TRICK SHOTS from Level 1 To Level 100

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As the Levels Get HIGHER, the Trick Shots get HARDER!
Song: Born to Win
Artist: Ryan Innes
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We're 2 brothers who made our own channel after watching Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, How Ridiculous, and the Legendary Shots. Our channel went big when we made amazing water bottle flip videos. We make trick shots, do challenges, and more! And our siblings make the videos even more amazing!
Runtime: 04:47


Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect - 7 dager siden
👏🏼 😮🙌🏼
Troll 411
Troll 411 - Dag siden
Vietcong Soldier
Vietcong Soldier - 6 dager siden
Adib Farhan
Adib Farhan - 6 dager siden
Dude Perfect V. Duo
CheeseburgerDragon 789
CheeseburgerDragon 789 - 6 dager siden
duncan donuts
duncan donuts - 6 dager siden
@That's Amazing hi
Fortnite X
Fortnite X - 4 timer siden
Level 1000000 : You Suck !
Matias Lamin
Matias Lamin - 4 timer siden
Guau very good boy jaja
nguyen vankhanh
nguyen vankhanh - 4 timer siden
The 2nd dude perfect
Gus Teschendorff
Gus Teschendorff - 5 timer siden
level 95 was the hardest
joker gaming
joker gaming - 6 timer siden
me: stuck at level one

hope im not the only one
개구리 - 6 timer siden
한국인을 찾습니다
Harlene's Collection
Harlene's Collection - 6 timer siden
Kakada Duong
Kakada Duong - 6 timer siden
king_ck :p
king_ck :p - 7 timer siden
The Tricksomaniac
The Tricksomaniac - 7 timer siden
Only if he celebrates harder.... He is Future Dude Perfect!! 😂🤩
Thanos but patrick
Thanos but patrick - 7 timer siden
Level 100 mafia boss
NUTTY CODM - 7 timer siden
That's how mafia works
Genaro Gallia
Genaro Gallia - 8 timer siden
You genius
Гавриил Королев
Sam Rix
Sam Rix - 8 timer siden
How long did this take
Sachit Itla
Sachit Itla - 8 timer siden
Christopher Cioffi
Christopher Cioffi - 9 timer siden
joaquin ibañes
joaquin ibañes - 9 timer siden
No lose Rick párese falso :v
Car_O_Line - 9 timer siden
Team Dude Perfect minis
Mjd _ MY9
Mjd _ MY9 - 10 timer siden
Min 3:46 I think the board shows how many times they tried
Chicken Nugget 17
Chicken Nugget 17 - 10 timer siden
Let's get this vid to 1 million likes First that's amazing vid to get 1 million
The Emerald Gamer
The Emerald Gamer - 10 timer siden
4:00 level 💯
Helios Serrano
Helios Serrano - 10 timer siden
Helios Serrano
Helios Serrano - 10 timer siden
Dude perfect rlly said 😶
Helios Serrano
Helios Serrano - 10 timer siden
Dude perfect commented 😱...😐
Khalid Ageed
Khalid Ageed - 10 timer siden
MUAZ AHMED - 11 timer siden
i accidentally did level 50 with my brother
Jaxon Rosario
Jaxon Rosario - 11 timer siden
You are amazing. So amazing
Thomas Robinson
Thomas Robinson - 13 timer siden
Annoying how he labeled the levels
John Kelly
John Kelly - 14 timer siden
amagine how much cameras they must of broke
Nathan Hauenstein
Nathan Hauenstein - 14 timer siden
Does nobody else see the holes on the cardboard?
Cinzia Zanin
Cinzia Zanin - 15 timer siden
GG man
Bodya san
Bodya san - 15 timer siden
Тут столько труда вложено! Я восхищён
Herný Dodis
Herný Dodis - 15 timer siden
It s fake
Cool kid 26
Cool kid 26 - 8 timer siden
Nope 👎
Legendary Shadow
Legendary Shadow - 16 timer siden
That's amazing is crazy😲😲😥
Memeacul 2
Memeacul 2 - 16 timer siden
It's amazing
is incredible
Is he
Oio Loo
Oio Loo - 17 timer siden
I mean trick shots were good but why you copying dude’s perfect format and stuff??
Patrick Brawl stars
Patrick Brawl stars - 17 timer siden
It is a fake dude perfect but it is still insane I would sub but Man City so cant
Cool kid 26
Cool kid 26 - 17 timer siden
Not fake
Weibo E
Weibo E - 18 timer siden
so many subs in 1
Līga Ēķe
Līga Ēķe - 18 timer siden
The next dude perfect
Elizabeth Chavez
Elizabeth Chavez - 18 timer siden
Foaa altos kpos👏👏
MASNUN IMTINAN TUNAN *MIT* - 18 timer siden
Hey guys im watching your video from South Asia.BANGLADESH......BEST WISHES FOR YOU.......(SPECIALLY FOR THE LITTLE GUY....)......................
Wyeth Ona
Wyeth Ona - 18 timer siden
I it ur aime?
Ironrick95 Mcoc
Ironrick95 Mcoc - 19 timer siden
Yay! Comments are back!!!🥳
Wooow Yt
Wooow Yt - 19 timer siden
Watches dude perfect once
Jack Fischer
Jack Fischer - 19 timer siden
Can you guy do hockey trick shots please
Perfect Shot
Perfect Shot - 19 timer siden
What A Shot
What A Shot - 10 timer siden
that china sheep
that china sheep - 19 timer siden
His physics teacher must love him...
Kelly yang
Kelly yang - 20 timer siden
Omg this is better
Bella Garcia
Bella Garcia - 20 timer siden
You are almost at 500,000,000 subs
Jonah Gaming
Jonah Gaming - 20 timer siden
I still think level 95 is harder than level 100
martina somoano
martina somoano - 20 timer siden
Please read this
You guys are the best at dice stacking I need to know how to do a point stack I have been practicing for 1 year and 7 months please make a video I need to know how to do it I still need to know a normal stack and a fast stack
Hillary Marin
Hillary Marin - 20 timer siden
Eso es verdadera física mate, son unos maestros.... Increíble
S Martin
S Martin - 20 timer siden
The best Channel of the World 😮😮😮😮😮
martina somoano
martina somoano - 20 timer siden
Please read this
Can you make a video how to do all of the ways to dice stack if not all than just a point stack you are the best keep doing what your doing
Craziez - 20 timer siden
imagin how long this takes
Mystery Man
Mystery Man - 20 timer siden
Now THAT’S AMAZING. Congrats on 2 Million subs. :)
chidubem - 20 timer siden
These guys are living in a glitch realm.
gas killer
gas killer - 20 timer siden
youn are copy dude perfect but cool trick shots
Cleber Ricardo
Cleber Ricardo - 21 time siden
bhavya garg
bhavya garg - 21 time siden
superorangeritutum - 21 time siden
This is not dude perfect but is a Maybe Perfect
柳驰 - 22 timer siden
title:I roll natural 20 on each roll
Martin Chuquimarca
Martin Chuquimarca - 22 timer siden
2:28 i dont know why i close my eyes
Kristen Francis
Kristen Francis - 22 timer siden
Kid verision of dude perfect
Donna Bucci
Donna Bucci - 22 timer siden
You guys are so good
1A01 ASIF EESHA - 23 timer siden
Can someone explain to me, why these kids ONLY get 2 mil subs for doing all of this hard work?
Kermit.C_tix - 23 timer siden
Moment of silence for people that thought this was real.
Mohammed Alamgir
Mohammed Alamgir - 23 timer siden
Can you guys do a nother last to leave video for colin amazing.
Mohammed Alamgir
Mohammed Alamgir - 23 timer siden
Who ever disliked this video is someone who doesn't understand anything.
Funny Hindi Vines
Funny Hindi Vines - 23 timer siden
It must be great to be good at science
I3 LAND - Dag siden
Shivanna M
Shivanna M - Dag siden
This is graphics setting video
AngelB - Dag siden
:O 🤯
Tim Hinds
Tim Hinds - Dag siden
Can you do another mini golf trick shot video
B NAVEEN - Dag siden
They took more than 10000 attempts .
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - Dag siden
That's amazing
mahibis siddiqi
mahibis siddiqi - Dag siden
this is the best channel ever!!plz reply
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - Dag siden
Theese kids are so lucky to have cool trickshots
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