The Most Offensive Question I’m Asked As A Doctor

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I’m very lucky to live a life where I get paid to do what I love, helping patients in my practice and around the world here on NOburn. As wonderful as that is, unfortunately, there are some costs. Today I wanted to open up and share with you some of the personal struggles I’ve had being a doctor in media, whether it be receiving disrespectful comments and questions from strangers to literally getting my identity stolen by hackers. Thanks to those of you who have always joined me in our mission to fight medical misinformation, and hopefully, you’ll continue standing by my side as we fight cyber bullying and judging medical professionals based on their looks.
A day in the life of a doctor:
Interview with Emma Chamberlain:
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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MsJubjubbird - 10 minutter siden
I am sure a 26 year old female would not be disappointed with him as their doctor. Youtube channel or no
Bina adam
Bina adam - 31 minutt siden
Dr.Mike is awesome, very intelligent!
J1y25 - Time siden
People are jealous of your success.
Jeffery Kuhl
Jeffery Kuhl - 4 timer siden
Family medicine? Why it's soooo boring
Shakthi Rayapudi
Shakthi Rayapudi - 4 timer siden
Dr mike is goated
xenosonic - 5 timer siden
Its a little bit hard to believe the sincerity with the constant "Click bait" video titles...
Natty Bear
Natty Bear - 7 timer siden
After working in a hospital for a bit I feel like the majority of doctors are hot lol 😂 I also enjoy people being surprised about what I do - I’ve got neon hair, facial piercings and tattoos. I do research in molecular neuroscience 😁
Zarah Mohammed
Zarah Mohammed - 7 timer siden
Gots a question. What age should you stop lifting kids up? For physical and mentally
Kori W
Kori W - 9 timer siden
I had recently gotten a nose piercing and none of my family knew about it, granted I am 21 and live on my own. Later that week I went to go pay them a visit and the first thing they say is "Ew, why'd you get that? All it is is a booger catcher" I looked at them and said "Because I think I look beautiful" and that shut everyone up so I strongly agree with the comment made at 9:50. "Prove people wrong with your results" -Dr.Mike 2020
Judy Hopps
Judy Hopps - 12 timer siden
I got my husband all colors of that Zara shirt :)
Kalwin420 Vang
Kalwin420 Vang - 12 timer siden
I can't relate to being told I'm too beautiful for a job.
1 4
1 4 - 12 timer siden
Plot twist: Doctor Mike brings big syringes when walking out in the streets.
Ryan Tom Sementela
Ryan Tom Sementela - 12 timer siden
9:29 so you were S K I N N Y
Scorpion Arts
Scorpion Arts - 12 timer siden
My family doctor is an absolutely gorgeous woman (definitely could have been a model if she so chose), but I've always felt that for me personally, it was sooo empowering to see someone like her as my doctor growing as a young girl, and I took her way more seriously. She really is a fantastic doctor and I love going to her 🥰🥰🥰
Rachael M
Rachael M - 12 timer siden
I definitely understand what you mean... I get the whole "why did you go to school when you could model" garbage all the time. Jokes on them, I did BOTH!
Frille Thøgersen
Frille Thøgersen - 13 timer siden
What do you think about the American Health Care system?
Karma the scouragious dragon
Karma the scouragious dragon - 14 timer siden
i didnt judge my doctor because i thought he was cute. sometimes o feel like hes uncomfortable or maybe just really busy. he looks at me sometimes like im glaring at his beauty when really im just listening to him.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 15 timer siden
about that topic. It was very reassuring to me, that I can be serious & smart and still be young.
PopShroom 66
PopShroom 66 - 16 timer siden
Nice vid
Princes Led Orom
Princes Led Orom - 17 timer siden
I'm still looking forward for Dr. Mike to be in a chiropractor
Sara Perlstein
Sara Perlstein - 17 timer siden
I think the "Why did you become a doctor when you could have become a model" question is more a matter of people thinking that being a model is more fun/prestigious/lucrative than anything to do with your intelligence, I.e. it says more about what career they'd prefer themselves than their perception of your abilities. Btw, social research shows that we tend to perceive good-looking people as more intelligent/capable (the correlation between actual intelligence and beauty seems to be scientifically controversial for now), so while you may have run into the occasional salty person, your probably drew the longer straw, even professionally.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 15 timer siden
for microscopes and test kits.” I honestly don’t give af if people are gonna have issues with how I look when I’m trying to get a degree and job. Their problem, not mine. Besid
Kylie Lindeman
Kylie Lindeman - 19 timer siden
I feel like if you were my dr you would get fed up with my needle fears
Daniel Robert Lucas II
Daniel Robert Lucas II - 20 timer siden
Do doctors legally have to to respond to someone saying "is there a doctor in the house?" Or can they choose to ignore it? Also I would hope no real doctor would ever ignore it. 😂
G R - 23 timer siden
When you find out Dr. Mike is in NY and you are in NY “did I just get healthy”
amalia guerrero
amalia guerrero - Dag siden
Dr. Mike, you have such pretty eyes!
Cayleen Bonneville
Cayleen Bonneville - Dag siden
DEATH THREATS?! What?? How your Dr. Mike like how?
Eileen Sun
Eileen Sun - Dag siden
bruh who's sending death threats. imma fight them
attacc the pacc
attacc the pacc - Dag siden
8:28 thank me not
Lila lolita
Lila lolita - Dag siden
Thank you
Chloe Maxwell
Chloe Maxwell - Dag siden
Dr. Mike: says "... Negative comments, trolls, death threats." casually
Me: *WhAt!!!!!*
Danielle Killion
Danielle Killion - Dag siden
I get discriminated against by even doctors because I am plus size. No doctor has every really seen past that when I eat healthier than most "skinny" people. This has been an issue my whole life. I know my friend who has always been slim has also been discriminated against and ended up having something severely wrong with her. It frustrates me that this happens in the medical community when they are supposed to be there to help and not scorn.
Slade Wilson
Slade Wilson - Dag siden
8:24 is the question
Clara Battaglia
Clara Battaglia - Dag siden
I have a lot of respect for the way you deal with certain situations while maintaining your mental stability. You're a strong person, I admire your integrity. Oh and thank you so much for all the advices 💖💖
A Squishy Cracker
A Squishy Cracker - Dag siden
if i EVER moved to the states i would only move to try an get Dr. Mike as my Doctor
Kacie Raymond
Kacie Raymond - Dag siden
He reminds me of Will Graham.
Lazy Egg
Lazy Egg - Dag siden
It's nice to see for a change someone who loves their work, is successful and happy cause of doing it!
Kaito Turner
Kaito Turner - Dag siden
someone i guess: you're too pretty to be a guy!
me: i'm too pretty _not_ to be a guy
that didn't make any sense i'll leave now
CheshieD - Dag siden
Yo I’m actually glad you addressed the whole stupid ish of looks vs smarts. Throughout schooling I always had people would act jealous and then rude because I was “a girl and a blonde” which to them meant I was suppose to be dumb af. They would literally be like “but you’re blonde you’re suppose to be dumb” like bruh what?? I can’t help it that I was over there gettin all As and my genes just so happened to give me blonde hair! I always would tell people “Yeah and as a kid I was suppose to ask for dolls but no I asked for microscopes and test kits.”
I honestly don’t give af if people are gonna have issues with how I look when I’m trying to get a degree and job. Their problem, not mine. Besides I can’t even go to college yet due to Covid and I do NOT do online well at all, mainly online math like that ish is easy in person but online is like being told to do math that’s 5 levels higher. Plus I don’t even know what I’m majoring in because I learned about new things and now I’m conflicted.
Robert Cheung
Robert Cheung - Dag siden
Do you ever get imposter syndrome? Please don't shoot me :(
Mariana Cagnin
Mariana Cagnin - Dag siden
Loved the video and kinda relate with the fact you have a profession you love beyond your youtube content... and also thought it was kinda poetic how the sun went down in the background during the video x)
Kayla Toledo
Kayla Toledo - Dag siden