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I created an AI which can play Tetris at 50 moves per second, now lets use it to play against other people. Huge thanks to for supporting this channel, check them out here:
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Vitenskap og teknologi
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TurtleX - 2 timer siden
Train an ai to play Toss The Turtle
Airbus Pacifica
Airbus Pacifica - 3 timer siden
Me: *tries to create a computer terminal on python*
Python: *fuckin attribute error*
Me: Lemme make you an attribute error to C: drive
QuattroGuardian - 5 timer siden
Try doing Minecraft AI
Liam Wilson
Liam Wilson - 6 timer siden
i just got whiplash from that segway
Jasuchin Faron
Jasuchin Faron - 8 timer siden
All that work and build up, down the drain because CB tried some memester bullshit for his username, and failed to take the other players, who were immediately on to him, seriously. OOPS
the - 10 timer siden
Pretty sure you could just use a HWID Spoofer no?
Nicholas Abenroth
Nicholas Abenroth - 13 timer siden
In the end, he could beat the million dollar youtube algorithm, but not the shitty bot detection algorithm.
sammichmanjr - 15 timer siden
That dude at the end is a freaking narc! That legitimately made me mad lol
sokin jon
sokin jon - 6 timer siden
Technology has brought us so far Beating nerds with bots on Tetris? That's every person's dream
BrenBear - 15 timer siden
I have pug I love pug pug life she has a Instagram is pickle_the.pug
sokin jon
sokin jon - 6 timer siden
I too hate coriander in my fking tacos
Dhiv Chen
Dhiv Chen - 15 timer siden
5:44 wuw that code is mildly wrong-
Wagmaster27 - 18 timer siden
FOSY - 20 timer siden
The CB on the shirt is a acronym for Cyber Bully
gachatube - 21 time siden
14:00 youtube is gonna stab you for that
Person Person
Person Person - 21 time siden
aw yes its the poopoo-man
Nikolas Milligan
Nikolas Milligan - 22 timer siden
So what website actually is this?
Not Hanson
Not Hanson - 22 timer siden
It’s cilantro in tacos not coriander
ShianaraPlayZ - Dag siden
there’s another Tetris website called Tetr.Io, it actually has bots submitted by coders, you could add yours if you want
samuel5101520 - Dag siden
New idea for a video: make a Total War AI that is good.
Logan Kitchen
Logan Kitchen - Dag siden
Wow, 2000 dislikes? Looks like the world competitive Tetris community got the majority of their members to mobilize.
Fahad Saad
Fahad Saad - Dag siden
2:11 me when code bullet uploads.
John De Jesús
John De Jesús - Dag siden
Next video suggestion: AI learns how to use computer
I eat Food
I eat Food - Dag siden
Hey poo poo man
justan apple
justan apple - Dag siden
I too hate coriander in my fking tacos
Squidward with a gun
Squidward with a gun - Dag siden
Technology has brought us so far
Beating nerds with bots on Tetris? That's every person's dream
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I don't know if its compatible with what you were doing but there is a python library called Cython which basically compiles your python code in C. This speeds it up greatly the only catch is that I don't know if its compatible with every other library.
FrenzzyLeggs2006 - Dag siden
honest opinion here but
the guys you bullied were kinda bad at the game. if they were like slightly decent then they could probably fight the bot easily. tetris spamming is a noob strategy since t-spins are way more efficient. combo wells and perfect clears could also easily kill the bot too so theres that.
tldr : noob bot but slightly fast
LolasTBs - Dag siden
I prefer these long videos over shorter more regular videos! :)
Jack Fransham
Jack Fransham - Dag siden
CB stands for cyber bullying
No One
No One - Dag siden
use Cython next time ;)
Fallow McOlstein
Fallow McOlstein - Dag siden
He should do doodle jump AI
Ksatya Sirisha
Ksatya Sirisha - Dag siden
I am waiting for A.I to play chess
doire aintu
doire aintu - Dag siden
The robots were great lol
Z3R0 - Dag siden
I am pretty sure thats called hacking
doire aintu
doire aintu - Dag siden
Can you make an A.I. play geometry dash
IshDaBoi - Dag siden
You did it, you created the ultimate teri-
*Wumbo has entered the chat*
dog breath
dog breath - Dag siden
"Smashing lines like a graduate law student" is something he never said, algorithm. It'd've been pretty funny, but he never said it so pay him.
mabinuqi - Dag siden
That clip was from fandango
Charlie - Dag siden
Why don’t you code yourself a better life you boomer
Guanlun Lu
Guanlun Lu - Dag siden
A virtual machine will get the job done.
Ben Brewdog
Ben Brewdog - Dag siden
My question is this the same CodeBullet that made a game on steam that is thought to be abaddon?
Jordan Leighton
Jordan Leighton - Dag siden
I kinda want to see if you can get a competitive Pokémon bot
tremkl - Dag siden
If only he hadn't named his account "NOT_Code_Bullet"