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Film og animasjon
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Niccolò Daniele
Niccolò Daniele - 2 måneder siden
this girl is so inspiring
lovinggossipgirl - 3 måneder siden
Corinne Explores
Corinne Explores - 3 måneder siden
1:03 - what helped me taking feedback is that every time before I want to ask for feedback, I first ask myself why I do that. If I just want to hear it‘s great or am not willing to go back in the process and change something or don‘t have the time to do so, I don’t ask for feedback but go ahead or rather tell a person what I‘m excited about. However when I‘m willing to process constructive feedback I ask people and also specify for each person what I want feedback about and ask them „why“ until I fully understand - this helps them to concentrate on the important part and to actually give valuable feedback which I can improve on
Betania Burdick
Betania Burdick - 5 måneder siden
puno is pretty funny. I like her!
Jade Beth J
Jade Beth J - 8 måneder siden
I love fanny packs! The around the waist! Love it!
Jade Beth J
Jade Beth J - 8 måneder siden
I haven’t listened to podcasts before. I thought it was just audio. Do you have longer video versions of these interviews? Or do you go on the Patreon for that part? I haven’t used that either lol
Taylor Robertson
Taylor Robertson - 10 måneder siden
She's amazing! I love that UX Design is getting more exposure. Its such an interesting career.
SJ Yeo
SJ Yeo - År siden
Did anyone catch the name/author of the book she recommended at the end?? Cant find it... 🤔
Maciej Maciejewski
Maciej Maciejewski - År siden
This podcast is terapeutic
Minni Mo
Minni Mo - År siden
I just found this podcast and why the fuck this isn't viral?!
Anurag Shukla
Anurag Shukla - År siden
i love puno... she is such a cool person... also kudos to matt for posting such valuable content when there were less people watching, now obviously all the grind has paid off... i am watching all the episodes now after i have discovered his channel...
Damian Demasi
Damian Demasi - År siden
Great episode! I don't usually ask questions here, but I would like to take advantage of the atmosphere of this video an ask you, Matt: I'm a 38 years old engineer about to move from Argentina to Australia, and I would like to take advantage of this situation to make a change in my career. I always liked the aesthetics of photography (I shoot some photos myself), design in general and story telling. So I'm torn between continuin a career path that I don't like, or start exploring this creative side of me in a deeper way. Do you have any advise regarding how can I explore creativeness? Thanks, and great show!
Broke Frog
Broke Frog - År siden
one of my favorite podcast episodes
NiizuMa - År siden
This is probably the podcast where you had the most fun talking with :D she has a great personality! :)
Alyssa Durante
Alyssa Durante - År siden
Wow, she is amazing
Mohamed Ashraf
Mohamed Ashraf - År siden
Matt, I got SO MUCH VALUE from this episode, you have no idea dude, THANK YOU
Barbara Strapač
Barbara Strapač - År siden
For last few months I'm listening your podcasts while learning and, I have to say, it helped me a lot while pursuing my dreams and getting where I want to be, and transitioning to minimalism. Also this Tuesday I'm having my first live radio show and on Thursday my first article in local newspaper and official site will be published.
I'm so excited! You have great guests and their stories are amazing and eye opening.
Greetings from Croatia!
brandon seedhouse
brandon seedhouse - År siden
Hi Matt, I just have to say, this podcast was so valuable to me and definitely other creatives! the advice and information that Puno has given is helpful and she is so reassuring and understanding of creatives who can have an unconventional career path!
thanks alot guys :)
Jessica Granados
Jessica Granados - År siden
I loveeed this podcast. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have a listener from Colombia :)
Alex Fu
Alex Fu - År siden
I will add "Highdeas" to my vocabulary :D
Earth Story
Earth Story - År siden
I usually listen to Ground Up while doing my photoshop work (killer combo btw), but hot damn this episode is packed to the brim with so many gems that I just had to watch and feel the full emotional impact. Thank you Puno & Matt, you are showing me just how much more quality I need to put into everything I do.
Troy Ozuna
Earth Story
Earth Story - År siden
3 jobs...I love that. Really put me at ease on my own path. I'm resisting every urge to sign up for your Patreon, Matt. I know that once I do I won't be able to stay away from that extra content/community. I have to pace myself with your regular content to keep me on track as it is! Great episode my friend. Hope you don't mind my long form comment threads -- they really help solidify my thoughts. Cheers and have a great week!
Earth Story
Earth Story - År siden everything Puno says absolute gold or is being high right now making me think so?
Carianne R. Hixson
Carianne R. Hixson - År siden
This is so awkward at like 11:20 when he is talking about her website. I feel like this is when I'm on an interview and they ask what I know about the company but I didn't do enough research yet BS well enough that they believe me. BS express.
Ashley Kaiden
Ashley Kaiden - År siden
I love when she brought up hearing about maintaing three jobs. I always felt a little guilty having a job I am not passionate about to keep the bills paid. Now I realize that it is okay until I get out of debt. While doing that I can have my passion for writing flourish on the side without worry.
Spencer Dixon
Spencer Dixon - År siden
Anyone know what brand his shirts are?
Alexis R
Alexis R - År siden
Hey Matt, I listened to a few of your podcasts yesterday while working and to say the very least... I love them. They are SO interesting and I love the open conversations and the questions asked/discussed. I'm learning new things and learning about other peoples experiences and things they have to teach. It is so awesome and I love it. Thank you so much for creating the show. You put such quality content out and I appreciate it to the fullest. Dont ever stop doing what you're doing, you're such a big influence on thousands of people!
Jing Yuan
Jing Yuan - År siden
Thank You!! I have always been a creative individual however I did not realise that , that is my passion and I have been doing things that isn't related for example I choose to study a math elective instead of Art or D&T choose to go in to a science course instead of a design course and has always regretted ... Now that I realise what my passion is I will work towards my passion and I know that I am talented in the creative aspect and that i can do it :) Thanks again for this podcast !!
Essentially Lau
Essentially Lau - År siden
Great podcast :)
... except the getting high part because it gives the impression to the younger generation that drugs would be interesting to try to explore your creativity etc.
Anyway, other than that I've really been enjoying your videos :)
h4atech Hassan
h4atech Hassan - År siden
Nice video
Plz subcribe my channel
Gabriel Santos Domingos
I'm from Brazil and i've been watching your videos every day because it's so good. My native language is Portuguese and since i met your channel i've been trying to learn english at least one hour a day, trying to create new habits. Of couse i'm not able to speak yet and my writing is really bad, but i will eventually get it. You are changing my life and i'm so thankful for that. (Sorry about my horrible english haha).
Monique Khac
Monique Khac - År siden
williamk2k you’re doing amazing!!! :,)
Sarah - År siden
I've been following you for almost a year now. Back then you had about 25k subscribers. Now you have over 500k. And on top of that today I decided to become one of your patreons. Keep up the excellent work!
Jejw Jejw
Jejw Jejw - År siden
wow you are pretty cocky tbh. But hey that's okay..
Daru Syawal
Daru Syawal - År siden
Is she asian?she's looks like south east asia people
Ki Ren Red
Ki Ren Red - År siden
That's one thing that bothers me people posting online acting like they don't go through challenges, only showing the good. I do my best to let people know that although you may see me creating, I'm most likely going through ALL the emotions and trails. So yes I agree mistakes are good, they give you a chance to grow so why are we hiding them?! Matt your podcasts are so chill, seriously love the vibe!
Swat - År siden
This episode inspired me. Puno is 🔥 ... I can totally see Seth Godin on your Podcast! Would be an awesome episode
dede - År siden
Woah your channel is growing so fast..keep it up 👏🏼
Jared Davis
Jared Davis - År siden
Loved Puno’s highdeas (?) portion of this interview. Her personality really came through around there. So relatable. Thanks for getting such interesting guests on your show, Matt.
gitoya tyndale
gitoya tyndale - År siden
That a good topic goodwill
Emourao - År siden
"The future is just a bunch of NOW's" - DAMN!!!!!!! That was deep, thank you for sharing your vision
Stéphane Archer
Stéphane Archer - År siden
Hey Matt, Thank you for the podcast. How did you get this "nice radio voice", you never repeat yourself and everything is really fluid. How do you develop these skills? thanks
Earth Story
Earth Story - År siden
He decluttered his mind with minimalism and now his words never get blocked by a thought about his grandmother's fine china and if it might be damaged in the storage unit.
joajoaiz - År siden
Puno is a very smart, funny and inspirational Person. And I like her laugh. I also love the podcast. For me it is very calming because it always gives me the feeling that everything will work out if you like what you are doing and keep on going. Greetings from Germany.
Yo Iz So!
Yo Iz So! - År siden
YESSS!!! I love Puno! She’s honestly one of the best people around! So creative, inspiring, & all around badass!!!!
Elijah Ellis Summers
Elijah Ellis Summers - År siden
Hey Matt just wanted to say this interview was amazing. You guys are such a breath of fresh air on the internet; here’s a podcast two people just being real talking about what it means to be authentic on the internet. I don’t think most people even know that’s possible. But it’s moving in that direction and I think the platforms like patreon finally giving creators that liberty.
Much respect,
Sandakin - År siden
500k subs! Well done man
KosFishingTeam - År siden
How can i watch the documentary minimalism?
Kirill Didychouk
Kirill Didychouk - År siden
KosFishingTeam Netflix
Catinka G
Catinka G - År siden
Such an inspo! :)
Cerita Ilham
Cerita Ilham - År siden
What lens do u use ?
franco romero
franco romero - År siden
Great video !!
Tim Timon
Tim Timon - År siden
Please talk with Stephen Vanasco.
Chelsey Espinoza
Chelsey Espinoza - År siden
What is the name of your coffee brand that you use?
Ot van Lieshout
Ot van Lieshout - År siden
I find these videos really interesting for my teeshirt business :) thanks! I learn a lot every ground up !
HusiRR !
HusiRR ! - År siden
Greetings from Poland! I'll stay here :D
Alberto Martin
Alberto Martin - År siden
My favorite excerpt from this podcast and the one I get the most out of was here: 1:09:23 - 1:11:31. Puno basically explains why creators should have 3 jobs, putting into the table that we have to be realistic in our everyday life, that we have to pay our bills even though the first job is not the one we like the most.
Alberto Martin
Alberto Martin - År siden
Puno Puno Thanks! I wasn’t able to understand the title of it!
Puno Puno
Puno Puno - År siden
Oh yeah, big fan of the book it came from - You are a Circle. 👍🏼
Sweet Tea
Sweet Tea - År siden
Why is the quality so good?

Am I even on Earth anymore?!
Tomita Militaru
Tomita Militaru - År siden
Finally, a non-filmmaker! 😲
Just Testing
Just Testing - År siden
Why Matt is so talented?

Read more
FlashRedux - År siden
Just Testing you asshole 😂
Kevin Nas
Kevin Nas - År siden
This podcast is awesome and I really like the frame too! 🙏🏼
Abu Thowil
Abu Thowil - År siden
My favorite channel. thank you
Haanim Ely
Haanim Ely - År siden
Hi Matt what breathe of fresh air.
You vids are....after a full day and workshop.....I haven't even watched this episode yet lol
Rolbysworld - År siden
Always extremely inspiring. So happy I found your channel Matt!
Duplicate It
Duplicate It - År siden
3:29 my internet stop this part... HAHAHH