Things Worth Sacrificing // Ground Up 088

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Daniel DeArco is an experimental photographer, filmmaker & fabricator that makes creative camera rigs for his projects like a slider that moves 24mph in a split second.
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 1:09:26


Betania Burdick
Betania Burdick - 10 måneder siden
he is cute. they both are.....niiiiiiiiiiice
Alec Imamoto
Alec Imamoto - 11 måneder siden
Ohhhhh didn't know Daniel was on here
SoandSo - År siden
I come back to this video every month because of his jacket
Brandon Wilson
Brandon Wilson - År siden
What a deep conversation.
Hutanu Robert
Hutanu Robert - År siden
Its unbelievable how i get in the zone when i listen to this.Keep going!
A Fervent Heart
A Fervent Heart - År siden
Dude, this guy looks like Daniel Wu! Great podcast. :)
Agung Mango
Agung Mango - År siden
Sarah Byrd
Sarah Byrd - År siden
Sarah Byrd
Sarah Byrd - År siden
Sarah Byrd
Sarah Byrd - År siden
Sarah Byrd
Sarah Byrd - År siden
Sarah Byrd
Sarah Byrd - År siden
Sarah Byrd
Sarah Byrd - År siden
cocon - År siden
awesome ! : D , I really like this guy
Kevin Start
Kevin Start - År siden
Just two random guys geeking out about camera gear...
bjmxd - År siden
not sure if its considered professional but its good for lighting in general but elgato makes a light and its called the key light which can be compact and portable for around $200
Monica Furlotte
Monica Furlotte - 2 år siden
Fascinating !
Penguindroppings - 2 år siden
"They are making money off of your inadequacies." Damn.
Christopher Girard
Christopher Girard - 2 år siden
Listened to this on Spotify today.
Really good episode, we could really feel that you were both very pleased with the conversation and the exchange.
vellybelly - 2 år siden
1:06:59 Lol. One of your best podcasts! It's surprising as to how different backgrounds can give you a new perspective or inspiration to something completely different. Great Work!
Néstor Paredes
Néstor Paredes - 2 år siden
Get Elon Musk.
Pablo Contreras
Pablo Contreras - 2 år siden
Matt I love your podcast! It´s my mind escape when I have tons of photos to retouch. Every time you upload a new podcast I look to the thumbnail to see if this is the one, with The Rock. Keep hammering! It will happen!
WeirdCan - 2 år siden
Will Smith is a very good example how much YouTube counts. He may be on YouTube but first of all he's still a movie star.
I watched a YouTube-episode of Casey Neistat lately in which he met up with Will Smith in his office. When exiting a few fans came towards him asking for selfies 'n stuff. Casey was like "guys, what do you want from me, there's Will Smith!" But nobody cared, Will Smith just went to his car. Ok, another generation here, I'm in the mid forties. But that was a very weird situation to watch nevertheless. 😁
JCUTMoto - 2 år siden
daniel....this guy is a genius...always been a fan since i saw his channel last year...
Veni Vidi Amavi
Veni Vidi Amavi - 2 år siden
*I think the work hard, make sacrifices thing is so true! great talk, love the perspective!*
Kent talks tech
Kent talks tech - 2 år siden
Gimbal + slider = sliderbot.
Quentin Rufin
Quentin Rufin - 2 år siden
8:44 "the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits had doubled every year since the integrated circuit was invented". It is no longer a law because since 2012 it has slowed down.
Erik - 2 år siden
Is that a framed picture of the Rock?
Hannah Krantz
Hannah Krantz - 2 år siden
Luccillen - 2 år siden
Man, I feel so identified with Daniel about switching passions and having this identity crisis. Awesome interview, I loved listening to it while working on my 3d modelling.
Daina - 2 år siden
This guy comes off as so cocky and annoying ugh
Marcos Torres
Marcos Torres - 2 år siden
So I’ve always loved working with my hands and I like what Matt’s guest works in. Does anyone think that taking some courses for a mechanical engineering major is a step in the right direction? Or is it another major that I should be looking in?
Isabel Soto
Isabel Soto - 2 år siden
I was listening on the podcast, and as soon as I heard the story about his accident, I was like, I have to watch this one!
Chelsey Espinoza
Chelsey Espinoza - 2 år siden
Hi Matt. What coffee brand you use?
Kendall Knapps
Kendall Knapps - 2 år siden
What kind of glasses are you wearing here Mat?
Sportydan11 - 2 år siden
Hey Matt You got yourself a new subscriber. Not just on this video alone. Ive been watching your videos like how to wake up at 6am and the personal money stuff and you have motivated me enough to do what I need to do to get it done and I thank you. You put a lot of work into your content and I appreciate that. Im sorry but I can't donate on your patreon, I am a college student. But I will continue to watch your videos and your podcasts.
Flower Bin
Flower Bin - 2 år siden
I don't think that these are minimalist ways of life being displayed in these young men. Just forsaking everyday household comforts for creative tools. Its a solid decision, but not some kind of zenlike ideal. I am paying close attention because I think it is way too easy to get caught up in the idealistic philosophy and have unrealistic expectations of clarity and happiness. Listen closely, this is all about really expensive creative tools.
Non-sense Eyes
Non-sense Eyes - 2 år siden
Hey matt , I don’t know how do you do Q & A’s and answer questions , My question is , since most minimalists I have seen are single or a couple , never saw minimalists with children or a couple that about to have a baby, how much of an effect will be and what kind of effect or will it work at all , I ‘ll search online for minimalist parents meanwhile , but I just wanted to know Your POV
Elmzz Adam
Elmzz Adam - 2 år siden
Am I the only one who keeps coming back to this channel refreshing and hoping for new content?
** - 2 år siden
Hey Matt. I love the show, but just wanted to know if you totally got your opening video for your show (with the coffee) directly from Dexter's opening? If not, check it out. It always makes me think of Dex when I watch your show.
David Musser
David Musser - 2 år siden
Matt I just today cleared nearly everything out of my room and threw most of it out, and it is terrifying. I feel, almost alone. I have clarity of mind and I feel free, but I am lonely in my room. How can I mitigate this?
MarshLand 3D
MarshLand 3D - 2 år siden
I really enjoyed this episode. Probably will listen to it again as it had some much good advice in it!
really49 - 2 år siden
Matt, here's my burning question: Why does your charcoal t-shirt always look green on my monitor? Seriously, man, I know you're not gonna show up to examine my monitor. But what is it about tech and color presentation? This is slowly driving me crazy. (I really am serious!) Also, you do really good work.
Trey Keys
Trey Keys - 2 år siden
A cheaper monitor could lead you to see incorrect colors. The blacks on my curved Samsung monitor I got for $180 often look pixelated due to its cheap panel. Also, Matt mentioned that the light he's using in these podcasts has a slight green color.
Morgane - 2 år siden
Please is there someone who can add english sub titles ?
Hi. I'm French and I'm a big fan of your content and the state of mind you share with us. Thank you for sharing so much of positive mindset.
Jose - År siden
Morgane Struggling with it a little bit as well. There are auto-generated subtitles though. By the way, I am looking forward to learn French in a near future, greetings!
Abhinandan Sharma
Abhinandan Sharma - 2 år siden
Love your work man. You are really doing a great work. I want to help you on patreon but I am not capable right now. But soon when I get a job, am going to donate my first salary to you bro...! Hats off to u...
Alex Profalactic
Alex Profalactic - 2 år siden
Why does he wear the same thing everyday
Macie Rico
Macie Rico - 2 år siden
Alex Profalactic he’s a minimalist. He has many of the same shirt
Nicole Love
Nicole Love - 2 år siden
Audio needs a bit of work hurts my ears.
Don Draper
Don Draper - 2 år siden
just discovered this dude. i like how clean and smart his channel is its almost refreshing from the daily ignorant garbage ive been watching and dealing with. i should watch more channels like this
Pithree Leonardo
Pithree Leonardo - 2 år siden
@Daniel DeArco your videos are amazing. There's obviously a ton of effort put into your videos before it hits the web. Just... grateful you're around! You present things in a different way, and in such a creative manner! Thanks @Matt D'Avella!
EvenOut - 2 år siden
Great watch 👌
CJ Mosley
CJ Mosley - 2 år siden
Hey I’m a Mass communications major at UT Tyler. I love film, and video. I always love doing video production work, and I just found your channel I love it bro. Thanks
Graham Butterfield
Graham Butterfield - 2 år siden
get Ari Cagan on your podcast
Karina - 2 år siden
Wish this was one of the longer ones. Daniel is fascinating! Great podcast Matt!
BIMMER ZEIT - 2 år siden
Matt, any reason why you upload in 1080 and not 4K? Thanks
Tom Bachmann
Tom Bachmann - 2 år siden
I really enjoyed this discussion. Thanks boys!
Madeline May
Madeline May - 2 år siden
Omg his head what !? I almost vomited
paulajulia s
paulajulia s - 2 år siden
He's only 26???? Crazy
bluenapoleon - 2 år siden
Great show😎✌️
completely different
completely different - 2 år siden
Great podcast show.I enjoy watching theses videos.
Gustav Holmström
Gustav Holmström - 2 år siden
I was listening to the podcast player on my phone, when he announced that he had Daniel on as today's guest I actually shouted "yes!" and quickly turned on my computer to see the video version ^^
Best storyteller on Youtube in my opinion :)
Chaimae Au Naturel
Chaimae Au Naturel - 2 år siden
*من عربي و يحب التقليل و عدم الاستهلاك و العيش البسيط المينيماليزم و التغذية الصحية النباتية ؟ مرحبا بكم في قناتي الصغيرة احتاج دعمكم..*
Nick Walker
Nick Walker - 2 år siden
In the first second of the video I saw coffee beans and was like hell no, I’m not sacrificing coffee.
Celo - 2 år siden
this was one of the best ground up show's so far!
Jay Lakke
Jay Lakke - 2 år siden
honestly I wouldnt really mind a couple ads here and there
새벽달 - 2 år siden
"motivation is born from fire. inspiration is born from a place of tears. anxiety or depression or neurosis. " like your line, Daniel. thinking of inspiration, mine seems like come from the comments and questions that people gave me. Sometimes those comments lead me even to write a book.
Matias nieto
Matias nieto - 2 år siden
Hola Matt, soy Matias de Argentina y queria decirte que me gustan mucho tus videos. Soy estudiante de Diseño industrial y creo que los objetos minimalistas tienen una estética sublime. Podrias hacer un video referido al diseño minimalista y tu opinión personal sobre eso?
Muchas gracias!
Matias nieto
Matias nieto - 2 år siden
Pamela Anderson Gracias por tu respuesta! Lo implementaré
Matias nieto hey matias felicidades en tus estudios! Yo estoy ahora implementando el mimimalismo al maximo en mi Vida en muchos aspectos y te aseguro que me arrepiento solo de una cosa : De porque no lo empeze desde hace 7 años approx. Y ahorita tuviera mas frutos de los que ya estoy viendo! SALUDOS!😉😙
Haanim Ely
Haanim Ely - 2 år siden
as always interesting and thought provoking.......really felt it for the dude as well....just his journey of trauma and identity crisis......can you get tim feress on your show? Katies hess-Lotus wei.....
zerandeSG - 2 år siden
Yes! My boy Daniel and Matt D’Avella in one video 🙌🏽
Ash Cornette
Ash Cornette - 2 år siden
As a 35 yr old competitive Bboy, hearing this story really resonated with me. 🙏🏼 Thank you.
Aiden Lilley
Aiden Lilley - 2 år siden
Genuine question - why do you use a Mac book? A little Windows laptop with Linux on it could serve your purposes at a much better price.
Remington Lewis
Remington Lewis - 2 år siden
No patreon link...
Martin Kotze
Martin Kotze - 2 år siden
Are your podcasts on Spotify?
Fabio Lima
Fabio Lima - 2 år siden
This is great.... is it me or does Daniel look a little green?
Magdiel Bishop
Magdiel Bishop - 2 år siden
I’m a big fan of Daniel DeArco´s videos, photos and talent overall. I’m really glad you could get him in the podcast.
bran_moon - 2 år siden
I love this podcast. I’m so glad that you guys are on about this and I really enjoyed the bit about the left brain right brain ideas within social media usage. I don’t feel like that idea is touched on enough.
Health Origins
Health Origins - 2 år siden
Great show! Now I want your guest to do a photoshoot for me - he seems so creative! 😁 And what an inspirational life story he has! ❤
Ronin - 2 år siden
Always look forward to these podcasts every week! I’m a struggling college student and I’ve found lots of useful and motivational information from these podcasts. I appreciate it Matt! When I become successful one day I hope I can make it on the show! Haha
Prince Stephen
Prince Stephen - 2 år siden
How to download your ground up show intro music?
This Guy
This Guy - 2 år siden
You should use a colored tablecloth to break up the beige camouflage
Ayşegül Arslan
Ayşegül Arslan - 2 år siden
I love your channel so much.Everyone should discover you and watch your videos👍🏻
Vardhanam Daga
Vardhanam Daga - 2 år siden
Thanks for inspiring a small YouTuber like me.
Abstract Focus
Abstract Focus - 2 år siden
1:01:08 Key Quote!
Ali Bigoudi
Ali Bigoudi - 2 år siden
Thank you for this podcast !
Geron Kincaid
Geron Kincaid - 2 år siden
I love your personality...

Your very smart too :)
AfriZareeth - 2 år siden
What mic do you use for your podcasts ?
Paul LeMay
Paul LeMay - 2 år siden
Thank you for sharing another great podcast. 😎🇨🇦
Pepitosu - 2 år siden
You need this...!

70 - 200mm lense 😂
Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz - 2 år siden
Daniel deserves more recognition. Im excited for this one!
SA Q - 2 år siden
wheres his youtube channel???????
thanks for this man! Mabuhay from the Philippines
Kevin Start
Kevin Start - År siden
Look up Daniel dearco
Ashwin Karthikeyan
Ashwin Karthikeyan - 2 år siden
hey matt does minimalism equate with frugal living ?
from an aspiring teenager
Pallavi Tiwari
Pallavi Tiwari - 2 år siden
i like your content .....
LittleLeyWorld - 2 år siden
Sometimes I feel that I sacrifice things that I should. Recently I felt I was sacrificing my health for a job ( i studied for this so many year) and now I feel so dumb doing this! I decided now that I should do something that I really love but dont really know what exactly (I do YouTube but not as a job but as a passion) hope I am on my way to 😊
يلا نتعلم
يلا نتعلم - 2 år siden
Please translate To Arabic
Elga Benedicta
Elga Benedicta - 2 år siden
Wow this man is inspirational! 🏆👍
Great conversation Matt. Thank you 🙏
Gululu_96 - 2 år siden
Loved the talk , Matt!

I spammed the rock for 3 hours and i probably shouldn't have...
Abdullah Naseer
Abdullah Naseer - 2 år siden
No offense but please google how to pronounce Advertisement :p
Abdullah Naseer
Abdullah Naseer - 2 år siden
what part of " no offense " you don't understand? Still gets triggered.
SARah wahinya
SARah wahinya - 2 år siden
See who is talking
Jase ZA
Jase ZA - 2 år siden
Love your content Matt! Thanks for making YouTube videos that are so progressive and worth watching.
Antonio - 2 år siden
Ur dope!!
Your Favorite Russian YouTuber
*You always have to make sacrifices if u wanna achieve something in life💪👊*
Cat PBatista
Cat PBatista - 2 år siden
wow, I am early O-o
Muhamed Delić
Muhamed Delić - 2 år siden
Love your work man.❤❤