The Loneliness Epidemic

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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
Thanks for watching. Share this with someone who needs it.
Skedrill - 2 måneder siden
Thank you so much matt
worker workers
worker workers - 6 måneder siden
Thanks for the interview! Got his book, it's next on the "to read" list.
Scott Hornby
Scott Hornby - 6 måneder siden
Great video but Matt you won’t see us next time be real man. We will see you.
Hitika Kalra
Hitika Kalra - 6 måneder siden
No. There is no 'someone' who needs it. Everyone needs to see this Please if anyone is reading this comment, share this vedio with everyone. I already have
Anticapitalist X
Anticapitalist X - 6 måneder siden
Another reason to love the United Capitalism of America. LOL.
esli slav
esli slav - 2 dager siden
been single for 7 years and my family live far away. Recently one of my best friends suddenly has no time for me anymore since she now has a boyfriend and makes it clear she is too busy. I feel sad often when I come home alone every day, it's like nothing is changing. I do my best to make new friends and I am a social outgoing person, but still I feel lonely. I guess I do have a lot of contact with people but it doesn't seem to stick / evolve into something deeper, I don't have a 'tribe'.
Most people around me are settled down with husband and kids, and have less and less time to meet up. I wish so much that I would have somebody to cook some decent food for and share a meal with and go for a nice long walk instead of being stuck behind this computer screen
A Roshan
A Roshan - 3 dager siden
This guy talks really good
Mohammad Khaleek
Mohammad Khaleek - 4 dager siden
a generation living better then louis'14 lol
Trillbandz _
Trillbandz _ - 8 dager siden
No wonder every time I look at vhs videos from the 80s and 90s or earlier I get this feeling of happiness and true connection but never knew what the meaning was especially those high school videos and my issue is loneliness and yeah technology is cool and all I love my iPhone and I’m waiting to buy the ps5 but there’s always something missing
Zack Lightman
Zack Lightman - 8 dager siden
amazing video thank you
Yusof Jamil
Yusof Jamil - 8 dager siden
I watched a video with the same info he shared, the bottom line is, don’t use pills, screens & objects to make you happy majority of the time, spend the majority of your free time with friends & your partner to cure your loneliness
Yusof Jamil
Yusof Jamil - 2 dager siden
Fire youre gonna have to figure that one out on your own, I can only suggest the best & healthiest way that can help you out
Suicide - 2 dager siden
Why not to use pills, screens, objects to make me happy? What If i don't have friends? How about now?
Miss Relaxed
Miss Relaxed - 9 dager siden
When you are in room full of people, your friends, and you still don’t feel connected and happy then that’s when you know you are lonely! We all need meaningful friends in our lives
Froggy Noddy
Froggy Noddy - 11 dager siden
rise in rate of innovation > rise in rate of evolution = more unhappy maladapted people.
Froggy Noddy
Froggy Noddy - 11 dager siden
the problem is our evolution isn't keeping abreast with the pace of innovation. most of the change around us is a product of innovation and evolution. children will naturally have a very tough time, because they're feeling useless from childhood.
action figure guy
action figure guy - 12 dager siden
Have to admit I have many material possessions and it has not made my life better. I'm lonely no friends no family no social life my counsellor told me I surround myself with material possessions so I don't feel lonely and I keep buying stuff to give myself a quick boost of happiness
Lefrongo - 13 dager siden
Amazing how people tend to quote people here on the internet because they care mostly about their own vanity then afterwards, when into the real world they act completely different. Must be one of those personas, then again there are others choose to act truthfully with themselves as they do online. I guess people would do anything to conform in order to be appreciated and validated, so easy to memorize philosophy but not exactly connect with what the words really mean.

Let's see what replies I'm gonna get :)
Chained Unfree
Chained Unfree - 16 dager siden
What an eye opener when he mentioned @15:14 "You won't lie on your deathbed and think about the likes on your SocMed and the shoes you bought right?"
Bagzhan Sadvakassov
Bagzhan Sadvakassov - 16 dager siden
I think we should start some "Friends club" . You come and speak , no phones allowed.
Mehr Kaur
Mehr Kaur - 19 dager siden
Now it turned into a pandemic 😑🥴
sweetsendaedreamr - 19 dager siden
when I was young.. I watched my mom's friends/coworkers become as close as family. Today , the jobs are so vile people can't risk extending themselves as friends anymore on the job. By the time you break barriers and get comfortable the jobs aren't steady and get rid of everyone because they don't want to pay benefits. The people that were friends back in the early 2000's are now separated because of segregation/politics brought on by current politicians. SMH..
Prawdy Życiowe
Prawdy Życiowe - 20 dager siden
A girls are making are more and more depressed because they want more and more they aim for high status guys.
Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez - 20 dager siden
This title aged well😂
rebeka talebi
rebeka talebi - 22 dager siden
There are also a lot of shallow relationships.
Kyle Leavy
Kyle Leavy - 26 dager siden
My only wish is to be important
Gyanesh Malhotra
Gyanesh Malhotra - 27 dager siden
Guest: "Ppl would have already seen 2 adds in this video..."
Matt's followers be like: we would happily do so but matt's videos are add free.
P.S: Dayyyum bro! those biceps!
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee - Måned siden
The 'Tribe' mentality resonates with me. I have been deprived of it my whole life.
Kiran kumar
Kiran kumar - Måned siden
The most sensible , the most informative , life changing interview I've ever watched . Thanks Matt D'avella ♥️
YOUR MASTER - Måned siden
Aside from my family i accepted Virtual Reality now already for my social needs i guess ye which has pros and cons ofc !
Sister Rose
Sister Rose - Måned siden
Why are we unhappy, or depressed? Because we are never satisfied with what God has all ready blessed us with. We always want more!
Çarlo ruze Dymlair
Çarlo ruze Dymlair - Måned siden
Show genuine interest in people.
Listen to what someone has to say.
Speak less. Listen more. Smile often. In social media troll less. Have more deep authentic conversations with people more. I know easier said than done.
But hope it helps. Namaste. 💙 🙏
Brian Russo
Brian Russo - Måned siden
Wonderful video. Thanks Matt! Watching in June 2020, seems more relevant than ever.
Raphael Quaglio
Raphael Quaglio - Måned siden
The poor were always lonely, worthless and without friends. There were proverbs written about the loneliness of poverty.
Proverbs 14:20
The poor is hated even of his own neighbour: but the rich hath many friends.
Aloszka7 - Måned siden
Amazing video ❤️ I need to read this book!
Also, absolutely love the way Johann speaks 💯 so calm and eloquent, I'm impressed
Trang Thu
Trang Thu - Måned siden
I'm good at being alone, but lol I wish I could figure out a way to make friends with this really cool kid that I don't share any class with. What's wrong with us
Live, Learn and Teach
Live, Learn and Teach - Måned siden
Two of my favourite online guys talking over such an important topic. As expected it was a fascinating and informative video. Thank you.
Amal Ramadan
Amal Ramadan - Måned siden
Growing up with friends make you feel that they are there for you forever and we then assume that they’ll grow mentally with us but unfortunately you realize that you’re left alone .. you might communicate but don’t connect anymore
B Ko
B Ko - Måned siden
bobbrown83 - Måned siden
Thanks a lot Matt and Johann for sharing such great content with the world!
Bob Bobbertson
Bob Bobbertson - Måned siden
"Advertising is evil and useless."
To get the full interview. Pay me money at PATREON DOT COM!
Get stuffed in a big hot box that makes food cook. But its you. Instead. In a camp.
Gotham Seoul
Gotham Seoul - 2 måneder siden
I was distracted by the fact that Matt's eyes matched his T-shirt. And the thought if he would date a chocolate man once in his lifetime. No disrespect to Nat ---love her.
Zee A
Zee A - 2 måneder siden
Now we have the covid19 pandemic, loneliness is now more exposed than ever. Real life interaction cannot be underrated.
Funka Punka
Funka Punka - 2 måneder siden
Loneliness is hard - I am 30 years old never experienced love - all women rejected me - its hard.
Hayley Beck
Hayley Beck - 2 måneder siden
The content you create is the type of content/affirmation that every single one of us needs to hear on a daily basis in order to "train" our mind and keep it "in shape." Thank you. You are helping so many more people than you probably even realize, myself included.
Funka Punka
Funka Punka - 2 måneder siden
Loneliness is hard - I am 30 years old never experienced love - all women rejected me - its hard.
Mr Fly
Mr Fly - 2 måneder siden
“I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone.”
~ Robin Williams
Leena Wathe
Leena Wathe - 3 dager siden
That's right
Inna Mykhailova
Inna Mykhailova - 2 måneder siden
amazing, thanks❤️
Awesomenessschic - 2 måneder siden
Tbh, when there's Facebook you gotta expect not to complete what is your task for that day.
Mol K
Mol K - 2 måneder siden
Correct, young people leave their homes less than most other generations.
Nasya Kenzia
Nasya Kenzia - 2 måneder siden
you just predict the future
Funka Punka
Funka Punka - 2 måneder siden
Loneliness is hard - I am 30 years old never experienced love - all women rejected me - its hard.
Tony Jeton Selimi
Tony Jeton Selimi - 2 måneder siden
Brilliant video, check would love to connect and chat more
Awissa - 2 måneder siden
This title is looking really stupid right now
four arms
four arms - 2 måneder siden
The movement youre talking about is called post-modernism
kyle sousae
kyle sousae - 2 måneder siden
Thank you, your videos are saving a life.
Abdalwhd Mhd
Abdalwhd Mhd - 2 måneder siden
men you're doing great
• freecaio •
• freecaio • - 2 måneder siden
damn this vid is good
けいです Kei
けいです Kei - 2 måneder siden
Hmmm sounds about right
Chitown Agnostic
Chitown Agnostic - 2 måneder siden
Lonliness and depression:
Like having a codependent relationship with pain. You hate it....but you need it somehow.
Daily Life
Daily Life - 2 måneder siden
One year earlier lol
Führer des Benutzers
Führer des Benutzers - 3 måneder siden
If you transported someone from the 19th century or earlier to today's world, he or she would be highly disturbed at how most men and a good portion of women have Voyeurism.
Montserrat Sánchez
Montserrat Sánchez - 3 måneder siden
I didn't see this video one year ago. Now, for sure, it has a completely different message. Probably we're discovering what's important: relationships and mutual help, love, respect and aid.
Thanks, Matt.
Funka Punka
Funka Punka - 2 måneder siden
@Montserrat Sánchez yea but u know its hard I can also not make a family Off course I can adopt a child but most people consider under family a loving partner and kids I am not different. I would love to have one. Its proven that people who are single die earlier
Montserrat Sánchez
Montserrat Sánchez - 2 måneder siden
@Funka Punka it's hard to read that, too. But I think there are too many ways to feel, express and receive love. Love in the things you do, in the people who is around you (not only women), because love is related with gratitude. I don't know you, but I'm sure you are a valuable person and you'll find someone who will love you in the way you deserve.
Funka Punka
Funka Punka - 2 måneder siden
Loneliness is hard - I am 30 years old never experienced love - all women rejected me - its hard.
C S - 3 måneder siden
Right now I work at a factory. 13 hour days, no sunlight, just machines and lots of these sad people chasing a pension. On my days off, I MAKE it an obligation to go find a trail in the woods and just breathe in the fresh air of mud, grass, not a scent of gasoline or fast food grease to be found. No honking horns of pissed off antsy drivers. Just the brightest sunshine on my body and an amazing breeze. It's beautiful. People forget we may presently be in a high tech world, but our brains are primal. How do I know? For some dumb reason out of nowhere, through this beautiful day of euphoria of walking calmy, my brain just says "run". It was like a switch. I didn't stop until I got to the top of the hills and look at the amazing view. We are still animals guys. Stop giving a fuck what people think. Fuck status. Fuck kissing your bosses ass. Fuck if you get rejected when asking her for her number. Who cares. Just enjoy life. Cut the toxic people out. Stop worrying and get out there! Why is this so hard to do for you? Because you have been conditioned to dodge failures. Primal people didnt give a FUCK about being a failure. Because their lives depended on getting up again.
The Black Sheep Diaries
The Black Sheep Diaries - 3 måneder siden
@C S I love it, I've been making it priority one to greet everyone I come across with a smile and nothing but good positive vibes and help as well when possible. Has been a game changer for myself, it works.
C S - 3 måneder siden
@The Black Sheep Diaries Good for you. I am doing the same. It is a process and can be hard determining who you really want in your life. Sadly alot of it is close friends and family. Just make yourself a priority and the vibe people give you. Positive people are hope and joy. Negative people are anxiety and depression.
The Black Sheep Diaries
The Black Sheep Diaries - 3 måneder siden
I cut out the toxic as well, and spend as much time as possible outdoors. Visit a silly old man over here and I bet you enjoy something, hawk and snake vid for sure. Take care man.
Random Abilities
Random Abilities - 3 måneder siden
10:10 the things he talked about gaming is very deep and true.
Christian Rustøen
Christian Rustøen - 3 måneder siden
social media is a fake social life where 90% of the people who are your "friends" didnt even know they added you and dont ever remember your name. I said it before and I'll say it again, social media ruined real social life
The Black Sheep Diaries
The Black Sheep Diaries - 3 måneder siden
Agree, I cut it out soon as it started, drama, pictures of peoples lunch, really? I have begun participating here, but with the goal of helping others, stop by, plenty of room friend.
Nuxter - 3 måneder siden
Little did he know that this video title would have a COMPLETELY different meaning a year later
xani liori
xani liori - 18 dager siden
So true
The Black Sheep Diaries
The Black Sheep Diaries - 3 måneder siden
Little did he know, ever see movie stranger than fiction? Great flick, I do a cover of whole wide world over here, may find something else to enjoy as well. Stay safe out there.
Scottlee C
Scottlee C - 3 måneder siden
Was looking for this comment 🤣
Tony Summerville
Tony Summerville - 3 måneder siden
Very poor choice of title