The Official YouTube Boxing Ranking

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The Offical NOburn Boxing Ranking
Runtime: 07:20


Enzo Borghetto
Enzo Borghetto - 18 dager siden
A “YouTube Rumble” sounds fire 🔥 would love to see who ends up fighting in the undercard!
Yoda - 5 dager siden
W2s ricegum
Grigkirvk - 7 dager siden
Would love to see who gib ends up fighting now?
xxxtentacion.and.skimask _fan_page
Maybe Logan an ab
ANGELTHE FURRYKILLER99 - 9 dager siden
@Lord Micah nah they need thier own event
qtzxre - 11 dager siden
Lord Micah i feel like that needs to be a main card
Josh Lawson
Josh Lawson - 35 sekunder siden
I don’t really know y gib wants to fight he’s not gonna get anything out of it
YED - 22 minutter siden
Eddie Hearn: No
It’s not that you guys suck. You all suck. It’s just that Hearn doesn’t believe either of you will make money... which is true
Harry Yardley
Harry Yardley - 2 timer siden
I want more FIFA
Muhammad Imran
Muhammad Imran - 3 timer siden
Does anyone know the name of the song on 5:45 ?
aiden lawrence
aiden lawrence - 11 timer siden
I don’t get why deji vs gib on the main event yet there recents fights are loses.. both against Jake... it should be, gib v deji, Logan v a challenger, and the main event is Jake v ksi
Brick City
Brick City - 13 timer siden
What's that song he uses at 6:19 the lil tune
SemPlays - 22 timer siden
Funny how he still puts himself in 3rd
Rocky Villanueva
Rocky Villanueva - Dag siden
Deji will knock your ass out
Asad Chaudhry
Asad Chaudhry - Dag siden
YouTube Rumble

Main Event:
Gib VS Deji
Undercard Fight 4:
Adam Saleh VS Faze Sensei
Undercard Fight 3:
Joe Weller VS Jay Swingler
Undercard Fight 2:
JMX VS Overtflow

Undercard Fight 1:
Slim VS Alex Wassabi
Fxck weight classes just fight.
mindaugux - Dag siden
Imagine coming to a pro boxing match and finding out it is sponsored by Raid Shadow legends lol
Astro 18
Astro 18 - Dag siden
We need tgf jay vs racka racka Michael
Modric Luka
Modric Luka - Dag siden
This guy is actually funny
KJ - Dag siden
Views are down
Harry Page
Harry Page - 2 dager siden
this guy is addicted to trying to get back into the hype
Gucci Souban Vlogs
Gucci Souban Vlogs - 2 dager siden
No one's watching your videos just like Jake Paul said 😂
Afnan Hasanat
Afnan Hasanat - 2 dager siden
lil buk
lil buk - 2 dager siden
Did you put Logan against Weller 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Jack Robertson
Jack Robertson - 2 dager siden
Gib deserves to loose
Robert Pires
Robert Pires - 2 dager siden
Gib stop kidding yourself... you’re so dead
Fire- Agario
Fire- Agario - 2 dager siden
Bruh dejis shook of gib they've both fought for at least 1 minute against jake so it would be fair
skittles 549
skittles 549 - 2 dager siden
Gib should fight logan and that can be the under card of ksi and jake
RHC3n - 2 dager siden
Nah Logan would easily beat him not talking from a biased perspective it’s obvious.
how to properly clean your plastic computer
Damn dude you really fell off after the Jake fight
coffin kanserz
coffin kanserz - 2 dager siden
raid shadow legends sponsor youtube boxing ? :O sounds.... amazing...
Kallum Chawla
Kallum Chawla - 3 dager siden
Joe Wellers face at 18 seconds 😂😂
Asyain - 3 dager siden
Bruce Is Animals Russell
Bruce Is Animals Russell - 3 dager siden
Just fell right off hey?
Zacary Gamer
Zacary Gamer - 3 dager siden
Gib now all you do is boxing videos no fifa no fortnite the good old days add this in your next video please
Sk Gaming
Sk Gaming - 4 dager siden
His channel has just been about YouTube boxing for soo long i guess it’s like that...forever...
Brick City
Brick City - 4 dager siden
When's the doc Coming out??
ch studio
ch studio - 4 dager siden
Imagine if raid shadow legend's actually sponsored the fight? Lmao that'd lowkey be good.
yasir shah
yasir shah - 4 dager siden
A YouTube rumble is very cool and 🔥
Don Alpha
Don Alpha - 4 dager siden
gibo hit that nay nay bambi on ice style.. shame deji shit himself
Rayan Zeidan
Rayan Zeidan - 4 dager siden
where’s adam saleh
Chapo Montana
Chapo Montana - 4 dager siden
If you give us another shit fight, thats it thats you i don’t care if you’ve won 2 fights i’ve watched them both and your boxing is appalling. I understand you’re a youtuber so claim that refer to boxing as something you do for fun cah i’ve seen your serious boxing and it aint it chief. Atleast Ksi & Deji can put on a show that looks like an actual boxing match unlike yourself. Please fix up for your next fight you shouldn’t be 3rd on that list you should be last.
BlackMassHD - 5 dager siden
Another fucking RAID sponsor
Blue Peter A2 Supporter
Blue Peter A2 Supporter - 5 dager siden
Gibber is still a legend even with one l he still be the Big Gibber. 😂😂😂. Favourite Boxer on this platform just cause of his personality.
__ villainxjeby
__ villainxjeby - 5 dager siden
Gib defeating deji isn't redemption if Gib really had the balls he'd offer out Logan y'all know im right
Ronit Patel
Ronit Patel - 5 dager siden
GIB fell off man😭
adolf hetler
adolf hetler - 5 dager siden
We want Adam Salah, do you know what he can do to ksi and the others
Anowar Mahmud
Anowar Mahmud - 5 dager siden
im pretty sure theyre gonna spar. But if gib loses that too idk what 2 say
ExploitsHax - 6 dager siden
Gib is washed now. 380k views . Yikes you made a big mistake not uploading straight after your failure
jai panchal
jai panchal - 6 dager siden
this guy is so annoying
Jshbswll - 6 dager siden
Ibi - 6 dager siden
Love you bro but sorry I'm supporting Deji good luck to both of you if it happens
A Nobody
A Nobody - 6 dager siden
Just fight Adam saleh
A Nobody
A Nobody - 5 dager siden
Alisha Ahmed who wouldn’t, I mean Adam probably won’t duck gib and it’s a good matchup
Alisha Ahmed
Alisha Ahmed - 5 dager siden
Who's gonna wanna see that
Ahammad Hussain
Ahammad Hussain - 6 dager siden
Petition for gib to do fifa vids again
Sahil Chowdhury
Sahil Chowdhury - 6 dager siden
Slim vs Gib, Alex Wassabi vs Deji, DDG vs Adam Saleh
hi - 6 dager siden
If Deji doesn't fight Gib, then I think he should fight Logan Paul.
This is why: they have both lost, and need a redemption.
They both need a fight, because their opponent keeps on ducking them or not accepting.
And they are both (in my opinion) fairly evenly matched up.
This is why Gibber should fight Logan!
Like So Gib can see this!
Y T - 5 dager siden
Nah Logan would kill Deji that’s just a fact neither of them would do it
Jemira Matondo
Jemira Matondo - 6 dager siden
Adam Saleh
E.A - 6 dager siden
This is embaressing. Gib give it up..You had your chance and you one is checking for you now.
rowan mcaree
rowan mcaree - 7 dager siden
Deji says he wants to spar
Abdul Rahman Jamal
Abdul Rahman Jamal - 7 dager siden
انت سعودي
Anonymous guy
Anonymous guy - 7 dager siden
Nama playz
Nama playz - 7 dager siden
Where is Adam saleh
Someone Someone2
Someone Someone2 - 7 dager siden
Who wants gib to play fifa again
Mateen Mehmood
Mateen Mehmood - 7 dager siden
Pls just shave the beard of and u will win
Harney - 8 dager siden
Gib ur trash shut up
Milan Sivak
Milan Sivak - 8 dager siden
Ahmad - 9 dager siden
Honestly mad respect for even counting slim as a boxer cause no one does i believe that slim will beat jake paul btw where is Adam saleh
Ayman Chowdhury
Ayman Chowdhury - 9 dager siden
Gib should fight Adam Saleh he’s chatting so much shit about gib
Baldski - 9 dager siden
Where is Adam Saleh?
Stephen Baines
Stephen Baines - 9 dager siden
JMX should be 3rd😂😂
Tuomo Vimpeli
Tuomo Vimpeli - 9 dager siden
you are who?
Alisha Ahmed
Alisha Ahmed - 4 dager siden
S_. - 9 dager siden
I swear deji said he didn't want to fight gib
Alisha Ahmed
Alisha Ahmed - 5 dager siden
Yeah, that was after this video
Obix IOS
Obix IOS - 9 dager siden
Is this the guy from that squatting competition?
3sj 3sj
3sj 3sj - 9 dager siden
Ur not 3rd who goes in the ring and looks like a crab
3sj 3sj
3sj 3sj - 9 dager siden
Deji vs logan paul
Emeraldstar716 - 9 dager siden
Emeraldstar716 - 9 dager siden
Emeraldstar716 - 9 dager siden
Emeraldstar716 - 9 dager siden
Emeraldstar716 - 9 dager siden
Emeraldstar716 - 9 dager siden
3sj 3sj
3sj 3sj - 9 dager siden
The best fighter was deji
amjad Xi
amjad Xi - 10 dager siden
plz stop this shet and play fifa 20 or 21
luq rufai
luq rufai - 10 dager siden
100 subscribers With 0 videos
It’s good to see gib hasn’t lost his confidence after him and his friends were trash talking and still lost
He hasn’t lost his confidence and give credit to jake for winning at least he ain’t making excuses
Tom H
Tom H - 10 dager siden
Stop begging for deji it’s getting really sad
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty - 10 dager siden
Wen gib started to talk about his defeat and how he was gonna redeem himself was kinda inspirational ngl
Ayad Kovli
Ayad Kovli - 11 dager siden
Gib am sorry but ur trash at boxing
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty - 10 dager siden
when gib wants a fight. he wants a fight he isnt like alex wassabi