VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 33

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Wren, Niko, and Clint break down some of the best (and worst) VFX in Hollywood!
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Runtime: 13:31


Eko Jar
Eko Jar - 4 minutter siden
The spinning space station would work but only in space or orbit where your not feeling the earths gravity, the problem when you try to do it on earth is you can't cancel earths gravity out so when you go on a rollercoaster ride its like double the gs to suck you to your seat or the wall. Im not sure if it is double, dont quote me lol, it could be like 1.5gs I'm not sure exactly on the number. But in a spinning space station I would think we would be able to change the speed to make gravity feel lighter. Also I think you would have to be good at moving around in weightlessness and simulated gravity might be a luxury on the outer rim. I think there are actual plans right now to build a space hotel that is very much like 2001 . Its crazy!
l.,’•_ - Time siden
You should do the skeletons from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl next.
PR0JECT NiCO - 3 timer siden
You should do "the Boys"
Katherine Masberg
Katherine Masberg - 7 timer siden
You guys should do the effects in Death Becomes Her, specifically the scenes when Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn die
171QA - 7 timer siden
Great video.
Kristopher Cole
Kristopher Cole - 8 timer siden
Have you guys done Forrest Gump yet?
DEM97 - 10 timer siden
The Warrior's Way has some interesting effects- it's also a pretty decent movie
Shiva Subbiaah Kumar
Shiva Subbiaah Kumar - 10 timer siden
Guys watch India's 1st 3D movie 'My Dear Kuttychathan'. They used rotating room tech way before Inception
SpeedStrengthJames - 10 timer siden
I guess The Worlds End is not as famous in the US as the UK lol
Ultra GK Art
Ultra GK Art - 11 timer siden
Please react to Real Steel!!
Captain Fluff
Captain Fluff - 17 timer siden
Could you react to Greyhound?
Breadly Games
Breadly Games - 18 timer siden
Do Real Steel
Aaron Crapo
Aaron Crapo - 20 timer siden
Do the Diablo 4 cinematic!
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - 10 timer siden
The crumbling buildings in San Andreas look interesting. Would love to see a reaction to that.
123 456
123 456 - 23 timer siden
React to the tiger in Rogue
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - 10 timer siden
Wat about gus fring after the explosion in brba season 4
ABRAHAM LINCOLN 2020 - Dag siden
Kubrick made the moon movie and had a nervous breakdown after ..he created the most amazing fake of our time and people still belive it's real..fools
Jordan Rebuck
Jordan Rebuck - Dag siden
Have you done one on the sinking of the HMS Endeavour from Pirate's Of The Caribbean? That is one of the most visually brilliant scenes I've ever seen.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - Dag siden
React to the robot scenes from Replicas 2019
WowItsFrosty Games
WowItsFrosty Games - Dag siden
dudes i dont think you guys realize with your current set up there is no point in you guys distancing like that. you might as well just all be on the couch.
udit khichi
udit khichi - Dag siden
How did they not include the James Bond in Moonraker's goofy effects🙃
Sudhir Dharmadhikari
Sudhir Dharmadhikari - Dag siden
Please look at the trailer of bloodshot
Simon Kauzal
Simon Kauzal - Dag siden
Please react to The Legend of the guardians, its a beautiful movie
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - Dag siden
Where is transformers?!
Grave_Star 1029
Grave_Star 1029 - Dag siden
The wave scenes from Interstellar! I think that that scene would be a great one to review.
Seraphim Kirjuhin
Seraphim Kirjuhin - Dag siden
Thank you guys for the great and fun content you constantly provide! As for other material to react to, the Amazon Prime tv show "The Boys" has lots of, what I think, great VFX effects. Cheers!
davenz000 - Dag siden
No 4k option.
Benjamín A.
Benjamín A. - Dag siden
the wildfire scenes in game of thrones!!
Nikko Viktor
Nikko Viktor - Dag siden
https://youtu.be/fEjZeA75n1M this monstrosity
Torjus shut up simp
Torjus shut up simp - Dag siden
Wat about gus fring after the explosion in brba season 4
RedStarSonic - Dag siden
The crumbling buildings in San Andreas look interesting. Would love to see a reaction to that.
Gross and Grosser
Gross and Grosser - Dag siden
Do more of Charlie's Angels, the car crash scene is wicked and bonkers!!
Ash_C1 - Dag siden
I just finished watching Alice in wonderland the first of the tim burton ones and I would say there’s some good vfx in it so please react to that one some shots are amazing in my opinion
Funkyunkymatt - Dag siden
I know it's not a scene from a movie, but I'd love to see you react to Tool's Vicarious video.
Spudmonky - Dag siden
Idk if you guys read new comments this late, but my addition to “great” CGI would have to be “Spending time without your favorite streamer.” They even get the reflection of the computer screen in his eyes.
Studio Cobra
Studio Cobra - Dag siden
REACT TO butter side down. 🧈🍞🧈🍞🧈
Kalyani Lenton
Kalyani Lenton - Dag siden
Suggestion is 1917 talking about the constant shot.
Velia Widjaja
Velia Widjaja - Dag siden
Where is transformers?!
Xphazor - Dag siden
Maybe spider man 3 ?
EdwardSpagedward89 - Dag siden
Can you guys do the CGI in IT chapter 2? Aka some pretty damn bad CGI.
Devante George
Devante George - Dag siden
Please react to real steel
Sharath S
Sharath S - Dag siden
How about Tenet?
Fluffy_Fifi - Dag siden
It chapter 1 and 2!!
Fluffy_Fifi - Dag siden
Crazy effects!