Tesla Model Y - Jay Leno’s Garage

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Jay checks out the full self-driving capability of the new Tesla Model Y!
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Tesla Model Y - Jay Leno’s Garage
Jay Leno's Garage
Runtime: 30:42


Bear Lemley
Bear Lemley - 25 minutter siden
What subsidies ??
Harris Leck
Harris Leck - Time siden
Love Jay's videos. Is the Y a little noisier than the 3 or S? Seemed to hear more exterior noise here.
Rodrigo Mariaca
Rodrigo Mariaca - 2 timer siden
Thank you very much for sharing this excellent video. It's great that someone like you objectively explains both the idea behind this car and the benefits and feel that the Y model produces for you. We need to change our way of thinking, it seems that we are not yet aware that we are in the 21st century.
ETC Flyers
ETC Flyers - 6 timer siden
Electrics are the way and right now the only way cars need to be built along with motorcycles. Great review and you are spot on regarding zero pollution once on the road. Musk has truly changed the world much like Bill Gates.
Dono Oetomo
Dono Oetomo - 6 timer siden
cmbruno123 - 7 timer siden
Jay "impressive " Leno
Jake Dinneen
Jake Dinneen - 9 timer siden
Get George Wingaard one of these instead of the VW Beatle he's driving to death.
randy meese
randy meese - 9 timer siden
model 3 and Y have the ugliest front ends. the x and model s look really nice though.
Future Media
Future Media - 10 timer siden
opens trunk, black hole ensues
Ron - 12 timer siden
I wish someone bought one of my cars everytime they woke me up.
ROBBY DARIN - 16 timer siden
Frederick Arcala
Frederick Arcala - 16 timer siden
Yes, it depends on how an area generates its power. Some place like Texas, it's mostly petro. Some place like WA State, it's 75% hydro-electric. If you're in WA, chances are your Tesla is a water powered EV.
Glenn Throop
Glenn Throop - 17 timer siden
The U.S. governments pays Elon Musk 50-million Dollars for each astronaut they send into space.
George G
George G - 17 timer siden
One day hope to be able to afford a Tesla Vehicle for my family. Jay you do a great job reviewing the vehicle you are a truly genuine individual and I wish you all the best. Great video 👍
soinu foig
soinu foig - 15 timer siden
I like him
Gimp Master
Gimp Master - 18 timer siden
I'll consider when there is a Moon mode..
Gimp Master
Gimp Master - 3 timer siden
@soinu foig Some people are sooo sensitive, and what's worse, utterly presumptuous...
soinu foig
soinu foig - 15 timer siden
I always love hearing 'murica guys' dis on Tesla while they drive their truck made in Mexico
Pro Rebel Separatist
Pro Rebel Separatist - 20 timer siden
Leather interior? Vegan Leather? So no leather at all then!!!
Pro Rebel Separatist
Pro Rebel Separatist - 20 timer siden
So ugly, but what do you expect being American
pallen1065 - 20 timer siden
If e-cars are eliminating transmissions--at least, there's none here--is it possible we'll see the return of the bench seat? ..
Rick Rosario
Rick Rosario - 21 time siden
I swear on everything imma get one
Bernardo Ortiz
Bernardo Ortiz - Dag siden
Couldn't stop laughing when I heard Jays comment about the "fronk". Remember a discussion I had in the early eighties, taking classes in Canne. The British students couldn't understand why we called the "boot" the trunk. Only thing they know that has a trunk is an elephant and that is in the front. If it's in the back it's called the boot, cannot be a trunk. Having the trunk in the front as the model Y does should help us communicate easier with the Brits. Thought this was really funny and thought I should share.
Hank Rabbit
Hank Rabbit - Dag siden
Looks like ad for me …
DCUPtoejuice - Dag siden
Never like Jay that much on TV, but what a cool dude.
Yiorgos Theo
Yiorgos Theo - Dag siden
Funny how Elon's buddy Jay forgot to mention the chipped paint and misaligned panels, trim and lights experienced by Tesla customers. And the fact that if you try to sell your fully paid Tesla car, the company can disable features and blackmail the new owner to pay for them again...
James Coleman
James Coleman - Dag siden
Great job Jay. As a guy who lives in Alberta Canada where the temp goes to 35-40 below zero electric makes me wonder how do you heat it? How does a 4-hour trip in 30 below affect the battery life? The great thing is they test them in Montana.
Zaqwsx Zaqwsx
Zaqwsx Zaqwsx - Dag siden
The company has taste. The designs of the cars are by far the best on the road today. Whenever i see one on the road, anything next to it looks dreadful.
jay kay
jay kay - Dag siden
When I get boarder line dementia or Alzheimer’s I’m gettin a Tesla and I’m naming it Charlie, then I will program it to drive me back home when I forget where I live... at least that’s my plan.. hope I remember how to activate the self drive feature though - lol! Maybe I can drive a few extra years?
Mark Geller
Mark Geller - Dag siden
Just don't get that this car is soooo allegedly modern, yet Tesla chose, in an otherwise spartan interior, to use that stupid wood strip? It looks like plastic formica. Nothing modern about it, so old school. They could have upgraded the whole look by using some kind of aluminum or a no-heat metal with an engine turned finish, etc. Hate the interiors in this 60+k car. they need to hire new interior designers!! Thanks to Jay for another engaging story.
abbaby68 - Dag siden
no subtitles for death people, or for men with wives vacuuming the living room?
superhero6785 - Dag siden
I always love hearing 'murica guys' dis on Tesla while they drive their truck made in Mexico
Calmdown. - Dag siden
I like him
w35t51d369 - Dag siden
Jay has no kids?!?!?!?!
Alexander Boholm
Alexander Boholm - 2 dager siden
when European and Asian ev are being assembled in usa
Leath25 - 2 dager siden
any chance you can send some of that sun over to the uk?its pouring down over here mid summer.
Tic Monie
Tic Monie - 2 dager siden
I went for a ride in a Tesla Model S P85D on Ludicrous mode, its seriously fast! Will fly right pass you and wont hear it on the road. lol
hen ko
hen ko - 2 dager siden
Jay's half Italian, half Scottish roots are excellent driving credentials !
123abc - 2 dager siden
Americans are better. There’s no cover for the trunk. The compact car will be made in China.
Ancho1987jaja - 2 dager siden
Why does he say TeslaR?
Kim Mathis
Kim Mathis - 2 dager siden
People are angry for one reason: Fanboys paint the picture of Tesla achieving the status quo on its own when the company actually would have gone bankrupt if it wasn't for cap and trade politics forcing legacy automakers to subsidise Tesla.
hen ko
hen ko - 2 dager siden
Not a fan of the look but it's a clever piece of tech.Tesla is defeating the oil powered industrial past, so he will have enemies who will want him to fail.
LeonardCrassman - 2 dager siden
I'm jonesin for that dang truck. I bet in 10 years people will expect cybertrucks and everything else will be old timey.
Dane - 2 dager siden
This car symbolizes free nations losing power and rewarding despots to abuse workers in the CCP, all while showing zero environmental sensitivity; think Tusk Trade, Covid, Racism, debtor nations, etc. I am confident reverse engineering will destroy Tesla's reason to stay in China. Boeing and Airbus should have taught Tesla a lesson about China's endgame. Buy Tesla -- kill freedom!
Tenbay - 2 dager siden
I don’t mind paying subsidies.....says the multi-millionaire.
Jorge Colucci
Jorge Colucci - 2 dager siden
I only saw a dark hole back there ... you got the money how about better lighting for your video 😂😂😂
Gokhan Kismar
Gokhan Kismar - 2 dager siden
either Elon is paying him for this wonderful review or they have become bff
mrearlygold - 2 dager siden
why is there a rear view mirror in the car? Is it madatory by law? I thought the monitor would show what's behind?
Gerald Samms
Gerald Samms - 2 dager siden
Donno why, but my favorite episodes, and quite frankly, the only ones that I watch nowadays, are the videos with just Jay.
Guests are OK but I'm not here to listen to the "experts" I'm here to hear Jay's opinion from his mouth. Am I the only one?
Schauer Pictures
Schauer Pictures - 2 dager siden
Say a model Y on the street the other day for the first time and man it’s beautiful
iblongshia - 3 dager siden
It would be awesome if Tesla gave it a tailgate and lift back.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - 3 dager siden
There’s something satisfying about Jay Leno educating me about this car., His knowledge of Steam cars blows me away,
Phiusmes - 3 dager siden
lol, I hate the idiots that complain that electricity comes from coal power plants, glad that Jay is on the same page with me on this one. There are plenty of ways to generate electricity but none of them have anything to do with the actual cars.
Rahul Chahal
Rahul Chahal - 3 dager siden
Completely agree
Thomas Stalder
Thomas Stalder - 3 dager siden
A bit dull, isn't it? Driving a milk-float with a screen and some gimmicks.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - 3 dager siden
27:30 hilarious how he impersonates elon musk answering the phone :)))
Lance Millward
Lance Millward - 3 dager siden
People get mad because they control the second hand market taking away fast charging to reduce the value of second hand product and force people to buy new. Fine is you are a millionaire but the rest of us cant afford new, let alone electric new
500monkeyboom - 3 dager siden
Not a fan of the look but it's a clever piece of tech.Tesla is defeating the oil powered industrial past, so he will have enemies who will want him to fail.
creatorr24 - 3 dager siden
I love jay leno
snibeti snab-xD
snibeti snab-xD - 3 dager siden
That’s a nice tesler
Nasser Al-Dossary
Nasser Al-Dossary - 3 dager siden
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dylan scronce
dylan scronce - 3 dager siden
this man should just stick with rockets to be honest
Cassie - 3 dager siden
Can you talk Elon in to loaning you one of his Semi Tractors? I'd love to see that episode.
C L - 3 dager siden
I like what Elon has done, so far, but Anyone who's built up so much...by Jay here and in the press..human nature says...hmm..be always cautious
Brandon Laswiss
Brandon Laswiss - 3 dager siden
I love to drive my self too But for safety reasons we need to us EV cars trucks buses & high speed rail or hyper loop train EV air travel for long air travel drive using AI most likely there be special driving tracks for driving gas powered cars for fun as gas powered human driving will illegal on cite streets I would think you would be adding a Tesla Roadster to you Jay Leno Garage I wonder if you have a old cars with a old cars with a record players
keco185 - 3 dager siden
An electric car powered entirely by coal has the same amount of pollution as a gas car with 80mpg
Cassie - 3 dager siden
Liked the video, mostly for the girls parents and the Nash bit lol
keco185 - 3 dager siden
A heeatpump is an air conditioner but flipped so the cool side points outside and the hot side is inside
Michal - 3 dager siden
love it !!!!
MrB1shu - 3 dager siden
this is not a review, its more of a marketing video featuring Leno.
Andrew Piatek
Andrew Piatek - 4 dager siden
I don't know about this Tesler, Honder, Toyoter, Hayoonday... Give me some '70s Cadillac, Testarossa, you know, something that doesn't start the plants of the carbon dioxide.
Spencer Wilton
Spencer Wilton - Dag siden
Andrew Piatek I assume you mean "starve the plants of carbon dioxide". Plants managed just fine before we discovered fossil fuels.
Gr8Success - 4 dager siden
27:30 hilarious how he impersonates elon musk answering the phone :)))
Mike Greig
Mike Greig - 4 dager siden
Jay's half Italian, half Scottish roots are excellent driving credentials !
Burt Rochette
Burt Rochette - 4 dager siden
Wonderful demonstration yet again Mr Leno. I am most impressed with these videos you make on YouTube and how you being a mechanic like myself makes it even more interesting. I must say that after all of the numerous shows I’ve watched, the one episode that intrigued me the most was the one where you mentioned how you have lived your life and you always had two jobs. One to bank/save and the other to live on. Really shows character. Please keep the videos going and please try not to get too discouraged when snowflakes make negative comments on your videos. I would truly enjoy visiting the “garage” one day and check out all historical and modern day automobiles you have in the collection. Best regards from your Canadian neighbour.
blueberry smasher
blueberry smasher - 4 dager siden
Jay Leno oozes with pride mentioning that Elon gave him his phone number, andJay telling him he won't bother him unless it's something important. Elon Musk is such a super celebrity among celebrities, even back in 2008.
Ron - 12 timer siden
@pro rebel yeah, thats BS, he should of asked and got double that.
Ron - 12 timer siden
Yeah, i agree, super celebrity, super genius, and super billionaire
-- - 15 timer siden
Pro Rebel Separatist What’s your point here?
Pro Rebel Separatist
Pro Rebel Separatist - 19 timer siden
Such a super celebrity? Oh my f-ing god, what a crock of sh%t that is. In March, Elon Musk wanted $5 billion in grants/loans to keep commercial space company employees on the job and launch facilities open." They also wanted the IRS to give them cash for R&D tax credits. Keep sucking eggs, you'll lay one day...
Fabio Gentile
Fabio Gentile - 4 dager siden
What's really bad is that the dirty carbon footprint of making and recycling of an electric car. The best green car in the world is the car you have now and maintain it well you'll be kinder to the environment. Also fist the car manufacturers force us to buy diesel now electric. Now everyone is an idiot. But clearly many people are to believe the lies
blueberry smasher
blueberry smasher - 4 dager siden
2,000 superchargers worldwide milestone reached.
blueberry smasher
blueberry smasher - 4 dager siden
Thank you Jay for giving your blessing for renewable energy future. Particularly coming from a guy who has over a hundred internal combustion engine vehicles in his garage. That said, Musk isn't done here with EVs and sending astronauts/commercial or military payloads/Starlink satellites into space with his private SpaceX company. His Neurallink company strives to symbiotically fuse neural network deep learning AI with our brains to potentially cure debilitating ailments that have plagued humanity for eons. Faster than sound underground travel via SpaceX subsidiary Hyperloop may one day evolve to harbor civilizations from harmful radiations on Mars due to its thin atmosphere with his Boring Co. doing the drilling. Elon's Gigafactories aim to revolutionize energy storage with automated mass production. Solarcity, though struggling to gain traction, strive to distant our cities from non-renewable energy dependency. Probably more projects are brewing in Musk's head as we speak. So forget about merely comparing auto industry CEOs, Musk is like no other living industrialist on this planet.
Peanut Buzzard
Peanut Buzzard - 4 dager siden
Tesla makes a better looking Porsche than Porsche does now.
88mikehoncho - 4 dager siden
I think I missed it, is this the performance model?
Jason Chen
Jason Chen - 4 dager siden
Sorry, Jay, you got the heat pump wrong. Without getting into the physics, heat pump works like A/C working in reverse: you blow the hot air inside and release the cold air outside.
Owen Hill
Owen Hill - 4 dager siden
Liked the video, mostly for the girls parents and the Nash bit lol
slickcross - 4 dager siden
Jays the man. He's not letting the woke Left to dictate this life.
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo - 4 dager siden
please plant some trees in that area, for goodness sakes, a desert?
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo - 4 dager siden
you are a sellout if you don´t buy Xpeng, half the price and could be even better? Xpeng G3 and P7?
Bill Collier
Bill Collier - 4 dager siden
Love it. I'm 60, a muscle car enthusiust. I just love this car.