Special Ops Sniper Rates 11 Sniper Scenes In Movies | How Real Is It?

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Nicholas Irving, author, and former soldier rates 11 sniper scenes for realism in movies. Known as "The Reaper," Irving says he killed 33 enemies as a sniper for the US 3rd Ranger Battalion. He is the co-author of "Reaper: Drone Strike: A Sniper Novel."
Irving rates the realism of classic war movies such as "Clear and Present Danger" (1994), "Enemy at the Gates" (2001), and "Saving Private Ryan" (1998). He breaks down long-range-sniping scenes featuring Will Smith in "Gemini Man" (2019) and Mark Wahlberg in "Shooter" (2007).
He also looks at modern-day war movies set in Iraq and Afghanistan, such as "American Sniper" (2014), "Jarhead" (2005), "Lone Survivor" (2013), and "The Hurt Locker" (2009). Irving rates the realism of the weapons used, along with body position, stealth, and environment.
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Special Ops Sniper Rates 11 Sniper Scenes In Movies | How Real Is It?
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Tofukid 13
Tofukid 13 - Time siden
This aint a remington this a SPR-28
DGZAY - Time siden
all this look fun till your in battle
Dragon800 - Time siden
Carlos Hathcock is a legend and I believe his story about hitting the scope
Storm8919 - Time siden
The reaper, what an awsome name
jon izzy
jon izzy - Time siden
As a combat vet
I can only get so excited here
Maddd respect
Bane Joker
Bane Joker - Time siden
My boy Timmy was a 2nd division Ranger sniper and he agreed with the majority of this man's opinion
Frosty - 2 timer siden
Limoozeen - 2 timer siden
by the vid kwali i thought this was 80's material good stuff
VanillaThunder - 3 timer siden
I was good with this until he started with the mathematical equations! Seriously, though, all the credit in the world to these guys. They’re out there doing the dirty work so we can do stuff like sit here and watch videos. These guys are true warrior poets.
Wido Hutomo
Wido Hutomo - 4 timer siden
How real is sniper in CSGO?
Siren Thelxiope
Siren Thelxiope - 4 timer siden
This guy is hot.
Barzy brainz
Barzy brainz - 4 timer siden
"Playing volleyball with bullets"💀💀
Jay Seth
Jay Seth - 4 timer siden
America is nazi Germany on steroids. All media outlets work thru Tavistock institute
ShadowShotthirty - 5 timer siden
I just found out Chris Kyle had 160 confirmed kills... man that's crazy.
Cohen Quintanilla
Cohen Quintanilla - 6 timer siden
If the math wasn't scripted, this man a genius.
melikesgames - 8 timer siden
I’ve never met a soldier who talked or bragged about how many people they’ve killed. My grandfather, who served in WWII never even mentioned his time in the service with us grandchildren. My mentors (Marines and Army) were the same way.
Kyle Weckenbrock
Kyle Weckenbrock - 12 timer siden
“Marky mark,” would of been hit a long time ago haha. Straight called him Marky mark. The funky punch would of had one less member on his watch.
Captain Leeroy
Captain Leeroy - 12 timer siden
Take out that cowardly sniper
m m
m m - 14 timer siden
Tell him to stop growlinf at me in my attic huuuuuh
Аркадий Оградовский
Скажи ,можно было танк подбить в бензобак или нет
Themba LAP
Themba LAP - 15 timer siden
Lol I thought u just aimed and take a shot 😂
Max Ter
Max Ter - 15 timer siden
Movie scenes I thought were impossible like enemy at the gates, pro sniper says it's totally perfect scene. Makes sense though too, it's not long range, and for good marksman/sniper is totally possible. Snipers at Stalingrad durring WW2 collected kills fast, since mostly it was close range kills.
Jay_bush10 - 16 timer siden
He does a lot of videos with demolition Ranch
Jared Mumper
Jared Mumper - 16 timer siden
Rumor has is that when Nicholas turned 18 his parents moved out.
Greg - 16 timer siden
40 inches tall?
Adventures with Frodo
Adventures with Frodo - 17 timer siden
Guy is an idiot. He knows nothing. His reporting is very naive. Use a silence as a snipe lol. Pos
Jared chacon
Jared chacon - 17 timer siden
Maybe its just me, but i still think that shot from saving private ryan is impossible
Lil Joe Mama
Lil Joe Mama - 17 timer siden
The only one I believed was saving Private ryan
Aviation Gaming1564
Aviation Gaming1564 - 18 timer siden
Who came from DemolitionRanch
Tasty Productions
Tasty Productions - 19 timer siden
Being a sniper is literally 99 percent math and 1 percent shooting. This guy is qualified to be a math teacher
Andy Andy
Andy Andy - 19 timer siden
Cool...thanks for your service
Vestaxowner - 19 timer siden
He was known as the reaper.
The Gost Is here
The Gost Is here - 20 timer siden
6:22 math lessons with Nicolas ivyring 😂
Leoo Alberto
Leoo Alberto - 21 time siden
360 no scope
Khantzaw Htet
Khantzaw Htet - 21 time siden
I have learnt that snipers are also good mathematicians.6:24
Johnsleftshoe - 21 time siden
“I have 33 kills”
Woah calm down jamal
Johnsleftshoe - 21 time siden
I like how he casually talks about killing people
used condom
used condom - 21 time siden
thank you
booyacash - 21 time siden
That moment when you start to realize that your former math teacher is maybe not a just a neerd and you try to remember if you ever pissed him off.
Finn imerson
Finn imerson - 22 timer siden
Tucker Dale
Tucker Dale - 22 timer siden
I saw Nick so I gave the video the click
Secreto del mar
Secreto del mar - 22 timer siden
He looks like a cod character himself.
eveelsnosila - 22 timer siden
Me: He Hawt!
Youtube: 33 kills...

He still hawt... just scary, too.
Urhan Yousefi
Urhan Yousefi - 23 timer siden
Afghanistan 🇦🇫🔥🔥❤️❤️
justinboiman - 23 timer siden
He’s also on Demolition Ranch if you guys want more of him.
kupper69 - Dag siden
Gut erklärt leider nicht deutsch
Keith Stroupe
Keith Stroupe - Dag siden
By way we were ingaged by way called scuds by way not a aircraft but persons troupe basically pirates hi Chris how's training with old world
Keith Stroupe
Keith Stroupe - Dag siden
By way sarge's confirmed known of but no medals or accolades ever issued
Keith Stroupe
Keith Stroupe - Dag siden
Former appointed to forien exchange Sarge by way eyeglasses like bottle I know had over two hundred confirmed appreciated his presence in less two days time he damn near Hit our guys Kuwait 1980 era our luck his riffle tv screen by way my equivalent msdos infintry close combat
Keith Stroupe
Keith Stroupe - Dag siden
One of best marksmen by way was observation guard no our guys weren't slaves at work only knew him by name was Sarge by way he wasn't a seargent native from Roswell Georgia unlike many others he didn't run
Keith Stroupe
Keith Stroupe - Dag siden
By way in our guys groups and yes ours adolescent from 5 years age and up minimum fore 1923 series groups not date of birth is one kilometer six inch grouping mine two clips from M 1 guriand by way I did work with mountguard and gurka by way the multi gauge watch mising from my murdered son in Melbourne florida was gift from micro your gurka 1970 light crack in watch Crystal your idiots
DingdongGaming - Dag siden
Yoooo where's Matt
Keith Stroupe
Keith Stroupe - Dag siden
Actually none of above excerpt lower south west seers downed aircraft commercial aircraft retrieval forbidden zone by way I used a unknown riffle not sniper rifle proven not proven by my self in actually if is purpose marksmen target proven riffle personnel secondary personnel range by way ours groupe resources mechanical optical secondary and no communications our guys study dumb asses really shouldn't go there one way or other ? By way viewers seek real time elsewhere I don't mind dying but cripled up from backyard you tube not healthy fore surrounding population
Riptide Clan
Riptide Clan - Dag siden
Lets be honest...he def wrote down that math part😂
Jsweizston - Dag siden
Seeing Nicholas on Demolition Ranch all the time and now this, all I can think about is his buddy who got stuck in the hole story from his book. I'd encourage anyone who hasn't read it to read it, it's wild.
Dickie's Beer Reviews
Dickie's Beer Reviews - Dag siden
It's a movie so they had to ....
Sylvia Derksen
Sylvia Derksen - Dag siden
Great video, one thing I HAVE TO mention.
The coriolis affect.
I could explain how this has no affect on the bullets travel in physics nomenclature, but here's a simple way of looking at it: the Earth is rotating at approximately 1600 kilometres per hour. The Earth is also travelling through space at approximately 100,000 kilometres per hour. I will also mention that our galaxy is also moving as well. That being said, any object on earth including a bullet is also travelling at the same speed as the earth's rotation and its movement in space while traveling around the sun. In other words the bullet is already travelling at 1600 kilometres per hour (and the target is too) before it leaves the barrel. It's as if the world were standing still. So you can see there is no affect on the bullet , per se. That bullet will leave the rifle at 3000 feet per second the rotation of the earth is added on top because it was there already. The only thing that would influence a bullet at a great distance would be the normal forces such as gravity , air density ,AKA humidity, wind and obviously other factors such as the movement of the rifle and the target. I know the Coriolis affect has been studied and many snipers even very famous top-notch snipers mention the Coriolis affect but as a physicist it has absolutely no affect on the bullet's trajectory. It's a law of inertia. Inertia, also called Newton's first law, postulate in physics that, if a body is at rest or moving at a constant speed in a straight line, it will remain at rest or keep moving in a straight line at constant speed unless it is acted upon by a force.
From Wikipedia:In physics, the Coriolis force is an inertial or fictitious force that acts on objects that are in motion within a frame of reference that rotates with respect to an inertial frame.
Sylvia Derksen
Sylvia Derksen - Dag siden
BTW, no disrespect towards you Reaper, or any other shooters was intended. I don't want to upset people like you and be at the business end of that barrel. 🌝
Castawayyy Beats
Castawayyy Beats - Dag siden
i play call of duty im somewhat of a sniping expert myself 😎
rothed16 - Dag siden
Didn't do one from the movie Sniper????
ty rone
ty rone - Dag siden
How can he speak about Desert Storm? He needs to stick to his generation.
Chris Kent
Chris Kent - Dag siden
Jesus said he who takes by the sword shall be taken by it. Enough said.
Domain Masters
Domain Masters - Dag siden
You're awesome Nick and thank you, so much, for your service.
Robert Tuggle
Robert Tuggle - Dag siden
Thank you for your service!
Marat Bazynga
Marat Bazynga - Dag siden
Да этож Коля Ирвинг!
Всем Разрушранчикам салам-папалам! :D
Celtic Echo
Celtic Echo - Dag siden
There is way, way more technicalities to being a sniper than I would have imagined. It makes their skills even more impressive!!!
Tiffany Fowler
Tiffany Fowler - Dag siden
Thanks Insider! Now I'm obsessed with snipers! Can he just be my husband ppllzzz?!?😍😍
Nathan Casiano
Nathan Casiano - Dag siden
Demolition ranch
prim77o - Dag siden
33 people killed? So a serial killer...
Amateur Astronomy
Amateur Astronomy - Dag siden
I'm an Indian and this hollywood movie scenes are better than bollywood though, 😁 ik this is off topic
Whitney Davidson
Whitney Davidson - Dag siden
Okay...so when the world goes to hell and things are happening..ya know Zombies....or whatever. I need you to find me. 😁
ϟ Dark Noize ϟ
ϟ Dark Noize ϟ - Dag siden
A killer is a killer. Nobody has the right to end anothers life, a sin is a sin and this dude will get judged in the same respect a child rapist will get judged. Why do your species not Understand this. You wonder why your world has always been and still is full of human shit, is for that reason, you never learn your lessons. Time to wake up and learn them before you are left behind in this 3D world filled with fear anxiety depression confusion and death. Tic Tok
Bas V.
Bas V. - Dag siden
I find this guy so much more inspiring then Jocko. This guy is just as SF should be: humble, respectful, silent pro.
Danieo O
Danieo O - Dag siden
Dude is using a scout and has 33/0 kda pls report for wall hacking and toggling
Deepak Sai
Deepak Sai - Dag siden
Everyone's a New York best selling author these days 😂
Jjg 1425
Jjg 1425 - Dag siden
Did he just say 33 kills? I dont know how he said that with confident.😂😂😂 dude must be hacking.
Jaco Gagiano
Jaco Gagiano - Dag siden
dude.... your no sniper.
CellarDoor - Dag siden
So for context, I’m a double major in physics and mathematics and after hearing I’m really interested in the type of training snipers get. How much physics do snipers really learn? At one point he mentions the Coriolis Effect, which is a virtual force that exists in non-inertial reference frames. In other words, you’re accounting for the fact that you and the target are spinning with the earth, but as the bullet is mid air, it doesn’t experience this spinning and so in you’re reference frame this looks like a centrifugal force, but, since this isn’t really a force on the object itself, it’s really that you are experiencing a force that keeps you in rotation with the earth, we call this a virtual force. As far as classical dynamics goes, that’s some pretty advanced stuff to be looking at.
SirDistic - Dag siden
In Sniping you're taught calculus, physics and several other things. You take into account wind, since it alters a bullets flight path. Especially over longer distances because of friction. As well as various effects changing your scope has on the targetting. In addition to that you have to take into account recoil. Which can be affected by everything from the surface the gun is resting on, to your body holding, position of both you and the gun, and many other factors. They learn a ton of physics related to bullet travel. Less so about other areas. Basically enough physics needed to effectively calculate bullet travel. Distance, time, speed, factors like friction, the gun moving the instant it fires (recoil) and even the coriolis effect when shooting long distance as well as gravity and its effect on bullets. The longest ever confirmed sniper kill is 3540 Meters. 3.5 kilometers. So you'd have to shoot at least a foot above the targets head and still account for the Coriolis Effect.
fariz ascariz
fariz ascariz - Dag siden
hold on, let me find my calculator first.
The 2nd To Last Of The Albino Mexheecans
(Our fundamental tactical difference:)
*Him:* _~does his “beautiful mind” mathematic equations~_
*Me:* _”boomy stick goes •pewpew•!”_ 😆❤️
Aaron Walderslade
Aaron Walderslade - Dag siden
I met an ex sniper once. You have to be a totally psychopathic stone cold killer to do that job. He wasn't. It fucked him up. It really fucked him up. He was in tears telling me about having to pull the trigger on someone he had followed and watched for weeks. Watched them take their children to school. Spied on them having Christmas dinner. Even infiltrated the pub where he drank to gather Intel. All I ever wanted, he said, was to make that perfect shot - "the red mist". The reality was shameful, tawdry and nasty. He threw his medals away. He was very damaged by the experience, but more importantly, he salvaged some of his humanity, and I'd have given him some higher medal if I could. A medal for walking away from killing should surely be worth more than a medal for killing. Shouldn't it?
jlk - Dag siden
Enemy at the Gate. He was timing those shots when the report of nearby shelling was going on. I Agree. That was epic. Nicholas is epic. 🙏🏽
Berry Kurniawan Ma
Berry Kurniawan Ma - Dag siden
It s always better to bring a calculator with you in sniping mission.. just in case of miscalculation..
Quanthur - Dag siden
This whole train thing already happened either that or the sniper Was on the roof of the train (the white feather)
phil dunphy
phil dunphy - Dag siden
If he’s so good someone tell him to 1v1 me at beach no BST or marksman
If u know u know 🤣🤣
ryan doiron
ryan doiron - Dag siden
Good video, now I got to go check my attic
k quat
k quat - Dag siden
Matthäus Hetzenauer - 345 kills. He fought in a real war against a deadly foe, not a poorly armed bunch of peasants with 100 year old rifles, backed by the world's biggest military machine. Boasting 33 kills under those circumstances is an embarrassment.
Crimson - Dag siden
bro when he did the math on the spot in his head i was like bro slow down your beating me even when i'm using a calculator
Sam Miles
Sam Miles - Dag siden
I dont think someone who killed ppl in war speaks like a ghetto born gangster with these hairs.. like bro.. you spec ops.. behave like one or lookt as one
FaZeTonyy_ 3
FaZeTonyy_ 3 - Dag siden
who knows him from demo rancj
Ashamed - 2 dager siden
Guy flies 50 meters when being hit a shot- 3/10
Guy looses his arm from a shot- 2/10 simple logic
GETA LIFE - 2 dager siden
33 kills.. I had that my first month in Kungomona Junhaji
GETA LIFE - 2 dager siden
Some one check his stats!
Aditya Neelkanth
Aditya Neelkanth - 2 dager siden
He was about to give a 10 to Saving Private Ryan. But paused and gave a 9.5 because practically hitting the scope and into the eye won't happen
Daniel Byrne
Daniel Byrne - 2 dager siden
"or after that get up and walk on water".........coming soon to theatres near you, 'the passion of christ....with a sniper'
SethFX - 2 dager siden
what about his tv show in nbc? never came out
Axeamaniac - 2 dager siden
The hurt locker scene wasn't as bad as you made it out to be. You should have known that the two were not snipers just doing some sniper work in a bad situation.
Júlio Lopez de azevedo
Júlio Lopez de azevedo - 2 dager siden
Nice video youtube!
Really interesting
Tomas T
Tomas T - 2 dager siden
saving private ryan ...only 2-3 movies where vin diesel ends belly up....
Technical Death
Technical Death - 2 dager siden
Hey! Demolitia!
Bricknose Powerstroke
Bricknose Powerstroke - 2 dager siden
Crazy the amount of math that goes in to be a sniper!