Taking Ice through the Sahara Desert: The $48 Mil. Challenge

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Czech Mate
Czech Mate - 11 dager siden
Wait, hold up. They gave ice infused with glass insulation to people, who then tried to drink/ eat it? I hope they let it melt a little first.
Timo J.
Timo J. - Måned siden
@Jason Bushland dann you were faster I wanted to Text that
Better With Rum
Better With Rum - Måned siden
what a smooth, some say icy smooth, transition to the Nord sponsor ship. Well done sir!
favoured uwadiae
favoured uwadiae - Måned siden
I just came across your channel today. I have subscribed I watched all the videos less than 12 hours. Good job, Well done! Keep it coming
Joshuahuk - Måned siden
Netflix doesn't work on Nord
Devon Fields
Devon Fields - Dag siden
This would make a great comedic movie
Patrick Sanders
Patrick Sanders - 2 dager siden
I wonder if the VW vanagon is still around?!
The smore emperor
The smore emperor - 2 dager siden
AustyKole - 2 dager siden
I strive to obtain the joy present I'm the eyes of the guys at 9:15
Thegan - 2 dager siden
Even i want to buys from that company now
mr Wambigles
mr Wambigles - 2 dager siden
Click the dislike for click bait stayed to watch
Arenna 75
Arenna 75 - 2 dager siden
They pulled the challenge. How typical of humans to bitch out when they're gonna lose.
Apple - 3 dager siden
spunky samurai
spunky samurai - 3 dager siden
@sidenotes can you make a video on how Indian Prime Minister travels
RYG - 3 dager siden
Thank you very much. Bring a bit of nostalgia upon myself. There was this BD strip from Les 4as, an french BD, about this with there character. Think of it as TINTIN but with 4 young adventurous. I personally prefer it to TINTIN.
RYG - 3 dager siden
Thank you very much. Bring a bit of nostalgia upon myself. There was this BD strip from Les 4as, an french BD, about this with there character. Think of it as TINTIN but with 4 young adventurous. I personally prefer it to TINTIN. I never knew it was inspired by true event, I had my suspicions because of how incredible real the story felt and realistic the story was but never give it too much a second though.
 - 3 dager siden
*This must be the most profitable and hard advertisement a company has ever done*
Catalin Badea
Catalin Badea - 4 dager siden
6:24 "i'm speed"
Chinmay Kudtarkar
Chinmay Kudtarkar - 4 dager siden
Most successful advertisement till date.
shubham modanwal
shubham modanwal - 4 dager siden
Radio lux... Big thumb down....
Khayriz Khaidhir
Khayriz Khaidhir - 4 dager siden
The crew were really kind
MattTheBread - 4 dager siden
Why didnt they put it in the helicopter instead that would be more faster, less ice to melt.
I - 5 dager siden
Why does one not just fly the ice over on a plane? Probably only a few hours on cold air.
I - 5 dager siden
Radio Luxenburg——The Real Pussy
A H - 5 dager siden
Latent heat of fusion of ice is massive. That's why little melted. Also the insulation is very important. Modern PU will keep the ice solid longer. Vacuum panels even longer
akrinah - 5 dager siden
So transition to the VPN ad was so smooth like a skater on ice.
No Name
No Name - 5 dager siden
Imagine if they were paid in that expedition...
but damn, that's one hell of a publicity stunt.
Sefron - 5 dager siden
I knew it was fucking Glava
kick ass101
kick ass101 - 5 dager siden
Who's watching this vedio in between the world war 3 made by chaina.
TYN - 5 dager siden
What a fascinating story! It talks about a man's determination and sense of adventure.
I'm glad he succeeded and even brought some ice back home!
CreamnCoffee2 - 6 dager siden
Back then they would stop, have camp and sleep. Today they would only stop to have a poop and exchange drivers between their sleep and drive rotation. And they tell us our generation is week.
Android king
Android king - 6 dager siden
But why???
Wumboni_B - 6 dager siden
If I had to read about this in school I wouldn't have cared
CuppaJoe1 - 6 dager siden
When you have to transport the block of ice to guerodo town in log end of Zelda botw:
Aditya Negi
Aditya Negi - 6 dager siden
Longest NordVPN ad I've ever seen
Mirai Hi
Mirai Hi - 6 dager siden
2014 - Ice bucket challenge
1959 - Ice block challenge
Vixy - 6 dager siden
5:51 at that time they wouldn't kill them those people were tryina protect their country from france they will only
JINXY - 6 dager siden
moral of the story: radio Luxemburg is a bich
KAI FENG STUDIOS - 6 dager siden
Im gonna do that one day on my yt channel
abi vastolorde
abi vastolorde - 6 dager siden
that french guy that offered dinner only if they were to drive back must really have thought himself as being important huh. what a dick.
Itsuki Cheng
Itsuki Cheng - 6 dager siden
Imagine have never seen or drink cold ice
Jksupergamer - 6 dager siden
I wonder if using aerogel would be good for this stuff
Jksupergamer - 6 dager siden
They retracted their challenge, ironic
Franco Petre
Franco Petre - 7 dager siden
Should have took it on a plane and then sue the radio
Ignas Rimydis
Ignas Rimydis - 7 dager siden
Junwoo Kwon
Junwoo Kwon - 7 dager siden
They should have used Aerogel.
taiyoctopus - 7 dager siden
Wait... So If I have a small business... I can come up with some crazy challenge, offer people $50 dollars as a reward... do all sorts of news interviews and gain publicity from it. And then cancel the challenge after all that???
That sounds like one of the best forms of advertising... Newspapers would want to pick up on the story, because a title like "50 million dollars reward for ice challenge" would sell newspapers... and ultimately that would just be free advertising for your company as you cancel the challenge without paying anyone a reward.
taiyoctopus - 7 dager siden
What is it with people who think nobody will attempt a challenge... after they put a massive, life changing amount of money as a reward for their challenge? lmfao.
Reminds me of coca cola saying you could buy a harrier jet with coca cola points, thinking nobody would ever come close... then some crazy guy bought up all the coke points he could and came to collect his harrier jet when he finally amassed enough. Coca Cola ended up settling out of course IIRC... giving the guy something like the monetary cost of a harrier jet in money, and admitting they never had a jet and could not obtain a jet to award to a civilian lol.
Arsean - 7 dager siden
10:25 *cha cha, real smooth*
Arsean - 7 dager siden
The fact that this expedition began before many of countries like singapore and congo doesn't even independent yet blow my mind 🤯
otaku osu
otaku osu - 7 dager siden
This crew took advertising to whole nother level
Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon - 7 dager siden
10:23 i was think that i work in refeigeration and was going say youd be surprised how you cam move ice i said they'd looks 25% ice i was 4% off
Cazeon - 7 dager siden
Wtf birger natvik. He is in my family somewhere far far back. My name is natvik too. I didnt know someone in my family did this? Damn, imma show this to my dad later and see if he knows something.
potatoes.gonna.potate - 8 dager siden
Can you please tell me what is the name of the ocean between Marseille and Africa? 5:22 in the video.
Thanks in advance.
sweet misery
sweet misery - 8 dager siden
Those people know their product very well and what their product can do. No marketing quackery that's very common these days.
Baby Viel
Baby Viel - 8 dager siden
Wow amazing story
Ocaylle - 8 dager siden
This amazes me, the house im living in is using glava lol
John Maverick
John Maverick - 8 dager siden
Vishal Jasani
Vishal Jasani - 8 dager siden
Transition from Ice expedition to Nord Security was smooth as hell❤️
Rajath D
Rajath D - 8 dager siden
Got to say that french mayor did seem to be a prick
Khai Muramata
Khai Muramata - 8 dager siden
Me: Ejaculation
Snowmen: 5:25
Angel Beatzz
Angel Beatzz - 8 dager siden
3000 kg of ice worths 48 million dollars? Yeaaaah, i dont think so kid
Angel Lozano
Angel Lozano - 8 dager siden
Literally any company every: If you are able to do this ridiculous challenge you will win a big amount of money
Someone: Ok i'll do it
The company: LOL no
Foersom - 9 dager siden
2:53 What? They did not drive through Luxembourg Ville to troll Radio Luxembourg.
1amngstMny - 9 dager siden
Such an ignorant comment about people in Gabon never having seen ice before 1959. There are Montain tops with ice littered all over the equator.
Rafiq Rabbani
Rafiq Rabbani - 9 dager siden
It would be even more better if the glass wool company is the one that sponsoring this video
PikminPro Dabest
PikminPro Dabest - 9 dager siden
This looks like that challenge from Breath of the Wild, where you have to bring ice to the city
pistonsoup - 9 dager siden
No refrigeration, but couldint they de pressurized the catainer along with insulation?
Bart Blom
Bart Blom - 9 dager siden
Gotta say... That was one smooth transfer to the sponsor 😂
Je Zak
Je Zak - 9 dager siden
The map is a modern one and wrong for the time.
Marco Chiefari
Marco Chiefari - 9 dager siden
999 be like:
Prince Devitt
Prince Devitt - 9 dager siden
"frensh foreign legion" how about occupation ?
SR.A - 9 dager siden
Someone does this again but with a 1 foot cube of ice.
Taha Imran
Taha Imran - 10 dager siden
Did the French President really thought that those guys were drive another 3000 miles back through Africa just to have dinner with him? What a dumbass. Glad they flew back to Norway.
Captn Cigarra
Captn Cigarra - 10 dager siden
What a freaking legend those guys are
bot owner
bot owner - 10 dager siden
radio luxemburg = 💩
Akasha Posegate
Akasha Posegate - 10 dager siden
surprised at the lack of Citation Needed comments
Photo Dunn
Photo Dunn - 10 dager siden
Surely you would just used a boat, they existed then?
Thiago Cavalcanti
Thiago Cavalcanti - 10 dager siden
When you said that that was medication, I literally almost cried. That's how my mental state is in this quarantine.
Jauhar Khotami
Jauhar Khotami - 10 dager siden
What a story
PureGoProAction - 11 dager siden
nevermind me, just a Norwegian passing by
EXCALIBUR - 11 dager siden
or they could just vaccumed it
Czech Mate
Czech Mate - 11 dager siden
You know these days some asshole would figure out how to ruin it.
I mean before the terrorist groups.
Nicolas Wijaya
Nicolas Wijaya - 11 dager siden
Plot twist:the ice contains a zombie virus
bot owner
bot owner - 10 dager siden
ebola O.O
Mousebord 125
Mousebord 125 - 11 dager siden
3:00 due to the gulf stream, norway is actually very warm.
Erek Pablo
Erek Pablo - 11 dager siden
seems like a vid to watch a 3am 😅😅
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu - 11 dager siden
Trevor Eklof
Trevor Eklof - 11 dager siden
Bruh people were freaking out over ice man
Stfulolbbq - 11 dager siden
Damn Luxembourg. Crooks.
Shawn McManus
Shawn McManus - 12 dager siden
Mosquito coast
Matt H
Matt H - 12 dager siden
Yeti cooler be like "aaight"
Matt H
Matt H - 12 dager siden
0:33 I dont know why but it tickles me that "Ice Block" is "Isblokk" in whatever language that is. Yep. Isblokk is isblokk.
vonsopas - 12 dager siden
The things people could do back when there was no damn Coronavirus around...
Little Timmy
Little Timmy - 12 dager siden
"icy load"
Nkululeko Shabangw
Nkululeko Shabangw - 12 dager siden
1:30 try me...
Puw1ng 2
Puw1ng 2 - 12 dager siden
This is the most expensive way to advertise a company lmao
NeroKoso - 12 dager siden
I hope that radio thingy went down. Doing such promises and then pulling them back. Shameful display.
George Fan
George Fan - 13 dager siden
Some guy: “My insulation material surely gets the job done”
Radio Luxemburg: “Oh shit retract the offer! We forgot to put ‘No insulation’ rule on it!”
What a pathetic move😂
Renato Oliveira
Renato Oliveira - 13 dager siden
I'll buy a freezer and be rich in that contry
Callsign Whiskey
Callsign Whiskey - 13 dager siden
That’s not finish that’s Swedish
Ali Whitehead
Ali Whitehead - 13 dager siden
Did someone mention luxembourg
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - 14 dager siden
I would just give the man 45₽, he can’t use it here! He can only use it in Britten.
Clark Anderson
Clark Anderson - 14 dager siden
The value you’re putting on the ice is the offer that was rescinded. Probably why the company did that because it’s ridiculous to value an ice at $40+ million. Probably 100k seems reasonable.
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown - 14 dager siden
Remember that Harrison Ford movie "the mosquito coast". He took a big ass ice maker to the Honduran jungles, in order to show the natives what ice was. They walked for about two days into the jungle, when they finally arrived, they met the chief, sadly though when he unveiled the insulation ans cloth, it had already melted, bummer.