The 10 Most Redneck Cities In Mississippi Explained.

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We were curious as to where the most rednecks in Mississippi lived. So we crunched the numbers to find out.
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A. Dalton
A. Dalton - 9 dager siden
you forgot byhalia
Diantha Ford
Diantha Ford - 23 dager siden
This would be a problem for protestors in Minneapolis
Murray Bone
Murray Bone - Måned siden
very interesting story if you dont live in america but judging by comments what is fact and what is fiction
shavonne ross
shavonne ross - Måned siden
Wheeeew, that thumbnail is full of Sponge bob square asses.
CynthiaV23 - 2 måneder siden
Corinth is my favorite place
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson - 2 måneder siden
Darryl Hall
Darryl Hall - 2 måneder siden
well, well, well,.... i see gulfport didn't make the cut.....oh well, maybe next here.
randy smith
randy smith - 2 måneder siden
Could be worse......... you could be a yankee ......
Jyn Mills
Jyn Mills - 2 måneder siden
If I had a dollar for every time I asked a Yankee male that moved to Mississippi "how or why in the world did u move to Mississippi"? He always says.... "My wife is from here". Something to think about. Hhmm.
michael preston
michael preston - 3 måneder siden
''uh, meet ma sister and ma wyfe, '' , pointing at one woman in Daisy Dukes !
Liam Adams
Liam Adams - 3 måneder siden
Man just shut tf up fuckin yankee
Jhada Hughes
Jhada Hughes - 3 måneder siden
Im from Saltillo, but live in Baldwyn now
Will Davis
Will Davis - 3 måneder siden
Next time do a little better research because at the time this video was uploaded to YouTube the county Lucedale, MS is located in, George County, was a ‘dry’ county and alcohol sales were illegal. While there was still alcohol to be found I wouldn’t think a description of, “just follow the beer cans...” would be accurate.
Reid Stallings
Reid Stallings - 3 måneder siden
What about Waynesboro
Carter Ladner
Carter Ladner - 3 måneder siden
New Albany ain’t that bad
SkyCop Wife
SkyCop Wife - 4 måneder siden
Moved from MS in 2017. Am so glad.
TheColkevin - 5 måneder siden
Kinda Scary...I'm a descendant of ppl from Meridian MS
Bramlin Trent
Bramlin Trent - 5 måneder siden
Bless his heart. "Root 32 in Yah-zoo City". He ain't ever been to Mississippi in his life.
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson - 5 måneder siden
Yes I have hon
moose eee
moose eee - 5 måneder siden
When they Strotype everyone from Mississippi
bubba bad azz
bubba bad azz - 5 måneder siden
Boonville made on a list yay not it's not that great but it's home
Lil Richard
Lil Richard - 5 måneder siden
I live in memphis so Mississippi is like a 2 minute drive... But i keep my ass out of MS because.... I wanna stay alive lbvs
Joyce Randall
Joyce Randall - 5 måneder siden
I've lived in other states and I think Mississippi beats them all. It's beautiful in the spring and summer.
LordOfTrash - 6 måneder siden
I live in Clarksdale :/
It sucks.
Mr. White
Mr. White - 6 måneder siden
How uncivilized. Unlike the cosmopolitan Californians with their progressive attitudes toward open defecation on the sidewalk and vibrant collection of once eradicated diseases. I bet these hicks have never even stepped over dirty needles on the street.
Brodie Cecchi
Brodie Cecchi - 6 måneder siden
Ayyyy lucedale made it
Samuel Woolwine IV
Samuel Woolwine IV - 7 måneder siden
There is no Route 32 in Yazoo City. I checked the official Mississippi state highway map that I picked up from the Mississippi Welcome Center two months before this video was uploaded.
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson - 6 måneder siden
Dang dude you're like Nancy drewing it
Rawley-Phantom - 7 måneder siden
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson - 7 måneder siden
is it really necky there or what?
Rawley-Phantom - 7 måneder siden
Coulumbia I thought it was Coulumbus
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson - 7 måneder siden
mississippi is necky thats for sure
TEDDO - 7 måneder siden
Ite, I live in Yazoo city and I ain’t never heard of no damn miiiiikes🤣
Samuel Woolwine IV
Samuel Woolwine IV - 7 måneder siden
TEDDO There is no Route 32 in Yazoo City either, I checked the official MS highway map. This guy just makes stuff up and recycles it over and over in every video.
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson - 7 måneder siden
you have to know where it is.
MLG Creations
MLG Creations - 8 måneder siden
you can find the most meth heads in lucedale
Olivia Olivia
Olivia Olivia - 5 måneder siden
And Ocean Springs, Gautier, and Moss Point
Brodie Cecchi
Brodie Cecchi - 6 måneder siden
MLG Creations I’m in lucedale
dirt road rider
dirt road rider - 8 måneder siden
Choctaw county
Dayunk Koosh 420
Dayunk Koosh 420 - 8 måneder siden
Mississippi is the only state that still has the balls to fly the confederate flag in the state flag of which I approve
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson - 8 måneder siden
I know you do
Spartan-005 UNSC
Spartan-005 UNSC - 8 måneder siden
Surprised Saltillo or Tupelo didn’t the list.
syxx Poppin
syxx Poppin - 8 måneder siden
🤣🤣I love the video...I think you are my brother 🌚🤠
syxx Poppin
syxx Poppin - 8 måneder siden
I did
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson - 8 måneder siden
Mallory Boyte
Mallory Boyte - 9 måneder siden
y’all what about poplarville?? y’all ain’t never seen so many people ride in the back of a truck till you come here. or alligators in the pond in your back yard bc you took it home from the river, or hear dogs run all night chasing coyotes,
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson - 9 måneder siden
Sounds awesome do you think you'll live there for the rest of your life Mallory?
Jules JC
Jules JC - 10 måneder siden
I live in Columbia
Fabian Moye
Fabian Moye - 11 måneder siden
Look all them booney's in boonvile
Anna Adcock
Anna Adcock - År siden
I live in Carthage
Lee Bee
Lee Bee - År siden
Am white and am not no red neak that's trash 😂😂😂 poor people
h g
h g - År siden
How can there be no delta towns on this list? Outrageous.
Shannon Pace
Shannon Pace - År siden
I live on the Coast in Gautier. I have lived in North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, California and Louisiana and I wouldn't live anywhere other than the Mississippi gulf Coast now. It's the only place I can find Barq's Root beer and fried mullet in the same place!
Lenny D.
Lenny D. - 7 måneder siden
My grandparents lived in Gautier. Great memories fishing on the bayou ❤
James M
James M - År siden
Last time I checked I-95 is nowhere near Mississippi.
Steven Boykin
Steven Boykin - År siden
You people must not have been to Franklin County have you? They have a pretty decent school so my my mom was trying to help a friend once and said she going to look for a house in up there and I busted out laughing it had to be one of the funniest things I've ever heard.
Lisa Heavener
Lisa Heavener - År siden
I was born and raised in Clarksdale between 80 - 98 then moved off. Came back a time or two to visit or stay with family but left finally for good around 2008ish.. I live in Corinth now.
Jake Jobs
Jake Jobs - År siden
Im in number 5 lets goooooo
Drew Lee
Drew Lee - År siden
Holup waaa a min what about baxtervill dam y'all missed a good'en there
Drew Lee
Drew Lee - År siden
Columbia made the list yeeyee
SEANJOHN 92663 - År siden
None of this is suprising...
DoHuh - År siden
Don’t knock the sip if you’ve never came down and helped y’all have a good time 😤
Ayye_ its_kaden
Ayye_ its_kaden - År siden
Corinth peeps where u at??😂
D Clo
D Clo - 10 måneder siden
U drive?
Venom Kirk
Venom Kirk - År siden
Yee yee
Terry Lamb
Terry Lamb - År siden
Lucedale was a dry county until 2 years ago so Na you wrong. Got a community college and only 35 min from mobile which is a very large city with everything you could get anywhere.
Josh Hale
Josh Hale - År siden
Nick Johnson, I have lived in New Albany all of my life and I can say that all of the photos you posted for this town are not up to date at all. That’s not even our huddle house. And we don’t even have an Ollie’s. #clickbait
Samuel Woolwine IV
Samuel Woolwine IV - 7 måneder siden
Josh Hale Also there is no Route 32 in Yazoo City. Or Woodruff, SC. Or Goldsboro, NC. This guy just recycles the same script, gifs, and likely the same pictures over and over.
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson - År siden
yep and you FELL for it josh ;)
Christopher Sims
Christopher Sims - År siden
You forgot Soso in that little list there.
Wolfgang Nomi
Wolfgang Nomi - År siden
Ok, been to Ripley, New Albany, Booneville, and Corinth..... Originally from Iuka here.....
Beckles H
Beckles H - Måned siden
Me too!!! Omg
Bill A.
Bill A. - År siden
I lived and worked in Mississippi for 15 years and would not move back there for a free house and lot. It is the most backward state in the Union.
Dylan Duncan
Dylan Duncan - År siden
Forgot Hot Coffee to 😂 that's where I live
Bay Dixon
Bay Dixon - År siden
I live in Lucedale and I love it
Dana Harper
Dana Harper - År siden
I live in Mississippi and have all my life. So you missed a few other places like Bogue Chitto, Brookhaven, McComb, Liberty, Ruth, and Tylertown just to name a few. And by the way I live in Brookhaven.
D Clo
D Clo - 10 måneder siden
U ever ran over animals on accident driving before?
James M Davis
James M Davis - År siden
I 95 doesn't go through Mississippi
Samuel Woolwine IV
Samuel Woolwine IV - 7 måneder siden
James M Davis There is also no Route 32 in Yazoo City. I checked the official Mississippi highway map. This guy just makes stuff up and recycles it over and over in every video.
Adam Chambers
Adam Chambers - År siden
Apparently theyve never been through Horn Lake... 3 dollar generals, a dollar tree, 2 family dollars, 2 waffle houses...
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson - År siden
We all knew Mississippi was a Third World country. All the rusted out pick up trucks being held together by Trump bumper sticker‘s. I’ll bet they have more duct tape on their trailers holding them together then rivets. Actual dentists in Mississippi three. They all moved up north.
C. Robison 44
C. Robison 44 - År siden missed a gold mine of places....Red Banks...they have a post office, a small gas station, and a truck stop. All at the same light....victoria...they have a piggly can get to Covington TN or Olive Branch MS in about 30 mins for the nearest Walmart. They do have a bubble gum factory.
C. Robison 44
C. Robison 44 - År siden
Idk...Ive lived in North MS several times and several cities...The Gulf Coast area is very very different. Its like we are the states cool younger cousin. I was born and raised here on the Coast.
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson - År siden
It's the whole state really 😉
Bryson Hood
Bryson Hood - År siden
They ranked my mom's town which is pretty freakin kewl. Still should have put Tupelo in there.
TheTallMan35 - År siden
In Ripley Ms about 11% of this town's population developed cancer from second hand chews.
William Zender
William Zender - År siden
I live in Lucedale
Sean Green
Sean Green - År siden
Corinth gets number one😂😂
M1k3y - År siden
Thank Jesus I live in TEXAS!
Rogue Snipa Gaming
Rogue Snipa Gaming - År siden
I don’t go anywhere outside of Jackson
Toby Crum
Toby Crum - År siden
I live in Corinth
Jeff Craft
Jeff Craft - År siden
We love it here. But you missed MIZE MS. LOL
Olivia - År siden
"2:17" Is that supposed to be a country accent?
Seth Alverson
Seth Alverson - 8 måneder siden
Hahaha 😂😂 i think so
Trey Coots
Trey Coots - År siden
Vardaman anyone?
Spencer Rudasill
Spencer Rudasill - År siden
In pontotoc you got junkies and Jesus. That's about it
Eric Williams
Eric Williams - År siden
Yazoo city my home yuk-town
lacey - År siden
John Washington
John Washington - År siden
This isn’t good at all
adonis pink
adonis pink - År siden
It's piss POOR SISS theI poorest state in Amerkkka.
Kaden Tucker
Kaden Tucker - År siden
There is a bunch on dollar genarells there is 2 by pontotoc middle school
Boyd Blackwell
Boyd Blackwell - År siden
Yeee Hawww….I live in Corinth..originally from Chicago, been here 40 yrs. Mississippi is the best state in our nation.
Lisa Heavener
Lisa Heavener - År siden
I'm in Corinth
William Harvey
William Harvey - År siden
hey , wait a cottonpickin minute . I was born and raised in Corith . how we get so high in the ratings