Trisha & Ethan Have a Huge Fight & She Storms Out - Frenemies #5

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Runtime: 1:27:08


Debbzz Cabanizas
Debbzz Cabanizas - 9 minutter siden
The videos only do good when trishas on it.
Sara - 13 minutter siden
omg she kept bashing him when he tried to apologize and resolve the issues when SHE was the one who should have been apologizing. so low.
Tara Lee
Tara Lee - 14 minutter siden
Kill me for supporting trish. But honestly I feel like his idea was to kinda take the piss out of her on here idk. Or like use her ‘openness’ to get her talking about drama and things people will hate her for hence more views
Moley Mole
Moley Mole - 17 minutter siden
The difference is Ethan didn’t use something personal to imply Trish is crazy. He just told her she was.
Sara - 22 minutter siden
i literally cant comprehend how she still has fans.
Jade Burket
Jade Burket - 35 minutter siden
Calls him fake but legit said she was pretending to like him the whole beginning of the podcast
elle vasquez
elle vasquez - 50 minutter siden
she is so miserable it’s so sad.
Tom Horseman
Tom Horseman - 55 minutter siden
Damn, I'm so upset that h3h3 went so downhill. I actually miss the channel
Tom Horseman
Tom Horseman - 57 minutter siden
What's the point of.....talking to one of the dumbest ppl on the internet.
veghead05 - Time siden
Am I the only one that agrees with Trish this time lol? Her reminding him that he isn't better than her was not weaponizing. She is an open book about her flaws, I think she felt that he would feel the same way if he really thought about it. But he couldn't get past what he considered betrayal, and obviously he felt embarrassed to have that exposed lol so there was at least a bit of hypocrisy
Breezy Rey
Breezy Rey - Time siden
Trisha *complains that everyone is fake*
Also Trisha: I never liked you or your family, I was trying to be nice
Tyler James
Tyler James - Time siden
Y’all know they are literally just doing this for views bc they easily could Have edited this out
Adasia Boline
Adasia Boline - Time siden
Trisha is way too real😂 she kept bringing up stuff he talks to her in private and he goes "👀.... Anyway"
Jazhyia Griffin
Jazhyia Griffin - Time siden
the way the candle was described has me weak
Anne Martell Dubois
Anne Martell Dubois - Time siden
Omg...she is literally so stupid..... really...
Garri N Bolden
Garri N Bolden - Time siden
I wanna know what Jack’sfilms did to deserve Trisha’s hate 🤦🏼‍♀️ he really seems like such a sweet guy, he just doing his thing 😂💀
Darlene Lohr
Darlene Lohr - Time siden
She is so dramatic I'm dead asfk
veghead05 - Time siden
So glad they fixed the curtain 😌
Kaede - Time siden
She just felt attacked and went on the defence but she also cant accept her own wrong doing and take responsibility for it. I feel like Ethan took responsibly for his actions and apologised. Maybe she needs space to think about it because she could not change her mind in the moment about the interaction.
Dean M8
Dean M8 - Time siden
Trisha is the epitome of a delusional, toxic human being who’ll play the victim card in any type of argument possible even if she is in the wrong which is most likely 99% of the time
your mom
your mom - Time siden
Ethan is satisfying to look at in this video
Lord Colin
Lord Colin - Time siden
My god, your poor wife. At least she has Keemstar.
giannarelax - Time siden
and you know trisha would keep her vile mouth shut if hila was there because she knows that ethan has godly restraint not to go off on her for attacking his whole life. shame on you you horrible person. Moses please dodge this gulley if you know what’s good for you
angie borja
angie borja - 2 timer siden
Wait y’all I can’t like all these comments 😂
Sparrow - 2 timer siden
I love this dynamic so much. Who doesn’t live the frenemies archetype in shows and movies?
Alex L
Alex L - 2 timer siden
Ethan talking about Trish being crazy while dressed as uncle fester is serving “crazier than you” from Addams Family Musical vibes
veghead05 - Time siden
annoasn - 2 timer siden
so immature
Anonymous Creator
Anonymous Creator - 2 timer siden
she is literally so awful oh my god
jaz 2367
jaz 2367 - 2 timer siden
I swear she so rude like girl you literally the worst person to hear speak like why do people support her
browneyedbaby417 - 2 timer siden
He called you crazy, which he has done a bunch and you let it go. But you have said numerous mean horrible things to him and he let it all go. Just wow!!
browneyedbaby417 - 2 timer siden
Trish. Wow! I’ve never seen this side of you before! You were a total bitch.. holy shit dude. And I’ve been your biggest fan for years through all your shit, but wow!!!!
Charles John
Charles John - 3 timer siden
So fucking funny when she tried to get all angry and mean and shit. You are a mensch Ethan. Brilliant
Devvin Lee
Devvin Lee - 3 timer siden
omg this makes trisha look very horrible.
Wesley Davis
Wesley Davis - 3 timer siden
When he said who won World War Two I was fuckin dead
Samary Cazares
Samary Cazares - 3 timer siden
Omg trish is so annoying 🙄
Dezery Herrera
Dezery Herrera - 3 timer siden
She is so childish not even funny..
Daisy Hernandez
Daisy Hernandez - 3 timer siden
Shout out to Ethan for staying so calm. It’s impossible to talk any sense to this girl 🤦‍♀️😂
Meladjusted - 3 timer siden
Why does he keep collabing with her? She's such a user. She's never gonna not be a narcissist with BPD. She's never gonna not attack when things don't go her way, use things you say against you or just be a general asshole. She doesn't have friends, she has people in her life who say what she wants to hear. Anyone else is the enemy.
Also, nothing is more enraging than people gaslighting you who—at the same time—claim _you're_ actually gaslighting them.
Gill - 3 timer siden
I don't understand why Ethan was so horrible to her. That's fucked.b
Vesislava Todorova
Vesislava Todorova - 3 timer siden
I dont wanna say Trisha is perfect, but Ethan do push A LOT and I can see all of her points.
gaby fuentes
gaby fuentes - 3 timer siden
did she just defend pedophilia by saying it’s age play and that it’s kink shaming?!? huh??
Meladjusted - 4 timer siden
Omg... I just wanted to see what set her off this time. I didn't prepare myself for a discussion of what ends up on her OF. 🧤🎧🦺🥽
Brittany Phelps
Brittany Phelps - 4 timer siden
She's calling him money hungry but then fighting over her cut of the show and how she doesn't get anything from highlights? Girl look in the mirror
ur mom stinks
ur mom stinks - 4 timer siden
Why does he keep moving his eyebrows?
Jaiden Allen
Jaiden Allen - 2 timer siden
he has tourette’s
Bry Klark
Bry Klark - 4 timer siden
*Trish was overly defensive b/c she knew that she was wrong for putting his personal business out there, so she deflect and flipped the narrative like a "crazy person" would*
Dalton Woods
Dalton Woods - 4 timer siden
sammirolo - 4 timer siden
I absolutely LOVE that he does not allow Trish to pull ANY of her shit. He calls her on EVERY one of her toxic traits. Shes so incredibly fucked.
Venus Leoz
Venus Leoz - 4 timer siden
Ethan can't stand Trish he only has her there for clout....and it works, I have never watched him before Trish, he should give her 70/30.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - 4 timer siden
Trish was super close to Jeffree, how is anyone surprised by how mean she is?!?!
ReachForYourDreams - 4 timer siden
So Loving that dark hair on you Trisha so hot an the face tones goes perfect totally dig the Egyptian princess thing your into I know that not your look tonight! But still you could totally change clothes right now an put on a crown an a sexy Egyptian princess dress an you'd be killing it! Some eye liner Love it! $EricaMongold240
Y C - 4 timer siden
Tbh ethan do push Trish’s buttons, egging her to say stuff she doesn’t want to say and bring up topics she doesn’t want to talk about & then she explodes and brings up shit that will hurt ethan and he gets pist. Both are in the wrong, but i do love these two’s dynamic with each other. BUT I STAN TRISH!
MVal94 - 4 timer siden
Trisha: “A house is like a bigger commitment than a baby” bitch wtf.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - 4 timer siden
Him dressed up as uncle fester while talking about Schindler‘s list
Jain Deau
Jain Deau - 4 timer siden
Ethan’s laugh at 6:23 is the best thing ever...
Polestarr - 4 timer siden
Ethan is being way nicer to her... probably cus they're family now. Good for them.
reinerca - 5 timer siden
God... I honestly like Trisha, I've been a fan for years, but she REALLY needs to learn how to regulate when she's triggered 🙄 Clearly being called "crazy" is a trigger for her, which I totally understand, but she just goes off the deep end and tries to make the other person feel bad by doing exactly what Ethan called her out for (weaponizing) and then continues to spiral into lower and lower blows when he doesn't give her the response she wants. I don't *love* that he called her "crazy," he could have said that differently, but it clearly meant more to her than it did to him. I wish she could be more aware of her triggers and just take a time out or some deep breaths, or even cry for fucks sake, and stop reacting with the "eye for an eye" method, because, as we know, that makes the whole world blind.
JJJ Love
JJJ Love - 5 timer siden
I feel like this is something a teen kid nowadays would say as a pickup line while their crush is walking by.
Jarrett Sosa
Jarrett Sosa - 5 timer siden
Wow Trisha is legit a shit show 😂 you’re literally doing her a favor, she’s irrelevant. Legit feeds off drama and will cause drama if there is none. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.
Sarah Strauch
Sarah Strauch - 5 timer siden
Just found this and it is pure gold! I can’t even believe this is fing real. I really love u Ethan. I’ve never watched Trisha except her comp videos but this was really funny and I hope she’s not too much of a pain in the ass. It’s amazing how patient u are when she has no interest in apologizing after you have apologized for one misspoken word and she defends all of her mean words. Whatever u do man don’t stop podcasting
kiss me under the moon light !
Oh my God poor Moses I feel so sorry for that man!! And if i can say this run Moses don't walk run!! you do not need to have a baby with her! if you do she will make sure your life will be over & always remember YOU'LL HAVE TO BE IN TRISHA LIFE FOREVER due to your child sooo think about that 1st!!
Michelle Marquez
Michelle Marquez - 5 timer siden
Sarah Strauch
Sarah Strauch - 5 timer siden
Ur poor child, dude. Ur kids gonna hate YOU
Brock White
Brock White - 5 timer siden
If Trisha takes the drama level from 12 to 8, this podcast is decent.
one day
one day - 5 timer siden
Psycho trish came out at the end lmao
Gavin Jittabug
Gavin Jittabug - 5 timer siden
How could ethan compare "the genocide of Christopher Columbus" to the holocaust. Atila the Hun is nothing like Columbus
Aislin Morgan
Aislin Morgan - 5 timer siden
"he was an asshole to me on the Shane Dawson music video"
"well maybe he should've been.."
"maybe he was right"
YES..... Yes he was
rxnn - 5 timer siden
Him dressed up as uncle fester while talking about Schindler‘s list
Carlos Barahona
Carlos Barahona - 5 timer siden
Hhahaha man that ending was epic
Hairyfrankfurt - 5 timer siden
Aww your post-Trisha comments were cute, I'm sorry
Mariel Colley
Mariel Colley - 5 timer siden
45% is too much! She should be paying you for being in the show.
Hairyfrankfurt - 5 timer siden
I love that Ethan finally realised that Trish was hurt, but I would have liked to see that happen way sooner.
LasVegasBeet - 6 timer siden
“Oh this is a good podcast! What is everyone talking about?!?!?!?!”
xonin - 6 timer siden
when ethan said the show was ending when there is still 30mins left on the video, that was an indication that it was about to go down
sammie - 6 timer siden
about halfway through the fight it sort of sounds like trisha is jealous of ethan and hila for having a happy marriage and kids when she has a hard time having her own.
J C - 6 timer siden
Wow just wow. She’s IS off the rails!
Sandra Pampena
Sandra Pampena - 6 timer siden
13:35 Ethan your humorous and I don’t think you even try to be. (I don’t expect it.) I so did not want to laugh at that, but you found a way to make me. Jerk 😝lol
lindsey stevens
lindsey stevens - 6 timer siden
Deb Phelan-Devon
Deb Phelan-Devon - 6 timer siden
Trisha grow up. You can not accept when people give you a genuine apology
kayla martinez
kayla martinez - 6 timer siden
45:08 trish talking about holding people accountable for their actions and the scandals mykie should be held accountable for is like passing by a crackhead on the streets talking about how the aliens are among us but one day you stop to listen to what they're saying and agree
Hay - 6 timer siden
This is like the view but good
Paul Morin
Paul Morin - 6 timer siden
Holy fuck trish you look really good in black hair n your make is on spot
Steven Valenzuela
Steven Valenzuela - 6 timer siden
I came here to hate and leave (not a fan of either of them) but WTF. Why am I sitting here 40min into the video loving it🤨😂
Jared Bray
Jared Bray - 6 timer siden
Lool she is just the fuckin worst, it’s fantastic
Alexis Yocum
Alexis Yocum - 6 timer siden
I cant believe the mental break down she’s having at the end it’s actually scary that she can’t identify she has some mental block and isn’t stable
Shubhi Barthwal
Shubhi Barthwal - 6 timer siden
I mean was he wrong calling Trisha crazy? jesusss
Jade S
Jade S - 6 timer siden
She insulted the hell out of Hila. Smh
Jeremy Rivera
Jeremy Rivera - 6 timer siden
She weaponized at literally every point she could lol. With all the shit she's done he didn't weaponize anything.
I also hate how she talks about his relationship with Hila and his quality of life. Like THAT is a step over the line... Ethan has had many more reason freak out more than she did, and never has.
Jeremy Rivera
Jeremy Rivera - 6 timer siden
Also also, because you're open doesn't mean to expose and criticize if people aren't. Some people like privacy and are normal in their privacy.
Jeremy Rivera
Jeremy Rivera - 6 timer siden
And then she just trashes everything as soon as she doesn't get her way wtf shes weird.
Dani Hicks
Dani Hicks - 6 timer siden
Trisha calm tf down sis y’all could b good friends but the constant miscommunication is so painful LOL
Jesse Daub
Jesse Daub - 6 timer siden
Trisha is literally the craziest chick I’ve ever witnessed. Her brain does flip flops in no logical order, the only order she follows is how to insult Ethan more, I’m exhausted listening to this shit!. Everything out of her mouth during that fight was a jab/insult, no wonder all her relationships failed. Deserved. And she has zero self awareness of how twisted she is . poor Ethan trying to pick up the pieces, lol, we love you Ethan
Luka Lowe 1
Luka Lowe 1 - 6 timer siden
Who else skipped to the end?
JJJ Love
JJJ Love - 6 timer siden
Why does this podcat even exist? 10 minutes in, and I can just see that they don't even have real chemistry with each other. There must be a lot of money involved because Ethan seems serious and easily annoyed, while Trisha seems silly and controversial. Who thought of this pairing?
Miss Misfits
Miss Misfits - 6 timer siden
I'm not a big fan of Trisha at all or saying she's right in this situation so if you try to regurgitate that in the replies, it's right here. Not a fan. Not agreeing.
Howeverrrr, some of the things she said about him pushing are 1000% **true** and there are 3 sides to every story, everyone seems to be taking Festers side.
Regardless of her DiD stunt, she has confirmed mental illnesses. This dude signs her up knowing she's not on her meds, as a "frenemy" for the sole purpose of shock factor and arguments basically - knowing she's unmedicated and bipolar. As in: involuntarily slips into periods of anger, sadness, mania, etc and can snap back to normal within minutes at times. All for the views and commentary..the person you love to hate. Both of them are tbh.
You DON'T fucking call people with mental illness crazy, constantly drilling in that crazy point with women in general let alone a woman with bipolar, the typical "come back" from men, and I know he's apologizing at the end but that's also, sadly, exactly what she said - Gaslighting. A convo being a rollercoaster. Starting out neutral, provoking, provoking, pushing to a breaking point, then going back to neutral, apologies. Trying to be the good guy to make her appear more crazy. She's not as dumb and clueless as you guys think.
Yes, she absolutely crossed the line but I honestly agree that she *is* provoked. The guy laughing at her in the background, dude yelling at her about making tiktoks backhandedly otw out.
It's just fucking sad.
erka derka
erka derka - 6 timer siden
You have to watch trish parts in 3X slow to understand what she says. Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
Jeremy Rivera
Jeremy Rivera - 7 timer siden
Lol Trisha needs those meds haha sometimes her sense just leaves her.
Not her fault she just crazy, we all are at least a little, like come on u normal u boring.
Sean Lachlan
Sean Lachlan - 7 timer siden
She's batshit crazy
ciara skelton
ciara skelton - 7 timer siden
Also people are madly blowing this out of proportion, we alllllllllll knew how toxic trish was, we've seen it a million times! Ethan knows it too, they all do, they're not dumb, it makes for amazing entertainment and the fire in the comments proves it. Trisha will thrive from all of this, like she always does 😂 and it benefits ethan massively too, he has thick thick skin, so does hila, erryone chill haha
Nathan Gamboa
Nathan Gamboa - 7 timer siden
Riding the white pony is a cocaine reference
Alissa carmichael
Alissa carmichael - 7 timer siden
Did she really just get on Ethan for being "offensive"?? girl...
Angelika Snyder
Angelika Snyder - 7 timer siden
Ethan being a protective daddy 😄 no Trisha he doesn't want you near his baby 🤣
Domenica Calarco
Domenica Calarco - 7 timer siden
I actually can't with these two, they're amazing
Chris Ko
Chris Ko - 7 timer siden