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Our most mind-blowing trick shot video EVER!
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Runtime: 04:50


Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect - 22 dager siden
Sparky’s LIVE gaming right now!! 🎮 come hang! ⬇️
Keyla Narvaez
Keyla Narvaez - 11 dager siden
Art Kulkarni
Art Kulkarni - 12 dager siden
How did Tyler get on the ceiling without falling
youtube amazing video
youtube amazing video - 21 dag siden
Subscribz in my channel
Muhammad ali Majzoub
Muhammad ali Majzoub - 22 dager siden
@Bananarang Man 1١ز،غكب،ذي يا محسن. 23.+96
Kevin Mosome
Kevin Mosome - 22 dager siden
I'll be right there with yaa
Raphael Clair
Raphael Clair - 4 timer siden
You are the best monstre on YouTube
Kegan Mey
Kegan Mey - 5 timer siden
You didn't get me I already saw the trick
nabsterific - 5 timer siden
Me: u srsly turned camera upside down?
Me: srsly
Me: mm-kay
Rian Dika
Rian Dika - 5 timer siden
Menit ke 2:23 kon kabehh di apusiii goblokkk kuwii enekk senarr e
Didn't Ask
Didn't Ask - 5 timer siden
Didn't ask
UnLegend Gaming
UnLegend Gaming - 5 timer siden
That bullseye part had a dart with a string!
Magda Rosol
Magda Rosol - 6 timer siden
Wow how did you do that can you please teach me guys please 🥰😱🥳❤️😍😘😂💕
Poloc Santos
Poloc Santos - 6 timer siden
Is This Kinda Annoying?
Cigam Boy
Cigam Boy - 6 timer siden
0:02. The painting on the left is tyler's first prize winning painting of get crafty 2 in overtime 16.And to the left of that, is cody's painting
shubham palekar
shubham palekar - 6 timer siden
there was a rope on the dart
karl espinosa
karl espinosa - 7 timer siden
The dart shot had a rope tide to it
Topias Virtanen
Topias Virtanen - 7 timer siden
Can you do a fail montage??
EmojiTerrified - 7 timer siden
Please Real Life Trick Shots 4
Daneshatria Kynandra
Daneshatria Kynandra - 8 timer siden
Hei coby what the next episod
Hermawan Arby
Hermawan Arby - 9 timer siden
0:59 woow
Sandra Gustafsson
Sandra Gustafsson - 9 timer siden
Miranda Ruffin
Miranda Ruffin - 9 timer siden
2:22 Hmmm Garrets dart trick.... Very real.. Totally cant see a string attached lol
RedHotGamer - 9 timer siden
That scared me so bad 0:59
Maggi gamerz
Maggi gamerz - 9 timer siden
Hey where's my cash
dahlia safi
dahlia safi - 10 timer siden
TT I dare you to post overtime 17
monishkrishna kalaikannan
monishkrishna kalaikannan - 10 timer siden
the main part is with the camera man because he need to do it princely for the the perfection
HDT Tổng hợp
HDT Tổng hợp - 10 timer siden
quá tuyệt vời đó bạn!
Junior Owusu
Junior Owusu - 11 timer siden
Am I the only won that saw the dart was fake it had a string attached to it
Preston Silverboy
Preston Silverboy - 12 timer siden
When Cody shows up with a camel 🐪 it’s sooo funny 😁
Timothy Harasty
Timothy Harasty - 12 timer siden
DP picks the best songs.
Timothy Harasty
Timothy Harasty - 12 timer siden
This might be their best ever video. Bold statement I know, but I’ll take on the haters. COME AT ME!
# Iloveanime
# Iloveanime - 12 timer siden
I saw the first on on tik tok
arrafi dani k
arrafi dani k - 12 timer siden
this vid belong to the apr 1st not jun 23rd
Fryan Geming
Fryan Geming - 12 timer siden
Hey Dude perfect in 2:29 I saw a rope tied to the missile dart board
Mir Afnaan
Mir Afnaan - 12 timer siden
2:37 Old spice commercial with bottle flip
mrjohnsc1980 - 13 timer siden
Actually use a camel
Trystan Whicker
Trystan Whicker - 13 timer siden
3v4n F1or3s
3v4n F1or3s - 13 timer siden
They had me going on the first half
Marife Adlawan
Marife Adlawan - 13 timer siden
i actually pick 5
Vanderson Gonzaga
Vanderson Gonzaga - 14 timer siden
2:26 pay attention!!
The Roblox Group
The Roblox Group - 14 timer siden
2:29 isn’t that rope:I
Vibes Li
Vibes Li - 14 timer siden
Bruh it got thinking they doing magic
KAILAN YT - 14 timer siden
Algum brasileiro da like
maria torres
maria torres - 14 timer siden
That dart one had a string on it
n o
n o - 15 timer siden
Did anyone else notice the dart trick a 2 26 the dart had string on the dart stare closely at it
Victor TV
Victor TV - 16 timer siden
52,3 mil. subs...cool
Rian 123
Rian 123 - 16 timer siden
Alguem brazileiro aqui
Navy Seal YT
Navy Seal YT - 17 timer siden
Did anyone else jump when he threw the ball at the camera. 😂
Agar. eu
Agar. eu - 18 timer siden
Awesome. Best video of all time. Maybe cooperate with Zack King next time 😉
Reaper Grim
Reaper Grim - 18 timer siden
Yeah the first one got me even though I expected it
Oliver Pelletier
Oliver Pelletier - 18 timer siden
how did you do that first trick shot
lentokone toveriturbiini
lentokone toveriturbiini - 18 timer siden
Do some kinda fail montage
Anthony Herrera
Anthony Herrera - 18 timer siden
You can see a string
mohamed Games
mohamed Games - 18 timer siden
بالدقيقه 2:30 منو شاف الخيط؟؟ 🧐
mohamed Games
mohamed Games - 18 timer siden
0:22 انته وين لكيت هاي الكلاوات؟؟ 🧐
Aaron Koonce
Aaron Koonce - 19 timer siden
XRaul XRadu
XRaul XRadu - 19 timer siden
2:27 2:28 2:29 he darts have a little spring
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo - 20 timer siden
G: At the start how did the ball go down A: The ball has helium in
Frango Rasgado
Frango Rasgado - 20 timer siden
Alguém BR?
Xian Alexis Peralta
Xian Alexis Peralta - 20 timer siden
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo - 20 timer siden
Dieron vuelta todo y se pego en el suelo
John Dowell
John Dowell - 20 timer siden
Y’all should do pool or birthday party stereotype video
Ernest Potgieter
Ernest Potgieter - 21 time siden
I saw the rope on the dart faker
Pio Enzo
Pio Enzo - 21 time siden
Last one was pridetictable
FadingHam E
FadingHam E - 21 time siden
Is it really real ??.!
Ananta Bordoloi
Ananta Bordoloi - 21 time siden
why dont u all play busket ball
Lenox Finkelstein
Lenox Finkelstein - 21 time siden
At 0:59 litterly made me scream
George Barragan
George Barragan - 22 timer siden
she has hand pies 4$ each
George Barragan
George Barragan - 22 timer siden
can you guys give a shout out to brookeybakes
Maksioplaygames - 22 timer siden
2:30 did u see that?
Nan Carrillo
Nan Carrillo - 22 timer siden
You can see the line on Garett’s dart shot🤨
2:11 The basketball’s going there... Wait no there... Wait a minute, there.
That part of the video was questionable
Elisabetta De Salvia
Elisabetta De Salvia - 23 timer siden
2:30 feack
Martín Mendalde
Martín Mendalde - 23 timer siden
Is fake
Alban Mamuti
Alban Mamuti - 23 timer siden
Me in quarantine
Ezequiel Obeide
Ezequiel Obeide - 23 timer siden
Dieron vuelta todo y se pego en el suelo
OrIgAmIeR - Dag siden
DP brings a camel for a bottle flip
Totally unpredictable!
Shojib Ahmed
Shojib Ahmed - Dag siden
AMAZING!!!! ⭐⭐⭐
Amara ogaz
Amara ogaz - Dag siden
Is it just me are at 2:31 the Dart looks like it has string on it
Evan Daum
Evan Daum - Dag siden
Team coby
Mᖘłⱥψz - Dag siden
who finds it weird that Zach King has more replies than dp (In the comments)
Ed - Dag siden
It’s a scam
Jerry Dog
Jerry Dog - Dag siden
School Sterotypes ideas:
the nerd.
Mr. know it all.
The pencil biter.
The rage monster (because be got an F in math)
the bathroom champion.
The Sick but not really sick kid.
The lonely kid in the cafeteria.
The bully.
The football player.
The mean basketball coach.
Mr wimpy in gym class.
mr. excuses.
the home schooler.
The always late for school kid.
The new kid.
The weights for dates in gym class.
The rich kid.
Mr muscle.
The creepy teacher.
The trickshooter.
Mr famous.
The spitball shooter.
reply and leave a like if you have any more ideas :) 😜😍😁
Khamelah Sadie
Khamelah Sadie - Dag siden
How do they even get it perfect