Snoop Dogg RAPPED with Me and my BASS

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I played bass with Snoop Dogg and he rapped with me! it finally happened.
very emotional times
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Runtime: 11:12


Davie504 - 14 dager siden
M&M next???
Slap like if you're spittin fax too
Raina Bark
Raina Bark - 11 dager siden
Daniel Trasher told somethig to you in his 'nonsense music to vibe'
Heath Lockwood
Heath Lockwood - 13 dager siden
jop - 13 dager siden
Dr dre!!!!!!!!
jop - 13 dager siden
Just a Dog Without Pizza Rolls
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin - 2 minutter siden
*e p i c o*
Nathan Reed
Nathan Reed - 18 minutter siden
is this Pewds and mayas secret kid
Phenex - Time siden
Btw, it actually was almost exactly 420 seconds, because the rap starts at a bit after 7 minutes, which is 420 seconds, and the intro ends just a bit after 10 seconds, so it... might actually be 420 seconds
Péter Legyesi
Péter Legyesi - Time siden
One may think that Snoop didn't care enough, but after 2 weeks the only rap that continously plays in my head is Snoop's rap.
resonantevol - Time siden
All of the submissions were amazing except Snoop's trash. Davie got hustled.
Wallace Sanders
Wallace Sanders - Time siden
Very entertaining as usual.... my eyes are bloodshot after exposure to Snoop’s clip
Manigoldo De Cáncer
Manigoldo De Cáncer - 2 timer siden
4:00 The best Obviously along with snoop, greetings from chili
Theo Radimo
Theo Radimo - 3 timer siden
3:23 Chris Griffin raps
AntonioManiglia - 4 timer siden
Ma te quando pensi, pensi in inglese o in italiano?
Aquay - 4 timer siden
fun fact: he paid a little over $360, as this video is probably from cameo and snoop dogg costs $360 on cameo
DJ Dipstick
DJ Dipstick - 6 timer siden
4:23 This guy did really good but like.. r slur :(
Lino Alberto Cruz Laureano
Lino Alberto Cruz Laureano - 7 timer siden
7:17 para la raza que habla español aquí está lo que buscas
Enigmágico Gaming and Puzzles
The cat one had me crying from joy. EPIC SLAPP
Fairfields - 8 timer siden
My nan could rap better than this it was beyond god awful wack! My 2yr old niece could do a better job!
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt - 8 timer siden
Davie Is one of those guys where if he doesn’t smoke weed he should because he could totally get away with it
Mario Contreras
Mario Contreras - 9 timer siden
Great job everyone, that was fun!
Asia Gun
Asia Gun - 9 timer siden
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt - 8 timer siden
I approve of you literally putting Snoop's rap part in 420 seconds after the intro like it says right before the introduction
Holden's Shop
Holden's Shop - 9 timer siden
I feel like snoop wants you.....
dope _
dope _ - 9 timer siden
shits trash
Joseph Jay Rivas
Joseph Jay Rivas - 11 timer siden
Ow d pianow!
bjsmith503 - 12 timer siden
For the record... Macho Man Randy Savage was the cream of the crop. Not Hulk Hogan.
PHX_Firefly - 12 timer siden
My favourite one was the cat guy
Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez - 13 timer siden
Yo snoop was definitely on crack there but that drug made him rap guud
Mikeingyu - 13 timer siden
Mike Choe had the funkiest rap.
Stefan Peter Wolf
Stefan Peter Wolf - 14 timer siden
Immediately liked the first one, great performance!
Dejan Batajic Bataja
Dejan Batajic Bataja - 15 timer siden
He payd Snoop dog like $700 I think
Abongeh Achondombom Nshom
Abongeh Achondombom Nshom - 15 timer siden
Y’all calling snoop out failing to know that he actually did a “FREESTYLE “ everyone else wrote a verse for this 😏
Inko Speeder
Inko Speeder - 15 timer siden
my favourite rap was this one ; 8:19

O N L Y B A S S ! ! !
Wryukeng - 15 timer siden
actually the snoop was the weakest of all the submissions :D IMO
Zach Dean
Zach Dean - 16 timer siden
just about 100,000 likes to go. Im genuinely curious how much Snoop Charged for that. lol
Blake Lawrence
Blake Lawrence - 16 timer siden
And he made an advert for just eat
Bob's Uncle Bob
Bob's Uncle Bob - 17 timer siden
I approve of you literally putting Snoop's rap part in 420 seconds after the intro like it says right before the introduction
Carter S
Carter S - 17 timer siden
Snoops hittin different
Jamidi Longkumer
Jamidi Longkumer - 17 timer siden
F bomb🤣🤣🤣 I like it 👍
Hemcol Dichongta
Hemcol Dichongta - 17 timer siden
I came here for JP
Jo Gagnon
Jo Gagnon - 18 timer siden
i would like to see a vid of you and les Claypool together . it woul be crazy!!!
Ramen Musix
Ramen Musix - 19 timer siden
gotta love the cat man he killed it
superblonde - 19 timer siden
07:20 somebody mention the pocket? snoop dog being so deep in the pocket? somebody bass player say something about the pocket, the pocket ?? how deep snoop was in the pocket ?? eh??
Justin Last
Justin Last - 19 timer siden
Snoop Dogg is a soyboy fraud that made a fortune rapping about a life he never lived.
Thomas Atkinson
Thomas Atkinson - 20 timer siden
Snoop dog that was the laziest trash Ive ever heard.
Todd - 20 timer siden
Huh... I think Snoop is getting a little old. Kinda reminded me of my pathetic elementary rapping attempts.
Hogboy - 20 timer siden
So cringe
Karlo Markovic
Karlo Markovic - 20 timer siden
The piano was amazing just amazing
P P - 20 timer siden
gdbol - 21 time siden
first guy actually had bars
Aryan Tah
Aryan Tah - 21 time siden
Unpaid singers on youtube are much better than paid singers in fiver.
Royalty - 21 time siden
i only came here for snoop 7:15
astro bear
astro bear - 21 time siden
Who else set their expectations for snoop a little two high and got disappointed. If so you can like this comment
Aerial - 22 timer siden
Snoops freestyle, then Norman, Mike and Chris...But all of them were EPIC..
Even Vega
Even Vega - 23 timer siden
Is it racist that I got a pasta advertisement while watching this?😂
Dustin Strongin
Dustin Strongin - 23 timer siden
I got exactly what I wanted out of this.. Fun.
oscar sanchez sanchez
oscar sanchez sanchez - 23 timer siden
Snoop dog is a shit rapper he can suck me like he does his bongs
William Roark
William Roark - 23 timer siden
YOU did MIX the "Snoop Tracks" Davie504....... 
(got to keep it REAL!!!.....)
EPIC "SLAPPING" my Brother!!!
(I've been A FAN for years)
NotAProfessional - 23 timer siden
Cat song!!!!!!!
Nathan Redd
Nathan Redd - Dag siden
Now that's one funky beat.... Love it.
Julian Santaguida [Student]
M&m davie that is not how you say his name his name is spelled Eminem he is a American rapper
Krptc •
Krptc • - 19 timer siden
issa joke
proxy one
proxy one - Dag siden
He liked first one most because he said quit guitar. lol
Daniel Rodríguez
Daniel Rodríguez - Dag siden
Joe Steadman
Joe Steadman - Dag siden
"I'll meet you in the car.
Standing by the bar." - Snoop
This dude is just saying shit. Lmfaoooo
Patricia Reid
Patricia Reid - Dag siden
Snoop was mediocre, and that's being generous.
ScRr AwLeR
ScRr AwLeR - Dag siden
The cat guy for me :D
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - Dag siden
the cat guy was definitely the best for my opinion, still can't believe this came to my recommendations just now, wish i got it earlier, this rap compilation was completely FIRE!
TechnoAlliance1 - Dag siden
Norman David won
Kevin G
Kevin G - Dag siden
This entire video was beyond epic and entertaining! SOGOOD!
SkaMasta097 - Dag siden
8:10 Davie504 paid Snoop Dogg $420.69 to record that rap.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - Dag siden
When davie hit that part in his NOburn career where he dyes his hair
Immortal - Dag siden
I will just leave a comment here.
John Marck Balangon
John Marck Balangon - Dag siden
F, I didn't no this was a christian channel.
Generic Metal Head
Generic Metal Head - Dag siden
Love your content Davie but I don’t appreciate you making fun of guitar players I don’t only play guitar but I can slap bass like I slapped that like button OMG
Christoph Reier
Christoph Reier - Dag siden
Davie if u didn’t pay him $420 I’m unsubbing not even kidding I’ll do it and there’s nothing u can do to stop me
The Liam Effect
The Liam Effect - Dag siden
Anyone wanna join my band?
Jesse Swartz
Jesse Swartz - Dag siden
Mike choe.
BNFA 713TX - Dag siden
Damn the kid on the bass was 100 times better than Dave you should just give up after that
Arnav Behari
Arnav Behari - Dag siden
Snoop Dogg was like yeah whatever here is some random stuff that come to my mind. You didn't pay me enough to care.
Taina Caragol
Taina Caragol - Dag siden
Davie never smiles
Thomas Gladders
Thomas Gladders - Dag siden
Well Mate
Well Mate - Dag siden
"meet you in the car, standing by the bar"
This playa got a bar in his car?!
Jeiku Jonzu
Jeiku Jonzu - Dag siden
People keep shitting on Snoops rap, but Snoop was one of the only ones who gave the track room to breath. It's not just about how fast you can rap, a rap can be absolute fire if it flows well and mixes into the track
Mr.X Psychopath
Mr.X Psychopath - Dag siden
I actually liked snoops part
Atchara ong
Atchara ong - Dag siden
5:20 Is the best. 7:15 Why snoop dog is worse than Cat guy
Alan Joesph
Alan Joesph - Dag siden
When davie hit that part in his YouTube career where he dyes his hair
Lil RT
Lil RT - Dag siden
For a second I thought the cat guy was Shane Dawson-
Smiling Buddha
Smiling Buddha - Dag siden
Snoops version was actually probably the worst lol......Having said that with enough time he would smash the competition and he probably freestyled it in one take.
william shafer
william shafer - Dag siden
U very violent person; I not like :( stop slapping its so rude!
rockgodsmash - Dag siden
These are epico. LMAO
The Genius Fool
The Genius Fool - Dag siden
I like the dude with glasses and red headphones the most
GODisAll - Dag siden
The E -Piano is amazing, and so is the sax!!
Roland Ron Bantilan
Roland Ron Bantilan - Dag siden
Davie is the messiah of the music industry
FBI OPEN UP - Dag siden
I loved the trumpet one
Tony Christo
Tony Christo - Dag siden
who else think that the last one is EPIC (trumpet guy with not much equipment).
Richard Petty
Richard Petty - 7 timer siden
He was bustin' some serious jazz chops.
Rocky Paragoso
Rocky Paragoso - Dag siden
The kitty song is EPIC!
Licht - Dag siden
the fact snoop is absolutely cooked adds a whole new element to the video that is just too amazing to describe
IAmTheSouk - Dag siden
This video was so good
Kolrono 431
Kolrono 431 - Dag siden
11:10 OMG
The Cozy one
The Cozy one - Dag siden
When did you lost all your emotions?
Rye Cabrales
Rye Cabrales - Dag siden
when did jesus started rapping
Lesly Delion
Lesly Delion - Dag siden
4:00 was the best
Bob - Dag siden
7:09 Thanks me later...
Fuk Hue
Fuk Hue - Dag siden
Obviously an album would be a good idea. I hope Snoop feels the same way. Davie's videos may be comical but the playing isn't. He is very sellable as a musician and a celebrity. I think a colab with Snoop and other great Rap and Funk Artists doing an album together like Santana did with Supernatural would be great.
Ckylle Lyrics
Ckylle Lyrics - Dag siden
I just learn right now that the young Sylvester Stallone can slap a bass guitar.