The Happiness Paradox

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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - 8 mĂ„neder siden
Not Really a Polymath
Not Really a Polymath - 2 dager siden
I love kimchi! Great site, Nat!
Nora Cherbil
Nora Cherbil - 25 dager siden
Matt D'Avella I love the website, only advice is that there is wayy to much text on the landing page. Pictures say more and say it quicker. Also, have a few words in larger, more bold text can help. Good luck!
pankaj verma
pankaj verma - 8 mĂ„neder siden
Why would we do that. We love her more than we love you !!! GO NAT GO !!!
Leroy The Coffee Geek
Leroy The Coffee Geek - 8 mĂ„neder siden
Matt D'Avella from one Sydney expat to another- all the best Nat.
Hammad Syed
Hammad Syed - 8 mĂ„neder siden
Matt D'Avella why did the total of the video change?
G. Abzilla
G. Abzilla - Dag siden
Yes... Kyle is a d**k... he's married to Karen.
Soufiane Bakhada
Soufiane Bakhada - 3 dager siden
I watched this video 1000 times since it is out. Every week or in two weeks just ones or even every day of a week, but in the last month I heard the audiobook from Viktore E. Franklin.... its amazing
Daniel Nixon
Daniel Nixon - 9 dager siden
who all came from alis channel
SadoBeatz - 12 dager siden
I have that same sherif on the left
Mahima Singh
Mahima Singh - 19 dager siden
I was suffering from depression and anxiety for the last five years, and Matt's videos have helped me in ways I could have never imagined.
I am confident now, and I love this new version of me.
Thanks, Matt ❀
bar sahar
bar sahar - 20 dager siden
i appreciate you so much
nuna ñusta
nuna ñusta - MĂ„ned siden
love matts makeup!!!!
Under the Moon
Under the Moon - MĂ„ned siden
Wonderful video!
Muhammed Thafseer
Muhammed Thafseer - MĂ„ned siden
When Matt said ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ I suddenly thought about Will Smith. The best movie I’ve ever watched 💯
Hugo Jonasson
Hugo Jonasson - MĂ„ned siden
Did you take all the shots in the video? If so when were you in Thailand? 3:08 in the video is terminal 21 shopping center
Erika Caetano
Erika Caetano - MĂ„ned siden
I am proud of Nat too she deserves the world
Master Who
Master Who - MĂ„ned siden
I love de donuts part
Albino Aiden
Albino Aiden - 2 mĂ„neder siden
I’ve needed this, I’ve been dealing with a breakup and I just couldn’t get over my ex and I have been even more sad than I usually am and this honestly might finally help me
Katarzyn A
Katarzyn A - 2 mĂ„neder siden
I just came here to say that the thumbnail is scary
Francis Mausley
Francis Mausley - 2 mĂ„neder siden
"...happiness and misery are super-sensuous phenomena. One cannot hear them with the ears or touch them with his hands. Happiness is a spiritual state." – Abdu’l-Baha, Baha'i Faith
Laurie Butterfield
Laurie Butterfield - 2 mĂ„neder siden
I can’t tell if you’re laughing or crying in the thumbnail
Nagy Lajos
Nagy Lajos - 2 mĂ„neder siden
This is the Best video this week. Thanks. You are something.
Peq w
Peq w - 2 mĂ„neder siden
success will follow you precisely because you have forgotten to think about it
Dheena Dayalan
Dheena Dayalan - 2 mĂ„neder siden
Beautifully Explained
Prasad Gujar
Prasad Gujar - 2 mĂ„neder siden
This reminds me of a quote: Struggle ends when gratitude begins.
Supagenki - 2 mĂ„neder siden
Thanks for the video man. I am in a much needed help point in my life, will be watching your content everyday now!
Its Ame
Its Ame - 2 mĂ„neder siden
As a transguy waiting for HRT I really needed to hear this thanks!
Blake Bowles
Blake Bowles - 2 mĂ„neder siden
thanks matt
Shalin parikh
Shalin parikh - 2 mĂ„neder siden
If we don't think of our pursuits as the means to reach happiness/gratification, what motivation remains to pursue those things anymore? What is then that would drive you to that end goal? I feel like in order to move forward in life, every aspect of it, there needs to be motivation of reaching it's end. And when one reaches that end, they would've experienced happiness in that journey and also would experience happiness/satisfaction of being able to achieve what they set out to achieve. Until ofcourse, there's a new goal in mind. Idk if Matt will see this, hope he does, so I might get an answer to this
Laurenz Roth
Laurenz Roth - 2 mĂ„neder siden
I love this video! thank you
Envyy Rich
Envyy Rich - 2 mĂ„neder siden
I always listen to Allan watts
In Tune with the Infinite
In Tune with the Infinite - 3 mĂ„neder siden
This is so true Matt! We are never happy chasing for the “standards” but only when we let go and focus on the true important things.
Daniel Pereira
Daniel Pereira - 3 mĂ„neder siden
"As I'm a lazy piece of shit, I watch you to become better"
keshav patil
keshav patil - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Really? I am gonna tell this - I hate donuts. I cannot finish even one. Too sweet for me.
Ocean - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Such a beautiful video.
Aarush Mahesh
Aarush Mahesh - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Matt: bouncing back in your big stupid face
Me: okay*laughs then starts crying*
Angie Bird
Angie Bird - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Matt: How do we get out of the cycle of wanting things?
My brain: *Where do I buy Natalie's outfit*
Belokon - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Thank you for the video. It's inspiring and stylish!
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - 3 mĂ„neder siden
im perfectly happy never trying to do anything good and watching videos all day
Maria Domogatskaya
Maria Domogatskaya - 3 mĂ„neder siden
cool, i love Alan watts' After skool
Zakwan Shah
Zakwan Shah - 3 mĂ„neder siden
ah the old rubber band trick
Alexandria Hyndman
Alexandria Hyndman - 3 mĂ„neder siden
I realllllly needed this!
Luis Patiño
Luis Patiño - 3 mĂ„neder siden
I always want more. I love me but when it comes to business and money I want it all. That's it.
Desi Covers
Desi Covers - 3 mĂ„neder siden
A track full of happiness No Copyrights...
kokoro - 3 mĂ„neder siden
four months ago i was in a good place and watched this video as a small reminder!
now i really needed this reminder hahaha
thank you.
Cadbury Sanchez
Cadbury Sanchez - 3 mĂ„neder siden
3:09 Terminal 21 mall in Bangkok. Wait u were here?
K K - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Roxanne Elkins
Roxanne Elkins - 3 mĂ„neder siden
I love what you said about Carl. My Carl is a Tod who took my responsibilities when I got laid off. I have been watching your videos to keep me going and positive since I think my next steps are going to be a new chapter for my life. Thanks for the smiles
Marcel Izgin
Marcel Izgin - 3 mĂ„neder siden
What is Matt lighting for his meditation? Looks cool.
Joshua Maula
Joshua Maula - 3 mĂ„neder siden
This video has helped me during this pandemic. I'm an introvert with depression and this video gives me hope.
Dilan Kurt
Dilan Kurt - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Bros on 666k I hope 1000 people watch so we can say FUCK THE DEVIL
alex_cherny412 - 3 mĂ„neder siden
watching this high is awesome 😅 💯
blonde _giraffe _101
blonde _giraffe _101 - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Damn, this hit me hard
Antek - 4 mĂ„neder siden
Kees vg
Kees vg - 4 mĂ„neder siden
Your edits are so next level man! Love the high quality content :)
Allison Mae
Allison Mae - 4 mĂ„neder siden
It's really awesome to see a more mainstream youtuber talking about this. I always love your videos!
ZiadBloo - 4 mĂ„neder siden
This was exactly what I needed for this particular moment, It feels weird that on this day when I felt super empty inside, annoyed and well overall not happy, I came across this video which really changed my mood 180°, I'm currently 17 years old and I'm gonna do my best to document my life, share my ideas with the world. I just started a week ago and your videos motivate me each day to get to my goal. Thanks.
Harry Chew
Harry Chew - 4 mĂ„neder siden
If success cannot be pursued and it must ensue then what’s the point in setting goals?
OYBED - 4 mĂ„neder siden
I don't even like donuts tbh
David Z
David Z - 4 mĂ„neder siden
Fearless Dreams
Fearless Dreams - 4 mĂ„neder siden
This video will be relevant even in 200 years.
Mafer Montoya
Mafer Montoya - 4 mĂ„neder siden
Donuts?? What are you talking about, COOKIES!!!
Jupert Remollo
Jupert Remollo - 4 mĂ„neder siden
I think u should start making videos about what makes you angry and how you handle it..
Famy Glas
Famy Glas - 4 mĂ„neder siden
thank you for publishing on my birthday, literally typed this on march 15... also i have ' a man's search for meaning' in my amazon wishlist. good luck to Nat.