The Era of Upgrades

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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
Hey thanks for watching. I'm going to start uploading videos on Tuesday now. That way if I'm behind I don't feel the pressure to work weekends. So see you next Tuesday.
Lina Bakalova
Lina Bakalova - 11 måneder siden
Everything ok, but I thing the video lacks the ethic and the low impact environtmental questions. Great video tho : )
Gustin TV
Gustin TV - År siden
@Agent piggles Was thinking about upgrading to the XR from the 7+. How is the size of the XR for you going and does the weight bother you even in the slightest?
Agent piggles
Agent piggles - År siden
Matt D'Avella apple bought me on the XR just got it and it’s awesome I love it it’s insane how much it is of an upgrade from my 7 and I didn’t even have my 7 for long
Gustin TV
Gustin TV - År siden
@Grant Bennett Was thinking the same thing. Well said.
Gustin TV
Gustin TV - År siden
"The penis..." Lmao, well timed. Funny and informative vid, ty.
bxyr k
bxyr k - 3 dager siden
edit: If you own a phone that fits your personality, then its better than owning something that isn't your type of thing.
Faby - 3 dager siden
Hey Matt. I challenge you to try using a flipphone for a month :)
Samiur Rahman
Samiur Rahman - 4 dager siden
Tech companies disliked this video.
Red Phoenix
Red Phoenix - 4 dager siden
@7:05 Screen, efficiency, battery life, performance, charging speed, camera.
Red Phoenix
Red Phoenix - 4 dager siden
@4:52 That is a retarded advice because there are more price categories than flagship, unless you are too lazy to do research. :) The people that really need a flagship device in Murica are those who have to show off in a business meeting because they represent the company. There are sub 400 bucks midrange devices that cover all your needs and won't break the bank.
Red Phoenix
Red Phoenix - 4 dager siden
@4:30 Essential means different things for different people, unless you mean survival.
bobonaqa - 6 dager siden
2:30 is that justin timberlake or am I trippin?
Shallh - 6 dager siden

Seth Reyes
Seth Reyes - 6 dager siden
The frustration graph imo has a bit of a flaw. People that cannot afford to buy a new phone but need one can sometimes adapt to the problems and after some time being exposed to these, they might have adapted to overcome the flaws in some way and might see benefits from one of the issues of their phone.
Liv Poxleitner
Liv Poxleitner - 7 dager siden
i still use an iphone 6. when 12 comes out ill buy the 11. upgrading for a "little bit better" every year is just a waste.
Informer 001
Informer 001 - 7 dager siden
Did I hear it right????
Ad free YouTube channel?
Heinzkitz Velvet
Heinzkitz Velvet - 9 dager siden
Still using my OnePlus Silk White 6. Still loving it. With all the 7 and 8 variations, plus the new Nord, I think this phone is 7 generations old. I vowed I would never buy another smartphone again, then Graphene OS was released for pixel and I am extremely tempted to try it out. But Pixels, even the A models, are still far too pricey to justify a purchase. When they are sub $100, I'll reconsider.
Charlotte Brennan
Charlotte Brennan - 10 dager siden
am I the only one who just waits until their phone doesn’t work anymore to get one
Paulo Fabregas
Paulo Fabregas - 11 dager siden
Anirudh Krishnan
Anirudh Krishnan - 11 dager siden
@2:53, epic rap
Gary Whitney
Gary Whitney - 11 dager siden
Please don't tell people not to apply system updates to phones in regards to Apple it is the only way to get the security bug fixes.
WolfCraft - 11 dager siden
This is a good video, but now I feel poor because I have a trash phone that NEEDS to be replaced, but I can't afford a new one, unless it's just as old... any tips...
JMW Life
JMW Life - 11 dager siden
I put myself on a technology upgrade schedule, because if I didn’t, my butt would find a reason to upgrade everything pretty much every year. My computer and tablets get upgraded every 4 years, and iPhone every 2 years.
Leah Humphries
Leah Humphries - 11 dager siden
"Can you afford it?"
Me, a student with -£16: 👁 👄 👁
ishmam rahman
ishmam rahman - 11 dager siden
I stopped updating software on my s8 after it received the last major update ... I still runs like new... before it i had s6 i did all the updates and it become slower... dont update your phone after the last major update
Jan Tecson
Jan Tecson - 12 dager siden
instead on iphoneX, just bought the iphone8 256 gb
Pedro El Diablo
Pedro El Diablo - 13 dager siden
end consumerism
ahsan's lifestyle -Official
ahsan's lifestyle -Official - 14 dager siden
Really needed this video❤️❤️
Hritwik NE
Hritwik NE - 16 dager siden
Wian Du Toit
Wian Du Toit - 24 dager siden
we buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.
Wian Du Toit
Wian Du Toit - 24 dager siden
we buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.
DT Captures
DT Captures - 29 dager siden
Still rocking a 5S💪💪
Manel 1906
Manel 1906 - 29 dager siden
I love the iPhone SE 2020 it’s minimalist and the iOS is simple and perfect
Billal Bin Amin utsha
Billal Bin Amin utsha - Måned siden
ow man ur video is too good.. its changes my mind ❤️❤️❤️ and my life also ❤️❤️😍 Love from bangladesh 🇧🇩
Róisín Grant
Róisín Grant - Måned siden
I'm still on the Galaxy J5 (2017) haha not planning on upgrading until Christmas/spring
Rylee Quez
Rylee Quez - Måned siden
Welp, I made a decent upgrade at least.. Went from the old SE (not the new one) to a great size XR 😄😂
Red H
Red H - Måned siden
I only upgrade when there's a major redesign like I upgraded from iPhone 6 to iPhone X because it was finally something that looked new instead of just a bigger screen and a better camera. I am also pretty happy with my iPhone X right now and I don't think I'll upgrade until there's another major redesign. Here's hoping Apple makes a phone with no notch and just screen.
ilyn Payne
ilyn Payne - Måned siden
I'll upgrade my phone this year I'm hoping to buy the galaxy note 20 ultra planning on using it for 2 years so 1400$ is justified
Matt Loughty
Matt Loughty - Måned siden
I literally got an Apple commercial on this video
Paras - Måned siden
Manazir Industries
Manazir Industries - Måned siden
"eliminate the bevel" 2:51
UnderTails - Måned siden
The 1K dislikes are apple employees.
raine co
raine co - Måned siden
When I was in the market to buy a new phone, without exaggeration, I had a mental breakdown.
I felt like there were waaayyy too many choices. I was looking to buy an android phone and I realized that most of the choices I had with my budget were so bad. None of them truly sparked joy, just annoyance, mostly. Still, because I had to get a new phone, I went with the one that annoyed me the least. I felt nothing when I bought it... Like I was buying just a tool... No feelings attached. This phone was almost half of the budget I originally set for myself.
Months later, I realized I picked a good choice. I'm happy with my purchase... But honestly only time will tell how long this will last. I now have a ReaMe 5 pro.
Hopefully this will last me at LEAST 3 years. My previous phone started bloating on year 3. I looked up online and other people were experiencing the same thing around the third year. (my previous phone was a budget/midrange Huawei/Honor)
I want to keep the same budget (the equivalent of around 300 USD) for a phone that I think would last me 3 years (hopefully more... But this has been the pattern with my android phones so far).
Next time I'm thinking of getting an iPhone. Probably a refurbished one or one of their SE series... If those phones last me at least 5 years, it would be worth it.
I do hate that phones don't last very long 😞
Abby K
Abby K - Måned siden
i- I got an ad for a new Ipad.
Alessandro Medina
Alessandro Medina - Måned siden
Yo compro dispositivos Apple y peco de buscar tener de los modelos mas nuevos, pero algo que en mi caso esta a favor y no justiifco los precios porque si son altos, esque si cuidas en verdad tu dispositivo mucho, a tal punto de que cuando lo vendas obtengas una muy buena suma de dinero, entonces bastara solo con poner una diferencia y tienes el mas actual, en mi caso asi he actualizado mis iPhone, tenia un 6 lo cuide super bien y cuando lo vendi le saque tanto que con una diferencia compre el XR, cuide super super bien mi XR y lo vendi y obtuve una buenisima cantidad para comprar el 11, es mi forma de comprarlos sin necesidad de gastar mucho, en mi caso mi macbook la compre usada y en buenisimo estado, misma tecnica aplicaré en unos años cuando empiece a darme problemas, SALUDOS DESDE MÉXICO!
Mr.Sojek - Måned siden
June 2020. An avid fan of Blackberry 9780 since 2013.
The Alfonso Nation
The Alfonso Nation - Måned siden
“I try to make it a daily practice to be happy and grateful for the things that I have and not be so hyper-focused on the things to come.”
That right there is the nutshell summary of this upgrade culture. As someone who loves the hype surrounding Apple’s new releases, I’m beginning to re-route that focus to more gratitude for the things I do possess. Well said Matt.
This is why I admire this channel.
C A - Måned siden
There was an add on this video
Zhyar - 2 måneder siden
S8 to s20+ I think I done a great job
Joel McGill
Joel McGill - 2 måneder siden
Great video Thank you
Tej Patel
Tej Patel - 2 måneder siden
Me on an iPhone 6 for the past 4 to 5 years.
Max James
Max James - 2 måneder siden
"... to be happy and grateful for the things I have ..." - that there is the key to a happy life...
Abhiram Shibu
Abhiram Shibu - 2 måneder siden
You are a awesome guy
Jan Apolsid
Jan Apolsid - 2 måneder siden
Yes, be happy and grateful for the things that I have, especially if its still capable. Dont just go woth the hype
JPT - 2 måneder siden
Damn, they sure know how to do marketing to let us upgrade phones every year.. never again! Thanks for the video Matt, awesome.
MIAKY - 2 måneder siden
My checklist is:
Is my phone broken or not working good?
Do I have money?
Minecraft Cat
Minecraft Cat - 2 måneder siden
When I advise to upgrade:
Apple: Every time a very new design comes out
Huawei: Every three years
Samsung: Every two years.
Google: Every two years
Motorola: Every three years
-If you want to know what I advice about other companies, leave a reply!-
Liam W
Liam W - Måned siden
What about OnePlus?
Party - 2 måneder siden
The most important thing for me is battery life. If my phone is dead I can't do anything. I wanted to take pictures of my dads funeral but my phone died half way in and I didn't get barely anything
Sadie Pedley
Sadie Pedley - 2 måneder siden
I feel as though they should release a new phone every years because Year because that’s when a lot of people contracts end. It would also give Apple time, which means they can make the new products even more amazing.
Mr Pogi TV
Mr Pogi TV - 2 måneder siden
Matt, seriously I was laughing my ass off when you told yourself in the mirror that you are a minimalist HAHAHA!
KrœnT - 2 måneder siden
My list of phones is pretty short... a donated Sony Ericsson W810i (4 years usage), than a donated htc Sensation (1 year usage), a donated Huawei G6 (3 years usage), followed by a Umidigi A1 Pro (1,5 years usage) the first phone i bought for myself and new... a Umidigi A3 which I got for just 43 € and immediately crashed and now I bought a refurbished iPhone 6S which I intend to use for at least three years.
it must be said that phones are not importance for me. I have spent 328.95 € on phones in my whole life, I am now 27.
sampo i
sampo i - 2 måneder siden
"upgrades people upgrades"
A random robot
DailyPhoneUser - 2 måneder siden
Best time to replace your old phone: 2-3 Years
Best time to upgrade your ipad/tablet: 3-5 Years
Have been using my Asus Zenpad for like 6 years already and I am satisfied with it's performance because I always play Heavy games there everyday and now it is time to replace with a new device because lag is starting to become worse, Screen starts showing problem like ghost touch and freezing screen also my Zenpad are now attacked by virus!
RA ARVINDH - 2 måneder siden
Wonderful content Matt 👌 I needed this !