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Niko, Freddie and the annoying New Guy (Mat Best) find themselves in a hostage situation. But when the villain reloads with one hand, Freddie's immediately love-struck, and forced to save her life before she's killed by Niko.
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Written and Directed by Niko Pueringer: instagram.com/nikodig/
Freddie Wong: instagram.com/fwong/
Mat Best: instagram.com/mat_best_official/
Heather Lynn: instagram.com/heatherlynnoh/
... with Goon Squad Cameo Appearances by
Matt Carriker of Demolitia: instagram.com/drdemolitionmatt/
Eli Cuevas: instagram.com/eli_doubletap/
Logan Stark: instagram.com/loganstark/
Jake Watson: instagram.com/jokerwatson/
Jarred Taylor: instagram.com/jtarticle15/
Cinematography and VFX production by Clint Jones
Extra spice shots by Sam Gorski
Additional VFX by Wren, Matt, and Peter
Edited by Clint, Matt, Sam, and Niko (yes, it took four of us to dial in this baby)
Sound by Kevin Senzaki
Produced by Jake and Christian

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Runtime: 08:43


MBest11x - 19 dager siden
This was a blast! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!
Jump Jump Clip
Jump Jump Clip - 2 dager siden
Brian Quiroz
Brian Quiroz - 4 dager siden
Best coffe ever buying so many to start the day with a tactical coffe
Hamataro - 5 dager siden
Coffee pls
Byron Thompson
Byron Thompson - 7 dager siden
Of course you beat the kill house time, Mat
Not So Famous
Not So Famous - 8 dager siden
Dr.Chirag Patel
Dr.Chirag Patel - Time siden
Make my movies.......I am fan of you
Baldman's Opinion
Baldman's Opinion - Time siden
3:18 TANGO!!!
MASTER OF GAMING - 5 timer siden
She got big bullets!
amad khattak
amad khattak - 6 timer siden
AT 2:42 and at 2:43 Niko Head band change color surpriseeeeeeeeeeeeee and then change back
An Tonny
An Tonny - 6 timer siden
why keanu reeves😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Angus Zou
Angus Zou - 8 timer siden
The two bullets literally formed a heart !!!
Tan Sioe Luan
Tan Sioe Luan - 10 timer siden
Awesome asf
Bisschen Heller
Bisschen Heller - 10 timer siden
Love how Freddie's bullet was faster than Niko's because he punched the gun forwards while firing
Soumil Jaiswal
Soumil Jaiswal - 10 timer siden
Damn, it was awesome
Giovanni AbV
Giovanni AbV - 12 timer siden
Why is Niko's bandana the Mexican flag? Haha
Banana Ruut
Banana Ruut - 15 timer siden
A better version of the other guys
Roar 'N WatNot
Roar 'N WatNot - 15 timer siden
Great video, fun and funny. Maybe we don’t need another “cool cop” fantasy though, given everything that’s happened this year
Avi Ross
Avi Ross - 16 timer siden
“Jessica, My Girlfriend” lol
The World
The World - 19 timer siden
American Zoro
4TheWinQuinn - 19 timer siden

“TANGO!!!!!!” BLAM
SkateboardG - 22 timer siden
what anime is this?
TJC is me!
TJC is me! - 22 timer siden
Plz make more of these
Sir_Squilliam _Son
Sir_Squilliam _Son - 22 timer siden
Freddie’s left arm is a bit... muscular
Marcus Sundbom
Marcus Sundbom - 22 timer siden
YouNERD - 23 timer siden
Make the glitch 2
Atticus Brown
Atticus Brown - Dag siden
Freddie's a simp confirmed
Simon Bauer
Simon Bauer - Dag siden
0:16 no bang sound fx? hmmm
AlaTom - Dag siden
i love how he throw that big mag away to see the new guy reloads
TheGamingMan - Dag siden
is it just me or is that hostage taker kinda HOT
Akmal Rozlan
Akmal Rozlan - Dag siden
Early access shows is quite cool
EthanSecondServe - Dag siden
Cinematography at it's absolute, definitive finest. Well freaking done, guys
peter jackson
peter jackson - Dag siden
Missed Freddie and love Mat
Parth Rajput
Parth Rajput - Dag siden
I love this series
Ken T
Ken T - Dag siden
That Freddy render at the end though... A true Angel indeed
lukeyjukey - Dag siden
I don’t know how much of the comments you read, but can you guys PLEASE do a Cod Zombies Irl video? I’ve seen so many people “try” but they seem to be goofy. I feel you guys are the only ones who can do it right
Beau The frenchie
Beau The frenchie - Dag siden
Javen Kau
Javen Kau - Dag siden
Remember when Freddi was in rocket jump? Remember rocket jump?
gibboniasty - Dag siden
Does any body have that reload sound from message at the shoting range?
Danz McNabb
Danz McNabb - Dag siden
Wow I misheard "... Sucking down piñas"
Khalil Magic
Khalil Magic - Dag siden
Even Corridor makes mistakes the wrong hand was broken in the car scene.
Matlauk - Dag siden
All I could do was think of whiskey during the good parts.
Jump Jump Clip
Jump Jump Clip - 2 dager siden
Tamás Nagy
Tamás Nagy - 2 dager siden
except that some lines are not clear that cheese or forced, this is the greatest episode so far! nice work guys, just keep up!
Snatchy Snansy
Snatchy Snansy - 2 dager siden
I like how freddie wong is back again