The Key to Happiness in a Distracted World

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Desmond Theledi
Desmond Theledi - 14 timer siden
wow this video is awesome.
Angel Rose
Angel Rose - 2 dager siden
Amazing video! We need more like this :) more organic
Tom Abbott
Tom Abbott - 4 dager siden
You may find the writings of St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross interesting.
Nyana11 - 4 dager siden
The guy talks about stillness and wear an Iwatch , with every second of incoming notifications. yeah dude , a guy talking about stillness should wear a plain ,silent Rolex watch
Hdiesel503 - 6 dager siden
This is basically the metaphor of Fight Club. Your value isnt defined by the people or things around you.
ScreamGeronimo - 6 dager siden
LOLOL the easter egg at the end
Melody Bales
Melody Bales - 8 dager siden
Really great discussion/ Q+A! I have been dabbling in ideas of this realm for a while. I think its so wonderful to finally be seeing some resources out there that really put into words why Im focusing so hard on downsizing and doing less as a means to accomplishing more. (for my personal ideas of what that looks like at least) My brain is so much more at peace, and it makes all the other parts of my life more enjoyable and manageable.
JinBo Himself
JinBo Himself - 12 dager siden
Everything must be minimized
JinBo Himself
JinBo Himself - 12 dager siden
They texting multi dudes globally
JinBo Himself
JinBo Himself - 12 dager siden
Girls texting a lot ....
JinBo Himself
JinBo Himself - 12 dager siden
Concerntate and dedicate then get money get girls
srikala90 - 12 dager siden
But this philosophy is even older. In India, when you do Pranayama the breathing exercises that are part of Yoga, the silence and stillness are an integral part. Meditation is also one of these. Also, when you eat food, focus should be completely on the food. No other noise other than your mouth chewing the food, this has been completely forgotten.
Owen bamiammgtislnlmao
Owen bamiammgtislnlmao - 16 dager siden
Okay but what about the key to happiness in a normal world
JustMatt72 - 16 dager siden
4:42 wow ... almost all rings closed :-D
Kryss Huang
Kryss Huang - 21 dag siden
This is a brilliant conversation. I feel like I’ve found a very thought provoking gift in this channel. Thanks Matt for having these conversations.
we’re all pink inside
we’re all pink inside - 22 dager siden
Matt’s eyes pop in this lighting 💎
Kiran kumar
Kiran kumar - 23 dager siden
Enough isn't weak , it isn't settling , it's an extreme kind of power .
That's the best part of the video .
Charlie - 25 dager siden
James Smith PT mentions this guys books a lot, think I will have to get a copy.
BlockyDev - 25 dager siden
Matt you should be on tv, I'd defo watch this everyday. Oh wait, youtube exists nvm.
Eileen Stoecklin
Eileen Stoecklin - 27 dager siden
To date the hardest thing for me to do thus far in life is to "be still"
Tejas Bisht
Tejas Bisht - Måned siden
bring him back!!!!!!! on the ground up show
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee - Måned siden
That is such a douchebaggery watch on the right hand
Queenplayz - Måned siden
It is like no womans thought before, like all philosophs are men XD.
Νίκος Δελιανίδης
The finale with Diogenes, amazing!
AberrantArt - Måned siden
Any good books for someone who hates the world and themselves? Based on the war of art, I feel intense resistance all day and cannot take action and hate myself because of the lack of action. Daily work and family requirements take up most of the time. I have so much I want to do and no time to get started. Every day is a repeating cycle of job, family time/chores, resistance, anger, repeat.
T Man
T Man - Måned siden
So two guys worth a lot of money telling us it doesn't matter if you have a lot of money....
SAIK - Måned siden
Talking about Stillness while impatiently rolling a pen listening to the other person.
Bing - Måned siden
Nothing better than listening to 2 intelligent man talk
Angel Gallardo
Angel Gallardo - Måned siden
I feel lucky that at a very young age some how I was an admirer of intellectual people like the Great philosopher and I also would try to find the answers on my own to the questions I had about life on my own. My view of what is happiness has change through out the years and now at 54 years old I feel I know the answer. Great video Matt!
The64v - Måned siden
"I have young kids, so I don't need an alarm." I was always wanting to sleep in until forever when I was a kid, so I do NOT understand this. I'm talking even as a young child around 7 or before that, I liked sleeping in and staying up late. I was a night person, and night people usually have the night gene. So being a kid, does not mean you're going to wake up early.
Ghalia Villanueva
Ghalia Villanueva - Måned siden
Gracias Matt por el excelente trabajo que haces 👍
Nehemiah Stafford
Nehemiah Stafford - 2 måneder siden
One of my children are definitely getting name Seneca
marisaj - 2 måneder siden
i love this whole thing! so much good content
Damilare Oyefeso
Damilare Oyefeso - 2 måneder siden
I was with everything till he brought up slaves in a conversation about focusing on what you can control 🙃
Soullight - 2 måneder siden
Vs life in lockdown
colonelvector - 2 måneder siden
Part of this video made me realise something. When you buy something, you should do so with the assumption that it won't aimpress anyone or be noticed, and see if you still want the thing.
Marites Licup
Marites Licup - 2 måneder siden
Thank you for this video, i really love it.
DJ R - 2 måneder siden
Currently reading this book! Im so excited to have found this. But its 2am :( ill come back later 😃
Margot Ceelen
Margot Ceelen - 2 måneder siden
*d'youknow what I mean*
Sonia Wollersheim
Sonia Wollersheim - 2 måneder siden
Great interview. So much value. Thankyou.
Wacking Cactus
Wacking Cactus - 2 måneder siden
I have watched too many hours of you just in bed....
ニュースキャサ - 2 måneder siden
15:31 I do gluten.
RED OCTOBER - 2 måneder siden
Matt can I know which camera you’re using ?
Ama Jenna
Ama Jenna - 2 måneder siden
16:34 excuse me? Have more girlfriends? 🧐😛
Hamza Qaffaf
Hamza Qaffaf - 2 måneder siden
Егор ___
Егор ___ - 2 måneder siden
Essentially what He is trying to convey to us it's to live in harmony with himself in it modern world.
David Bond
David Bond - 2 måneder siden
Money may not make you happy but you have time to think about your happiness if you don't have to think about your money.
Christina Denise
Christina Denise - 2 måneder siden
Very good interview!
Mark Neff
Mark Neff - 3 måneder siden
This might be the best video I've ever watched on YouTube. Thanks Matt & Ryan.
Damon M
Damon M - 3 måneder siden
We are taught from a young age that we need lots of money in order to be something. We should be taught what makes you happy go do that. Money makes life easier but it will never make you happy because as is said if money is your chase for happiness at what point do the numbers end where you feel fulfilled. Probably never right..
kristin vokes
kristin vokes - 3 måneder siden
philosophy as a practice!!! I love that
Cristina Urbani
Cristina Urbani - 3 måneder siden
Costantly comparing myself to others and feeling inferior and in pain for nearly 3 years and it has nearly ruined my life . I am watching this to see how to stop the pain .
поджолес - 3 måneder siden
i don't mean to be salty, but ok, i understand, stoicism, great key, but then again, why if world and society that is the source of all this disaster, keeps going blatantly at whim? c' mon.
Izabela Bąk
Izabela Bąk - 3 måneder siden
oh wow i have Ryan's book, it's nice to see his face and hear him talk about his life :)
Front Desk Staff
Front Desk Staff - 3 måneder siden
The key to happiness. I heard someone say, "Happiness comes from growing and giving." I've found this to be true over and over and over again.
Eric K.
Eric K. - 3 måneder siden
Asking myself how Ryan is able to wear this massively distracting watch.
Von Tae
Von Tae - 3 måneder siden
Awesome video! Thank you
Acting Only YT - Dorothy Mannine
Your content is spectacular.
Pradeep Mohandas
Pradeep Mohandas - 3 måneder siden
Sporting of Ryan Holiday to sit so still at the very end... :)
juliette Lanvers
juliette Lanvers - 3 måneder siden
This interview is such amazing content, it's the kick in the butt to head to Patreon and finally figure it out.
Abc C
Abc C - 3 måneder siden
Physical work, fasting, storing up sexual energy, sun exposure, dancing, singing, prayer and stillness, was a part of day to day slavery life in america. It produced the best athletes, dancers and musicians the world has ever seen.