proceed to send you this.
Taylor Williams
Taylor Williams - 17 dager siden
Watching this made me realize that sometime in highschool one of my teachers told the class to make a bucket list. I remember that one of the things on my list at the time was get my drivers licence. Now, on October 16th 2020, I finally have it. Remembering that just made me get a little emtional. Next thing, whenever its safe again, I wanna travel to a few spots in Europe. Although this time, I wont be alone. Because I have a really good partner to do it with.
Haroon - 16 dager siden
Go king🤴
Hmong Odyssey / Hmoob Toj Siab
thanks for your super inspiration video. it is so meaningful
Sexy boi TV.
Sexy boi TV. - 17 dager siden
Ok then ill go talk to my crush
Strange Williams
Strange Williams - 17 dager siden
The existence of this video is to make you fully weak both mentally and physically
Buttered Cat
Buttered Cat - 17 dager siden
all i can say is wow... this is a wake up call!
Wolfie Chan
Wolfie Chan - 18 dager siden
too late, i died
sara nour
sara nour - 18 dager siden
me watching this after i die
abdrahman lil
abdrahman lil - 18 dager siden
Froghead Hofsäß
Froghead Hofsäß - 18 dager siden
thank you. i always wanted to write my own true bucket llist and now i will just do it and that will be the first thing i can cross out of it
معاذ البنداق
معاذ البنداق - 18 dager siden
The Prophet made a bond of brotherhood between Salman and Abu Ad-Darda.' Salman paid a visit to Abu Ad-Darda' and found Um Ad-Darda' dressed in shabby clothes and asked her why she was in that state. She replied, "Your brother Abu Ad-Darda' is not interested in (the luxuries of) this world." In the meantime Abu Ad-Darda' came and prepared a meal for Salman. Salman requested Abu Ad- Darda' to eat (with him), but Abu Ad-Darda' said, "I am fasting." Salman said, "I am not going to eat unless you eat." So, Abu Ad-Darda' ate (with Salman). When it was night and (a part of the night passed), Abu Ad-Darda' got up (to offer the night prayer), but Salman told him to sleep and Abu Ad- Darda' slept. After sometime Abu Ad-Darda' again got up but Salman told him to sleep. When it was the last hours of the night, Salman told him to get up then, and both of them offered the prayer. Salman told Abu Ad-Darda', "Your Lord has a right on you, your soul has a right on you, and your family has a right on you; so you should give the rights of all those who has a right on you." Abu Ad- Darda' came to the Prophet and narrated the whole story. The Prophet said, "Salman has spoken the truth."
Book: Fasting - كتاب الصوم
Global Id: 1900 (0)
Reference: Sahih al-Bukhari 1968
In-book reference: Book 30, Hadith 75
English translation: Vol. 3, Book 31, Hadith 189
mobin nouri
mobin nouri - 18 dager siden
what about he gets fucked up .. losses the house .. the car ... everyting ... after that how is he supposed to chase his dreams ... first you should have a safe job just in case and alternatively chase your dreams ... and after you reached them it's time to quiet
ꨄᰔ ꨄᰔ
ꨄᰔ ꨄᰔ - 18 dager siden
Has anyone actually watched this video before they died
ISMAËL - 18 dager siden
Motivational 👌🏼
happy glowup
happy glowup - 19 dager siden
I love that you said our personal goals have no deadline. Its true we put off what we dont feel obligated to do. I like that you said doing what you want is not self serving. Your life and your journey may inspire someone elses and it’s definitely a good reason to do what you want.
Pathnix - 19 dager siden
1 million people died
Lj De Guzman
Lj De Guzman - 19 dager siden
is this a sign?
WJ isme
WJ isme - 19 dager siden
I hate to say it but as important as chasing dreams are, being able to feed and provide for your family is more important and we all have to make sacrifices for the people that we love. Not everyone gets to have the privilege to check off their dreams but hey you know what? That okay and through it we learn to be grateful for the things that we already have
UNBOUNDFULL - 19 dager siden
"Live Full Die Empty" - Dr. Myles Munroe.
Kenny Nguyen
Kenny Nguyen - 19 dager siden
Our personal goals doesn't have a deadline.
Rafael Matsumoto
Rafael Matsumoto - 20 dager siden
Done ✅
Danton Wittkowski
Danton Wittkowski - 20 dager siden
could I watch this video after I die? HAHAHAHA
Tanya Yadhuvanshi
Tanya Yadhuvanshi - 21 dag siden
No 'I will watch it after I die🙄
Mary Rush
Mary Rush - 21 dag siden
7:03 oml thelma and louise. that movie makes me think about death in a different way
Mon Gabrielle
Mon Gabrielle - 21 dag siden
“When you put yourself first, you put yourself in a position to serve others”
Bagas Immanuel
Bagas Immanuel - 22 dager siden
video ends
Me : guess I'll die now
Meow MeowMeow
Meow MeowMeow - 22 dager siden
Matt : your gonna die
Crazy Beekeeper
Crazy Beekeeper - 22 dager siden
Thank you for this inspirational video.
Matthew Luzano • AnimatedRobloxian
Video: *ends*
aight imma head out
Mary unsunubun Mary
Mary unsunubun Mary - 22 dager siden
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CaringLove TV
CaringLove TV - 23 dager siden
I lived like the bird life.
Joab Tenson
Joab Tenson - 23 dager siden
I was about to watch this but 2 Non-skipable add showed up so I dies before I could watch this
Diego Bancalari
Diego Bancalari - 23 dager siden
Me: True (exits the video and never does any of the things he wants to do)