UNDISPUTED | Lavar Ball react to Zion Williamson says Lonzo could become best PG in NBA

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UNDISPUTED | Lavar Ball react to Zion Williamson says Lonzo could become best PG in NBA
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Rex Villanueva
Rex Villanueva - 13 timer siden
He could be right if we talk about the role of the PG alone
Tyler Ballard
Tyler Ballard - 3 dager siden
Lonzo isn’t the only PG that can pass and there’s plenty of PG that would dog him
Ivory Wilson
Ivory Wilson - 14 dager siden
Anybody else notice how Shannon Sharpe isn't as vocal/talkative when another dominant Alpha male like LAVAR BALL is on the show?!! 😂 😂 😂
Equ1n0x 479
Equ1n0x 479 - 16 dager siden
Man I just love Lavar’s energy the dude makes me smile
Shaun Vincent
Shaun Vincent - 17 dager siden
They need to stop sleeping on gelo
TELESCOPE - 18 dager siden
Nobody I mean nobody is a better marketing guy that Lavar. He's pure genius.
Cresswell Chipman
Cresswell Chipman - 19 dager siden
Lonzo Ball is trash! Period!
G Realtor
G Realtor - 19 dager siden
I never watch this clown show cause of this. What kind of credibility they have giving this clown a platform .
Benny Conner Jr
Benny Conner Jr - 19 dager siden
He toned it down a little actually making since..Keep going hard for him boys.
bl4cksh4d8w Yt
bl4cksh4d8w Yt - 20 dager siden
8:16-8:20 lol
prince_of_golf prince_of_golf
Yall can say what you want about Lavar but every child wishes they had a father that believes in their ability like he does. He has such confidence in his children and it shows where they get their confidence from.
Shevon Marks
Shevon Marks - 21 dag siden
Lavar would make anything seems possible
Mr Clean
Mr Clean - 21 dag siden
This is a big reason why I don't watch the NBA anymore.
Hector Garcia
Hector Garcia - 21 dag siden
Im going to aspire to be like Lavar as a father not as crazy but supportive
Makka Velli
Makka Velli - 22 dager siden
Quave on tha Track
Quave on tha Track - 23 dager siden
Even though Lavar is suspect on alot of topics, this one he is spot on. As soon as Lonzo got to New Orleans and got solid playing time, all statistical categories went up.
arley roman
arley roman - 23 dager siden
I remember playing against the ball brothers when I was in high school I’m pretty sure they were in elementary school holy shit they demolished my friends and I
Hafiz Salaam
Hafiz Salaam - 23 dager siden
I like how he is still talking his Sh;:t but im glad he calmed don enough for it to make sense
Jhawk Beer
Jhawk Beer - 24 dager siden
This man is a great father and supporter no question. But his logic is awful Diangelo ball will be leading scoring champ over KD, James Harden, Giannis hes ridiculous
hokuto shinken
hokuto shinken - 25 dager siden
This man has balls
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis - 26 dager siden
I wanna smoke what hes smoking.
YouTube Reviewer
YouTube Reviewer - 26 dager siden
I honestly would like ball as a full-time analysts
Raul Senovio
Raul Senovio - 26 dager siden
I agree with lavar about lonzo ball
Yeethub Yeethub
Yeethub Yeethub - 26 dager siden
Nah Lonzo is a role player
Bud Bonner
Bud Bonner - 26 dager siden
Lavar. A goat dad
Manny Brown
Manny Brown - 26 dager siden
It's good to see that you proud of your boy but he can only hang with zion he's not going to be better than Zion. I hate to bust your bubble but your boy only has half the power of Zion. Don't forget the half-breeds get hurt more often than more than 50 present black men do.for example LeBron James and Jordan you can court anytime they have been hurt in 10 years.
Sign O the Times
Sign O the Times - 27 dager siden
Zion and Ball the 2020s Kemp and Payton!
Jeremy James
Jeremy James - 28 dager siden
Lavar will be saying the same thing 10 years from now, so will the media. Even when his sons are all riding the bench. "They could" be the best. Lol. Anyone in the NBA "could" be the best, that's why they made it there. Even third round picks have a chance to be.
Carlos Holganza
Carlos Holganza - 28 dager siden
so which quality players will want to play in a team that's focused on the 3 brothers? You gonna be part of the others in Team Balling Balls and others? Lavar may be good at promoting his sons, but to create a team centered on the 3 sons is just ridiculous.
Nitro Burner
Nitro Burner - 28 dager siden
LaVar Ball is a sage, man
LavishShawn - 28 dager siden
We won’t know for sure but the talents all there
COONHUNTER #1 - 28 dager siden
When lavar ball drifted out of the spotlight the world went to shit
chicken fried rice
chicken fried rice - 29 dager siden
Sorry Zion carry that team
lol antt
lol antt - 29 dager siden
Lavar is a smart man and ppl hate him too much
He setting his sons up for huge success
James Morris
James Morris - Måned siden
The power of a black father being there.......
Dre Miller
Dre Miller - Måned siden
Ball family salute to you. You dad is one amazing leader for you guys. He lived it for you and passing the torch in every way possible to keep his boys good. Damn bro people talk about how he is all I see a laid back dad who completing what it seems like “promise” that he want to complete before his time.. God Bless a true Champ.
Real-time Rami
Real-time Rami - Måned siden
Do people expect a father to not have immense pride for his kids? Like wtf is wrong with people.
Real-time Rami
Real-time Rami - 27 dager siden
grand theft audio true actually
grand theft audio
grand theft audio - 27 dager siden
It wasnt the immense pride that Lavar has in his boys, it was his bombastic and outlandish personality that he portrayed once the cameras turned on. That same brashness is what brought ALL of that attention onto Lonzo only for the rest of the world to watch Lonzo fail in LA. Now THIS version of Lavar I think everybody can get behind, this version of Lavar is reserved and you can even watch the clip and see exactly where he pauses to process before he answers a few of those questions. If THIS version of Lavar had always been front and center I dont think anybody would've had any issues with him or the hype around Lonzo.
Almighty Syte
Almighty Syte - Måned siden
The only thing I ever had against Lavar was the price for them weak ass BBB shoes. Everything else this man is solid
Andre Long
Andre Long - Måned siden
Lavar spoke facts on this. Lonzo is a great player he just doesn’t know it. Look at him when he’s healthy that man can ball
Intel Gadsden
Intel Gadsden - Måned siden
Lonze ball is trash
Intel Gadsden
Intel Gadsden - Måned siden
He is trash
Robert East
Robert East - Måned siden
This is the one interview that i've 100% agreed with Lavar. He puts on for his kids and has confidence in them, and their ability to make their teammates better. Which is pretty true in the 2 brothers cases that will 100% both be at least major role players on their respective teams. Now the nasty thing would be if the pelicans somehow by a stroke of god get the 2nd ball brother. Then the nba would have a problem.
You Boty
You Boty - Måned siden
Everybody sleeps on Gelo, his body is nba ready and can probably play more physical than the other 2.
joe bard
joe bard - Måned siden
Didnt Gelo average like 40 in high school? LOL
Ross Fabian
Ross Fabian - Måned siden
Lavar be talking like he got mob ties........oh its already a done deal😆
The Sentinels
The Sentinels - Måned siden
I would like to know what MJ is thinking when he watches big baller.
KimboDogg07 - Måned siden
Lavar is back!! My G!!
Jay Allen
Jay Allen - Måned siden
Proud Father all i see!
Tmac 01
Tmac 01 - Måned siden
In every dad's eye my kid is a superstar
Me: Lonzo Ball is not a Superstar but better than I expected to be.
Star Lord
Star Lord - Måned siden
He's saying Lonzo coming to the Lakers, shoulda been allowed to lead. He couldn't even talk in interviews, just Lavar talking. Nah he needed to see it wasn't that easy, to work hard to become a good player.
Rhett Butcher
Rhett Butcher - Måned siden
Lavar: Gelo will lead the league in scoring Gelo: 👁👄👁
El Comandante
El Comandante - Måned siden
Lonzo suxxx!!!
BLEED GREEN - Måned siden
Alot of people hate this man, but the world would be a better place if every father was this dedicated to their sons
Nysaun Bartlett
Nysaun Bartlett - Måned siden
Those his sons , what is he supposed to say🤦🏽‍♂️
Cadilac Gaboy
Cadilac Gaboy - Måned siden
Going into his 4th year he need to do something cause right not morant in memphis and murry in denver is already better
Brooks Fleming
Brooks Fleming - Måned siden
Lavar finally talkin wit some sense.
richard phillips
richard phillips - Måned siden
Lavar want to talk about his sons not Zion
Hanabi Hao
Hanabi Hao - Måned siden
lavar better change shannon coz he talks way facts than him 😂
did they not watch gelo on highschool cox gelo was their main scorer - he only got overshadowed by lonzo coz he does everything.
Seamus Gallagher
Seamus Gallagher - Måned siden
According ta this dude, these 3 foolio's could turn water ta wine. Harness ur hubris n harvest ur humility 😉