The Impostor Syndrome // Ground Up 089

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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 1:05:43


Badvalenz96 - 2 måneder siden
This is some good shit 🔥
V1N 574
V1N 574 - 3 måneder siden
I have laugh so much on this one!!!!
Job Samonte
Job Samonte - 11 måneder siden
One of the best episode! Thank you for this.
jonesc94 - År siden
Another podcast about podcasters podcasting. Fun.
The Community Experiment
I actually appreciate you saying that phrase was an African proverb... i sometimes feel like people laugh because they think nothing intelligent could come from Africa when really most things we see as "intelligent" came from Africa.
NoCultist - År siden
You Kant say that.
Manel Ben Youssef
Manel Ben Youssef - År siden
13:08 Why would it takes the steam out of it if you mention that is an African proverb?? I couldn't understand your point?
The Daily Talk Show - Australian Podcast
Thanks again for having us on mate! You’ve inspired us to start filming every episode of The Daily Talk Show for our YouTube channel.
emDawg - År siden
My brother is always telling me that I have this so I am watching to see what it means
Guinness Films
Guinness Films - År siden
I definitely struggle with imposter syndrom - even when I'm doing something I'm capable and qualified in, it feels like someone's going to hit me with a 'gotcha' and send me home!
Jacqueline McGowan
Jacqueline McGowan - År siden
self absorbed
Elmi Raubenheimer
Elmi Raubenheimer - År siden
This was really inspiring. Changing "Fake it till you make it" to "As if" made a huge difference for me, and Matt saying that he prefer looking back at other creatives' beginnings, which is so much more inspiring than people faking it and then having nothing to celebrate once they do arrive... thank you, lots of food for thought.
Cyanyde - År siden
so when will we get the rock on the show XD
Petra Hyklová
Petra Hyklová - År siden
I like this podcast. When I go in US I will invite you to beer
Shannily - År siden
Hi Matt! I always get so much out of your podcasts! Thanks so much for posting them! Keep up the good work~
Sprinkle - År siden
12:18 "If you wanna go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."
Karen Z
Karen Z - År siden
This is great . I can always learn a lot from interview like this. Hopefully I will have my own show like this one day. 😊
Arabella Young
Arabella Young - År siden
So glad I started listening to this podcast.
I learn something EVERY episode, feel like I'm genuinely bettering myself as a person, and like I'm striving towards the person I want to be.
Thanks so much for putting this out into the world ^_^
Kaela Wyche
Kaela Wyche - År siden
They were boring
DevSamurai - År siden
There so many of these I can totally relate too I’m loving this podcast, makes me reflect on my journey.
Seaton Mitchell
Seaton Mitchell - År siden
Please explain what the impostor syndrome is I think I missed it
Jorge Taborda
Jorge Taborda - År siden
Hey Matt, what would the possibility look like to interview Estas Tonne for a future podcast installment?
Declutter your life
Declutter your life - År siden
The imposter syndrome is soooo relatable! When it comes to YouTube I can get really insecure - especially on those days a month ;) - when I compare myself to others and think about being a good minimalist. For me it helps to focus on my dreams and the message that I want to share with the world.
Stefan Erasmus
Stefan Erasmus - År siden
I'm from Africa. We don't call them proverbs. We just call them 'the sh*t our parents say'
M_M - År siden
Matt your videos are really amazing and inspiring but, your ground up show is not getting even 30k views, it's because they are really long man, try to make a ground up show with someone for an hour than try to cut down that 60 minute conversation into a 10 - 20 minute videos with the best highlight and strongest clips and, + a good clickbait and you are ready for massive audince,
Wish the best for you, U R really amazing.
shreyash N
shreyash N - År siden
please matt can you upload more videos frequently in a week
Living Image
Living Image - År siden
I loved the podcast it was funny and enjoyable to watch. I got great value out of the last 5 minutes tho. Getting confidence from doing "the thing" instead of doing the thing after the confidence is there is so simple but I never had that thought. Very good advice I will now probably never apply but we shall see
Rawa Alabbas
Rawa Alabbas - År siden
I just figured out about your show days ago and I cannot stop watching! the content is so inspiring and thoughtful. I also like how you are a good listener. keep it up!
eva - År siden
Really glad I came across your channel. Great content, keep it up:)
Rebecca Capata
Rebecca Capata - År siden
This was exactly what I needed, thank you for the great content. The "AS IF" comment was what did it for me, amazing thought. New subscriber and happy I found this channel.
Siemen Devos
Siemen Devos - År siden
I just started watching this podcast, i dont think im going back al of them... Which one should i surely watch?
Józef Batko
Józef Batko - År siden
when collab with Huegh is going to happen?
Félix Lebrón
Félix Lebrón - År siden
Great podcast Matt, as always⚡
Wasan Alfatafta
Wasan Alfatafta - År siden
First time listening to your podcast. This is awesome, I'm definitely gonna check out more of the content you already have.
Tina Jäckel
Tina Jäckel - År siden
Hi Matt! Thanks so much for another great podcast- very funny and very serious at the same time 👍
Milo & Stefanie Do FL
Milo & Stefanie Do FL - År siden
I never thought about the idea of stakes and elevating like this. How incredible— I think this mindset can really help me with my blog and other projects
Tom Whatley
Tom Whatley - År siden
Loved the discussion around building relationships and adding value 👌. In my industry (b2b marketing), the amount of outreach emails front-loaded with "I loved your stuff" -- followed by an ask for a backlink or a share -- is insane. It's a best practice often talked about, but it totally lacks empathy. The way Josh puts it should be the way it's done by all marketers. Bravo 👏 👏 👏
zkeeglist - År siden
Michel Daniel
Michel Daniel - År siden
You need to guest D4Darious. He's a talented filmmaker and I would love to see you two together. That would be an epic crossover, haha.
tommyjackett - År siden
Thanks for having us on bro.
June Twenty
June Twenty - År siden
Mark Ferguson
Mark Ferguson - År siden
The Daily Talk Show is a great Podcast and theyre great blokes. They put me onto your channel too Matt. Cheers from Melbourne.
l30n.t1y - År siden
heyy Matt, can you do a video on how free gifts affect you as a minimalist? I'm interested to know your views
bluenapoleon - År siden
Great Show😎✌️
chaoticpix93 - År siden
This podcast is great for someone who is going to be fresh out of college (at 35) with a degree in Communications and no experience whatsoever.
Shamanee Bodi
Shamanee Bodi - År siden
Anyone else see Steve Jobs & Moriarty?
Ibrahima Cisse
Ibrahima Cisse - År siden
Thanks again brother!
Todd Harry
Todd Harry - År siden
Jeff Jarvis is the tech commentator... who knew there were so many Jarvises?
Chelsey Espinoza
Chelsey Espinoza - År siden
Coffee brand?
André Lousada, Conductor
Great podcast my friend! Very inspiring as always!
Blala - År siden
Love your channel! Hope you reach the 1 million soon. You deserve it!
Greetings from Germany 🌿🙂
Phil Mortimer
Phil Mortimer - År siden
Imposter syndrome is so real, ESPECIALLY when starting out on youtube!
Georgia - År siden
I only listen to podcasts with African proverbs.
Yogesh S
Yogesh S - År siden
Waiting for Sadia Badei (Pick Up Limes) on the Ground Up show.. 🙂
poudrieres - År siden
Yogesh Suryavanshi nj
Julia M
Julia M - År siden
Yogesh Suryavanshi please!!! I love her 💓
nita_sunlight - År siden
Wow! Yes, please! She's brilliant!
E v i e W e s n e r
E v i e W e s n e r - År siden
Great idea!!! She's wonderful!!
Fatima Ben
Fatima Ben - År siden
So am i !! I love her!
Amateur Ethicist
Amateur Ethicist - År siden
Love your show, guests and topics. This one is particularly poignant for me.
Josiah Vanderham
Josiah Vanderham - År siden
"The Ground Up Show"...I just got it.
Josiah Vanderham
Josiah Vanderham - År siden
@Marvin L You're not stupid at all! It's a really funny subtle title that means two things, "The ground up show" means a new beginning, or starting from scratch. The other meaning is "The ground up show" meaning how you grind up coffee :)
Marvin L
Marvin L - År siden
​@Josiah Vanderham I still don't get it. I hope it's because English isn't my native language and not because I'm stupid. Because I am.
Josiah Vanderham
Josiah Vanderham - År siden
@kfjdvsowsndbdb yep...I took the slow train on that one :p
kfjdvsowsndbdb - År siden
Because of coffee?
Mike W
Mike W - År siden
At what point in the video do they start talking about "imposter syndrome"?
Miranda Burdo
Miranda Burdo - År siden
Saffron Ellis
Saffron Ellis - År siden
One of the best Youtubers love what you promote 🙏🏽💛
Anekan Thayalan
Anekan Thayalan - År siden
Who liked the video without watching it??
Jaleo Tech
Jaleo Tech - År siden
So sort of the motto is that if you want to be able to watch everybody's videos you need to give up coffee. There is $5 for the minimal guy, $5 dollars for the cute girl doing travel vids, $5 dollars for the dude with really impressive vids on travel and $5 for etc etc etc. So give up coffee so all of these folks can not go to work and enjoy life while the folks who send in the $5 dollars each need to head off to the office to get a pay check to support the patreon payments? My dad always seemed to infer that Americans were stupid but these folks asking for (and getting) patreon payments prove he might just have been right. Pay me to live a good life and record it on video and audio. For fuck's sake. At least these two guys work for a living and make the content on the podcast non monetize. Matt you have enough talent not to have to beg for cash..