The Art of Saying No

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MrBeast - 9 måneder siden
Nishil Sanghvi
Nishil Sanghvi - 2 måneder siden
As opposed to figuratively loving him yes
Enric Feliu Sharp
Enric Feliu Sharp - 3 måneder siden
Hi MrBeast!
Young - 5 måneder siden
perfect project
Just an egg
Just an egg - 6 måneder siden
smiles in ten mouths
GoldenGaming World
GoldenGaming World - 7 måneder siden
Rick Douma
Rick Douma - Dag siden
Was it
Attila - Dag siden
Why did this date thing pop up, this a sign?
KALPANA SHARMA - 3 dager siden
Indirectly pramotions had done 😂😂
MuHaMMaD_PAQER - 13 dager siden
You said yes in a clever way
Manolo Santiago
Manolo Santiago - 14 dager siden
6:25 shameless plug
Glen Jauod
Glen Jauod - 18 dager siden
"Do you want to merry me? Maybe"
I laugh so hard
Amy - 19 dager siden
Farquharson - 20 dager siden
I wonder who the sponsor will be
Modern Adulting
Modern Adulting - 23 dager siden
Saying “no” gives you the ability to set your own boundaries. The Art of Saying No really comes down to setting boundaries and making decisions from a place of abundance, rather than fear.
Esra M. Faouri
Esra M. Faouri - 28 dager siden
You're genius hahaha
5k with 0 Videos in 2020
5k with 0 Videos in 2020 - 29 dager siden
Yes Theory watching this be like: 👁👄👁
D S - Måned siden
Does everybody have a feeling that they want to donate after watching? 😁
Camila Ramírez Estrada
Camila Ramírez Estrada - Måned siden
30-day challange of saying NO
Emil Hammar Lundberg
Emil Hammar Lundberg - Måned siden
I say no to
Reuben Joseph
Reuben Joseph - Måned siden
What if this was the video where he subtly tells people to donate !!
Melissa Weaver
Melissa Weaver - Måned siden
#genius ❤️
memecreator hacker
memecreator hacker - 2 måneder siden
Emil Jernlid
Emil Jernlid - 2 måneder siden
Yes Theory has left the chat
Nafees An Noor
Nafees An Noor - 2 måneder siden
SO, he actually accepted mr.beast's request while doing his weekly video.
Oleksandr Andriichuk
Oleksandr Andriichuk - 2 måneder siden
Matt: Subscribe this channale
Me: NO, i`m busy
Yeap i got it!
Abdalwhd Mhd
Abdalwhd Mhd - 2 måneder siden
this man is awesome
Jay Qsamo
Jay Qsamo - 2 måneder siden
*N O*
s e e m l y
s e e m l y - 2 måneder siden
lmao, I was legit looking for a serious video about saying *NO* but what i get is a *YESN'T* video.
Alen James Julius
Alen James Julius - 2 måneder siden
U are always motivating me in something. Superb 😍
Saurabh's Art-Works
Saurabh's Art-Works - 2 måneder siden
I m still confused .. even after saying no .. u expressed his message 🤣
Malayali Millionaire
Malayali Millionaire - 2 måneder siden
Thats how you spread 2 msgs in a video. U r awesome
Graeme Sargent
Graeme Sargent - 3 måneder siden
No one has so much going on in their lives that they can’t say yes to ‘an amazing project that they’ve wanted to do in the past’
youssef game over
youssef game over - 3 måneder siden
yes theory disconnected...
Mindful and Pure
Mindful and Pure - 3 måneder siden
Amazing video Matt! Featured it in our fresh stress-reducing activities list:
Yasser - 3 måneder siden
Watching this after watching Yes Man movie..
E J456
E J456 - 3 måneder siden
Good video... but that lady who sticks firm to her rules is missing a trick I think? Is her value saying no to interviews or is her value furthering her work? If it’s saying no to interviews then great. But it may be the best thing she ever did to let herself do the really important interview that comes along, and it wouldn’t be breaking her commitment to herself to further her work if she were to say yes to it - if she knows it’s the best thing to do. I think it’s important to listen to our intuition and to not be so attached to other people’s feelings that we worry about being perceived as inconsistent. It’s okay to say no to one person and say yes to another. We don’t have to justify ourselves to the person we’ve said no to.
PORRAS SP - 3 måneder siden
Whats the wallpaper, of what app
PORRAS SP - 3 måneder siden
Wallpaper pass
preksha sharma
preksha sharma - 3 måneder siden
And that my friends, Is how you kill two birds with one stone. Lol 😂 loved this video
JASEworld - 3 måneder siden
Say no, or just find the way to make it fit into your workflow.
Caryn Davies
Caryn Davies - 3 måneder siden
Blackorwhite - 3 måneder siden
No u
ciro haskour
ciro haskour - 3 måneder siden
Jack Slapps
Jack Slapps - 3 måneder siden
My guy MATT is smarter than you guys think ;)
OUTDOORS TL - 3 måneder siden
Man Matt D’Avella is the beast 2.
Just Ice TV
Just Ice TV - 3 måneder siden
Says No but does Yes xDD
Brunograffer - 3 måneder siden
But so, finally you've done this video for Team Tree 😌
Sawk On
Sawk On - 3 måneder siden
These videos surprisingly help me to incorporate little things day to day to help my life. I never thought YouTube videos would actually help my life besides laughing lmao
Jaiden Optional
Jaiden Optional - 4 måneder siden
i should probably watch this again
Owen Adsit
Owen Adsit - 4 måneder siden
Pure Natural
Pure Natural - 4 måneder siden
Take a shot every to,e he closes his laptop 😝😝😝
Farris Abou-Hanna
Farris Abou-Hanna - 5 måneder siden
Damn you, sir... damn you
abhik - 5 måneder siden accomplished
Myra Asabi
Myra Asabi - 5 måneder siden
But you didn't say no!!!
Bhavin Parmar
Bhavin Parmar - 5 måneder siden
Smart 😎
רועי ר
רועי ר - 5 måneder siden
at 0:15 which software you used to manage your day matt?
Subrata Rabidas
Subrata Rabidas - 5 måneder siden
Right now i have to work, but my neighbour called me for their child's birthday. fucking hate it when i cant say now, well because they helped me (unasked) a lot in the past. Never take anyone's help ever, do ur shit urself otherwise u will be in mental debt.
austin gae
austin gae - 5 måneder siden
Matt killed two birds with one stone.
Morris - 5 måneder siden
Шо, есть русские?
Ralan Sagadiev
Ralan Sagadiev - 5 måneder siden
What kind of wallpaper does he have at 7 seconds?
Willian Galdino
Willian Galdino - 5 måneder siden
Matt, what app do you use to schedule your chores? @0:15 i can see a white background app that looks amazing
Nero Darkorbit
Nero Darkorbit - 5 måneder siden
You’re a smart guy man. Shows how you adapted to the fact ‘came out of nowhere’ and it took too much time. Least you got a video idea, to compensate for what you could have made. Genius man keep it up
Buki Leo
Buki Leo - 5 måneder siden
Hello Matt, I noticed you don't have any case for your iPhone, How do you use it without case?
Bryan Blair
Bryan Blair - 5 måneder siden
Say yes when you're down and need opportunity, say no when you're up because others see opportunity in you.