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Steve Jobs handling a tough question at the 1997 Worldwide Developer Conference. He had just returned to Apple as an advisor and was guiding sweeping change at the company. The full video is here - - this interactions is at 50:25.
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MySSDRocks - 39 minutter siden
It makes me sad, I think he'd be really unhappy about what Apple is doing these days, he was Apple.
z vx
z vx - 5 timer siden
in those last 7 years he did pixar right? man... u now also know you know shit
Augmenaut - 6 timer siden
This guy reminds me of Ashton Kutcher in so many ways.
Troy Robinson
Troy Robinson - 8 timer siden
Look at those CRT monitors! Ya!
Troy Robinson
Troy Robinson - 8 timer siden
Look at those pants!
Inculcated Frankenbean
Inculcated Frankenbean - 15 timer siden
That was a great non-answer, but he placated the heckler in a respectful fashion.
Life Negotiator
Life Negotiator - 16 timer siden
Apparently in don't know English . because i can't find the insult here
Dj Mortez
Dj Mortez - 16 timer siden
0:25 This guy must still be drinking vinegar..
Marko Stupar
Marko Stupar - 17 timer siden
23 years later... Apple sells iPhone with no charger. The vision is lost. Just accept it.
leon wlmn
leon wlmn - 19 timer siden
he's be just so tired and bored in this interview
ImpoliteDirector - 19 timer siden
Jobs is an inspirational personality. Even today.
Thann Banis
Thann Banis - 23 timer siden
Video name checks out - this is the highest quality version of this I think I’ve seen.
duck time
duck time - Dag siden
first, you cant please everyone. (haha lets all point fingers)
then he says he is right.
(in some areas)..
The HARDEST thing is how are you going to sell a product for 8-10 billiondollars for a product... "its all about the customer's(money) ..
yogesh suryawanshi
yogesh suryawanshi - Dag siden
Caffeine Freak
Caffeine Freak - Dag siden
I use my own operating system called "NATURE"...
Cephei - Dag siden
he could have shortened it.. Why ? Because we were not making enough money with that shit and I have 7 billions in my bank account. of course all this wealth and power won't be enough to protect me from cancer. I will be dead at 56 and food for the worm, but i dont know this yet.
next question.
Steve Steele
Steve Steele - Dag siden
This is how you handle criticism. And Jobs was right. Apple had zero clue how to promote OpenDoc. Customers didn’t get it. OpenDoc would have been DOA regardless of its potential.
Mirasolov Klose
Mirasolov Klose - Dag siden
I was expecting Steve to end with "As for 7 years... why don't you ask your mom"
chupacabra20 - Dag siden
In 2020 Apple sells iPhones without chargers.Isnt that a big f u towards their customers?They dont care about their customers since they have built one of the biggest fenced gardens in the world.Evil and genius at the same time...They can sell anything now.
Nikhil Prem
Nikhil Prem - Dag siden
but where is apple now
Al Imran Ahmed
Al Imran Ahmed - Dag siden
He's answers didn't match the question, neither were they straight forward. I agree with the guy he's done nothing but some presentation and leadership for apple( Which was super important but I believe he's *overrated*)
Troubled Waters
Troubled Waters - Dag siden
Jobs was a dick.
google nag the 4th nagger
google nag the 4th nagger - 2 dager siden
lmfao hes a idiot and completely deflected the query
M Khonger
M Khonger - 2 dager siden
Hi from Japan. Perhaps it relates to my own feelings about the internet: that it came out for public use much, much too soon, as does much of the app software now being marketed. People (aka users/customers) spend too much time trying to figure out how to use the technology, and then more time trying to get it to work properly. You shouldn't have to be able to build a car in order to drive one, nor even know how it works.
Mark Villa
Mark Villa - 2 dager siden
Decent talking head...I guess.
Jay Bee
Jay Bee - 2 dager siden
wow... great job man.
Elijah - 2 dager siden
*Best TED Talk I've ever seen...*
Pepe - 2 dager siden
Learn to code Steve
wodmay1 - 2 dager siden
I'm sick of people commenting that how youtube recommended them video after infinity years
Dan - 2 dager siden
All I remember about Steve Jobs is the last words he (supposedly) said in his life just before he died.
square square
square square - 2 dager siden
Steve ..great lesson .
Huckleberry Finn
Huckleberry Finn - 2 dager siden
Steve is a fraud.
Sankt Gabriel
Sankt Gabriel - 2 dager siden
User Centric Design back in 1997.. thats why they are leading.
Stephanie Vaddy
Stephanie Vaddy - 2 dager siden
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Stephanie Vaddy
Stephanie Vaddy - 2 dager siden
Stephanie Vaddy
Stephanie Vaddy - 2 dager siden
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Chandler Meeks-Owens
Chandler Meeks-Owens - 3 dager siden
Jeff Bezos was taking notes
Abdullaah Bin Feisal
Abdullaah Bin Feisal - 3 dager siden
How did I come from watching "Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gatjhe" videos to this...?
southport97 - 3 dager siden
Jobs got dragged!
J Wright
J Wright - 3 dager siden
Steve Jobs has an iPhone in the ass pocket of his jeans whaaaaaaaayy before the hotties caught on to it 3:05
sephondranzer - 3 dager siden
Where as Tim Cook has smoke blown up his ass for wanting to turn Apple into a virtual middle man for transactions... I didn’t even like Jobs that much but wtf...
Proton Neutron
Proton Neutron - 3 dager siden
He was a brilliant product manager. He didn't invent but created demand for existing technology and packaged it so it could be sold, overpriced to a certain market segment.
Ryanator - 3 dager siden
It’s VERY well known that Jobs was a pompous asshole. He did everything he could to screw Steve Wozniak out of the profits from Apple. Pretty much everyone that knew him has said he was a complete dick.
Stray - 3 dager siden
Liams Lounge
Liams Lounge - 3 dager siden
CHENGIS - 3 dager siden
I'll keep telling people. Apple is a marketing company first, and a tech company second
Musirhythm - 3 dager siden
Steve jobs legacy so big that people are buying the same iphone with different names
Concerned Commenter
Concerned Commenter - 3 dager siden
He’s not even smart I have no idea why you guys are defending him he was stupid, but a mad man who had ideas and could give a hell of a presentation, thats why he can defend himself hes good at talking.
Eli A. Underwood
Eli A. Underwood - 2 dager siden
You make good point appreciative your support in knowing man isn't quite good man but man nonethelest and big talking is cover for feelings have point.
RevFilmore - 3 dager siden
"Dude why did you slash a project we sunk fuck-tons of man hours into and everyone thought was the new hot shit?" - "Blah blah blah we just did and that's how we roll and Apple's gonna be great in the future you'll see." 23 Years later I noticed that app from the apple app store that is supposed to import outlook exported contacts can't do special characters.
spexktik - 4 dager siden
If Steve was alive I might consider getting an iphone
MrBriefo - 4 dager siden
I'm a 3yrs late man🤔 not just minutes or hours... but years...🤷🏻‍♂️
S A M - 4 dager siden
0:08 Steve's smile is exactly similar to Zedd's!
See for yourself
Assaf - 4 dager siden
whos the stupid guy who asked this question ?
Fatima Diedhiou
Fatima Diedhiou - 4 dager siden
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hello hi
hello hi - 4 dager siden
Why does he look like Chandler in this video?
Edward Ireson
Edward Ireson - 4 dager siden
the man was a genius business man, not a technical guru.
leon wlmn
leon wlmn - 19 timer siden
how do you call this idea buy an empty apartment without furniture to be live in the perfection world of steve jobs ? he wants just be revolutionary after millions at a young age he just want be known as a men who change the future of technologie , look at his story before comment pls and look at apple futuristic room kitchen home...
GrooveSan - Dag siden
@nargis parveen "revolution technology" while others big companies products doing better/are more convenient but 50% less price lol
nargis parveen
nargis parveen - Dag siden
Jobs Created a Revolutionary Technology
DiamonD OFFICIAL - Dag siden
southport97 - 3 dager siden
He wanted Home Runs, not RBIs.
HouseHoldAdventures - 4 dager siden
Tim Apple is littrerlaly trash
I am just a cook
I am just a cook - 4 dager siden
It's 2020 but i rarely see people speaking like that.
The Godfather
The Godfather - 4 dager siden
"Vision for apple started with the idea what benefit it can give to the customer rather than what amazing marketable technology it is." - Steve Jobs.
Regarding all the bs apple doing with its technology in recent times, Steve Jobs must have rolled over in his grave.
LA Rider
LA Rider - 5 dager siden
People in the comments trying to give praise to the tech employees behind him. They are nothing and a dime a dozen. Without Steve Jobs, there is no Apple. Period. Without Steve Jobs the Tech employees would be working at another company doing nothing special, or not working in tech at all eventually. Steve Jobs gets all the credit for the company, not minions.
William John
William John - 5 dager siden
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Braze Peter
Braze Peter - 5 dager siden
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Braze Peter - 5 dager siden
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Wilson Zlatan
Wilson Zlatan - 5 dager siden
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Ben Quinney, III
Ben Quinney, III - 5 dager siden
Apple genius
Darth Stal
Darth Stal - 5 dager siden
Kieu Kieu
Kieu Kieu - 5 dager siden
BayAreaSun - 5 dager siden
Great question. And rightfully so towards Steve(jobs), but the wrong Steve(jobs) is answering it not Steve(wozniak).
Suziluzi - 5 dager siden
He obviously knew what he was doing.
ss df
ss df - 5 dager siden
ilon musk can kick this guys ass but Steve Wozniak will beat both they ass
daubabylon - 6 dager siden
His management style rub many the wrong way, yet, here we are in 2020 and apple is the company at the tip of the spear in technology (advancement and sales together). The guy at the beginning asking the questions most probably is somebody affected by Jobs management style.
Derrick White
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Blake Bronte
Blake Bronte - 6 dager siden
Beware customer! You are SO much more than the disgusting market place.
JD - 6 dager siden
I had to turn it off 1 minute into it because he couldn't formulate a thought so I said fuck it, next. Lol
B V - 6 dager siden
I dont know how my algorithm got fucked up this bad. 😒
GoodGreedyApple - 7 dager siden
Thats a bull shit answer. He doesn't address any of the questions. The answers are just his illusions shielding him from the reality. I admire those devs who made apple what it is.
fixento - 7 dager siden
Bullshit, he described business and marketing reality, you morons.
chunkylefunga - 7 dager siden
If you don't think Jobs did a lot for Apple, compare 2010 Apple to 2020 Apple. Which one was more innovative?
love violence
love violence - 7 dager siden
He probably got pissed because he was working his ass off and no one even knew the level of complex and critical work he was doing.
SonicBlue - 6 dager siden
agreed , steve jobs was a talker a great one at that he was not a super smart revolutionary, there were many many greater men that got lost behind him and others. The smart ppl were the ones behind the stage making sure his products were working right and the shy ones nobody heard about
InYourHeadChangedMan - 7 dager siden
I like his jeans
司法一路 - 7 dager siden
He is rolling in his grave right now..
Кафедра конспирологии — С Полем Гранеком
His tiny clipped microphone looks like a cross on a priest. Which he is.
Peter Bell
Peter Bell - 7 dager siden
#SteveJobs "... one of the hardest things when you're trying to affect change is that people like this gentleman are right in some areas. I'm sure that there are some things opendoc does... how does that fit in to a cohesive larger vision that's gonna allow you to sell $8B eight billion dollars $10B ten billion dollars of product a year?
One of the things I've always found is that you've got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.
You can't start with the technology and try to figure out where you're gonna try to sell it. I've made this mistake probably more than anybody else in this room and I've got the scar tissue to prove it..."
Jordan Sheppherd
Jordan Sheppherd - 7 dager siden
The question and how it was answered are exactly why to this day, no one knows who the doofus in the audience is.
And Steve Jobs...
Cza Beats
Cza Beats - 8 dager siden
I really like the idea that you look at the people before the product
Jon Ervin
Jon Ervin - 8 dager siden
A good example of a leader demonstrating tact and humility.
Benjo Moreno
Benjo Moreno - 8 dager siden
Did he answer either of the two questions? because I dont really get carried away with polite answers.
J Bakes
J Bakes - 8 dager siden
People should listen to this guy, I feel like he could definitely invent something cool.
forpoczta - 8 dager siden
This just shows he was a sociopath.
It's a shame that our society values and glorifies people like him.
benjerman kovaht
benjerman kovaht - 8 dager siden
so pretentiously defensive. Also a bad speaker to boot
carleesia1 - 8 dager siden
Steve on idiot!!!
Rebecca Black
Rebecca Black - 8 dager siden bill cooper YouTube. the Alex jones show behold a pale horse jimmy dore
Tom Bombadil
Tom Bombadil - 8 dager siden
honestly this is just proving the fact that he was pushing a brand and customer experience. its why macs and crap were terrible computers compared to windows. yet "cooler" to own in a way. same goes for iphones compared to androids. they have to be extremely expensive cuz its a brand, yet androids do the same job just fine
Russel Rivera
Russel Rivera - 9 dager siden
Silviu Tulbya
Silviu Tulbya - 9 dager siden
Talk about thick skin
Oleg de Papa
Oleg de Papa - 9 dager siden
Archbuild Daedelus
Archbuild Daedelus - 9 dager siden
boring jibberish, products have always sucked and marked snobbish "better" for lower quality products.
Huston Haro
Huston Haro - 9 dager siden
My goal in life is to be the one person that claps every now and then
Slender Man
Slender Man - 9 dager siden
I cringed at the beginning
Stickan - 9 dager siden
1:59 that one akward fucker that doesn't know where to start the applause.
Toni Pernar
Toni Pernar - 9 dager siden
So capitalism is about selling something to the consumer, not the best technology we can make. And all that produced by indonesian children for 1,89$ an hour. Awesome!
BS1 - 9 dager siden
I'm done with Apple, I'm done with Facebook, I'm sick and tired of these two promising me innovation, but giving me nothing but slick PR emotional commercials that have zero to do with their companies.
I'm tired of over price cell phones that have just become status symbols with mass amounts of cameras crammed in the back of the phone. I'm tired of new slick names of basic hardware that comes with any smart phone, renamed and re marketed as something new. I'm tired of Steve Cook dressing in all black, and Mark in a T-Shirt acting like common folk, while both companies have more loopholes to play with, so they don't have to pay taxes in the United States, that is straight up immoral, but not against the law.
I would be more impressed if the new Iphone came with suicide nets made from Foxconn, hey Apple have you checked if any of the people making Iphone's have jumped to their death lately? The Iphone 123456789 X 11 12 whatever, how about you stop slowing phones down on purpose, focus on something like making actual laptops that won't overheat or when you call it a Pro it has actual Pro hardware inside. No I'm sick of all of it, there are no rebels in the tech industry anymore everyone has sold the fuck out. Steve Job was an Ass Hole, Cook is clueless and Apple is just a hype status symbol with no substance.
Andrew Saks
Andrew Saks - 8 dager siden
I mean, I make music, reliably without worrying about fighting typical PC battles on my MBP, use my iPad for that as well along with reading books and so much more, attached to my iPhone like the other millions and millions of happy users and enjoy the hell out of my AirPods Pro. But, yeah, I’m super angry about stuff too. Like the ending of Lost 10 years ago. Man, wtf was that?!
Macintosh C84
Macintosh C84 - 9 dager siden
Yuvi Chahal
Yuvi Chahal - 9 dager siden
This guy has potential to become a millionaire in future
Shane Randle
Shane Randle - 7 dager siden
Very funny, original, and definitely 10/10 hurt my feelings man. Great job, I’m proud :,)
Tyranitar - 7 dager siden
@Shane Randle your mom.
Shane Randle
Shane Randle - 7 dager siden
@Tyranitar where did you get the idea that I’m crying from
Tyranitar - 7 dager siden
@Shane Randle don't cry
Shane Randle
Shane Randle - 7 dager siden
@Tyranitar learn what a joke is mr. idiot