The Power of Making Decisions // Ground Up 085

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Cole Walliser is a Los Angeles based commercial director that’s worked with Miley Cyrus, Pink & Katy Perry.
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 1:26:26


Katja Didovič
Katja Didovič - 3 måneder siden
just hit 1000 like, thank you ! this content is amazing !
Brian McManus
Brian McManus - 4 måneder siden
This is my favorite podcast. Are there any new episodes coming in 2020?? Hope all is going well you and Nat. Cheers 😊
Ammar Danial ismail
Ammar Danial ismail - År siden
cole's or matt's bicep ?
Jean-Paul Moodie
Jean-Paul Moodie - År siden
Great interview guys. Tons of value received!
raneanubis - År siden
This dude is ethnically excellent
greeeneyes91 - År siden
I read somewhere once that in companies, 60% of the decisions made by managers turned out to be wrong. From that moment on, I thought okay, if it is okay for managers to make wrong decisions, it should be okay if I make wrong decisions in my life - it is more about how you deal with a given situation. In another youtube video, I heard the quote that it is more important to decide for one particular way and sticking to it rather than lashing out and trying a little bit of everything. I guess a combination of those two views is the way to go.
FerGupers - År siden
I’m a subscriber for long time.
I want to thank you for all the inspiration.
Also asked you what kind of drone do you used for those great videos.
Please Keep the valuable content up.
Fer. 🤙🏼
Jeremy Langer
Jeremy Langer - År siden
"What a great meal! What kind of stove did you use?" So freaking true! This line cracked me up
Ollie Paterson
Ollie Paterson - År siden
1:04:39 soooo true. truth be told. great analogy about people equating your skill to the camera you own.
Justin Wunderlich
Justin Wunderlich - År siden
52:26 YUP 😂😂 It's crazy man. Will smith - 1 of my all time fav actors.
And Ryan Reynolds
romyl swarnkar
romyl swarnkar - År siden
Another quality podcast. Keep up the good work!!
Baami Godfrey
Baami Godfrey - År siden
StintheKid - År siden
New FAVORITE Podcast... I have the same birthday as the Rock so I'll see what I can do.
Jay Rod
Jay Rod - År siden
"What stove did you use" hahahahaha
PatrickGregoryDaniels - År siden
What song is this playing during your show Matt?
Rolbysworld - År siden
does the mug match your shirt? or does the shirt match your mug?
Kaleayah Locus
Kaleayah Locus - År siden
So i have been binging your ground up serious in no particular order. Btw I loveee you and this channel. I literally have been arching you for like Two days but I feel like I have learned so much. I’m 18 and was getting kind of discouraged with so many things happening in my life at once but just listening and watching you really helped so thank you❤️ Anyways, I wish I would have watched this one first because here I am thinking that it’s called “Ground up” because you grind up the coffee and it’s like a “coffee talk” type of thing. But around 1:00 when you said “that’s what happens starting from the ground up” I was like ooooooohhhhhh😂😂😂😂 makes so much sense now lol. Okay, I’m gonna listen now. Again, love you and the content you put out, so insightful
hans gojel
hans gojel - År siden
he says he is managing not to add ads but actually, he is always advertising for his patron lol
Ethel Ruth Baquiran
Ethel Ruth Baquiran - År siden
I like this guy.
Matt, you deserve so much more views ❤
Conor S
Conor S - År siden
"Better than being good, is being different" - Cole. That struck a chord with me, feeling like I'm always on the grind to be better and better compared to everyone else. Instead, what I take from Cole's thought here is that we should strive to express what is unique about us as individuals. Very insightful.
Isidore Misa
Isidore Misa - År siden
hey man you should have podcasts on spotify too. I love listening to your podcasts. Just a suggestion :)
Jake Mortensen
Jake Mortensen - År siden
Hey Matt I am just getting into your content and I am impressed. I have not finished this episode yet but I love what he has to say about decisiveness. I am a Paramedic in the Emergency Department and the best Doctors in that setting are the ones who can make decisions quickly. Being nice to your patients and polite to your staff comes secondary to being a decisive leader that everyone can get behind. This is a muscle that everyone can work out everyday. Thanks for being that island of thought stimulating content amongst a sea of brainless shit. You and creators like yourself have made the internet fun, interesting, and most of all a tool for positive change.
Etha Walters
Etha Walters - År siden
You gotta be weird?! Psh! I got weird in the bag! Yeah! We're talking incoherent conversations with inanimate objects weird. "Where are you pen! Oh there you are, why did you roll away?" And I am writing this in batman pajamas weird! My name is Etha not EthaN and I am left-handed and physically challenged and live for new projects. I would love to Youtube and NOT capitalize on my disability, In fact I would like it to be an afterthought like it is in my life. I want to offer real content without a stereo-type overshadowing it. Thank you for the insight!
Anton Brask
Anton Brask - År siden
This was amazing! Super interesting and also inspiring!
Adam Skärlund
Adam Skärlund - År siden
Name of music in the beginning?
Raia Kousary
Raia Kousary - År siden
27 mins im done
Raia Kousary
Raia Kousary - År siden
20.30 mins still no decision making.......
Cole Walliser
Cole Walliser - År siden
were you trying to decide if you should give up on watching?
Raia Kousary
Raia Kousary - År siden
10.30 mins in and no mention of decision making yet.....
Laura S.
Laura S. - År siden
You should get Immy from Sustainbly Vegan on your podcast when she's in America next! She's a minimalist zero-waster who's also super into crossfit. She started the Low Impact Movement. Could be a really cool conversation around starting something from scratch and trying to make the world better.
KING GREEDY - År siden
you have to change thumbnails style! you can se it in your views right?
Lin Tang
Lin Tang - År siden
Drinking game
Every time you hear "you know what i mean" take a sip of your drink.
For the pro's take a shot.🥂
xj41002 - År siden
Hey Matt! I'm new to the channel and I was wondering if you record these podcasts to listen to? I would love to listen to them while I am on the go!
Patrick - År siden
Your channel is BLOWING UP Matt!
alexander wesley
alexander wesley - År siden
This helped a ton guys, thank you to the both of you.
Cole Walliser
Cole Walliser - År siden
awesome! Thank you so much for checking it out!!
Remi Moerkerke
Remi Moerkerke - År siden
Hey Matt, I got a question for you. Is it hard to give a present, as in Christmas and/or birthday gifts, to a minimalist? Are there specific things you would ask for?
Carlos - År siden
"like... you know what I mean?"
PandaInASuit22 - År siden
On your kit page can you add a wardrobe section, i want to know the brand/make of your shirts
Kameron Kumar
Kameron Kumar - År siden
Even if u only monatize the videos and not the podcasts
Kameron Kumar
Kameron Kumar - År siden
U need to monatize your videos to benefit it won’t affect us really
Ms. Nina
Ms. Nina - År siden
can you please make a video about how to start a podcast? 💜
Nico Siy
Nico Siy - År siden
Dope session man, hella relevant topics
Holly Ryan
Holly Ryan - År siden
Love these podcasts! I found it very interesting when you mentioned about the silent dishwasher & letting people know you are working as people assume you're not doing anything if they don't hear anything - that resonated with me! Can't wait for more :)
naugle projects
naugle projects - År siden
Enjoying the grade - it's a hair less saturated
Gabriel Mendes
Gabriel Mendes - År siden
Matt, makes a video talking about what you eat during the day and how it coincides with minimalism.
Levi Hildebrand
Levi Hildebrand - År siden
Pretty inspiring to see people from "mainstream" media coming over to youtube like this! Give me hope as a new channel!
Patrick Breen
Patrick Breen - År siden
This was a great episode! I’m very friendly with Cole on instagram- he’s one of my favorite content creators and just an all-around awesome dude. Matt, as a fan of your content as well, it was a pleasant surprise to see you interviewing Cole! Great work from both of you 💣🙌🏻
Patrick Breen
Patrick Breen - År siden
Cole Walliser yes bro, would love that! ASAP!
Cole Walliser
Cole Walliser - År siden
so dope you were already subscribed dude!! and thanks for the kind words, when we gonna do something together?? :P
Anthony Himself
Anthony Himself - År siden
I have interacted with a lot of people and many and I mean many like 60-70% of people I have talked to have that same word crush, “you know” / “you know what I mean” ever sense one person said it over and over Again I can’t unsee it. If your 21 or older here’s a fun drinking game watch this vid and drink every time you hear that. “You know what I mean”
fir3ball343 - År siden
For all the 'less produced' podcasts I listen to, your intro alone makes me smile :) I know you always put out quality work and when the uncontrollable world sneaks up on your clean background you call it out. I'm just as ocd about sound/visuals. Keep up the great work
CSanchez Films
CSanchez Films - År siden
Hey Matt I can’t afford at the moment to sign up for patrons but I would like to know which platform do you get the most money because I watch here on YouTube and also listen on Spotify.
joannejpeg - År siden
That's weird, this didn't show up in my subscriptions... Glad I checked the channel! :)
Redmi 5A
Redmi 5A - År siden
Hey, I love your videos and your editing is getting better. Can you record a video or respond in this comment talking about your food and how do you relate it to minimalism? What do you eat during the day? Hugs.
Jack Oatmeal
Jack Oatmeal - År siden
Just so u know man, id still watch ur vids if they had ads
Sarah Voshall
Sarah Voshall - År siden
out here tryna decide between dental insurance and joining the secret vlog patreon
Alejandro Aranda
Alejandro Aranda - År siden
Matt I just recently found your channel and I love the work you do, your videos, and this minimalistic lifestyle you have. I am trying to get into minimalism myself too. I’m still very young but I hope to get into film making too
Paweł Szostak
Paweł Szostak - År siden
After listening this (great!) podcast I can say only one thing to Cole - "Yes, I know what you mean" ;)
Cole Walliser
Cole Walliser - År siden
@Claudiu C. I mean if it bothers you, you don't have to listen ... you know what I mean? :P
Claudiu C.
Claudiu C. - År siden
@Cole Walliser Hah. I, unfortunately, had to stop listening because of the "you know what I mean?" count. Cole, I'm definitely not trying to bash on your or anything like that, and I really appreciate the information you gave us in this podcast, but I thought maybe you should know that it might be bothering some people. If it's just me, then please ignore me and keep up with the good work.
Cole Walliser
Cole Walliser - År siden
haha thanks dude!!
Haanim Ely
Haanim Ely - År siden
for me i've become better at being decisive bt I wouldn't say it comes easy...inner clarity= outer clarity.
Also keeping things simple, getting to the root of the things and being economical about words in such a way that ..few words have a great impact.
Haanim Ely
Haanim Ely - År siden
REALLY RESONATED WITH .. ' Fake it till you make it'- meaning I never felt this was true....focus on the positive and ignoring the negative.....also being decisive and clear in instruction....
Cole Walliser
Cole Walliser - År siden
@Jamling Sherpa awesome. Thank you!!
Jamling Sherpa
Jamling Sherpa - År siden
@Cole Walliser I'm going to subscribe to your channel
Cole Walliser
Cole Walliser - År siden
so glad that resonated with you!! Thank you for checking out the vid!
Cole Walliser
Cole Walliser - År siden
@Jamling Sherpa thanks!! It all depends on your perspective! :)
Jamling Sherpa
Jamling Sherpa - År siden
I also felt that way. I honestly thought it was bullshit. But the way he presented the concept made much more sense for me personally. ;)
Pretty amazing;) + subscriber
Stacey Harvey
Stacey Harvey - År siden
Love your work and Excited to join the community
Jarrod Job
Jarrod Job - År siden
Consistency > Hustle
Choices > Deference
Coffee > BS
Cole Walliser
Cole Walliser - År siden