The Truth about Black Friday

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Oskar da cool
Oskar da cool - 10 dager siden
Jeez the deals Are only like 10% to 25% why do People love Thoes shitty deals😂
Presbian116 Tier1
Presbian116 Tier1 - 29 dager siden
Best video I've seen on this channel.
Abby K
Abby K - MÃ¥ned siden
Not buying crap makes the crap 100% off. Not 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% or even 80%. 100%. PLUS not having crap you won't use.
Abby K
Abby K - MÃ¥ned siden
Sure, deals are cheap, but NOT BUYING STUFF IS CHEAPER!
1877Pegasus - MÃ¥ned siden
So common sense and we'll explained! Keep it up!
perfectwunn - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
Im glad i have no debt.
ѨѬѦѪѠѰѮ - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
Just save up coupons till black Friday, boom, problem solved ya noob; now you don't have have credit card debt.
Teresa - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
Black Friday is the worst day ever. It’s so incredibly pointless.
Kymatology roseTM
Kymatology roseTM - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
I respect people who are willing to die to get what they want.
Thanh Nguyen ND
Thanh Nguyen ND - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
It'd be nice if you make a video about your experiences with investment and your advice for people who want to start investing.
tarmas Khalifa
tarmas Khalifa - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
If u don't wanna get bankrupt avoiding materialistic bitches like shown in these videos are a must. Buy when needed. We ain't getting rich companies n their beneficiaries (models,investers,..... R).
Thess95 - 2 mÃ¥neder siden
oldsnavy has now 2.6 M followers wtf
Keiけいです - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
I’ve never been at Black Friday
Afocado With an F
Afocado With an F - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
Ok mabe not
Nadya Mikhailova
Nadya Mikhailova - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
Thank you, Matt)
Nicolas Lessard
Nicolas Lessard - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
I work at Best Buy and when Blackfriday arrives, most of the prices are the same as any other day in the year but there is a red Black friday deal price banner on it and people make a waiting line to buy them like idiots...
Angelo D Teixeira
Angelo D Teixeira - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
Seeing it in the middle of pandemic, thinking in how it's gonna change now...
Gustav Talmar
Gustav Talmar - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
What if black Friday had happened during the pandemic?
Gustav Talmar
Gustav Talmar - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
@Suavé M Suavemente Thank you very much!
Suavé M Suavemente
Suavé M Suavemente - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
Cyber Black Friday. Peeps could still get their materialistic goods, still increase the credit debt, still surround themselves with trash and dump empty boxes and plastic bags on the street oh and still have that thrill of buying. However, they would get batshitcoronavirus crazy over the delivery delays cuz they would be delusional enough to think that same day delivery is only for them.
Sanae - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
I like the slow roasting..
Wang An Jen
Wang An Jen - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
This is stupid IF this national day make human became animal for one day. And i agree with some of the comment. Buying is not a way to save money. (If it’s not important thing to buy)
PINK - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
I got an idea on black Friday
Buy a Kindle and use it to read life changing books like the 4 hour work week.
S Kimber
S Kimber - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
This is so relevant and so many people need to see this. Thanks for another great video Matt.
ziggy jabami
ziggy jabami - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
These days, people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.
ShadowZZZ - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
When I want to buy something, I ask myself 4 Questions:
1) Why do I want it?
2) How much money does it cost?
3) How much money do I have?
4) Do I need it?
Leon Roehrl
Leon Roehrl - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
Anybody have that when you scroll down your homepage but it goes up instead? I have it right now, I can barely venture down to the comment section. This was irrelevant, so continue watching the video, and pretend this never existed.
Dee Ann
Dee Ann - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
Matt D.: Your videos are of high quality, and I am truly grateful that your content is not interrupted by commercials. Superb work. 🌹
Josh Thomas
Josh Thomas - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
4:21 I’m not surprised literally everyone here is a woman
Fat Cat
Fat Cat - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
0:27 poor kid :(
Eva August
Eva August - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
and here we are, 2020, an era where we fight for toilet paper
twyfordlion - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
This is life truth and wisdom.
Mauricio travel vlogs Tinoco Lambrey
I used this video for my presentation!
Simon Dengg
Simon Dengg - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
I am pretty sure that nowadays you have more power for change with you shopping behavior than going to vote a politician. Don't get me wrong, voting is very important too. But if you don't pick up the cheap shirt or the animal factory steak it will change the whole industries over time. They will have to adapt. And you will get high quality products that will last longer or will keep you healthy. Doesn't matter which political party you are supporting.
Thanks for this video. A good reminder for me to make better choices for the world I want to live in.
Zhanybek Nurgaziev
Zhanybek Nurgaziev - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
Great job. Guys lets be smart enough to resist from manipulating by advertising
Nabamita Nandi
Nabamita Nandi - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
i love your videos and the way you explain about simple life.. we live in an era of more and more stuffs which are killing us everyday.. either just piling up or creating a extra space into our minds.. i wish people realize this soon and i am trying to come into this way towards minimalism.. thanks matt for making and uploading these beautiful concepts of simple life
Josh Silvestro
Josh Silvestro - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
I would love to talk to you one day man. You make such great videos!!
Boop - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
The materialism of America is spreading across the globe.
William Allen
William Allen - 7 mÃ¥neder siden
You seriously have one of the best channels on YouTube. It’s honestly refreshing watching your videos over a lot of the other bull shit on here
Kostas Skoulidas
Kostas Skoulidas - 7 mÃ¥neder siden
Why buy things we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't like.
HUNTER XD - 7 mÃ¥neder siden
gv - 7 mÃ¥neder siden
those people are the weakest race
Jadyn Mock
Jadyn Mock - 7 mÃ¥neder siden
I have 7 siblings!!!
Jonathan Cunningham
Jonathan Cunningham - 7 mÃ¥neder siden
17 years in retail management for small business to global businesses, I love this video.
Kristina Alexandra
Kristina Alexandra - 7 mÃ¥neder siden
So motivating! All your videos are amazing
Kristina Alexandra
Kristina Alexandra - 7 mÃ¥neder siden
So motivating! All your videos are amazing
Kristina Alexandra
Kristina Alexandra - 7 mÃ¥neder siden
So motivating! All your videos are amazing
Rapha PS
Rapha PS - 7 mÃ¥neder siden
Thank U Mat.
Kepler -22b
Kepler -22b - 7 mÃ¥neder siden
Meditate is good 👍
Max Phythian
Max Phythian - 7 mÃ¥neder siden
Black Friday is racist. African American Friday is politically correct thank you very much
galetaf - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
ha ha ha never heard that one before...
Ali Shaeb
Ali Shaeb - 7 mÃ¥neder siden
Who else is rewatching this as a reminder for 2019 holiday season?
Lisset Sanchez
Lisset Sanchez - 7 mÃ¥neder siden
Who else is watching in December 2019? 🤭
K Missoni
K Missoni - 7 mÃ¥neder siden
Well, my old stand mixer broke awhile ago, so I bought a new one on black Friday after really missing having one.
gregkrazanski - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
people are so fucking dumb. it's truly unbelievable lol
Arthur Ceuleers
Arthur Ceuleers - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
gangsters van sd?
Caro Van Gucht
Caro Van Gucht - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
ShedMan - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
people are dumb. brainwashed.
Jason M
Jason M - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
This is the most educational YouTube video I've ever watched lol
jm Gameplay
jm Gameplay - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Why are you thinking companies don't try to make profit. Of course they try to make profit?
Julian Vergara
Julian Vergara - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
I lost count of how many times I have seen this videos of Black Friday here in Matt's channel. lol
Hippie Housewife
Hippie Housewife - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Hahaha 😂 I flipping LOVE the South Park example! Lol
James Edwards
James Edwards - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
I have investments in mastercard, visa, and american express.
The more people spend with the cards. The more people spend. The more I gain in stock value. The mastercard shares, depending on the purchase date. I have jumped up between 6% and 30%.
I have had my mistakes and stuff, but I try to live as basic as possible. I am focused on my money, my body, my goals.
I am human I treat myself. Once in a while, but I dump as much as I can into some sort of logical moderate to long term investment.
I have a $300 to $500 limit at most for holiday gifts. Everybody gets the same gift type. Gift Cards, screw that going into debt idiocy. I had a parent who did that.
Going into debt for something you are probably go to throw out in two or three years? Nope just grow my damn money.
James Cook
James Cook - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Plot twist : He just wants to buy more things while we miss out 🤔