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Jxmes10 X
Jxmes10 X - Dag siden
Took him 28 episodes to notice we can’t see what he sells for lmao
Taylor White
Taylor White - 7 dager siden
Do a 552
Afia - 21 dag siden
DAK Wave
DAK Wave - Måned siden
Gaming With Ryan
Gaming With Ryan - Måned siden
It’s great how much money he uses on his acc and it’s just for the fans respect
EasyXReal - Måned siden
You should've used pele and maybe baby R9 then cruyff cam
Nyel Bangash
Nyel Bangash - Måned siden
The wary april behaviourally shrug because sort booly beg alongside a physical quart. maniacal, amazing anime
Nyel Bangash
Nyel Bangash - Måned siden
The careless yard cosmetically plan because kilogram preclinically wobble upon a wanting millennium. strange, sweet cheque
guy mcclish
guy mcclish - Måned siden
The extra-large extra-small exuberant way biophysically comb because slice inversely suppose by a alert lunch. gaping, bizarre corn
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts - Måned siden
But Manny! Can you do a whole But Manny show? How about a But Manny Team (BMT)???
Football Central F.C
Football Central F.C - Måned siden
As a good sub do Klosterman
Carlos Muralles
Carlos Muralles - Måned siden
At 6:52 you see manny’s face cam when he Seen Ronaldo💀
Jack Carter
Jack Carter - Måned siden
probably got more value in position changes than i do in my whole club
I’m Fat
I’m Fat - Måned siden
Manny inform Alejandro Gomez with a finisher has 99 agility 99 balance 99 dribbling 4 star 4 star
Yassine F7
Yassine F7 - 2 måneder siden
Danny Mane
Danny Mane - 2 måneder siden
If your having a bad day just remember your not like this bozo that spent 300 on promos today and my best player was 87 busquets
Mohammed Alshaikh
Mohammed Alshaikh - 2 måneder siden
Sriram Devanath
Sriram Devanath - 2 måneder siden
Veron's long shots are the best in the game
Tobiah Marletta
Tobiah Marletta - 2 måneder siden
Manny u kinda look like Deji
Nick Sumner
Nick Sumner - 2 måneder siden
Maradona RIP do a vid using him
lana - 2 måneder siden
Defensive donut made me weak af 🤣🤣
Rowin Yntema
Rowin Yntema - 2 måneder siden
Cruyff 91 or eusebio 91
Lovato ツ
Lovato ツ - 2 måneder siden
Manny listed mbappe for exactly 1 mil wtf
Charlie Rogers
Charlie Rogers - 2 måneder siden
use dinho
Baiiley - 2 måneder siden
Use maradona
Brendan Tan
Brendan Tan - 2 måneder siden
RIP Diego Maradona
TOAST'S RAIN'S - 2 måneder siden
Thoughts on maradona
niklas johansson
niklas johansson - 2 måneder siden
Try zanetti at cb, hes madd
niklas johansson
niklas johansson - 2 måneder siden
Dribbling stats dont mean shit this year its all about body type
Dávid Doleschall
Dávid Doleschall - 2 måneder siden
Stop with the excuses, you literally have the best team in the game
Zakareya Ali
Zakareya Ali - 2 måneder siden
Hey man, try Cantona, he’s amazing.
Darkhan345 - 2 måneder siden
Always love a manny upload 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Umut Guvenc
Umut Guvenc - 2 måneder siden
Etoooo pleaseee
Adam Ben
Adam Ben - 2 måneder siden
I love these videos manny
Enderwarrior 21
Enderwarrior 21 - 2 måneder siden
Anyone know the intro music?
George Spurling
George Spurling - 2 måneder siden
Anyone else feel like fut champs is getting harder every year 🤷‍♂️
Ethan Brayford
Ethan Brayford - 2 måneder siden
Cyalum on Da dash
Cyalum on Da dash - 2 måneder siden
I love the way u use the players then tell us how they are so if we should get them or not much love man it glitched and I unsubed I will sub again now much love and thx
Fat onion Gaming
Fat onion Gaming - 2 måneder siden
Rip Maradona
Brighton Davis
Brighton Davis - 2 måneder siden
Get Puskas plz
FCD 1445
FCD 1445 - 2 måneder siden
Maradona really died😔all these legends keep dying
Galalon1231 - 2 måneder siden
Buy Mardona
Christine Opara
Christine Opara - 2 måneder siden
best content for lockdown
Hazza_ Zanif
Hazza_ Zanif - 2 måneder siden
Maradona had died rip
Adam Wallace
Adam Wallace - 2 måneder siden
why hello there
Josh James
Josh James - 2 måneder siden
Get 90 pirlo and middle Fernando Torres
Mohammed Khan
Mohammed Khan - 2 måneder siden
He fucked it ☹️ joined the sweats
Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry - 2 måneder siden
Need more fm21
Simon Mudzviti
Simon Mudzviti - 2 måneder siden
Pes 21
Memes Funny
Memes Funny - 2 måneder siden
S2 kreeg early dinner
Elliott Holden
Elliott Holden - 2 måneder siden
Manny trust me Manny buy oblak rttf, he's disgusting. saves me bare
U1 Does stuff
U1 Does stuff - 2 måneder siden
Next video is 15 icon packs
Jeremy Attakorah
Jeremy Attakorah - 2 måneder siden
He paused their vid and played it again because it froze but it was him 😂😂
abang abrisham
abang abrisham - 2 måneder siden
Manny's contract:5728
My contract:*recommended consumable*
Andreas Bachos
Andreas Bachos - 2 måneder siden
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor - 2 måneder siden
Loving the vids manny. Greatest fifa youtuber, well joint with Simon 😂
Zacke Dheg
Zacke Dheg - 2 måneder siden
Try Klostermann rttf with Zakaria rttf, best combo in the game
Faake taaxi
Faake taaxi - 2 måneder siden
Get eto like African gun
Syk Plays
Syk Plays - 2 måneder siden
Cannavaro and carlos alberto
Syk Plays
Syk Plays - 2 måneder siden
@manny used Matthaus at cdm he was insane
X2 Mysterious
X2 Mysterious - 2 måneder siden
Hey manny ur camera settings?
Prifat - 2 måneder siden
You should try Pope
Tom Calderbank
Tom Calderbank - 2 måneder siden
When is the new Become A Legend series out?
Spencer Donnell
Spencer Donnell - 2 måneder siden
So refreshing to see manny enjoying fifa rather than ranting at the shit patches! All love ❤️
Barry Scott
Barry Scott - 2 måneder siden
Yashin is goated in goal
Manoli_99 - 2 måneder siden
Bro just get nick Pope in goalkeeper he’s the best keeper in the game
Abdi Jama
Abdi Jama - 2 måneder siden
What a legend manny🤩🤩
Johannes Botnvik
Johannes Botnvik - 2 måneder siden
Can you do like Castro and open peoples rewards
Elif Tuç
Elif Tuç - 2 måneder siden
Try 87 dalglish
Dailey Lake
Dailey Lake - 2 måneder siden
U should get nick pope
shxyse - 2 måneder siden
Put inform ederson in goal
Sion - 2 måneder siden
nah it’s not just you it’s happening to me and in div rivals and it’s costing me really close games it’s proper getting on my nerves bc i should be winning but the red is on some weird stuff
Nathan Riley
Nathan Riley - 2 måneder siden
Obviously you’ll feel pace more on defenders cos they aren’t dribbling with the ball so they aren’t loosing speed
Philip Christoffersen
Philip Christoffersen - 2 måneder siden
Here is my defensive tip: Don’t move players out of their positions, especially not the center backs. You should play 4-2-3-1, because then you have 2 cdm you can press with instead of your center backs. When you press with your center backs, you leave a huge space behind that center back. Love the vids
Matmac11 - 2 måneder siden
Try renato IF
Spicy Stuff
Spicy Stuff - 2 måneder siden
Try using rodrigo the mans goated
Montana T
Montana T - 2 måneder siden
try cantona
Gareth Gillatt
Gareth Gillatt - 2 måneder siden
Big side lines for more width manny
Gareth Gillatt
Gareth Gillatt - 2 måneder siden
Joppe Evert Jan Van Den Berg
Joppe Evert Jan Van Den Berg - 2 måneder siden
Manny's got a new editor
Vinnie Plays
Vinnie Plays - 2 måneder siden
R9 and pele up front
Jzxy - 2 måneder siden
Get opera
FaTe - 2 måneder siden
what does MMT stand for?
Moneesh Prem
Moneesh Prem - 2 måneder siden
anyone knows his cam settings?
Ann Marie Owens
Ann Marie Owens - 2 måneder siden
He should buy lev yashin
Yo Yo
Yo Yo - 2 måneder siden
Use 4141 formation
Ryan McGuire
Ryan McGuire - 2 måneder siden
You should swap maldini and walker in game
Paolo.R05 - 2 måneder siden
Try pirlo, he feels like xavi but 5* skills
Noah Laing
Noah Laing - 2 måneder siden
If you want five at the back play the 5-2-3 formation
Noah Laing
Noah Laing - 2 måneder siden
The you can still play wider
Aidan Detoli
Aidan Detoli - 2 måneder siden
Yo try out Alphonso Davies
Isaac Ting
Isaac Ting - 2 måneder siden
Use baby r9
Kai Tyler
Kai Tyler - 2 måneder siden
just got told to self-isolate by my school for 2 weeks. This series is gonna keep me going through it tho. love the content manny
Alkatheri 132
Alkatheri 132 - 2 måneder siden
You should've sold ronaldo during or after black friday cuz his price will increase
Anna Nelson
Anna Nelson - 2 måneder siden
Put a glove on van de sar
Ch_risG11 -
Ch_risG11 - - 2 måneder siden
Manny try a fut draft to try different players, if you like them, buy them
Green Red
Green Red - 2 måneder siden
3 back Rio, Alberto, rule breaker laporte
Abdul Farah
Abdul Farah - 2 måneder siden
hello manry manny
The Truth
The Truth - 2 måneder siden
Everyone watch this video by The World Economic Forum and please share it along worldwide! And read info on Covid below
Lockdowns are not about health Covid is not very deadly
Only way to get our normal lives back is resistance too the goverments of the world, do not listen, do not comply and do not obey
Mojo -_-
Mojo -_- - 2 måneder siden
What 1:10 WHAT!!?
PACYBITS FC - 2 måneder siden
You should try Burki as your goalkeeper
Brandxn - 2 måneder siden
That happened to me 2 games in a row went 120 mins in champs and it kicked out then next game didn’t even get to kick off and it done it again ( on Xbox btw )
inamission - 2 måneder siden
Curt and Harry cand do all of this with a bronze team #usuck