The most overlooked way to be more productive

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In this video I talk about one of the most overlooked ways to increase productivity. It's not a task manager, calendar app or one of the many creative tricks that help you stay focused. It's about finding balance in a world that often discourages rest. I talk about three ways to set boundaries in your life and one of my new favorite activities: The Deep Break.
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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - Måned siden
We raised over $37,193 for two amazing charities! Huge thanks to everyone who contributed and massive respect to Skillshare for also matching $10,000. This makes me so freakin happy. Proud to be a part of such a supportive community & to have sponsors that have our back. Thank you!!
Cosmo Gamer
Cosmo Gamer - 10 dager siden
why do you wear a snow hat inside your own the summer time?
Julia Norwood
Julia Norwood - Måned siden
such a fan of your work and have so much more respect for those who use their platform and opportunities to bring awareness and contribute to worthwhile causes. thank you
Rose O.
Rose O. - Måned siden
So glad that you've done this, congratulations and thanks to you and everyone who donated
beatbyksweet - Måned siden
Good Job Matt
Marjie Park
Marjie Park - Måned siden
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Feras Faisal Shareefi
Feras Faisal Shareefi - Dag siden
What editing software does he use ?
Osama Star
Osama Star - 3 dager siden
great video
Daksh Badal
Daksh Badal - 4 dager siden
Me who hasn't done any work in weeks : Well, time to take a break!
daisy corgi
daisy corgi - 4 dager siden
for a second at 5:39 I thought it said Get away from coffee not office and I was like what happened to Matt lol
saurabh bauskar
saurabh bauskar - 5 dager siden
Your keyboard looks awesome which keyboard is it?
Shabbii - 5 dager siden
Productivity for me. Is doing something towards my goals at all. But I dont always do that. My procrastination and lack of willpower prevent anything.
Cameron - 6 dager siden
Was I the only one creeped out by the drinking effect??? 1:26
kye carlin
kye carlin - 7 dager siden
Anyone else watch this video because they have the opposite problem? lol
Gabriel Kellyson
Gabriel Kellyson - 7 dager siden
I am Brazilian. ONE REQUEST: Always put subtitles in Portuguese. Because your channel is fantastic.
Bobby Coston
Bobby Coston - 8 dager siden
01:13 might want to flip the book, Matt. Lol
Samiksha Wankhede
Samiksha Wankhede - 8 dager siden
Why do he dressup the same in each video...!??
Erikha Villagracia
Erikha Villagracia - 9 dager siden
As much as I want to get away from everything, I can't because I don't have my own car and there's kind of an issue with public transportation here, so I'm stuck at home while I'm stressed about a lot of things :(
nazarenko.maxim - 11 dager siden
00:14 - fix your cuticle.
Madhav Daga
Madhav Daga - 12 dager siden
Does anyone know how to create that video game effect?
Fat Cat
Fat Cat - 14 dager siden
The problem I have, is that I have no goals.
Adriana Mirela
Adriana Mirela - 14 dager siden
0:01 wtf?
Joseph Abaya
Joseph Abaya - 14 dager siden
whay's the keyboard you are using? :O
anewandrew - 15 dager siden
I feel like Matt had fun filming this because it included notes like "100 takes of 'slumping onto bed' "
Alexarian Live
Alexarian Live - 16 dager siden
Yo wassup bruh! I just went through, till 1:25 but couldn’t resist myself to tell that “ this video game FX “ is just 🤩🔥🔥🔥👊
Eline Dijkstra
Eline Dijkstra - 17 dager siden
Tefo Phatlane
Tefo Phatlane - 17 dager siden
Watching this for the second time because I obviously don't know how to rest productively.
Rody Elamora
Rody Elamora - 18 dager siden
Could you put a transltion to arabic in the video cuz your content is so good and i can't understand some of your words . I am from eygpt by the way
Chelsea Fc
Chelsea Fc - 18 dager siden
Lol not everyone has all those luxuries
Maanya Tomar
Maanya Tomar - 18 dager siden
0:28 ... relatable
Shaylen Williams
Shaylen Williams - 19 dager siden
Not everybody is rich enough to go on a break every month.
Michelle Aguirre
Michelle Aguirre - 19 dager siden
I don’t think my boss agrees with me having as many breaks as I feel I need lol
User - 19 dager siden
akshay kumar
akshay kumar - 19 dager siden
Matt when are you going to do a video on your guns.
Flexing them gives additional boost to testosterone and thereby Increase in productivity.
Sanj Gadhvi
Sanj Gadhvi - 20 dager siden
0:26 loving the upgrade Apple Magic Keyboard Space Grey, 😀
bs397 - 21 dag siden
This is such a random question but where did you get your dresser? It’s so nice
Gday mates
Gday mates - 21 dag siden
Didn't comprehend. Got distracted dancing to music.
Ali Kazi
Ali Kazi - 21 dag siden
😳 "basic bitch" 😅😂 My partner, if I had one, would probably get offended If I said that about her. 😭
Александр Мельгунов
Do nothing for 2 days ?!?!? Omg , it is crazy , when I have 4-5 hours off I blame me for this , how to do 2 day off ?
Ron Dennis
Ron Dennis - 22 dager siden
Which keyboard do you use?
J C - 22 dager siden
what about the guilt we feel for not being productive while resting?
Matthew Haverly
Matthew Haverly - 22 dager siden
Matt, have you ever read "Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity"?
Mohammed Fawaaz
Mohammed Fawaaz - 21 dag siden
Is it worth reading, whats ur review
Elishah Ferrera
Elishah Ferrera - 22 dager siden
Re-watching videos while waiting for your new one this week. 🤓
Alesia Shuldak
Alesia Shuldak - 22 dager siden
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Luiza Karan Maia
Luiza Karan Maia - 23 dager siden
so the idea is 4 days super off every month?
Luiza Karan Maia
Luiza Karan Maia - 23 dager siden
amazing editing!! as always! congrats!
RinPatatata Bu
RinPatatata Bu - 23 dager siden
Wow people getting worried because they're being too productive has my unproductive ass shooketh
Ivan Žagar
Ivan Žagar - 23 dager siden
What you are saying in the video is so true!
P.S.: A minute of silence for amazing editing :)
Mila Sokolova
Mila Sokolova - 23 dager siden
Almost 5 years ago I've read the book of Gleb Arkhangelskiy (rus: Глеб Архангельский). He advised to plan your rest first of all. This idea changed my life. So I buy some tickets for a train or a plane I couldn't give back every couple of months, I buy some tickets for a theater, a cinema, a quiz game every week and I plan my rest in every day work... it helps me!
Christian Tejada
Christian Tejada - 24 dager siden
Breaks and exercise can dramatically increase productivity! Stimulate the body as much as you stimulate the mind. All organ systems work together!
Jay Santiago
Jay Santiago - 24 dager siden
I love it! "Deep Break". Brilliant!
Shreekant Kulkarni
Shreekant Kulkarni - 24 dager siden
Make a video on importance of real paper books Vs audio books or e-books
Edward Lam
Edward Lam - 24 dager siden
it's counter-intuitive but resting and not working is actually how u max productivity when u do work
Niki Michalopoulou
Niki Michalopoulou - 25 dager siden
"Rest is part of training"
With Asmaa مع أسماء
With Asmaa مع أسماء - 25 dager siden
This video is so creative
Thanks 👌
Sarah Daniel
Sarah Daniel - 25 dager siden
I made it for my own reference but here we go.
I've listed every single thing he said.
*1. Finding Balance*
• have self awareness to slow down or to completely eventually burn out
• pack each day with as much as you possibly can focusing on increasing productivity, above all.
• don't ignore a proper rest
*2. Push Yourself Across The Line To Find Out Where It Is*
• do not do it over and over again
• a day jam packed with tasks can be just as productive as a day of rest
• incorporate rest:
-create boundaries for your days, for your weeks and for your months
i) Daily Boundaries
- restrictions on what time you begin and end work each day
ii) Weekly Boundaries
- respect the weekend
iii) Monthly Boundaries
- look at how you can create boundaries and incorporate extended rest on a monthly or by monthly basis
*3. Deep Break*
• give time to detach yourself from everything
i) get away from your home, city & office
ii) limit screentime
iii) keep your work at home
*4. Build Up On Your Skills And Learn New Ones*
• using skillshare
Okay that's it. Good luck!
Anelisa M.
Anelisa M. - 22 dager siden
Thank you
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith - 25 dager siden
Subscribed because I love your content 👏🏽
Mr Michael
Mr Michael - 25 dager siden
Turn down the music while you are talking.
Saurav Ghimire
Saurav Ghimire - 26 dager siden
0:08 He sneaked in Jake Gyllenhaal for a shot.
Dan Rotman
Dan Rotman - 27 dager siden
1:13 lol book is upside down
Sebastian Valensi
Sebastian Valensi - 28 dager siden
Loved this. Matt, which lenses are you using for the vlog talking shoots?
Goats for world peace and free love
Advice from someone who has no family responsibilities should be taken with caution.
James Shields
James Shields - 28 dager siden
Bravo Skill Share and Matt.
The Reviewer
The Reviewer - 28 dager siden
Brilliant video! This is particularly true for content creators. Keep up the awesome work!
Kin Uriel Rosales
Kin Uriel Rosales - 29 dager siden
i really love the video game style..