Success Doesn't Equal Happiness // Ground Up 094

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Alex Banayan is an entrepreneur and author of the book, The Third Door: The Wild Quest to Uncover How the World’s Most Successful People Launched their Careers. In this episode we talk about overcoming fear, the dangers of being overly persistent, and the truth about success and happiness.
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00:58 - Success and happiness are linked
09:39 - Defining success and advice for people on the journey
14:11 - Practical Steps for success
18:42 - Advice to land your dream interview
27:39 - Using the Inner Man Strategy
31:13 - The danger of too much persistence
36:42 - Preparing for a big interview
42:45 - Advice for people starting out: the idea of the third door
46:25 - Hustling the right way
54:37 - Overcoming fear to achieve the life you want
59:29 - Quick Questions
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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
Ok this a bit frustrating but there’s a bug on my podcast YouTube channel that isn’t allowing us to upload videos over 15+ minutes. My account is verified & I’ve followed every step sent to me by YouTube support (clear cookies/cache, try in a different browser, update browser) but nothing is working.
We’ve even uploaded the video 4 times simply because wtf else can we do? It’s like when you’ve lost your keys but you’ve already looked everywhere so you keep checking the same places over and over. I haven’t heard from YouTube since 10am this morning so I’m uploading the podcast here to my main channel. I hope to resolve this issue before next week so we can start uploading over there.
Also here's a cool thing! We're now adding highlights if you'd like to jump around the ep:
00:58 - Success and happiness are linked
09:39 - Defining success and advice for people on the journey
14:11 - Practical Steps for success
18:42 - Advice to land your dream interview
27:39 - Using the Inner Man Strategy
31:13 - The danger of too much persistence
36:42 - Preparing for a big interview
42:45 - Advice for people starting out: the idea of the third door
46:25 - Hustling the right way
54:37 - Overcoming fear to achieve the life you want
59:29 - Quick Questions
Virginia Lean
Virginia Lean - 11 måneder siden
I’m not sure if I got it right..cos I’m busy washing dishes but I think I heard u want to interview the Rock.. Maybe try talking to Lilly Singh(iisuperwoman on NOburn ) They r good friends and that lady is a blast on her own, Worth to do an interview with her too and Maybe after that she can help u How to find ur way to the Rock too
Brandon Farley
Brandon Farley - År siden
Out of all the podcast episodes of your I've watched, I've probably got the most value out of! Thanks Matt!
Justin Wunderlich
Justin Wunderlich - År siden
44:23 - Most valuable takeaway for me. Thanks for getting him on the show man 🙏 this is such a great watch.
Johnnyblack3 Reviews
Johnnyblack3 Reviews - År siden
Matt D'Avella can you make a video on laziness
Sihe - År siden
Personally, I think it would be more beneficial in reaching your whole NOburn-audience if you continue uploading your podcasts on this main channel. I‘ve seen a few NOburnrs starting a second channel for specific content, and it works especially if it‘s completely different content from what they usually upload. Since your podcast contain similar topics as your shorter videos, I would assume most people won‘t mind having the podcast in the same feed as your other videos, even if they skip listening to some podcast episodes. Maybe you will lose people who don‘t subscribe to your podcast channel. Also, your thumbnails distinctively differ between your regular videos and your podcast, so it’s easy to recognize what kind of video you just posted. And sorting the podcast episodes in your playlist on your main channel makes it super easy to scroll through. Just my two cents :)
Oddwolfhaley - Måned siden
Miss this show so much. Mine of great content!
Aushaf Widisto
Aushaf Widisto - 2 måneder siden
matt, you should do a podcast with chris do of the futur. that would be awesome
Primrose Mlambo
Primrose Mlambo - 2 måneder siden

One of your biggest fans
Sharmila Pun
Sharmila Pun - 2 måneder siden
Books mentioned: 1. When the things fall apart 2. Biographies: The Snow ball (Warren Buffet), I know why the caged bird sing (Maya Angelou), Steve Jobs !
Mr Incognito
Mr Incognito - 2 måneder siden
I wish I could do a podcast like this
Eloy Guisande Gregores
Eloy Guisande Gregores - 2 måneder siden
Matt you should put links to your gear, afiliate links.
Obri Makkoy
Obri Makkoy - 2 måneder siden
kyo bref
kyo bref - 3 måneder siden
Pllllessr make arab subtitle there is a lot of arab follow you and sport you
Oscar Ward
Oscar Ward - 3 måneder siden
I loved hearing the stories of Steve Wozniak. Inspiring stuff
Kristina Correa
Kristina Correa - 3 måneder siden
I came here because i was researching what microphones/sound equipment to purchase and i was looking to see the one you used out of curiosity but thirty seconds in this interview had me so engaged i watched it fully. Such an engaging conversation!
Logan Sprinkle
Logan Sprinkle - 3 måneder siden
“my died dat at 60, and my grandpa is 93 and he still feels like he’s dying too early. no matter what you’re going to feel like you didn’t have enough time.. so you might as well spend that time doing what you love”
Monya DAWOOD - 4 måneder siden
Rachael - 5 måneder siden
I just tried the cold email template with two of my lecturers for a project they are doing for the winter research program and it worked in getting me an interview when none of them have ever responded. Thank you so much!
Sarthak Girdhar
Sarthak Girdhar - 5 måneder siden
"Who is to say Steve Jobs is more successful than Wozniak" That was so amazing man. ❤
CAPTAIN MOSCOW - 6 måneder siden
It was very interesting! Thnx a lot!)))
Auria Permatasari
Auria Permatasari - 6 måneder siden
Books: when things fall apart
Maria - 7 måneder siden
Liked this guy's attitude but his answers were so long winded and he spoke so slowly that it was hard to stay focused on it lol
Elle Riva
Elle Riva - 7 måneder siden
Maria I agree.
Ziq -
Ziq - - 9 måneder siden
This was a really hard topic to touch on, especially when it comes to his late dad. I admire you guys opening up about such things because such vulnerability takes great courage. Also, I learnt so much in this video especially on the more emotionally driven topic like "Original fear". I am born in a small Asian country where word like hustle is like the 2nd most important language in our vocabulary. Often than not, we work to the bone and suicide rates have increased tremendously, with a lot goes censored and unreported. I myself, have almost gone down that hole and watching Matt videos lifted my spirits a bit.. Knowing that there is a need to step back and breathe, and live again.
Tejender Prasad
Tejender Prasad - 9 måneder siden
Hey Matt you need to do a episode with Timothy Ferris. :)
Mikael Åmark
Mikael Åmark - 9 måneder siden
Alex Banayan, what a prescious soul. His stories are so real and engaging, story-telling at it`s best.
SunnySideup2012 - 10 måneder siden
Matt did the cold email work for you?
Lorenz Merdian
Lorenz Merdian - 10 måneder siden
I have a addition to that lesson with the rocks, pebbles and sand. "After that lesson, a student took a can of beer and flooded that jar with the beer so that all free space has been filled with beer. Lesson of this? No matter how filled or fulfilled your life is, there's always some space left for a beer." -- I know, it's cheesy and silly, but it reminds to enjoy the process of life. Or to put it like Steve Wozniak: "Have fun while doing it."
litt1e cesar
litt1e cesar - 11 måneder siden
I love this channel and I love what it stands for!
Maler - 11 måneder siden
Why in my phone have ads ?
Aimee Bernadette Dombo
Aimee Bernadette Dombo - 11 måneder siden
This conversation has brought so much value to my life today. So many different and enlightening topics that were touched on and I enjoyed the vulnerability that you both shared. (I listened as I cleaned my house and took a walk) it was very therapeutic. Thank you!
Saeid Jones
Saeid Jones - 11 måneder siden
How comes you stopped uploading pod casts 😭
happy elmo
happy elmo - År siden
Alex is way too mature for his chronological age.
n1ghtrider _
n1ghtrider _ - År siden
Matt, is this where you got the 30 day challenge videos idea from?
If you did that's awesome, and so was this episode!
Clayton Harmon
Clayton Harmon - År siden
Hey Matt, I was wondering when you would be uploading your more recent podcasts to YouTube
Millie Mogudala
Millie Mogudala - År siden
Can someone answer this to help me out please? I love the idea that success does not equal to happiness. I love it because it liberated me from the pressure to be at the top at all times to feel a sense of joy. But why do we still want success? Does success mean that it’s a temporary hit and leaves you feeling worse? What is the plus side to success if happiness isn’t one of them? Makes me think why strive for the top to begin with? Why can’t we all lead a happy and mediocre life? I overthought this but I would love some input
Danielle Deutsch
Danielle Deutsch - År siden
This one practically moved me to tears! I loved this guest and his tenacity. I feel like I've overcome so much in my life (I started from a very low level of cognition than most creatives I seem to see doing well--diagnosed high functioning autistic). I don't let the label stop me from making something (it's an uphill battle everyday though as I push doubt off so I can access and utilize my strengths to create everyday, even if it's a line in my journal or notes to a soon to be published blog post). I thought the talk about our deep rooted fears and how to confront and eventually overcome them to push into what we want to do in life was super helpful and it's something I will revisit again and again to really understand what that looks like for me. The fear has been covered in a dusty attic of my mind too long - but I think everyday when I practice yoga and literally sit with myself, no matter what pose I am confronting it little by little.
Linx - År siden
What a freaking great interview!!! And so many tips as well! Will definitely do the 30 days challenge and the Cold Emailing when necessary!
soliyana Tsehaye
soliyana Tsehaye - År siden
I got so much out of this podcast! I like the way Matt interviews, you can see that he is truly trying to get something out of this interview.
Esther Robles
Esther Robles - År siden
I read his book the third door and i loved it
Ivana Di Carlo
Ivana Di Carlo - År siden
Is there any chance to find your podcast on Spreaker?
danz beard
danz beard - År siden
Dang, this got really deep. Cheers to a good life.
Toroi VonMooogan
Toroi VonMooogan - År siden
Another GOLDEN video. Real talk right here
Jason Bell
Jason Bell - År siden
This is by far the most important podcast of 2019 thus far! Truly excellent watch for people from all walks of life. Brilliant work again, Matt.
José Viegas
José Viegas - År siden
If you want to interview Dwayne, start with people with whom he already worked and is more into social media. Use that as a way to be introduced into his inner circle.
Inks Hermit
Inks Hermit - År siden
Next time you're not sure what to say eat an egg roll
Hong Liang Pun
Hong Liang Pun - År siden
Man, you have some good content.
J Trees
J Trees - År siden
I absolutely loved The Third Door! So happy to see Alex on this podcast⭐️🙏🏻
Y S A I - År siden
This is life-changing.
michal g
michal g - År siden
Alex is a really good story teller, which makes this podcast so interesting! thumbs up
Jan Šafránek
Jan Šafránek - År siden
Matt this one is a masterpiece. Period. Thank you for your effort for doing this!
Emma Joy Waller
Emma Joy Waller - År siden
This was EXACTLY what I needed. Damn. Well done.
Gregory Marxen
Gregory Marxen - År siden
I have to admit, Alex Banayam is a GREAT storyteller
Melody Chao
Melody Chao - År siden
Such quality content! This is now my goto podcast!
Leilani Salgado
Leilani Salgado - År siden
That part where he talked about his dad dying was so sad. Mix that in with the part about the rocks, sand & pebbles representing important people in your life and social media and it just gives you perspective and allows you to reflect on what you give priority or importance to. I've been guilty of posting on Instagram instead of taking the time to talk to family members who have messaged me, I've been guilty of waking up and spending way too much time on planning and organizing my posts. When you put these things first, they leave little time for everyone and everything else, but when you prioritize the people in your life then, like he said, naturally you are able to fit in the rest of the things in your life.
Victoria Dondo
Victoria Dondo - År siden
Ajith Ragunathan
Ajith Ragunathan - År siden
Hey Matt. The content in your videos , you and your guests are bringing enlightenment in me and I feel refreshed and positive after I started watching your videos. The content is driving me to challenge the difficult phase of life that I am going through. Lots of love to you and wishing you all success. Keep inspiring !!
Natalie Carey
Natalie Carey - År siden
Hot damn. That story about the last question he asked bill gates... man. What a moment!?
Paul Adams
Paul Adams - År siden
All that clutter on the table. Very distracting
Jessica Chang
Jessica Chang - År siden
I don’t normally leave msgs but I just love this podcast!! I’ve watched your minimalism related videos but this is the first podcast I watched from you. I am gonna have to find time to listen/to some more of them now!!
Elio Azar
Elio Azar - År siden
This might've been the first ground up podcast I truly relate to, often the others are too much about startups or film-making specifically, which are enjoyable but not really related to my life at all. I cannot underscore enough how beautiful this was to listen to.
Jean Dvorytska
Jean Dvorytska - År siden
It is so bloody clear that Matt doesn't care about what the writer says. The guest is so captivating and enigmatic, and Matt is just like a cold fish. More interested in doing the podcast right than to engage with the guest. This really was no real fun to watch. IDK what's wrong, but it is so obvious I can't even...
Anthony Mehring
Anthony Mehring - År siden
This is my favorite podcast episode of yours and actually it my favorite podcast period. This is the third time I’ve listened to/watched it. Casey Neistat and Matt are tied for my favorite YouTuber. Thanks for the great content.
Carolyn Pearce
Carolyn Pearce - År siden
The cold email template worked!!
Zach Marshall
Zach Marshall - År siden
This was an awesome interview. What a great guest!