The Chris Ramsay Playing Card Press

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The Chris Ramsay Playing Card Press, by Clickspring.
Hey Folks, you may be aware that I have been working on some research for the main Antikythera project over the last few months. So far so good on that front, although I may yet have to divert some more time back into it in the future, we'll see how it goes. For now I'm back on the video production, so please enjoy this collab with Chris Ramsay, and be sure to head on over to Chris's channel and say G'day --
Btw, I have a new 2nd channel called "Clickspring Clips" for you to check out too:
The purpose of this 2nd channel is that I figure there are a lot of people on NOburn who don't yet know that they love machining who probably skip right past a 20 minute video. So this new channel is all short clips, to see if I can rope in those potential viewers. Its mostly old content presented in a much shorter format, so if you've been watching for a while you will already have seen most of the material. But if you have the time and interest, head on over and give it a sub and maybe share a few of the clips.

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The Chris Ramsay Playing Card Press, by Clickspring.
Runtime: 21:27


Chris Ramsay
Chris Ramsay - 10 måneder siden
I can’t thank you enough for this beautiful piece of artwork. The card press AND the video. You’re inspiring. Also, you have a wonderful and bright community, congratulations on the channel and wish you lots of success! ❤️
Феруз Нурметов
Шулер карточный
Леонид Тульчевский
Эта штука должна стоить 1 000 000 000 долларов! Ювелир!
Vasudeva Acharya
Vasudeva Acharya - Måned siden
Kelvin W
Kelvin W - Måned siden
Chris my man you are so lucky to receive such love from this skilled craftsman😉
Sébastien VALETTE
Sébastien VALETTE - 2 måneder siden
First : It's a nice project for Chris Ramsey, it's realy beatiful !! Second : when do you continue your project , whose name antiquera calendar ??
Cuda Music
Cuda Music - 14 timer siden
You literally started this out by making a but plug
Justin Haven
Justin Haven - 15 timer siden
Its been a while since you have uploaded a new video. I hope you are doing well.
CIA - 19 timer siden
There goes another amazing channel....
serg frolov
serg frolov - 20 timer siden
Впечатляет работа мастера! Только вещь бесполезная...
Senna - Dag siden
Hi mate not seen any new videos from you lately. Could you make I nice temperature gage and humidity gage for the lounge in a more modern stile say for on top of a coffee table or tv stand.
Василий Ф
Василий Ф - Dag siden
*У тебя золотые руки. Как говорят у нас в России, ты мастер от Бога.*
Craig Hartel
Craig Hartel - Dag siden
I just found out that I can type while my jaw is on the floor. I mean, OMG "mastercraftsman" seems an inadequate word to use. Not only was the work amazing but the video itself was a piece of art. Truly an artisan in the classic sense. I don't think I have ever hit a subscribe button so fast!
Thank you for sharing your many talents.
Cory Sanchez
Cory Sanchez - Dag siden
We miss u chris come back
Феруз Нурметов
Удивился когда увидел как кликспринг делает такую красоту для карточного шулера.
Jeff Beutel
Jeff Beutel - Dag siden
There simply are no words... Beautiful becomes two-dimensional and crafted falls short. Artistry occurs in the mind, but skill must transfer those thoughts to the media. What I witnessed here is well beyond all of those, even when combined.
733eel - Dag siden
What is the song at 7:41, cry me a river?
RoB - 2 dager siden
Really nice work.....!!!!! This is a real masterpiece.
DBO - 2 dager siden
The skills some people have .. just mind-blowing. Calling it simply craftsmanship wouldn't do it justice. Outstanding! Thanks for sharing.
Ray Griffiths
Ray Griffiths - 4 timer siden
A word to describe the shear artistry in the piece has yet to be thought up. It was a pleasure to watch just how great this piece of art was made. Congratulations to all who participated in this project you can all be truly proud of yourselves. Thank you.
boomerhgt - 2 dager siden
Shahid Siraj
Shahid Siraj - 2 dager siden
This was NOT waste of my time at all. So dazzling job + a great videography. so much love from CT.
Jack Trevally
Jack Trevally - 2 dager siden
Engineering and Artistry Level = 1,000
Joe Reed Music
Joe Reed Music - 2 dager siden
Incredible craftsmanship !
Rich hall
Rich hall - 2 dager siden
i have watched hundreds if not thousands of videos on you tube with people making things all different things and i would have to say this is by far the most beautiful device i have seen hand made by a long shot .and the videos are great and well made and entertaining. great job on this one.
Frosty - 2 dager siden
I know this is an older video but I use these vids as almost an ASMR for relaxation since it appeases my perfectionist tendencies
Mikołaj Nowak
Mikołaj Nowak - 2 dager siden
I've just read the paper (Antikythera). Well done, I find it pretty interesting.
Max Pani Italiano
Max Pani Italiano - 2 dager siden
👍👍👍 Bravo! This is art! 👌👌👌
Vạn Kỳ Thế Chiến
Vạn Kỳ Thế Chiến - 3 dager siden
thank ! quá hay.
Sour Brothers
Sour Brothers - 3 dager siden
I can't imagine a piece like this being worth anything less than 5 figures.
Truly beautiful
Sour Brothers
Sour Brothers - 3 dager siden
You can't CNC machine art.
You can come close, but a computer cant replicate an artists touch.
Art needs a human element.
Jan Patřičný
Jan Patřičný - 3 dager siden
I don't know about you guys. But I'm pretty sure that this is some kind of sorcery here.
Blackguitarmaker 1
Blackguitarmaker 1 - 4 dager siden
Hope all is well clickspring!
Karl-Artur Eiskop
Karl-Artur Eiskop - 5 dager siden
You are an amazing artist, this is beatiful.
JC S - 6 dager siden
Question please; What was the process you were doing at 3:00, 10:18 and 15:27? Thank you,
JC S - 5 dager siden
@Clickspring Oh wow! Have you done a video on that process or will you please? Thank you,
Clickspring - 6 dager siden
Electroplating - Cheers :)
William Delahunty
William Delahunty - 6 dager siden
You are deadly with that etching tool.
Jimmy Cann
Jimmy Cann - 6 dager siden
I dont think I've ever seen a more beautiful peice of art and engineering in my entire life. And I might never see anything that'll top it.
John Versluys
John Versluys - 6 dager siden
Please teach others! Absolutely beautiful, next-level skills.
entritur - 6 dager siden
what was that technique you use to square up that part in the lathe using the rotary tool??!!!???
Deep Dhillon
Deep Dhillon - 7 dager siden
Amazing superb handcrafting,but you're a lucky you have a pocket nc v2
TheAsianVillain - 7 dager siden
Where have you gone..? Please update us!
George Benedict
George Benedict - 8 dager siden
Its the only way to prevent the spirits from haveing some fun with the cards after hours.
Monica Taylor
Monica Taylor - 8 dager siden
This sooooo cool
Creative Channel
Creative Channel - 9 dager siden
Hello ... The work you do is Wonderful
CeToxihuitl - 9 dager siden
what's a playing card press, what is it used for?
Dwight K. Schrute
Dwight K. Schrute - 9 dager siden
9:25 Poor snek that hurt
Alper ÜNAL
Alper ÜNAL - 10 dager siden
excellent craftsmanship .
Philip Mark Montealegre
Philip Mark Montealegre - 10 dager siden
Chris Ramsay brought me here
Julian Bruck
Julian Bruck - 11 dager siden
15:54 robot porn
Joey Mormann
Joey Mormann - 12 dager siden
Remember when it was hard to stay in the lines of a coloring book?
Joey Mormann
Joey Mormann - 12 dager siden
I have to get a lathe
Steffan Stonne
Steffan Stonne - 12 dager siden
Were you been clickspring??? Its been months since your last update... I love your craftsmanship and look forward to an update video 😁
Sherwin - 3 dager siden
​@Willy Nebula He had been working on a paper on the Antikythera Mechanism which he published a couple of days ago so he'll be back soonTM (probably a couple of months) if you want some other videos you can check out or there are a couple of projects he did on patreon
Willy Nebula
Willy Nebula - 11 dager siden
Glad im not the only one asking!
Steve Prior
Steve Prior - 13 dager siden
Several times watching this video I thought "those are so perfect they've got to be CAD renders", but they weren't...
jeremy mathe
jeremy mathe - 13 dager siden
Tu gères mec. Bravo 👍
Undamaged - 14 dager siden
You charged at least $10k for this right? $20k? My god, it's a masterpiece.
Konstantin Che
Konstantin Che - 15 dager siden
that reminds me of the old days when all high quality items were made by master craftsmen by hand. Thank you.
Arshin Sharma
Arshin Sharma - 16 dager siden
Oh man ! This is amazing
Nerdlantis - 16 dager siden
You can repeatably draw the golden ratio freehand, you have to be a robot
Yu Ying Ho
Yu Ying Ho - 16 dager siden
This is so cool! You're an amazing guy! Incredible!
I want to have your talent and patience!
timberhoff - 18 dager siden
I said WOW like 5 times watching this video :) what an artist.
Edge Haine
Edge Haine - 18 dager siden
Exquisite workmanship. Can only imagine it must costs thousands to commission you to engineer something. Absolutely stunning work.
Ambrose Leahy
Ambrose Leahy - 18 dager siden
Where have you been???
rolando rivera meneses
rolando rivera meneses - 19 dager siden
Herman Sperman
Herman Sperman - 21 dag siden
1:18 that would prob hurt...
Gokalp Cetin
Gokalp Cetin - 22 dager siden
Amazing skill and great video, really no words to say, it is incredible!
Btw what is the song starting at 7:42 called?
Phan Binh
Phan Binh - 22 dager siden
What machine he used for engraved?