The Other Side of Burnout

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Wandering Aimfully
Wandering Aimfully - År siden
I was just happy to chat with you about hustle and burnout, I had no idea you'd turn that conversation into this incredibly rad story! Thank you so much, Matt. Seriously, means the world to us to know you and be part of the amazingly thoughtful content you're putting out into the world. ☺️💪🏼
And for anyone watching this video and feeling like you're on the edge of burnout, don't beat yourself up over it. It happens to all of us. It sucks, but you will get through it. Give yourself space and time to recover. 🙌
Rishab Banotra
Rishab Banotra - 4 måneder siden
Matt THE Vella you really got NOburn skills. Kudos. 💫
Jinx Jink
Jinx Jink - År siden
I don't get it... Why didn't you delegate to those five employees?
robert doster
robert doster - År siden
Experiencing it now. Decided to step back, refocus, sold a bunch of camera gear and guitar gear, to strip it all back down to the basics.
The Savages
The Savages - År siden
So good! Definitely relating to this and have been there. Spinning down is so much harder than spinning up but completely work it. I'm left wanting more of this conversation with Jason.
World Top 10
World Top 10 - År siden
Wandering Aimfully fun!
Elias Burow
Elias Burow - 4 dager siden
Thank you
Jack - 9 dager siden
Work 15 hours a day for 30 years, THEN you'll know burnout. Otherwise, shaddap and get back to work.
Denise Azimi
Denise Azimi - 15 dager siden
I'm in middle school so the whole Idea of u shouldn't be pushed by constant deadlines and working on weekends wouldn't work for me but i love school. but I have been so burned out that now that I have been in summer vacation I have completely let go and I'm just stuck trying to get out of this cycle
thischarminggirl - 22 dager siden
I feel so burnt out by online school. Every day our teachers email us lessons full of work which would take a week to complete at school. Every day. And everyday I fall behind. It's now a few days until the end of school and I am still going to have to work throughout my whole summer. I cannot find any motivation to do the work because the teachers do not care and I'm just so sick and tired of working all day every day but still being behind...
Novux - Måned siden
I told my boss today I’m experiencing burnout and she keeps on asking me when I will be creates even more stress, so I told her I quit immediately.
Gero - Måned siden
Find a balance between working and resting
JC Creations
JC Creations - Måned siden
Ok I'm 20 and I am burnt out, the rules at 6:17 sound so easy and make so much sense, but I'm still very bad at living by those rules.. A message for all the people that are burnt out rn > we'll get there :)
Sottosopra - Sebastian Marcelli
Hi guys, i'd like to show to anyone who needs it my experience with stress and anxiety. My channel is newborn and italian but i'd like some help if you can
Catalina Andrea Saini Ferrón
Catalina Andrea Saini Ferrón - 2 måneder siden
Sad thing is College doesn't really let you to take many breaks. Tests and tests every single week for months, pressure from peers, family and teachers, etc. Sprinting is constant and unhealthy. It is intuitive to stop but it seems the system goes against that or plain ignores it... students have a lot of pressure these days
amr ali
amr ali - 2 måneder siden
Yeah. Tell me about irreversible burnout. 😢😭
Aiphos Hoo
Aiphos Hoo - 2 måneder siden
Thanks for this, you might not read this, but i'm going through and dealing with it is very hard. Thanks so much to show me that there's a way out from all these. thanks so much
Aleegen - 2 måneder siden
this is school in 1 video
LeslieAnne Bird
LeslieAnne Bird - 2 måneder siden
As a teacher, every day all day. There is always more to do, one more kid one can help. This video smacked me in the face. Thank you.
William Chamberlain
William Chamberlain - 2 måneder siden
There's burnout, and there's Burnout - much much better to recognise that you're trying to push through the first one _before_ you hit the second one and start accruing long-term psychological impacts.
Just finding someone you can unload your mind to, to clear your self-interest conscience, and get an independent look at where you're at. Might well not be one of your normal friends, or one of your family who you usually talk to - might be, but might not.
Maya Kalaani
Maya Kalaani - 3 måneder siden
I was 15 when the tiredness started, I was 16 when I was diagnosed with my burnout. Now I’m 18 and after years of sleep clinics and hospital visits I’m slowly recovering but... this November it all started again, it was such a hard relapse that even my body couldn’t provide for itself, my hair fell out, my lungs didn’t work properly etc. Once again I was stuck in the same loop with the diagnosis you and you’re body are too tired to take care of you’re self. Thursday 26 March I lived on 3 hours sleep, 8 hour school, 3 hour training, this day was one of my hardest day ever since the relapse, physically and mentally I was broken, i completely broke down. I was so tired I couldn’t even talk this day but I still finished it, with what result ? I only wrote my name on my English exam and walked away of the class because I couldn’t even write my name on the paper, I broke down in front of my coach on the ice because i couldn’t even do the most basic things and I was just beating my brain up the whole day with you gotta work harder you are weak.... once again i was stuck in this loop, the same old routine.... but then Sunday 29 March the lockdown in The Netherlands stared. Guys during this quarantine i realized my mistake it was the same loop of doing too much without rest I made the same mistakes as when I was 15 years old and I didn’t even realized it. This lockdown made me realize it and oh boy I rested the first 2 weeks I just slept my body shut down, after those 2 weeks I decided I’m going to change my life around. I am training again with energy, i started learning again and eventually graduated while everybody around me told me it was impossible, i got accepted to my dream college. I simply started to be me again and that’s how I came on you’re YouTube channel you are so inspiring and helping so many people, this video is exactly what my brain was thinking before I changed my life around and now this video pops up in my recommendations and woah guys please watch this video, it is amazing how accurate he got this. Now I am becoming stronger than ever physically and mentally !!! And I won’t make the same mistakes ! Thank you so much for all the inspirational and educational videos !!
And thank you guys for reading this, to be honest I don’t know why I wrote this, I guess what he is saying gave me a flashback from 1 month ago, the growth I made this last month just makes me so exited to see what the future brings! Wish you all the best love you all, you can do it ❤️🙏🏼
Maya Kalaani
Maya Kalaani - Måned siden
Thank you so much! This may sound as the most cliche comment ever but after 2 burnouts my advice is: make a night routine for you’re self ! Even if you gotta learn a lot in the evenings etc. just a small routine of like 15 minutes? To give your body the signal: okay now it’s time to go sleep ! Because no matter how busy you are or how much stuff you gotta do, without sleep it’s only gonna get more, more, more pressure and than boem the burnout happens... Goodluck at Nursing school you can do it !❤️🍀
llExcusesll - Måned siden
This is truly amazing!! Burn out is something I fear That I’ll experience once I go to nursing school. I’m happy you got better!
Tommy Geusens
Tommy Geusens - 3 måneder siden
This is all so relatable. This video really hits me hard. It's very difficult to get out of a burn-out.
Angenile Salinas
Angenile Salinas - 3 måneder siden
"I just have to stop"
I needed that.
Graham Hale
Graham Hale - 3 måneder siden
I wanna advertise like that but on a car
Winners Circle
Winners Circle - 3 måneder siden
soon it's going to be 3M subscriber!!!!!
payton parker
payton parker - 3 måneder siden
Do you advice on how to avoid burnout in college? I feel like I've gotten a lot better at time management but I always feel like my back is against the wall.
Ry M.
Ry M. - 4 måneder siden
The life of a part-time graduate schooler also working a full time professional job 😅
Chris28TheGreat - 4 måneder siden
That is what school is designed to do, force us to be too burnt out to think so we can be brainwashed
Oscar Holst
Oscar Holst - 5 måneder siden
In Germany we burnout with ze car and not with ze life
Rodney Arnold
Rodney Arnold - 5 måneder siden
What is the quote in the picture to your left in the video, Matt? Stuff like that motivates me. If it's good enough to frame and display...what does it say? :)
Fábián Tamás
Fábián Tamás - 5 måneder siden
I felt like my whole life is about burnout. I started to read a lot of articles and guides from and i experienced that my opinion is was wrong... Everything is about mindset....
Rifki Saputra
Rifki Saputra - 5 måneder siden
i really need this, im exhausted
Brittany B
Brittany B - 5 måneder siden
Working full time and going to school and having an internship and having ill family members and struggling with ptsd... Send help please
Buchanan Games
Buchanan Games - 6 måneder siden
8:28 ..never fails to not make me laugh 😂
true community
true community - 6 måneder siden
Wow it feels good that I'm not alone, I thought I was tripping to just say I need a break, I need time to just fully process my own life and feeling.
Bas - 6 måneder siden
“The fastest way to burn out is thinking you’ll solve all your problems by doing more.”
Sei Warriors
Sei Warriors - 6 måneder siden
we all flipping procrastinate thus then we work mindlessly at nights which is why i think we burnout. Uni kid here, doing law with a part time job
Artarr - 6 måneder siden
All that talk seems preventive, but what happens when you get a real burnout?
Azat Mowlam
Azat Mowlam - 7 måneder siden
6:15 those rules really works I used to have almost the same problems working too much, not sleeping much )))
NU Kwok
NU Kwok - 7 måneder siden
David Goggins has left the chat
RedLeg Outdoors
RedLeg Outdoors - 7 måneder siden
having kids are burnout on steroids. worth every minute........but parenting isnt for the weak. i have two daughters, both in school now and not slowing down, but the wife and i have hustled to pay off all our debt including or mortgage. depending on the end goal, TEMPORARY burnout is worth it.
mama soomaali
mama soomaali - 7 måneder siden
Suzanne Boily
Suzanne Boily - 7 måneder siden
true Thanks!!!!
RC Empires INC.
RC Empires INC. - 7 måneder siden
The only thing in my life is school and it’s such a burnout. But you wanna know something that is really bad. You can’t change anything about it.
Chandragupta Maurya
Chandragupta Maurya - 8 måneder siden
Thank You!
taleb hacinf
taleb hacinf - 8 måneder siden
i just felt like the worst piece of shit on earth when you said " it takes discipline to do less "
Casual Viewer.
Casual Viewer. - 8 måneder siden
I've been burnt out so many times that now I am immune to burn outs.
Working Mom Warrior
Working Mom Warrior - 8 måneder siden
Working all night without working again. Once a week for eight weeks. But next week is vacation!
Bartosz Rychlicki
Bartosz Rychlicki - 8 måneder siden
Well... I totally don't know how you guys are able to work 12-14 hours a day + weekends. To be honest, I'm a CEO, I'm working 6-7 hours, going to gym, meditating every day, doing therapy, etc. etc. And I still ran into burnout. It's not just the amount of "manpower" you put in. This is a big illusion. Often, it's more about stress or emotions you put in that
Vitalii Lavreniuk
Vitalii Lavreniuk - 8 måneder siden
But if you work in IT your advice doesn't work =(
Any way you need to learn new and new information to be on the top and grow much faster
The New Yorker Story Telling
The New Yorker Story Telling - 8 måneder siden
New to Filming. Filming is a life style, Great work Bro. Learning the ropes. Thank You.
Nikki Marvelous
Nikki Marvelous - 8 måneder siden
Best youtuber hands down🙌
Dude ?
Dude ? - 9 måneder siden
He got so Burned out that he Stopped wearing Graphic Tees. Joke btw Matt I love your Videos so Damm Much keep putting more
Robin Mcclain
Robin Mcclain - 9 måneder siden
am struggling with this now....
Mitchell T Fransen
Mitchell T Fransen - 9 måneder siden
5:07 WHAT a focus pull
-home chord-
-home chord- - 9 måneder siden
The sprint mindset. I like that.
Angelina Pecoraro
Angelina Pecoraro - 9 måneder siden
I needed this video. Thank you!
Dimas Abimanyu
Dimas Abimanyu - 9 måneder siden
anyone know what audio matt use in this videos intro ?
Slick Fifty
Slick Fifty - 9 måneder siden
I'm currently experiencing academic burnout and I've come to the conclusion that the college system is designed in a way that inevitably leads to such a dreadful state of mind. I've found that the vast majority of my burnout stems from the classes that I am required to take, but have zero interest in - these classes also happen to be the classes the I perform worst in.

I'm seven weeks away from finishing up this semester. Once that is over, I will have three weeks in between my last day of exams and my first day of studying abroad in Paris for a month, after which I will transition immediately into what will arguably be the most difficult semester of my life. Assuming I pass all of my classes up to that point, I will return to school three months after spring semester to take my last three classes before I can graduate a semester early.

Graduating early is the only thing that keeps me motivated. College, as grateful as I am to have the experience, is such a hostile environment. I used to have so much drive and ambition, but college has worn me down and almost turned me into the kind of person that doesn't really care about being successful (at least, not to the extent that I used to). I fear that I will be a lifeless shell of my former self if I stay in college longer than I currently plan to; academic burnout is real.
cosmic nymph
cosmic nymph - 9 måneder siden
school is hands down the number 1 cause of burnout.
Fox Dylan
Fox Dylan - 9 måneder siden
I had a stressful job which totally burned my fuse, my only sanity was running...
Street Elements
Street Elements - 10 måneder siden
great video
Lucas Ricolleau
Lucas Ricolleau - 10 måneder siden
Yet another super inspirational video! Does anyone know the music/prod at the beginning of the video? :)
John Woodworth
John Woodworth - 10 måneder siden
I'm burnt out from college.
Amy - 10 måneder siden
Retail is a constant burnout. I have four years of experience in retail for right now, and while I try my best to keep myself healthy and well rested, sometimes I still experience burnout from this. Not once have I ever asked for a mental health day; I would always just try to tough it out. My schedule fluctuates sometimes where I would work day shifts, but for the most part, I work the night shifts. I’m not writing this just to get attention or to complain by any means. I’m just trying to get through this as best as I can.