The Loneliness Epidemic

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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
Thanks for watching. Share this with someone who needs it.
Russ Hall
Russ Hall - 6 dager siden
I am alone but not lonely. I have lived on my own for more than half my life. Cultivating a spiritual practice and developing my creativity is essential for me. I find I don't need the outside world or things external to myself and my environment as much as others do. I don't cling to the notion that other people will fulfill my needs. This doesn't mean I don't talk or socialize with anyone, but I am quite content in my own skin
Smallstudio Design
Smallstudio Design - Måned siden
Thanks. I needed this .. just to know I’m not going crazy, and I’m not alone ...
Dawson Parker
Dawson Parker - 4 måneder siden
I needed it, I'm so glad I've found this
Skedrill - 7 måneder siden
Thank you so much matt
worker workers
worker workers - 11 måneder siden
Thanks for the interview! Got his book, it's next on the "to read" list.
Stan Leery
Stan Leery - Dag siden
Faceook friends are to real friends what "scary movie" was to "scream", what movies are to books, what books are to real life. It's a distilled and simplified satire of the real thing.
bzour Tamer
bzour Tamer - 5 dager siden
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bzour Tamer
bzour Tamer - 5 dager siden
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alex garcia
alex garcia - 6 dager siden
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Luis Jayons
Luis Jayons - 6 dager siden
That's because the left has destroyed anything of value and replaced it with relativist nihilism. They destroyed beauty (look at modern architecture and art), they destroyed our tribes (anti-racism), they destroyed our connections (tribal solidarity) and they destroyed our sense of freedom (censorship)! They have destroyed our morals, our strength and our pride and yet most people are such sheep that they follow the left like cows being lead into the slaughterhouse!
Luis Jayons
Luis Jayons - 6 dager siden
"We are the first generation of humans trying to disband our tribes". This is what anti-racism has done to us. White people are being demonized and forced to live in multicultural, capitalist hellscapes!
AZ SUN - 7 dager siden
Porn. Fetishes. Sickness.
Carol Day
Carol Day - 7 dager siden
Now THAT was a cool talk. Saw so many things in there that hits where i am at. I had some ah hah moments lets say. Now i am also watching this in lock down stay at home orders in ontario Jan 14 2021, however i have been struggling for years wondering, is this depression? Or is it something else? And honestly i dont want to be on drugs i want other solutions so will invest time into this guys book and pick out stuff. Like i said i had several ah hah moments looking back and seeing how i progressed to today’s point of loneliness is in part because its easier to interact online or texts instead of actually going out, actually conversing with people, actually being active in my old clubs etc. (Due to physical pain issues or apathy/waning interests) I have inadvertently and unintentionally cut myself off. Well darn. Yup, good talk, thanks.
Len Shey
Len Shey - 7 dager siden
I'm just grateful to our Heavenly Father that I have such amazing friends. I love them and they love me.
I'm praying for all of you.
Lots of love ❤️💓🙏🏻🙏🏻💐
Envar - 10 dager siden
Kurzgesagt had similar points aswell
Angelos Rocos
Angelos Rocos - 10 dager siden
Now with Covid 19 being around, literally the world is online. Relationships, meetings even sex.
a1rb0rne502 - 11 dager siden
“We’re depressed because we’re abandoning our tribes.”
Sounds like racism is the answer.
Wewereneveryoung - 11 dager siden
I don't have this problem. I like being alone, all I need is an internet connection. However, I do have depression and anxiety. I realized that when I reduced my work hours I got happier, no matter where I was. Working in general sucks for me. So that's what I need to get rid of.
Justin Montalbano
Justin Montalbano - 11 dager siden
Joshua 1:5 “No man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life. Just as I was with Moses, so I will be with you. I will not leave you or forsake you.”
While mankind can abandon you, God will never leave nor forsake you. That's a promise. Only Jesus can fulfill the emptiness that is in your soul. Not fame or fortune or anything else in this world for that matter. Do not think of yourself as worthless because you may not fit in, as God created you and each of us are unique. Even if everything looks bleak and like there is no purpose, God is here for the broken and can be your source of strength and guidance through these dark and lonely times. While on this earth, God can provide you comfort and peace of mind and take away your loneliness, your anxieties, and your depression. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. If the world hates you, know that it hated God first. God knew you before you were even born; He understands you better than you understand yourself. As He is reaching out to you, reach out to Him.
Put your faith in Him before it's too late, as every single one of us will have to give an account to God once we die, but if you are willing to accept Jesus, you can have everlasting life. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and therefore we all deserve to go to hell, but the good news is that Christ died for our sins, so that through His grace and mercy we can have salvation (not of any works we have done should anyone boast; there is no other way to Heaven but through Jesus Christ alone). Just like Jesus died, was buried, and rose on the third day according to scripture, you too can rise with Him if you will repent and believe the gospel. You can be with the Creator of the universe for all of eternity. Whether you know it or not, He loves you and wants to have an intimate relationship with you. If you haven't done so, I implore you to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior.
Random Act of Kindness
Random Act of Kindness - 12 dager siden
ONE CAN BUT DREAM!............
Just Looking For A Friend,
In An Ocean Of Strangers
If I Had A Friend, We Would Travel,
The Seas & Oceans Beckon
Just For One Night,
We Would Rule Our Kingdom
Transform Into Micro Bubbles,
Whilst Swimming With The Fishes
Riding The Crest Of A Wave
On Our Voyage Of Discovery
Beholding Wonderment Beyond Belief
Exhausting Endless Possibilities
Finally Taking Refuge
On Some Distant Shore
Shared Experiences Recounted
Planning Our Next Adventure
Dawn Breaks, My Dream Fades
My Friend, Suddenly Gone
Before my Eyes, The Oceans Recede
Like My Reasons To Exist.

The Reality Of An Empty Life Returns
Was My Friend Real, Or Just imagined?
Another Day Of Loneliness Looms
Until I Can Dream It All Over Again.
By Random Act Of Kindness.
For All The Other Lonely Souls Out There
Hassib Boudkhil
Hassib Boudkhil - 12 dager siden
Somtimes its ok to be lonely to save ur menthal helath nd your dignity
Zach Mieszala
Zach Mieszala - 12 dager siden
this feels crazy relevant in early 2021
WeTakeAction - 12 dager siden
I spent many years of my life in denial and self distraction. I would make changes but always revert back. I was frustrated with myself and wondering why it is that I am not able to move forward. The truth is I lacked social confidence. My fear of talking and socializing with people held me back. I took up a tension journal. Every day I would step into at least three social interactions that increased the tension and allowed myself to embrace my fears and the awkwardness. I was able to change my confidence in how I relate to people and build meaningful friendships. I have also had passionate romances which I so much longed for when I was still spending most of the time by myself.
To anyone reading this, if you feel lonely and isolated then I´d love to have a chat with you, face to face via Skype and help you overcome this. I know what it feels like to have little friends and meaningful connections. I know what it feels like to know deep inside that there is more to life yet being to afraid to take action to move forward. Think about how your life will be like in 5 years from now if you don´t change. I am happy to help anyone who is willing to take an honest look at their life and take action to move forward.
Cazimi M
Cazimi M - 13 dager siden
subbed for this video
Same Old Fit Up - Wahrheit Politische Verfolgung
“Has it ever struck you that life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quick you hardly catch it going?”― Tennessee Williams..
Elisa T.
Elisa T. - 16 dager siden
Abdullah Al-Shimri
Abdullah Al-Shimri - 17 dager siden
People are liars and cheaters. I’d rather be alone than friends with someone with fake. People just want favors - want to borrow my truck, want my money, etc.
hidude hello
hidude hello - 14 dager siden
Definantly not dude
Poquex poquer
Poquex poquer - 17 dager siden
Men, are you Nostradamus? Talking from 2020
כולנו ביחד
כולנו ביחד - 18 dager siden
It’s a Draw! Hash It Out!
Whether Trump or Biden end up in the White House, neither will be the president of the United States. He will be the president of only the Americans who elected him. A president who is one hundred percent accepted by half the country, and one hundred percent rejected by the other half, cannot be regarded as POTUS. It leaves the American people with two options: hash it out or fight it out. I hope they choose the former.
America is a highly developed country, especially when it comes to politics. As with any developed nation, its people are very opinionated. And the more opinionated they become, the harder it is for them to budge from their opinions. They become less tolerant and more arrogant, less attentive and more assertive, until finally, the whole country explodes in riots, violence, and civil war ensues.
This is the natural way, and countries should watch carefully what is happening in America because it will also happen to them. It’s the natural evolution of human nature.
Despite the morose prognosis, humans have more than human nature going for them; they’ve got intellect. When a situation becomes an evident impasse, look for a bypass. There is no reason things should end in violence if we already see that this is where we’re going; we can reroute.
There is a lot of truth in Albert Einstein’s famous adage, “The problems we are dealing with cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” But there is more to it than that; we, that is our nature, created them so as to rise to a higher level.
Consider this: If everything had been alright while we were living in caves, would we ever have come out of them? If everything we did then succeeded, would we ever develop new tactics or tools to improve our lives and make them easier? Life keeps posing problems now as it always has, and always for the same purpose—to drive us forward, impel us to evolve. And today, evolution centers mainly on society.
Indeed, our society is lame. Human relations everywhere are plagued with suspicion, animosity, alienation, and hatred. Do we like feeling this way toward each other? If we did, we wouldn’t see the rates of depression, substance abuse, violence, homicide and suicide that we are seeing. We have become a society of sad, depressed, scared, and mainly hopeless people, and it’s all because there is a demon inside of us that makes us hate each other.
But it’s not a demon; it is human nature, the same engine that has developed us throughout the ages. Previously, it made us feel uncomfortable physically so we would develop easier and ways to live. Now it makes us feel uncomfortable emotionally so we will develop easier ways to live with one another.
This is why the Left and Right will never agree. Republicans will always think that Democrats are dead wrong, and Democrats will think the same about Republicans. But without the tension, there will be no impetus for growth, no realization that we must somehow establish unity or we will kill each other.
There is a funny thing about unsolvable conflicts. When you finally manage to reconcile, you often feel closer than before the conflict broke out. Moreover, you often realize that the problem doesn’t exist anymore even though you never touched it, but only focused on connecting with the other party. If it ever happened to you that you fought with your partner and after you made up you couldn’t remember what you fought about, then you know what I mean.
But it isn’t only on the personal level. The same idea is true for social, national, and international conflicts. When you work on unity, the problems aren’t solved, they disappear since they were only there as catalysts for connection.
America has been the leader of the free world since pretty much the end of World War II. Now it’s in a crisis that can send it soaring or sink it down. If Americans want, they can be the trailblazers they have always been and lead the whole world to a new era, where problems are promoters of connection, and conflicts are opportunities for deep concord. It’s been a political draw in America since 2016; it’s time to hash it out and rise together to a new level of solidarity and cohesion, and pave the trail away from friction and toward real and lasting peace.
Hugo Le Bohec
Hugo Le Bohec - 19 dager siden
I'm here a bit late but this is a fantastic interview. Thank you, Matt and Johann!
HerrenGamingNews - 19 dager siden
I'm an introvert that has been going through a hard time mentally you'd think the lockdowns would be in my element but I'm not.
I have this overbearing feeling of lonliness, anxiety and depression, I felt happiest when I was able to move freely and dating my ex.
Maybe this video is the key to help me get to that place I want to be.
Cher G
Cher G - 19 dager siden
Romans 10:9 - That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
Ephesians 2:8 - For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God, lest any man boast.
Pizzetta Banana 暗号戦争 Steve Jobs
Were you excluded from school, guy?..
Because you're a Jew?..
Foxy WhiteTip
Foxy WhiteTip - 21 dag siden
Lack of connection with nature - concrete jungle
Reality Check
Reality Check - 23 dager siden
I've never had any true friends and I now know I never needed any. Just because you are by yourself doesn't mean you are lonely. If there is one thing I gained from being by myself all of these years, it's that I learned how to be self dependent. People will make you feel alone if you are depending on them to be there.
Imran Sattar
Imran Sattar - 23 dager siden
I am so lonely that I have developed a multiple personality disorder on purpose.
MsPerthgirl1 - 24 dager siden
Incredible message - so timely, Thankyou!
Tanmay Kumar
Tanmay Kumar - 24 dager siden
u lony, me too
paul cooper
paul cooper - 24 dager siden
My invisable friend told me to relax.
Siiv MckMaher
Siiv MckMaher - 26 dager siden
I want a tribe...
Jethro S
Jethro S - 27 dager siden
You feel lonely because you do not like who you are alone with
say say
say say - 29 dager siden
I think the West is in denial.
You can blame social media. But your society and tribe was breaking apart before the internet ever came about.
I think it's because you all abandoned religion and quite frankly make a habit of criticising all religions endlessly like it's some kind of food gluttony.
My personal advice is, that you follow a religion. Any one. Pick there are many.
Because having the government as your God, or consumerism, materialism or whatever next social or political crisis or movement comes along as your God, is the wrong move.
JoE MaMa P
JoE MaMa P - 24 dager siden
Fuck up
Josh Max
Josh Max - Måned siden
My take, after a lifetime of spiritual inquiry and contemplation, is that you're here for biological reasons - two people had sex and bang, you came along 9 months later. Everything else is just the mind. You are not "put on this earth" do anything but be born, learn to feed and shelter yourself, reproduce if you can find a partner, and then die, like your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so forth.
D-ana Ned
D-ana Ned - Måned siden
Amazing conversation, probably one of the best I've seen on this topic!
Logan Wolv
Logan Wolv - Måned siden
Olay well my highest purpose is well very different. It's basically to eliminate all of the "boringness" of life. So basically to be able to appriciate everything, from materialistic stuff to natural stuff and make no judgements. Yeah that and creating bonds with people that's what i deeply feel just letting you all know.
Nemo Nemo
Nemo Nemo - Måned siden
"Dont be sad"
"Allah has created the heavens and the earth with truth, in order that each person may be recompensed what he has earned, and they will not be wronged"
“And We created not the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them, for mere play."-Quran
danielle w.
danielle w. - Måned siden
I'm jealous of Amish people. I would love it if they adopted my family and I.
danielle w.
danielle w. - Måned siden
Sooo helpful. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏
always learning
always learning - Måned siden
And with this damn Covid we can't even shake hands or hug! We need to start hugging' again!🤗🤗
Thiago R
Thiago R - Måned siden
This shit hits you different in 2020
Aureola - Måned siden
Boy did this age well (which is bad)
Joe Smith
Joe Smith - Måned siden
Loneliness is different when you’re beautiful.
Mc001Rem002 - Måned siden
I spent my entire life alone, unreal how bad it can get
ALEX XU - Måned siden
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FoxForce5 - Måned siden
I shut my brain off during commercials 😆
Aaron Agassi
Aaron Agassi - Måned siden
If anyone is reading this, then let's be honest: There is a reason why I can't find ant simple click link for contacting either the interviewer or interviewee in the above video. And that is because neither want to have anything to do with me. Their only outreach is to sell books. And that isn't even a criticism. They ow me nothing. Nor do I expect to establish any new contacts from joining in on this overwhelmingly flooded comments section. Nevertheless, just to be clear: I am not a huckster. I don't want your money or your devotion. I really only want to reach out for others even to discuss my project proposal in combat of loneliness and boredom. I have found nothing similar anywhere. Know more at Thanks.
Aaron Agassi
Aaron Agassi - Måned siden
In the words of Frederick Law Olmsted "After all is said and done, much is said and little is done." is my personal call to action and invitation in the probortunity at hand.
Aaron Agassi
Aaron Agassi - Måned siden
Find in detail my own problem statement and proposal in remedy of boredom and loneliness on my personal website at
Charlotte M
Charlotte M - Måned siden
we didn't evolve to talk through screens...2020
Alfonso Paredes
Alfonso Paredes - Måned siden
Anthony Liccione
Anthony Liccione - Måned siden
"Some hearts weren't meant to grow wings and fly to another to find nest. Some hearts are made to be kept within the ribbed cage it came, glowing as a bright candle in the curve, radiantly wholesome of oneself. "
eja othman
eja othman - Måned siden
I love johann hari makes sense
Vanguarded_Heart 117
Vanguarded_Heart 117 - Måned siden
Having an internet connection does not create this percieved unified world techies would propagate, it exposes us to conflict, division, and an artificial sense of belonging other than the things around us.
Slaves with masks , full of fear cannot "connect" - they will only obey like cattle - December 2020 and NOW only praying helps - the rest is dumb naive nonsense from stumbling fools - I have never seen a more depressing state of a society in my life - without faith only fear takes over !
susulemons - Måned siden
how much time are you actually spending with your friend?
SharpSteelz - Måned siden
saw this in my recommendeds and thought it had to be from this year, sadly I was wrong
Be Kind It Costs Nothing
Be Kind It Costs Nothing - Måned siden
I joined those who gave up social media. A few yrs ago and I'mluving it! Those who got accustomed to not seeing me on social media reached out again,some didn't..oh well..but we all knew each other before it! The ones who did..thats all that matters..I have to admit though it took over a year and then they started coming around again...but they had to inquire becus it wasn't just there on Facebook etc where they could see me anytime. You may think the Internet is too simple an explanation but its not. Universities were publishing papars n this back in 2007 even. And everything they said then has happened now.....
Michael Silva
Michael Silva - Måned siden
Living alone. And no friends hurts bad
Sheila Hollley
Sheila Hollley - Måned siden
Loneliness is a slow, silent killer and will break you down. We all need to be touched and matter to someone. I wish I had an answer.
Crystal K
Crystal K - Måned siden
Enter COVID. I lost everything except my income and my husband. My friends, my freedom, my feeling of being heard, my mobility (I’m disabled), my ability to connect. I can’t tolerate zoom or Skype as a substitute for connection and I’m hurt by everyone’s expectation that it’s all I’ll get.
Shae Reub
Shae Reub - Måned siden
Wasn't this guy on the Joe Rogan podcast/video?
Rey R.
Rey R. - Måned siden
So lonely and depressed. Suffering in silence.
vanessa benoit
vanessa benoit - Måned siden
genuine question that has been eating at me. How does one find the comfort of a tribe for one's own mental health, while also being a free thinker that isn't limited to falling in line with the tribe? Can one have close relationships and be free to think outside the box or rather...outside the tribe? Am I doomed to pick one or the other?
ZFlyingVLover - Måned siden
Making a virtual appearance instead of a physical appearance socially or sexually sucks long term and makes people lazy about interacting socially. Instead of being entertained by direct human interaction we've settled for virtual human interaction
Smallstudio Design
Smallstudio Design - Måned siden
I have managed to meet new friends through social media ... but I already know they’re at high risk of not developing into much .. because it’s like online dating ... a very fickle game. What’s bizarre is how many longterm people have dropped off with connection/ contacting ... they may remain as “friends” on social media ... but it feels like everyone’s just spying & keeping tabs on each other — comparing lifestyles / vacations & acquisitions.
H - Måned siden
I can tell there is a lot of work behind each video and it results very useful and great channel. Congratulations, best regards from Spain!
Plants On Locke
Plants On Locke - Måned siden
Email Pen Pal Covid 19 Support Service Here:
Jean Paul Azzurro
Jean Paul Azzurro - Måned siden
Little Lady Scribbles
Little Lady Scribbles - Måned siden
We must make friends with loneliness. Why? Because our loneliness makes us confront our helplessness. When you know you're powerless, what gets hurt? EGO. And when your loneliness hurts your ego, the ego is crushed. . .when the ego is destroyed, you'll be able to see your soul.~Rev. Socrates Villegas
Michael DiRoma
Michael DiRoma - Måned siden
Women are lonely, men are not..
Mark Tinning
Mark Tinning - Måned siden
Amazing speak
yasmine nazari
yasmine nazari - Måned siden
Honestly I personally think it just more people are social online than in real life. Maybe it just me, like life is good if u live it not dream it into screen. Lmao I’m doing it right now. Huh 🤔
chnalvr - Måned siden
Here we are in the middle of a pandemic. This video was made pre-pandemic. I would guess this problem is even more dire today.
Zombie Man
Zombie Man - Måned siden
chnalvr life sucks
Caz PK
Caz PK - Måned siden
In summary : People need a community and a sense of purpose. Therefore - find a group or volunteers that are working on what you enjoy doing most and join them. If there isn't any - start one. I am not on FB and never will be. Social media is fake connection. Look for real connections that don't involve the computer eg. nature / bird watching etc.
TCC INC RJ - Måned siden
Thank you so much! This is something everybody should watch! A serious and sensible chat!
Ryan Maneo
Ryan Maneo - Måned siden
This didn't age well
james chicken
james chicken - Måned siden
I fear this pandemic could make things worse. We want to talk to people and socialize because thats how humans are but social gaterhings are banned and we're told to minimize or avoid any social interaction
Jordan Kit
Jordan Kit - Måned siden
I hear you. I make the best of the situation by digging deep into reading a book and watch travel vloggers. My own introverted way of being social with the pandemic going on.
Steve C
Steve C - Måned siden
I'm 68 and retired and I love being alone yet I never feel lonely. I casually get along with people and can do the social sprint but have no interest in the social marathon. The great thing about being retired is that I pretty much have complete control over how much contact and interaction I have with other people and for me, a little goes a long way. I am completely content with my own company.
Joao Silva
Joao Silva - Måned siden
Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson - Måned siden
Been off social media now for months. Looking to get a dumb phone to really unplug from the matrix.
Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson - Måned siden
“Things you own end up owning you”
- Tyler Durden
Bethany Rose
Bethany Rose - Måned siden
who knew how relevant this video would be in 2020 matt xD
Fawkes. - Måned siden
I have had frend i met on xbox since 2012 who lives in the UK while i live in the U.S.
We have chat when i go to mall, park, at home, and driving and well it doesn't seem that different for me. I just enjoy the conversation and time we spend playing on the internet or talking through phone camera showing him the mall and him showing off his place.
Vektor Sagara
Vektor Sagara - Måned siden
I find it people from generation in my country are not interested in casual friendship.
They only interest on romantic relationship.
Young man from my country only interest talk to girl,
They rather talk to long distance Vtuber rather than someone near them.
When i trying to approach them, they ignore me because yeah, i'm a dude. Worst part they tell me to STFU.
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi - Måned siden
Spirituality is a something that is not understood. There is consensus that we exist on a physical level but the fact that we exist within another dimension is treated like it’s some children’s story. We must delve deep into the exploration of who we are. What do we have to lose?
Natalia Moreno
Natalia Moreno - Måned siden
Best video ever, it explains a lot
MrBlondeHeart - Måned siden
We keep straying further and further from what it means to be “human” and our brains can’t evolve fast enough. Our society allows you to get swallowed up in it and forget who we are as a species
Mohit Ahuja
Mohit Ahuja - Måned siden
saw his ted talk the other day... same stuff, but great stuff
Dewmercel - Måned siden
Inb4 edgy people and introverts in the comments.
Nothing - 2 måneder siden
Joe Biden’s team is looking into this. No. Really.
Godswill Umukoro
Godswill Umukoro - 2 måneder siden
reginadelgraal - 2 måneder siden
Nice video, thanks! i noticed that a proper meditation can help
to overcome lonliness and sadness:
Anthony Liccione
Anthony Liccione - 2 måneder siden
"Some people are severely lonely, all they can do is accept the single life as an example of being free and happy."
Ryan Amamangpang
Ryan Amamangpang - 2 måneder siden
Anyone wants to be friends with me?
Z - 2 måneder siden
Some people don’t even want to talk on the phone. It’s a text or nothing.