The Art of Detachment // Ground Up 082

Tatiana DeMaria:
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Tatiana DeMaria is a talented musician, singer & songwriter. She's topped the charts with her rock band TAT & has produced music for television & film.
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Runtime: 1:14:16


K H - 2 måneder siden
Great interview.
Emilio - 4 måneder siden
It seems she just wanna talk, and she doesn't care about what you're talking about
Pablo Castro
Pablo Castro - 5 måneder siden
Great video!
Sameer Narula
Sameer Narula - 10 måneder siden
Very high quality conversation. This is the first time that I am tempted to buy a record by an artist because I want to learn more from them. Great job Matt. Coffee on me when you come by Singapore:)
paul smith
paul smith - 10 måneder siden
She is lovely. Gives time to anyone she knows and is ok with her. I knew her back in the day always said hello hug kiss no more but nice.
Dániel Faller
Dániel Faller - År siden
At 14:00 and i just put my phon to my pocket and started i cleaning up my room :)
Christopher Walsh
Christopher Walsh - År siden
Wow, is this boring AF
Blas Lamagni
Blas Lamagni - År siden
Great episode!
M P - År siden
Hey Matt, could you post ur Intro songs in the deycription? Always nice moody jazz man, love it, as well as your videos, keepitup
Gaucho Zen
Gaucho Zen - År siden
She´s amazing man, good episode.
bla - År siden
These podcast are just unrelateable...I'm thr type of person that loves growing and bettering myself with the wisdom if others before me but this is just literally pointless podcast. Just babble.
Emerson Morais
Emerson Morais - År siden
A great Interview and podcast.
oliwia - År siden
she is so captivating and wise
Ema Ostřížková
Ema Ostřížková - År siden
Wow this one was so good!!
Fix It On The Way
Fix It On The Way - År siden
I wish that I could be her...or her wisdom. Instead I'm just me...
Steve Igi
Steve Igi - År siden
Please universe, more women like this.
Pearl Zanida
Pearl Zanida - År siden
My favorite so far! I feel so elated, inspired, fired up!!! Damn good speaker!!! Will check out her music. Thanks Matt.
W W - År siden
Two amazing individuals. Great interview! Much respect and continued success.
Erik Stenbakken
Erik Stenbakken - År siden
THIS is the one that made me go Patreon, Matt. This is value. Love it that you just let her talk. Wow. She has stuff to say. Lots of good stuff.
João Matheus Giacomini
What a great episode. I never thought Matt would say so little in an episode - and here it is. Thank you very much!
Donovan Phillips
Donovan Phillips - År siden
She is preaching!! Time for some changes in my life.
Seniora Elis
Seniora Elis - År siden
Wow! This girl! Thank you for this Matt ✨
Pa1 S
Pa1 S - År siden
She stressed valid points that add value to life. Good job Matt!
Cody Patino
Cody Patino - År siden
Coffee causes cancer and it’s not healthy for you.
Mr Charles
Mr Charles - År siden
god. that accent. update: just finished this podcast...holy shit. a few great truth bombs. Awesome content. Thank you ✨
TheKillingZone - År siden
I’m in love with her mind and her way of thinking 😃
Lexes O'Hara
Lexes O'Hara - År siden
Oh dude, I worked with her on Warped Tour this year! Everyone loved her as a person too!
GoodOpticsOnly - År siden
If you see this I just want you to know Matt, that this is the most intriguing and thought provoking podcast that Ive seen ever. Thank you.
GoodOpticsOnly - År siden
Is it weird that I just got the urge to see you sit down and do a podcast with Childish Gambino?
Klei Testa
Klei Testa - År siden
Hey matt! thanks for keeping us inspired. You should start writing your words, I can't wait for your book.
jezelle - År siden
“Not only is it new to you, but you don’t realize it’s only new to you” 🙌🏼
Michał M.
Michał M. - År siden - I'm going to come back to this in the future. I hope not frequently :)
bery mod
bery mod - År siden
Top favorite! Absolutely captivating. It pushes me to be more intentional.
Shelly Webb-King
Shelly Webb-King - År siden
Hey Matt, been following for a while, massive Tatiana fan, loving the collab.
TheRandomHighFive - År siden
Hall of fame episode right here. So much passion and wisdom here. Definitely going to not only continue to share this episode ( i had to pause it to share it halfway through) but i will also be returning to this episode again.
Rachel Scarlet
Rachel Scarlet - År siden
This is one of the best podcasts ever. Actually no, it is the best podcast ever. Wisdom of gold nuggets in here.
TheBlakeyG - År siden
Loved this. If only the young knew, and the old could. Boom
CroxasWorld - År siden
kittencourageous - År siden
Great podcast, loved it! And her music is fantastic, can’t believe I’ve never heard of Tatiana before this ❤️
Ellis Chng
Ellis Chng - År siden
wow really great episode
William To
William To - År siden
This episode is awesome! I am learning and realizing a lot of things. Thank you to Tatiana and Matt!
Non Fiction
Non Fiction - År siden
I feel like I need to post this here, I literally feel the same way as she does in so many ways. here's a song I wrote where I express those feelings. one day when I can afford the right production I wanna reach out to her and see If I can land a song with her. she's been a big inspiration of mine since the fist time I heard Road to Paradise
jimmy Smith
jimmy Smith - År siden
shes fantastic, Incredibly smart and I listen to her music all time. as a musician starting out I got a lot from this
Kadence Films
Kadence Films - År siden
Loved the dialogue around inspiration. Awesome episode!
Mark Boyce
Mark Boyce - År siden
wow what a smart intelligent person. she talks so much truth
Hailey Rex
Hailey Rex - År siden
My favorite woman
Carina Aguirre
Carina Aguirre - År siden
Astronomically powerful!
JÆTOK - År siden
So dark visually yet so much life in her eyes and voice. *heart eyes*
Aracy Ile
Aracy Ile - År siden
I'll have to listen to this podcast on a daily basis to remind myself these gems of words
Vincent Chow
Vincent Chow - År siden
Great episode man. One of my favorites
Peter F Adams
Peter F Adams - År siden
wonderful episode. should have carried a firehose wanting. brilliant stuff and must be a repeat guest !
prince2thethrone - År siden
i seen your vid when you went to iceland, what kind of jacket was that? it was black with a hood. thanks
Mario - År siden
that 'fuck you' was like a wake-up call for me
MWilson - År siden
A great episode! I ended up pulling up a separate window to take notes. There's nothing that's necessarily new in her approach, but she has a very clear way of breaking down the whys and hows of minimizing toward greater personal and professional efficiency and integrity.
MountainPepsi - År siden
Great episode! Where do you get the music for your intro from?
Vivian Paul
Vivian Paul - År siden
It's Pumpkin by Tomoti
Andrey Perevodchik
Andrey Perevodchik - År siden
New color grade! :)
bran_moon - År siden
I loved this interview. It was captivating and a brilliant perspective. We always get lost and forget to be in the moment. I have a 2 year old and I take photos of everything because they grow so quickly, and I’ve been trying to be more balanced. So now I take a few photos and then just enjoy the moment. :) It is becoming the same for my blog too. Now I’m working on my career to be the “what am I?” kind of itemization of myself and really dig deep. Harsh realities of a mom and college graduate of 26 from a small town in WV with a bad local economy.
IkeyTV - År siden
Her voice reminds me of Amy Winehouses's
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson - År siden
1:10:11 OMG.. this.
Luis Rafael GZ
Luis Rafael GZ - År siden
Wow! She’s amazing! So mature and focused on what’s truly important 😭