The Future of This Channel

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Let's talk about some upcoming changes to this channel...

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Film og animasjon
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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
I didn’t want to roll out any of these changes without being totally open & transparent with you first. Over the next 6 months you’ll see me experiment with a few different things from turning on ads to incorporating sponsors in different ways. I may decide at the end of this period to go back to my original model (only with less content & a more manageable workload). But I need to trial this out to see if it’s both effective and something I feel good about. I’m really proud of this channel & excited about stepping these videos up a notch in the coming months. Thanks for making it all possible.
H o n e y
H o n e y - 11 måneder siden
If I'm honest, I mainly watch Broadway and minimalist videos on NOburn, having a thirty second clip of Hamilton West end isn't the end of the world. I watch them all of the way through 😂
danu Michael
danu Michael - År siden
😋😋 we are waiting for your great content
Kidney Care Coaching
Kidney Care Coaching - År siden
You should do a feature length movie staring me of course...we could really rake in some cash...let me know 😉
Kidney Care Coaching
Kidney Care Coaching - År siden
Matt D'Avella I get it man, if I had that many subscribers and views I would have did ads a long time ago. Get dat money Matt, you actually deserve it....
Cateran Society
Cateran Society - År siden
Since your announcement the advertising clips in the beginning of your videos seem pretty much out of your control? Seems like with good intentions you opened the door for youtube to misuse your channel for wild advertising from all branches. Or is this something outside your control?
My edible logic
My edible logic - 7 dager siden
I have never herd such an honest take on changing one's decision
Divyacrotu Majumder
Divyacrotu Majumder - Måned siden
Kudos D'Avella! I watch your videos before I start studying. I don't really care what the subject of the video is. There's a sense of motivation seeing you which helps me tackle my day more efficiently. And that will continue to happen even with ads. Respect your transparency.
Programming Tests and Projects
Programming Tests and Projects - 2 måneder siden
you are such an honest person god bless you
Shanilka Rajapaksha
Shanilka Rajapaksha - 3 måneder siden
I wont be able to support you on Patreon, but now, I WILL NOT SKIP YOUR ADS ON YOUTUBE!!!!!!!
The House of Pills
The House of Pills - 3 måneder siden
I love you, do whatever you want! 👌🏻
Frances Santiago
Frances Santiago - 6 måneder siden
I'm cheering for you. Stay strong 💪
Saoussen Mbarek
Saoussen Mbarek - 6 måneder siden
It's absurd to be expected to do any work for free.. especially if one is doing this full time! let alone incredible work such as yours :) Put ads on man, I actually am curious to see what companies would sponser your work, I bet audible will be the first to give an offer :D Keep up the good work, I hope you make loads of money off of this, this content absolutely deserves it :) :)
Opael - 8 måneder siden
Write e sell a book :)
GAUTHAM ESHWER - 9 måneder siden
The minimalistic life of mine... Seeking the world for a free iphone...
Fox Dylan
Fox Dylan - 9 måneder siden
You have to get paid for making a product, good for you 😍
Sara Bovo
Sara Bovo - 10 måneder siden
The other day I was taking a shower and thinking "Matt should really monetize his videos though". And there you go. You have all my support
tiger auge
tiger auge - 10 måneder siden
The moment he puts the coffee machine in the rubbish can and in fits perfectly... Hilarious 😂
Isaac - 10 måneder siden
I’d love to work with you after this school year
ItzATC - 10 måneder siden
if all of your videos had multiple ads and a sponsor I'd be very okay with it
Rodrigo - 10 måneder siden
damm respect this dude pls. best channel ever
Abhijit Bhattacharya
Abhijit Bhattacharya - 10 måneder siden
Matt you really are unique. You are most ethical youtuber I have ever seen. Keep up bro. You deserve more revenue. :) make online tutoring videos of video editing or mobile filmography. Will definitely buy
flyinb45 - 10 måneder siden
While I appreciate ad free content, it isn't sustainable long term for anyone who wants to grow and to be better. Do your thing on your terms and grow. Pretty safe to say from the comments, your viewership is behind you.
Valentina Nediani
Valentina Nediani - 10 måneder siden
You great!!! I love your way of talking about different things and I'm looking forward for your new works!!! Following you from Italy 🇮🇹!!!
Valentina Nediani
Valentina Nediani - 10 måneder siden
By the way :We have started to decluttering! I didn't know we have so many useless thing into our house!!
yaboyclark27 - 10 måneder siden
Damn, 70 million views were ad free 😯
Karen Watts
Karen Watts - 10 måneder siden
Good for you!
abril m
abril m - 11 måneder siden
Honestly i didnt care that u didnt have ads and i dont care now that you do. Love your videos either way and ill continue to watch always
Bruno Vazquez
Bruno Vazquez - 11 måneder siden
👏 get the bag man.
Kiraz Lane
Kiraz Lane - 11 måneder siden
Your followers are so supportive ❤️
STATUE FANATIC - 11 måneder siden
I wish I had come across your channel when I started a couple of years ago
Jesus Fernandez
Jesus Fernandez - 11 måneder siden
Well Done stay focused "Jesus Christ
Loves you"
Sammie Checo
Sammie Checo - 11 måneder siden
Hi!! I’ve been a loyal fan for a while now and I really enjoy your content, including the podcast. I’m waiting until I’m debt-free to become a Patreon subscriber. I 100% believe people should be paid for their work and you provide useful and insightful information. Thank you for always being transparent and for trusting us enough to open up to us… By the way my 10-year-old daughter digs you, as well LOL! She especially liked your video on quitting caffeine for a month, ha ha silly thing thought it would be a good 30 day challenge for ME. Ummm No way! But it was very entertaining watching you go through it, I must say!So that says a lot that you can even reach such a much younger audience.
Andrei Restrepo
Andrei Restrepo - 11 måneder siden
you're the man! always support
Alexandra Alex
Alexandra Alex - 11 måneder siden
You do you! Haven’t failed so far, and I actually think this could help more to your creativity side. Best of luck!
Fall Tumbler
Fall Tumbler - 11 måneder siden
Matt, if anyone DESERVES to get paid more, it’s you. Make your worth, Matt!!💕
Afonso Schulz Albrecht
Afonso Schulz Albrecht - 11 måneder siden
isn't the money you make on Patreon enough?????
Mike Franke
Mike Franke - 11 måneder siden
Love it! Your views and attitude are spot on. Congratulations on your success so far. More to come, no doubt.
maria alejandra concetti
maria alejandra concetti - 11 måneder siden
Por favor traduccion a español!! gracias.
Shadow Trader
Shadow Trader - 11 måneder siden
Amazing work dude! You should put some financial pressure off your back to develop as a content creator. If that would be good stuff presented on the channel go for it with no guilt. Thanks again for this channel.
Less is More
Less is More - 11 måneder siden
A few influencer like you in Indonesia, you are humble one influencer i found here. You give me values so it is fair for you to get better. Keep support your spirit spread value added for others 😊
Ahmed Skills
Ahmed Skills - 11 måneder siden
You are the best
Divyat Samadhiya
Divyat Samadhiya - 11 måneder siden
Its totally cool man.....You deserve everything for the type of content you are giving us. Go for it Man, All the best.
Josafat Moya
Josafat Moya - 11 måneder siden
I can bear to see advertising, each one of your videos is worth it, you edit God level, as soon as I have the economic possibility I subscribe to the patreon, you are for me the best youtuber. PDT / subtitle the videos in Spanish we will thank you quite a lot, you will also get more hearing.
Akash Dsouza
Akash Dsouza - 11 måneder siden
As long as you don't get as bad as alpha.m( mvmt vs Rolex) we'll be more than happy for you to make money while you create such amazing content. More power to you
Neerag Madaliya
Neerag Madaliya - 11 måneder siden
men you're editing skill another why not tech everyone and as far as monetization i am ok with this because your content is awesome keep it up
ser verma
ser verma - 11 måneder siden
Love your cinematography
James Dalley
James Dalley - 11 måneder siden
Go for it! I won't judge you for trying a new way to monetize your content.
Dominik Vanyi
Dominik Vanyi - 11 måneder siden
For what is worth Matt. I like Ur stuff a lot. But will probably never let u monetize on me through Patreon or products u may sell. However u absolutely deserve monetisation for Ur work. So I am most happy to see adds, affiliate this & affiliate that in Ur videos so that u MAKE MONEY. You deserve it man.
Lucas Hainsworth
Lucas Hainsworth - 11 måneder siden
Look I like the message of what you guys do, you and all the other ppl, I know that you need to get your message out there but it's clear that to be able to live you kind of need to sell something. The minimalists are selling some kind of subscription based newsletter, you are introducing advertising. It must be really hard to be selling your idea and explaining why you do what you do. It reminds me a bit of Plato's philosopher kings actually. Where there's a whole class of ppl who just get a salary to do what they want and relate it to everyday life.
Yurp - 11 måneder siden
What a great guy!
Vicky Zhuang Yi-Yin
Vicky Zhuang Yi-Yin - 11 måneder siden
I love your honesty. Best of luck with everything! :)
Angel Davis
Angel Davis - 11 måneder siden
Matt I’m glad you finally monetize your channel, now i can feel like I’m contributing just by watching your videos. It’s the easiest way to show my support.
Filip Toman
Filip Toman - 11 måneder siden
Keep up the good work Matt, your content is great!
Rachael Hoye
Rachael Hoye - 11 måneder siden
You’re such a humble, thoughtful and considerate YouTuber. Thankyou for coming into our lives ❤️
Rachael Hoye
Rachael Hoye - 11 måneder siden
Your D’Avella’s are right behind you! I trust that you will stay humble.
Dazzling Octopus
Dazzling Octopus - År siden
I'm genuinely happy that Matt is monetizing his content, the videos are too good for him not to make a profit out of! He's definitely not poor but he deserves it.
Ali Adnan
Ali Adnan - År siden
"I'll see you down in the comments"
So creative 👌
Shawn Duggan
Shawn Duggan - År siden
I appreciate your openness and honesty. I think by staying true to your values, keeping it real, and just being yourself, you will continue to grow and see success. Enjoy your channel, all the best.
Jake W
Jake W - År siden
It's okay to get paid for your craft. This is a moving video and seems you have great integrity. Wishing you the best, Jake
Peace Out
Peace Out - År siden
I wouldn’t mind seeing ads in your videos they don’t really bother me so go ahead and put ads in your videos because you shouldn’t be expected to work for free.
YukiTombo - År siden
Dude, if sponsorships and advertising is what it takes for you to hire help, do what you need to do! You've just got a new subscriber.
Lucila Pastore
Lucila Pastore - År siden
I love your content!!!!! Thanks for your honesty! I am a big fan of your work!
Paolo Mangahas
Paolo Mangahas - År siden
YouTubers with really poor quality content have monetized their channel through ads (some in fact are only driven by the money). With your valuable content and genuine intent to help others, you are more deserving to reap the benefits of YouTube ads. Claim it!
LaurenDayMakeup - År siden
Biggest takeaway from this video:
"I think advertising can get ugly when you short change your long term values for money."
Excellent video as always Matt. I look forward to the next 6 months and beyond.
NeyBliK - År siden
friend, you need AD's, it's only 5 seconds, it's a fair price that we pay to see your videos which have a great quality. Do not be modest, charge your work, it is very good, I know of perfection and your videos are full of it. Be calm, no one of us could be angry that you monetize your videos, it is the most normal thing in the world, but you are still noble to have come here without any publicity. I RESPECT YOU