The Odd Number Rule

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The beginnings of World War One:
Galileo and the odd number rule:
A GREAT book about the history of our understanding of how things move -- including some great sections about Galileo:
Colorado and its 697 sides:
Washington State '96-'97 handbook:
Washington state rules for allowed exceptions to the half-time or more enrollment requirement:
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codemiesterbeats - 8 timer siden
makes me think of entropy
Soviet Doge
Soviet Doge - 8 timer siden
I have forgotten my password
Yes, *_Or Is IT?_*
Mr Meeseeks
Mr Meeseeks - 8 timer siden
Not sure if this video is aimed at 5 yr olds... or Americans
mr walrus
mr walrus - 8 timer siden
He's using more Segways than Paul blart
Mx Meekins
Mx Meekins - 8 timer siden
I wouldn’t be surprised if I died, woke up, and heard, “HEY, Vsause, Michael here.”
EnNarr91 - 9 timer siden
Funny that even if they measured Colorado correctly, it still wouldn't be a rectangle.
Marcus Dillem
Marcus Dillem - 9 timer siden
science creates more questions than it answers.
J.D.G - 9 timer siden
7:53 Well if n is equal to 2.5, then that would mean 6 is an odd number. Thanks Vsause 👍
Ray Caburnay
Ray Caburnay - 9 timer siden
the big reveal at the climax of the video was so good that i wanted to vomit
Alex The 1 GAMER
Alex The 1 GAMER - 9 timer siden
But less about the relation of cheese amongst soldiers in the trenches in world war one and more about how space and burnt steak share a common enemy, cats. Cats love space, you know what else loves space and cats, cats.
fieryweasel - 9 timer siden
"The universe also contains Colorado"
Me: Ugh, I hope he doesn't list all the things that are in the universe.
Kasper Larsen
Kasper Larsen - 9 timer siden
KYSMO - 9 timer siden
Holy shit what drugs did you take before writing and recording this?
Zachary Bouck
Zachary Bouck - 9 timer siden
What i learned from this video
Respectful breakup: im leaving you at a rate of 2 m/s
Disrespectful breakup: im leaving you at an inconsistent velocity!
White Hawk
White Hawk - 9 timer siden
TheSpeedymouse - 9 timer siden
This is the weirdest calculus lesson I've ever seen, and I mean it in all the best ways.
Aarem productions
Aarem productions - 9 timer siden
The “or is it” hits different nowadays
Rourke. A
Rourke. A - 10 timer siden
It’s also great that he has 2 Brothers Vsauce 2 and Vsauce 3 😳
also I dare u to cut ur beard off
Chab is a Plateau
Chab is a Plateau - 10 timer siden
I feel like this was a video to test people's reactions
alwaysyouramanda - 10 timer siden
Thankyou. I’m dead broke.
alwaysyouramanda - 10 timer siden
and after the bikini-haul-to-ped0 hack killed the algorithm, there’s nothing to watch.
noel_YT - 10 timer siden
Michael: If you 👩and me👨‍🦲 hugged👀, that would be wonderful,,, haha😅 just kidding😝,,, unless😳
willj78 - 10 timer siden
I clicked on this video to learn what an odd number is, not how to approximate the area under a curve with riemann sums
LØV3 - 10 timer siden
2:00 find anything wrong with this part?
Gyni - 10 timer siden
Man every time I watch a Vsauce video I question my existence.
Feyn Thot
Feyn Thot - 10 timer siden
I can’t even
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande - 10 timer siden
Imagine having the brain cells to understand this
cannibalbananas - 10 timer siden
The better question at the beginning when someone asks "why" is "why not?"
Also wouldn't odd = 2n ± 1? Because you can add or subtract 1 to get an odd number
Ben Hall
Ben Hall - 10 timer siden
Great educational video with a fun question about odd numbers at the start to draw people in!
Steelin Skin
Steelin Skin - 10 timer siden
The quality of your videos is so much less than it used it be.
The Distant Sun
The Distant Sun - 10 timer siden
Ok but what did Colorado have to do with the odd number rule
W33d Games
W33d Games - 10 timer siden
Yes youre bacc and ur beard thicc
Camilo Diaz
Camilo Diaz - 10 timer siden
Thanks for the brief introduction to infinitesimal calculus
Alpha Force
Alpha Force - 10 timer siden
What is the reason that people presume an external force, such as gravity, exists? A logical mind would simply acknowledge the fact that things of the earthen realm are drawn to it, or perhaps, repelled from the heavens. Mathematical relationships do exist, but math itself doesn't answer any questions. This is why any so-called science based upon math is actually not science at all, but a religious cult.
Our reality is created by the Heavenly Father and His creation bears testimony to His glory. He gave some men the ability to understand His creation better than others, but most of these people end up chasing delusional fantasies like einsteins nonsensical theories, quantum physics, or other secular veneers applied to babylonian mysticism.
It's 2020 and we still have fools that genuinely believe men flew to the moon in a metal can, or that earth is a spinning ball adrift in "outer space". It's time to put such childish fantasies to rest and seek the Truth. Tomorrow is promised to no one.
Charske Vlogs
Charske Vlogs - 10 timer siden
"Heyyy, Vsauce, Michael here" never gets old
Pit Dias
Pit Dias - 10 timer siden
Bruno Rennó
Bruno Rennó - 10 timer siden
I was missing Michael. But hes creepy as fuck...what happened?
Mahissimo - 10 timer siden
Isn't this more a content of Ding, I mean Dong?
SCARYDAB FOLKSCURRY - 10 timer siden
Why the hell is this recommended for me. I'm trying to enjoy my summer YouTube and not learn math.
Jerry's Stories
Jerry's Stories - 10 timer siden
Don't hug me. I'm scared.
Daniel Turner
Daniel Turner - 11 timer siden
This video could be *integral* to your learning.
cheez-it man
cheez-it man - 11 timer siden
Never stop making videos like this
xl - 11 timer siden
base 2 is overrated
Adone Borione
Adone Borione - 11 timer siden
I didn't get the point
High King Trasher
High King Trasher - 11 timer siden
I did not drop that piano on him! My piano simply wished to occupy the space that he inhabited! Its his own fault for ignoring my piano's wishes, your honor!
Max Lødøen
Max Lødøen - 11 timer siden
Fantastic breakdown of AirBuds career!!
Vinston Åsén
Vinston Åsén - 11 timer siden
Yay michael isnt dead!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
BlancCat - 11 timer siden
When someone asks how many U's are in a W
W: spelled double u
do*uble *u
Two U's
Therefore, a double u
Aka, W
But W looks like two V's
A double v
But would Vsauce2 be Vsauce squared
Ergo, Vsauce × Vsauce
But Vsauce is the first channel
Therefore, Vsauce1
So in a mathematical equation,
Wouldn't Vsauce × Vsauce = Vasauce
Vsauce = Vsauce2
But nonsense, since Vsauce + Vsauce= Vsauce2
Ah, preposterous!
Yet Eureka!
Vsauce + Vsauce2= Vsauce3
and Vsauce2 + Vsauce3 = Vsauce
Being that Vsauce= Vsauce2= Vsauce3.
Why doe s Michael call us Vsauce when he greets us?
Are we the answers to the enigma we've never asked for?
Are we the answer to all questions?
Are we also Micheal?
Mandela Effect: was Vsauce purple first or green?
Is infinity countable?
Are misnomers misspelled words or miworded spelling?
What is the circumference of a 2 dimensional football?
How tall can we Build?
What is the Grandfather Clause?
Random Roleplays
Random Roleplays - 11 timer siden
Only VSauce would calculate the aftermath of rejection. PURE GENIUS!
AnnonAmousGaming - 11 timer siden
I have one thought at the very beginning:

Mario - 11 timer siden
Or is it?
banana man
banana man - 11 timer siden
He came back right as we needed
Serea David
Serea David - 11 timer siden
The sum of the first n odd numbers is n^2. Because distance = velocity times time and velocity is directly proportional to time (v=a*t, where a is acceleration), it means distance is quadratically proportional to time. Therefor, it depends on t^2, which is a sum of odd numbers!
Thank you, Vsauce, for posting another really interesting video!
CMW18 - 12 timer siden
Bro nice beard
Trevor O'Toole
Trevor O'Toole - 12 timer siden
At this point Michael is just fucking insane
Miko Sebastian
Miko Sebastian - 12 timer siden
I missed Vsauce. 😭
Michael Juliano
Michael Juliano - 12 timer siden
Did Michael just hug the internet?
The Last Roman
The Last Roman - 12 timer siden
I’m drunk right now because everyone hates me.
AL Winter
AL Winter - 12 timer siden
1:02 should be the world’s anthem
Willtakemorethan_ - 12 timer siden
Does eleven just mean L even...2 L's? Odd and even
mrsne snemr
mrsne snemr - 13 timer siden
okay class today were learning about odd numbers such as 1, 3, 5 etc. the way that gravity is created is by....