The BIG Question Behind DR. DISRESPECT’s Twitch Ban

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With Dr. Disrespect's permanent ban from Twitch last month, there's been a whirlwind of questions and confusion. Let's take a look at what this madness is all about.
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Andrei Terbea - Lead Animator
Nicoleta Toader - Producer
Stefan Popa - Assistant Animator
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Other tracks used: "The Barn Dance" by Medité
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Runtime: 10:13


Andrei Terbea
Andrei Terbea - 8 dager siden
Press 1 if you watched 'til the end! 🦆
TheSilverHound frantz
TheSilverHound frantz - 2 dager siden
@Smollies You little-
TimeLord Doctor
TimeLord Doctor - 8 dager siden
Dark and Shadowless
Dark and Shadowless - 8 dager siden
Natálie Filandrová :D
Natálie Filandrová :D - 8 dager siden
Kepler 186f
Kepler 186f - 8 dager siden
Sliice - 11 minutter siden
Twitch is a simp.
Nico The Nacho
Nico The Nacho - Time siden
Prior to this video, I knew nothing about him. But from the way you described what he's known for, I'd wager a guess that he took a jab that crossed too far over the line of what's "socially acceptable" and honestly, if that's what happened, I'd be tempted to side in his defense.
It's probably deeper than that though. He may have actually breached the contract he signed in some way. Perhaps one of the stipulations was bullshit and he decided to try them.
UwUPlayz - 2 timer siden
Irish Guy
Irish Guy - 2 timer siden
I love the ending
Galligator - 2 timer siden
Wilfur looked so smug at the end XD
Lemon Frog
Lemon Frog - 4 timer siden
twitch is poop poop
Smirk pie
Smirk pie - 5 timer siden
Is twitch being a simp?
Liliana Sursi
Liliana Sursi - 5 timer siden
Can you talk about the Ellen Show or Jake Paul situation?
Eliza Uhlenhaker
Eliza Uhlenhaker - 5 timer siden
Kurtis conner and some guy are having a beef at the moment. You might look into it. Love your content have a nice day!
Kid_kAe - 5 timer siden
Twitch is dead
M65 - 5 timer siden
Wow I just found this video the day he announced his come back! Cant wait! We have missed him.
Firehawk Gaming
Firehawk Gaming - 5 timer siden
Honestly, I would LOVE to see if Alinity actually did have a role in it. The gamers vs the Simps. Actually, more of everyone vs the simps...actually now that I think about it, if her name did come up, idk if they would even defend her
Whydoyoudo__ That
Whydoyoudo__ That - 6 timer siden
I have an theory To It Might Be Alliance With Ninja And Take Twitch Down Doctor Disrespect And Ninja Tried To Build There Platform
BUT Hey, That’s Just An Film Theory
Assulter2977 - 7 timer siden
I love your content keep up the good work!
crazy peter
crazy peter - 7 timer siden
Twitch is soo fricked up, banning people who shouldnt be and not banning people who should be.
Mr.Excalibur 64
Mr.Excalibur 64 - 7 timer siden
who is the purple duck?
and one more thing

soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu - 8 timer siden
piss us off. Probably for clout
Calcatic - 8 timer siden
Can we get a video about pokimane and leafy or what not?
Xew DiBenedetto
Xew DiBenedetto - 9 timer siden
Wait... is this the start of some Wilfur lore?
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu - 8 timer siden
“I don’t usually get involved in drama” he says
Soap-Macduckish 141
Soap-Macduckish 141 - 9 timer siden
Oh shit this is pretty recent
noone cares
noone cares - 9 timer siden
Twitch is a simp
mason wayman
mason wayman - 9 timer siden
can you do a danplan vid about steven and Daniel.
Choco Panda
Choco Panda - 10 timer siden
Winnie the poooooooohhhh
DeltaBlueFlame - 10 timer siden
Does anyone else the he did that ending bit so he can get to ten minutes? (If he did that was a very clever way to do it)
spacewar gaming
spacewar gaming - 11 timer siden
Will you shut the fluck up about twitch the more you mention it the more depressing the platform gets It makes a lot of sad.soon the vinesauce crew everyone will leave to mixer
BlueCheezy - 11 timer siden
I like how Wilfur is usually frowning during the little outro dance but this time he was smiling and after you scolded him he went back to frowning
MinecraftGamingYT - 11 timer siden
Alexander - 11 timer siden
He is back
will you accept cookie
will you accept cookie - 12 timer siden
If alinity would have a stand.
(stand) twitch (stand user) alinity
Stryker 808
Stryker 808 - 12 timer siden
Mickey Mouse needs to hack twitch, have bill nye use science to eat info, and have mr incredible bring dr disrespect back
Hello _
Hello _ - 13 timer siden
Shungite Moment
FunPolice036 - 14 timer siden
I swear twitch staff are simps :/
Naser Alajmi
Naser Alajmi - 14 timer siden
hey Andrei i think ur an animation version of keemstar but keep that good hard work!
Pixel - 14 timer siden
“I don’t usually get involved in drama” he says
Itzfliks - 15 timer siden
How did I not see this early
vodka bullet
vodka bullet - 15 timer siden
mario mario no it is outside of twitch because he also lost all he’s sponsors but keep hating, haters gotta hate so now youtube made you go on a side. The reason twitch gets so much attention is because YouTube algorithm is weird and twitch is fixed where most views get more shown and YouTube basically don’t ban anyone you can literally watch people getting killed on yt and nobody cares.
DKN Probably does anything
DKN Probably does anything - 15 timer siden
Remember to stay hydrated
blue face
blue face - 18 timer siden
Please do what happned to Lael Hansen?
John Netter
John Netter - 18 timer siden
Look on people's old streams they say what he did.
The RetroSpektive
The RetroSpektive - 18 timer siden
Nyall Carmichael
Nyall Carmichael - 19 timer siden
i bet he called out the twitch thots and that "dear" admin twitch decided they are uber progressive and bounced him and in such both parties feel they are right
Fizz - 20 timer siden
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Icy B
Icy B - 20 timer siden
Trouble Animation FN
Trouble Animation FN - 20 timer siden
Go to 5:40 through 6:02 on the video and tell me you didn’t think of alinity if you did leave a like on this comment.
Cucumber Phil
Cucumber Phil - 21 time siden
That's Sad that he is banned :(
Lance YT
Lance YT - 21 time siden
kuba ciszewicz
kuba ciszewicz - 21 time siden
imagine if the female streamer was pokimane
Blue Nation
Blue Nation - 21 time siden
So basically he cheated on another twitch streamer and that twitch streamer demanded that his channel gets taken down and that's exactly what happened
HelpfulPip - 22 timer siden
Onlimot 007
Onlimot 007 - 22 timer siden
Pov your watching docs comment
Andrei Stancu
Andrei Stancu - 22 timer siden
I pressed 1and ce faci Andrei? Mulțumesc ca ne ajuți tara👍
GAMER GEEK - 23 timer siden
twitch is a SIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Farzad Farhangi
Farzad Farhangi - 23 timer siden
the whole reason behind this story is after twitch saw that mixer is going to being shut down and streamers who left twitch for mixer no longer are a threat then they thought why we should pay millions of dollars to a streamer for exclusivity when we have no serious rival at all, but because of the contract they couldnt just tear it apart or suddenly not pay doc , they had to do it with a excuse, then they ban him twitch's most vicious weapon, thats why later doc said we are going to take legal actions against twitch and sue them, thats my point
CHEEKI BREEKI Gopnik Slav - 23 timer siden
I dress Trevor up as Dr. Desrespect in GTA V.
Bruh i swear Everytime the twitch Logo in ur Video makes me so angry that twitch logo looks so confused by banning everyone
Dr Disrespect: *does nothing*
Twitch: *oh god he is the number one twitch streamer we cant let that happen our mommy Alinity must be the number one*
Jp - Dag siden
I'm waiting for pokimane video
Cassie - Dag siden
Thomas - Dag siden
Doc said the N word in 2009