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Toys are fun, trick shots are awesome... Toy Trick Shots are AMAZING!
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"It’s Like Whoa!"
Performed by Lady Bri
Courtesty of Position Music
Written by Brianne Bryant and Arlo Lake
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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect - 22 dager siden
love you guys for reallllllll
Bavnoop D
Bavnoop D - 18 dager siden
@SKM dang
SKM - 18 dager siden
@Bavnoop D yes
Mr.N Funny TV
Mr.N Funny TV - 20 dager siden
Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment....
Weird stuff Found here
Weird stuff Found here - 21 dag siden
Every Clip
Every Clip - 21 dag siden
For real
Natan Hutsebaut
Natan Hutsebaut - 4 minutter siden
4:25 this one hits different after seeing the dp+ video...
REDPLASMA 1246 - 11 minutter siden
i like that beyblade trikshot
Felipe Diniz
Felipe Diniz - 26 minutter siden
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 3 timer siden
It might not be the longest Hot Wheel track but it’s the best Hot Wheel track!
Andy Wagoner
Andy Wagoner - 3 timer siden
Do a drift one were you drift rc cars around a actual formula drift car while it’s drifting please pay attention to this
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 3 timer siden
Who here is an og
khushi Malik
khushi Malik - 4 timer siden
I wanna sit in that cat😂👍
Nathan G
Nathan G - 4 timer siden
Siti Nur
Siti Nur - 5 timer siden
Amazing 👍
David - 5 timer siden
You guys are fricken awesome! I love you and i watch you’re videos over and over again!
Terminator -ry
Terminator -ry - 5 timer siden
U should do Daytona 500 stereotypes
AmythestWolfAria Morrell
AmythestWolfAria Morrell - 6 timer siden
2:08 the boys in my class did this constantly everytime we couldn't go outside. It was admittedly pretty amusing to watch.
Spider Man
Spider Man - 7 timer siden
I love this bro I’m still in my child hood so I would love to do this
Kanji Shimoda-Yungblut
Kanji Shimoda-Yungblut - 8 timer siden
4:22 it feels different watching this after watching Ty suffer in the DP+ video
Jedi Master
Jedi Master - 8 timer siden
love dp
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez - 9 timer siden
00:42 i actually felt like i had water in my ears
NerfProZP360 YT
NerfProZP360 YT - 10 timer siden
Oh, I love when people do that with hotweels, also, the Dude Perfect channel is great!
Joshua Britt
Joshua Britt - 12 timer siden
That should have a prank war
Rin x Nethan: Casual Play
Rin x Nethan: Casual Play - 12 timer siden
You made a promise with may or may not one person from DP tour. You kept it! You guys are amazing!
Raphaelwyn - 12 timer siden
Yakuku GD
Yakuku GD - 12 timer siden
amazing amazing
Monica Jones
Monica Jones - 13 timer siden
I know that slap band hurt really bad
Jeff Sniper
Jeff Sniper - 13 timer siden
Who here is an og
Arnav Singh Sethi
Arnav Singh Sethi - 13 timer siden
Me while watching the hotwheels intro
I wish I had vr
Ori gaming
Ori gaming - 14 timer siden
childhood memories coming back
the flaming siencist
the flaming siencist - 15 timer siden
Hotwheels pov
Sheet Penny
Sheet Penny - 15 timer siden
0:53 when the rc car was driving by it was so cool that is the cooles hot wheels track iv'e ever seen bro dude this was amazing it just looked so cool!!!
Scott Gaming塔霍天安
Scott Gaming塔霍天安 - 15 timer siden
All those toys are my dream when I was a child
Adriyel Guarte Gaming
Adriyel Guarte Gaming - 16 timer siden
Beyblade SO cul
Renee D'Souza
Renee D'Souza - 18 timer siden
Dude perfect has the best editors who always make sure the trick shots go with the song beat...
james fredy
james fredy - 18 timer siden
3:35 sorry to say that this is not a toy trick shot if it is connect four then that would have been better
Arnolfo Dela Cruz
Arnolfo Dela Cruz - 19 timer siden
You guys done it again
OtisGamer1234 - 19 timer siden
Is ty actually leaving
Heksel Pindadop
Heksel Pindadop - 19 timer siden
Nice video
Pewdiepie Lo
Pewdiepie Lo - 20 timer siden
BLUE ELIJAH SONGALIA - 20 timer siden
1nsanityGaming - 22 timer siden
How many world records do you hold?
Ali Zaidan Thamyeez
Ali Zaidan Thamyeez - 22 timer siden
Worlds longest chain reaction
Danta P
Danta P - 23 timer siden
Where the celebrations at tho seems so chill now
Jamana Vaghela
Jamana Vaghela - Dag siden
Please try to teach some tricks in videos , please please please for me and every fan
Kev K
Kev K - Dag siden
Claim your before 12 million views ticket here
Mitul Bhakta
Mitul Bhakta - Dag siden
Hi. I am from India 🇮🇳. My name is Aarushi 🙂
Ryan Ciampoli
Ryan Ciampoli - Dag siden
3:45 When your home alone...
Becky Frank
Becky Frank - Dag siden
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MusicalCat2519 - Dag siden
I’m starting to think panda is not a real panda
Kalel Clark Lubang
Kalel Clark Lubang - Dag siden
I dont if the others ate toys HAHAHAHA
FELIPE ff - Dag siden
Eu sou o único brasileiro aqui???
Rishi Terala
Rishi Terala - Dag siden
Awesome amazing
Christina Rohm
Christina Rohm - Dag siden
Some of these prove that some toys can be dangerous
Jerry King
Jerry King - Dag siden
It is what it is
BytraxAmmar - Dag siden
best trip of my life
kaua 290
kaua 290 - Dag siden
Quem veio pelo persima
Devin Peterson
Devin Peterson - Dag siden
can you guys do a hockey video
Dhani Horvath
Dhani Horvath - Dag siden
I would want to guess that the majority of the toys in this video are from their kids.
Lewis Garner
Lewis Garner - Dag siden
1:45 Mclovin
Austin Ye
Austin Ye - Dag siden
I’m am expecting a OT today(it’s monday)
Jack Kinsella
Jack Kinsella - Dag siden
Awesome trick shots
Daniel Kolbin
Daniel Kolbin - Dag siden
pc gaming wolf
pc gaming wolf - Dag siden
plz support my gaming chanel i want only 100 subscribe
M R GAMINFO - Dag siden
Why did they lost so many subscribers
Lee Floyd
Lee Floyd - Dag siden
My son loves you guys to he's watched all of your videos
Aaliyah Lapp
Aaliyah Lapp - Dag siden
A suggestion for your next trick shot song: Reasons by Hulvey (Maybe? hehe )
Grebenchuk Family
Grebenchuk Family - Dag siden
Make toy trick shots 2
Girish Kv
Girish Kv - Dag siden
Just think what would have happened even if they messes up I single part in it , they would have had to to the entire thing all over again
Daksh Gupta
Daksh Gupta - Dag siden
This is what happens when you take ad too seriously
marine genius
marine genius - Dag siden
Your video quality is worse than a 1920's movie
CHINGYIU Ho - Dag siden
The well-off anatomy inexplicably drum because basketball contradictorily wriggle throughout a hollow bathroom. malicious, right sociology
who is the new member
Pablo - Dag siden
The last shot took you almost 2 hrs
randy rasavady
randy rasavady - Dag siden
Tell me 888-888-8888 tell me 888888888888888 AAA AAA 8888888888888-8888
Eyestone Abraham
Eyestone Abraham - Dag siden
What happened to 2020 rewind?
peter arcah31
peter arcah31 - Dag siden
Now this is why I learn a trick shot
Mushtaba ali
Mushtaba ali - Dag siden
Aqil810 - Dag siden
When you run out of ideas
comment bot
comment bot - Dag siden
How do they not get a copyright claim
JAE R BENJAMIN 愛 - Dag siden
🔥🔥🔥 startedd in 2011 warchn now im here
Sancho Raphael dela Pasion
The start of the video is more like a toys race track or hot wheels beat that!
Celeste Marie Gabutan
Celeste Marie Gabutan - Dag siden
Bro dude perfect I really cool this is nice ride they are so creative and cool that’s why there are perfect
Trick Star
Trick Star - Dag siden
Arsen my rabbit
Arsen my rabbit - Dag siden
please sweat walk on my konal I shoot a rabbit
PopplioGaming - Dag siden
Oh how I miss the Slap Bracelet days
rajashri patil
rajashri patil - Dag siden
You make excellent videos ,but I don't understand why your views are decreasing day by day
CGTV Diecast
CGTV Diecast - Dag siden
Wow amazing
ARTUUREES - Dag siden
You should make it but in 360• for the beginning
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh - Dag siden
Monster hunters
Monster hunters - Dag siden
You I am a YouTuber it's name is monster Hunter
BadTimeForGoodGuy - 2 dager siden
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh - Dag siden
Dude perfect
Ezekiel_warrior - 2 dager siden
do you have beyblade
Noah Gomez
Noah Gomez - 2 dager siden
The first 1:05 is amazing
Dexter - 2 dager siden
man that felt so cool in the beginning my dream xd
Danny Morris
Danny Morris - 2 dager siden
The slap bracelet one was the sickest and idk why
hawkdavid - 2 dager siden
Let's get dude perfect to have as much subscribers to pewdiepie
Faze Rasul
Faze Rasul - 2 dager siden
My parents told me that if I reach 2k subscribers this year, I will get a pro gaming set up. So a sub would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
BENZCAVO LITE - 2 dager siden
Syarif Badaruđin
Syarif Badaruđin - 2 dager siden
Silky Me
Silky Me - 2 dager siden
Lets just appreciate how creative they have to be
BlazeCoreGo Team
BlazeCoreGo Team - 2 dager siden
Your very last video should be unmasked panda 🐼 costume!
Sparta 15
Sparta 15 - 2 dager siden
Mais mdrr y'a rien de fou dans la vidéo la ça devient du foutage de gueule leurs trickshots
Mowgli Ade
Mowgli Ade - 2 dager siden
2:25 .... no
Gabrielle - 2 dager siden
I like the burps How Tie Gives up