The Three Year Rule

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anesha love
anesha love - 2 dager siden
Rewatching this
Aspyrations - 5 dager siden
‘Your first ten YouTube videos got 52 views’ - me being really happy my recent video is at almost 20 views 😂😂
Ziet Invests
Ziet Invests - 6 dager siden
First 10 videos with 52 views (where I am now) 😂😂😂😭😭😭
Virginia WaJesus
Virginia WaJesus - 6 dager siden
0:48 my back hurts just from looking at you sit on that couch like that 😂
OpenWorldGamer - 7 dager siden
due ok , you need commitment but also a strategy, these guys only pump out 1 h long videos , very few views, they need a better strategy than that
Kaliyah N
Kaliyah N - 8 dager siden
All the regrets you have are things you decided not to do🤷🏾‍♀️
TheWishingPanda - 10 dager siden
*Cringes about every week remembering that stupid thing I said in class in 7th grade 11 years ago*... yea... I totally forgot my past failures 😅
Pes Sony
Pes Sony - 11 dager siden
Miss Relaxed
Miss Relaxed - 11 dager siden
I have been failing every year!!! Starting again!! And failing again! But I think I have been doing it all wrong all these years! I have been giving up pretty fast ! This year my mindset has changed ! Your 3 year rule idea is something I thought about this year!!! I kind of had this plan ! And this year I thought of becoming a youtuber, my goal is to help people live a purposeful and meaningful life and also teaching people about the art of not giving a f...
Sarah Wallace
Sarah Wallace - 12 dager siden
We need small gratifications to be able to persist. If we don't have any, then it's really hard to hang on the however many years. Your goal should have sort of reward system you readily recognize. Like youtube's likes and subscribers, or maybe losing 2 pounds in a week.
Kate Rakitina
Kate Rakitina - 13 dager siden
We need more bloopers!
Creating Julie Silversmyth
Creating Julie Silversmyth - 15 dager siden
My first 500 YouTube videos got 50 views. But one got 124,0000!
Luiza Karan Maia
Luiza Karan Maia - 16 dager siden
nice rule
Lady Tina
Lady Tina - 17 dager siden
*"Who cares if your first 10 Youtube videos get 53 views..."*
*Me:* Uhhhh more like *12 views, 10 from me and 2 from my mom.* 😂
popculturecommentary - 15 dager siden
Just make content you love! :D
BecomingBrie - 17 dager siden
What did you use to record this with?
Aleksas Ivanauskas
Aleksas Ivanauskas - 21 dag siden
Hell on earth is meeting the person you could've been.
Kryss Huang
Kryss Huang - 22 dager siden
More then help, this was a lightbulb moment for me 💡🙌🏼 Thanks for sharing this Matt.
Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu - 23 dager siden
Lol I felt that on the haircut... But I got a haircut scheduled in two weeks!!
Will Bob
Will Bob - 24 dager siden
This guy has turned into a guy like look at me you could be me
Benisse Calmleth M. Famat
Benisse Calmleth M. Famat - 25 dager siden
"you need to give yourself the opportunity to succeed."
N Nicole
N Nicole - 26 dager siden
Patience and persistence = my YouTube channel. Trust the struggle.
Saadon Aksah
Saadon Aksah - 28 dager siden
3 years rule..ok got it! 👍
Jacob Danis
Jacob Danis - 28 dager siden
this channel has been super helpful, taking some notes for my own
Le Anh Truong
Le Anh Truong - 28 dager siden
You guys are just literal proofs of “the journey is the goal”
Alisa Hayeva
Alisa Hayeva - 29 dager siden
Thank you for this video! This is exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve been so focused on the time rather than on what it is exactly that I want to do!
Dean Arek
Dean Arek - Måned siden
I wish I watched this earlier. Thankyou!
Danny Rwagamba
Danny Rwagamba - Måned siden
Thanks a lot man.
Lordicon - Måned siden
2:19 What the hell were you doing in Wroclaw, Poland? :D
Neeraj Vasudeva
Neeraj Vasudeva - Måned siden
Inspirational !! Thanks for sharing
Hidden Secret Healing, LLC
Wow... this came into my recommendations in a time where I am making a 3 and 10 year financial freedom plan.
STLR - Måned siden
Dope clean minimal legit content that pushes me forward thank you Matt, also my entire apartment is minimal because of you.
jannah hossain
jannah hossain - Måned siden
i'm excited, i gots the tingly stomach butterflies, what a nice feeling...
Dani El
Dani El - Måned siden
I Think your prevous haircut was much better than your current one
glenda bruce
glenda bruce - Måned siden
such a good idea :)
Johnny Hurcomb
Johnny Hurcomb - Måned siden
You're such a good writer Matt
Dylan Z
Dylan Z - Måned siden
This video was starkly simplistic yet beautifully enlightening. What a paradigm shift! Thanks so much Matt.
Deepu Asok
Deepu Asok - Måned siden
Amount of time I spend admiring the production quality and editing skills used in the video: 99% Actual things I learn from the videos: 1%
Shadd Jimenez
Shadd Jimenez - Måned siden
Very insightful and high quality. 👍🏼
Ruby Giraffes
Ruby Giraffes - Måned siden
As far as I know, regret is one of the worst feelings ever.
Melissa Gomez
Melissa Gomez - Måned siden
Just came across your channel last week. Your videos are fucken awesome. That is all.
Dimitri El - Choueiry
Dimitri El - Choueiry - Måned siden
Are u saying i cant start a podcast in 2020
Emilie Cassab
Emilie Cassab - 2 måneder siden
You don't know, but you've been pushing me to pursue my dreams, find a new job, and leave my city, even though im horribly scared of leaving everything behind and not being good enough. Fear of failure is a big thing for me. Thank you for helping me overcome it.
Lea Müller
Lea Müller - 2 måneder siden
#failingforward if you aren't failing you aren't growing.
EEE J - 2 måneder siden
If you don't fart on a bitch on the first date, you're the bitch.
Nikki Warner
Nikki Warner - 2 måneder siden
bill gates jumping over that chair though..
AbracadaBE - 2 måneder siden
Actually I would said it need 3 things, patience (time) and persistence (sustainable energy) like you said, but also effort (try and mistakes over and over again, it’s for that it’s call effort. But energy and effort are not the same things, energy is a system of good and healthy habits, effort is motivation and willingness to always go the extra step in anything that you try to do better ...
Ok I realize that we say the exact same things but from two different perspectives ... the important part is we agreed 😊
👉🏻 Every good things in life need time, energy and effort to be created or else it’s not worth to have it ... the process is what put good values onto the creation. ✨
Jordan Belfort
Jordan Belfort - 2 måneder siden
'Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.' — Bill Gates
OpenWorldGamer - 7 dager siden
I first heard that one from Tony Robbins
roco gaspard
roco gaspard - 17 dager siden
I needed this comment. Thank you.
5 Minutes of Daily Motivation
Love that!
野口仁志 - 2 måneder siden
There is a saying in Japanese: "Stay on the rock for three years". Basically means the same thing as this video.
Mommin’ Made Easy
Mommin’ Made Easy - 2 måneder siden
Tamara J
Tamara J - 2 måneder siden
I am 20. 3 years ago, I struggled a lot with anxiety and decided to find the right psychologist. I started going to therapy and I remember I was thinking "Okay, I have been anxious for 17 years of my life so I guess I'll need 34 years to feel happy with my myself". 3 years after that I stopped going to therapy because I didn't really need it anymore and my mind feels at peace. So yeah, I guess I applied this "three year" rule with out knowing it was three year rule xD
House of Shabazz
House of Shabazz - 2 måneder siden
Needed this! Who ever is reading this. You’re on the right path! Don’t give up and wait the course ❤️
Brianna Sanchez
Brianna Sanchez - 2 måneder siden
When you dropped your phone on your face I felt that 😂
Pippa Moss Actress
Pippa Moss Actress - 2 måneder siden
Love love love this! Thank you Matt! My old high school's emblem and slogan was "Courage and Perseverance". Your video reminded of that x
Dalila Teixeira
Dalila Teixeira - 2 måneder siden
"Think back to your own failures from 3, 4, even 5 years ago, can you even remember any of them?"
Jakub Kasperski
Jakub Kasperski - 2 måneder siden
2:19 Random clip from poland and international add for at the same time xD
Angelo D Teixeira
Angelo D Teixeira - 2 måneder siden
Usually when you think "it takes too much time, Im not gonna do that" the same time passes and you done nothing
Tr1stan - 2 måneder siden
The 3 Year Rule sounds like a solution based on The Dip. Who's read + used the book in their own lives?
Alan Kong
Alan Kong - 2 måneder siden
Patience and persistence are insanely powerful traits to develop and grow if you truly want the life you desire
Rico Travels
Rico Travels - 2 måneder siden
A brilliant perspective to abide by!
YT Premium
YT Premium - 2 måneder siden
Me Me Me...and I ..My ..Mine.. Me Me- You should start the inspirational "Me-Me" movement;)