Television is a Confusing, Expensive Mess

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At first I was just confused, but now I'm mad.
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Runtime: 24:23


Call Me Conor
Call Me Conor - 15 dager siden
Yeah this comment got pinned. Big deal.
tani - 6 dager siden
tani - 6 dager siden
tani - 6 dager siden
tani - 6 dager siden
tani - 6 dager siden
Vikvik .Quesadilla
Vikvik .Quesadilla - 42 minutter siden
We gonna talk about the Jasmine Dragon shirt or nah?
Jam Jam
Jam Jam - 50 minutter siden
*dusts off pirate hat*
Yo ho
Luxurious Stain
Luxurious Stain - Time siden
I’m so sorry but he’s really handsome.
Ash Flowers
Ash Flowers - Time siden
6:33 pack it up Spencer Reid
Sweepout - Games & Mukbangs
Sweepout - Games & Mukbangs - 2 timer siden
But isn’t anything on tv on the Hulu TV option?
Paralellex - 2 timer siden
What about American Idol but they write their own songs?
Jamie Gagnon
Jamie Gagnon - 2 timer siden
I work on 9-1-1. It’s definitely not like the others (it does in fact have storylines), but I totally get that it’s one of these shows. Ryan Murphy called it a “Procedural on crack.” He wasn’t wrong.
Anyway, love the video as always. Keep up the great work!
The_Royalist !
The_Royalist ! - 2 timer siden
"To watch movies they were always meant to be watched; In 720p, censored and filled with advertisements-" Immeadietly interrupted by a Doordash ad
Bogur Kidd
Bogur Kidd - 3 timer siden
Dancing with the stars has no audience but there are cheering and clapping noises that would be "from an audience"
Bogur Kidd
Bogur Kidd - 3 timer siden
Where is the door under your "hey guy" sign?
Guy Manson
Guy Manson - 3 timer siden
But there's no Sergeant First Class in the USAF and they use multicam now instead of tigerstripe...
Gator Productions
Gator Productions - 3 timer siden
14:35 yea but that means u can switch out bad boxes and remotes for free and u can buy the receiver and remote but then u can't get them repaired
Hoverton - 3 timer siden
Brilliant vid
Hoverton - 3 timer siden
Thanks for not getting political it's refreshing these days, really.
TheOffice Freak
TheOffice Freak - 3 timer siden
my 58 year old aunt still watches cable. I asked her why she watches it and if she thinks its worth it. She said that this internet shit is too confusing. aunt of the year ladies and gents.
Jonald Smithone
Jonald Smithone - 4 timer siden
Only reason I have cable is cause of Forged in Fire
Bra K
Bra K - 4 timer siden
Happy Birthday
TravisBroski - 4 timer siden
I want to be a writer and have the ability to make shows and good stories. Maybe I can help dig us out of whatever this hole is.
whoviankaleigh - 5 timer siden
My parents got rid of cable and we use Philo now. I don't even miss it. I watch Netflix 99% of the time now anyways.
ScrubbinLyfe - 6 timer siden
Rugrats MD had me lookin like Tom from tom and jerry meme.
Macclesfield Grime Media
Macclesfield Grime Media - 6 timer siden
lol what and we get memed on for paying a license fee for telly but we get cable tv for free
encycl07pedia - 6 timer siden
Fun fact: You can watch news and some sports in HD with a $10-50 digital antenna... depending on where you live (closer to civilization AKA broadcast towers = better/more channels). You can get all the OTA channels (CBS, NBC, ABC, Ion, PBS, etc.) and it's not like "the old days" when the picture was worse than cable unless Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter were in a straight line. You still get some signal issues where the picture cuts out, but mostly it's good, especially considering the cost of the alternative.
I haven't paid for cable in years outside of the shit that's bundled into my ISP plan. It's funny because I have Comcast and their name has been damaged so much that they rebranded to Xfinity. That's how bad they are at customer satisfaction.
Erika Reed
Erika Reed - 7 timer siden
I don't like sports or news, but I miss fuel and
Benjamin Scott
Benjamin Scott - 7 timer siden
i love the lexington PD cars 😂😂😂
William Barrett
William Barrett - 7 timer siden
This makes pirating almost seem ethical
Maximum Overdrive
Maximum Overdrive - 7 timer siden
I’d like to point out that Disney’s acquisition of the ABC network was considered one of the worst business decisions in history and didn’t really turn a profit until they decided to adapt a British game show called, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” Regis Philbin would go on to jokingly say “I saved ABC.”
James Kangethe
James Kangethe - 7 timer siden
8:02 Before I continue let me just say G4 WAS THE FUCKING SHIT! They even came across some cheats/easter eggs before other vids would be on youtube. Pretty damn good channel........okay time to continue
brethnew - 8 timer siden
My grandma doesn't have cable anymore, netflix for her
Manectite Magearna
Manectite Magearna - 8 timer siden
20 minutes video just to have an excuse to play KH1 Sora voice
Hazlenut Gacha
Hazlenut Gacha - 9 timer siden
I must say that NCIS is a great show and I miss Abby.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke - 9 timer siden
“And constantly interrupted by commerc...” ad starts playing
Jelighted - 9 timer siden
So we still have cable for NHL
What's the best substitute.
Mad Maddi
Mad Maddi - 10 timer siden
yuoop noke
yuoop noke - 9 timer siden
My parents still pay for cable even though they never watch it, but they STILL insist paying a f ton to have it 🙄
gabe - 11 timer siden
Why would anyone pay for any type of media entertainment whens theres google, youtube, torrents, free trials, etc...
Angry Bidoof
Angry Bidoof - 11 timer siden
I mean, I like watching movies on tv, but that might be because it's easier for me to concentrate on the film with breaks on between?
TheBendablespoons - 11 timer siden
All of this is going to (and already is) happen to streaming once the monopolization and financialization of the streaming industry is complete.
The thing about competition is that somebody wins
Ariana Nehrbass
Ariana Nehrbass - 11 timer siden
Came for the discourse on cable TV, stayed for the Spectrum anti-ad
Victor Moldoveanu
Victor Moldoveanu - 11 timer siden
just imagine that in romania i pay like 14$ a month for both cable and internet... and the internet is pretty good.
Grace Mosby
Grace Mosby - 11 timer siden
Holey Moley was actually pretty fun. I watched it on Hulu.
TheBendablespoons - 11 timer siden
5:28 you wanna know why cop shows are so prevalent? Propaganda. They're popular, like all products under capitalism, because they are being put in our face. We don't get to choose.
Google operation Mockingbird. CIA is a conscious organization and they have their fingers everywhere. A broad propaganda campaign is far within their reach
EBKits10 - 12 timer siden
Peasants miss G4
People miss Noggin
Heroes miss Wine TV
Legends miss Think Bright
But gods miss WeatherScan
Brianna H.
Brianna H. - 12 timer siden
Watching Drew go on this cable-review rant sounding like an old man shouting about taxes is exactly the type of content I subscribed for
Susanne Glasl
Susanne Glasl - 12 timer siden
"you manage to go your entire lunch break without being alone with your thoughts for a single second. I call that a success" - going right for the jugular there, my guy
Susanne Glasl
Susanne Glasl - 13 timer siden
I mean the cop shows are genuinely popular and they're propaganda at the same time. they play on preconceived notions about law and order in a conservative audience and reinforce them. they are as much a mirror of certain issues and attitudes towards law enforcement and the justice system as they are actively shaping these attitudes at the same time. simultaneously they are just plain and easy entertainment. it worts out nicely
Abby Brown
Abby Brown - 13 timer siden
Psst Kid.....The masked singer and I can hear your voice is free on Tubi
Ithsim - 13 timer siden
The original Korean version remains superior
Abdivision - 13 timer siden
Did you plan a commercial break right after you said “movies with constant commercial breaks”. Cause that was both genius and irritating.
PinkPancakes - 14 timer siden
My parents still pay for cable even though they never watch it, but they STILL insist paying a f ton to have it 🙄
lilly may
lilly may - 14 timer siden
hey hey there’s no need to bring criminal minds into this
Scott Kelly
Scott Kelly - 14 timer siden
Where’d you get that Jasmine shirt you’re wearing?
tinkdnuos - 14 timer siden
"because their popular" is not an answer though. The argument you're waving away is one answer as to WHY they're popular. You should reconsider it.
Avery Patterson
Avery Patterson - 14 timer siden
ngl law and order svu isnt entirely copaganda in my eyes, it has quite a few episodes where the police system is corrupt or are the bad guys. each episode is also really intriguing and interesting to watch. though it does get repetitive I do look forward to watching it whenever i see it on tv
Yoltzin Morales
Yoltzin Morales - 14 timer siden
Hell you can make your own antenas my dad does it for a business
Avery Patterson
Avery Patterson - 14 timer siden
when the spam guy looked at the costume shop I thought he was gonna say
"but they're all furries"
Vlue Castillo
Vlue Castillo - 15 timer siden
Yahoo sports app has live free football
Taylor Clayson
Taylor Clayson - 16 timer siden
I actually enjoy the masked singer but good news is that you can watch it on hulu or fubo so yeah. For some reason my parents still pay for cable but like okay
notJake - 16 timer siden
I've never subscribed to cable or satellite and I don't really intend to.
Microwaved Bubblegum
Microwaved Bubblegum - 16 timer siden
Before my mom canceled my cable I only used it to log into the Cartoon Network app to watch cartoons 😂
Cole Ferrari
Cole Ferrari - 16 timer siden
Black mirror
Lockette - 17 timer siden
Wow I'm never gonna get cable now. Why would I? Especially not Spectrum. Thnx Drew!
Colin Hilleary
Colin Hilleary - 17 timer siden
I got an ad right as he said "constantly interrupted by commercials." 9:34
Colin Hilleary
Colin Hilleary - 17 timer siden
Very punny
Colin Hilleary
Colin Hilleary - 17 timer siden
haha no way!
Grace Jewell
Grace Jewell - 17 timer siden
ok but

the iroh shirt 💖
Taylor Clayson
Taylor Clayson - 17 timer siden
9:37 "and constantly interrupted by commercials" *ad starts playing*
Matt Pringle
Matt Pringle - 18 timer siden
Ngl Seal Teams fire tho
TulpechaidoplaysMC - 19 timer siden
Watchmen was garbage though
ImBetterThanPotatoes - 20 timer siden
I use xfinity for cable and I really like it. I can come home to a random show on tv, or I can turn to a channel like trutv or mtv and watch stupid people do stupid stuff. I can also see stuff on demand. I don't know about pricing but I know it's infinitely better than the plan where you pay monthly for a remote
Marilyn Lira
Marilyn Lira - 20 timer siden
So funny that you named Netflix, Hulu, HBO max and Disney plus because i have all those lol
Queen0fGames - 20 timer siden
Cable is one hell of a headache. Like he says, just stick to streaming services.
Btw, the only show I can think of that’s good to catch on TV is Better Call Saul. But that’s already on Netflix, huh? Lol
Dizzie Lazickas
Dizzie Lazickas - 23 timer siden
It’s both. It’s hardcore police propaganda and people also happen to like them.
arviinjoseph - Dag siden
Drew please make a video about Ryan Murphy shows
DJbirfday - Dag siden
also skip and shannon are gems, watch your mouth
Aftertale Fanatic
Aftertale Fanatic - Dag siden
I miss Mr. Monk, it had a similar formula but it was funny and awkward with his anxieties and lack of knowledge with social queues. Sad that people will forget about it or never know about it in the future..
Ian Bowden
Ian Bowden - Dag siden
Why do people even cable
Miller Guy
Miller Guy - Dag siden
G4 got me into an australian show called "the chaser's war on everything" (really great bush-era comedy. all the episodes are on youtube) which i watched all of and now am unable to relate to anyone around me when i reference it
Peach Tea
Peach Tea - Dag siden
NCIS and CSI: Miami are superior to the rest of those shows i wont be backing up my choice but you should believe me
DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer
I made breakfast , football🤭
DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer
dO i uSe mY moUTh tO pLUg iT iN
Brooke Brand
Brooke Brand - Dag siden
(I have iOS14 so Netflix is still playing) I litterly closed YouTube right after this ended and went too Netflix
Lynn Arouna
Lynn Arouna - Dag siden
“If you’re white, HGTV”
My very black mother: 👁👄👁
Lps Questie
Lps Questie - 7 timer siden
My very African mother, aunt and uncle: Did y'all hear somethin' ?
Lychee Enby
Lychee Enby - Dag siden
When he said "constantly interrupted by commercials" a commercial immediately played
Cameron B
Cameron B - Dag siden
My folks still have cable because my dad knows nothing about modern technology. He just bought a VCR and every movie he got for it is something you could easily watch on Netflix in HD.
Squatlemur 77
Squatlemur 77 - Dag siden
but like... the iroh shirt
Molly Lamb
Molly Lamb - Dag siden
is that Kai from Lok i hear?
SupraDeluxx - Dag siden
If you watch enough you realize they use the same music over and over again, because its the only copywritten music they can get, and copyright laws suck. so heres Beetles week again
Chelsea - Dag siden
As someone who is a fan of One Direction I think i speak for all of us when I say our favorite character in American idol is NOT Semen Cowbell
Mercy The Unicorn
Mercy The Unicorn - Dag siden
Drew you forgot about Hamilton on Disney+
bolt lmao
bolt lmao - Dag siden
get sling tv
Altair TF
Altair TF - Dag siden
Internet and other services in the USA are so weird to me. I live in brazil, and i can say, most of the life things are way better in the north america, the general prices and life quality are better then here in brazil. But one thing i cant grasp is Internet. I pay, converted of course, 27 dolars for a fiber cable 200Mb download/upload without any restriction, i can use terabytes os data each month and not get any aditional cost, and even on brazilian currency, its R$150,00 wich is a cheapers price comparece with the average country prices for the speed. USA trully had some weird stuff
alida flus
alida flus - Dag siden
The Masked Singer is a Furry Convention crossed with The Voice, prove me wrong
alida flus
alida flus - Dag siden
keep getting letters telling me to pay a TV licence when I don't own a TV
Angel Malibu
Angel Malibu - Dag siden
my 67 year old dad LOVESSSS tv commercials. like that insurance emu commercial? he dies every time
thoes dielen
thoes dielen - Dag siden
A true pirate searches for a streaming sites for his live sports
Darius Fields
Darius Fields - Dag siden
Frick cable just get an antennas, and watch live TV and get a DVR
TibCon - Brawl Stars
TibCon - Brawl Stars - Dag siden
In my opinion one of the best criminal shows is the blacklist, it has such a unique premise
DammitAshley - Dag siden
I too hate my internet provider.. spectrum... They constantly send me shit for SPECTRUM TV. I actually only use youtube lmao
o.lumma22 - Dag siden
wait why is disney xd just allowed to play jacksepticeye-
katie - Dag siden
this is criminal minds SLANDER that show is bomb
Evan Josten
Evan Josten - Dag siden
Holey Moley was only good because of Rob Riggle. That’s it. That’s the only reason
Morgan Rand
Morgan Rand - Dag siden
ok i agree but,, i hate the government and i love cop shows... criminal minds, blue bloods, blacklist, and psych (a spoof but still) are some of my favorite tv shows ever. i just think its neat 😀
Louise De Wael
Louise De Wael - Dag siden
Nobody talking about the Jasmine thee uncle iroh shirt.

No just me