Slow Fashion // Ground Up 092

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I talked with Dani Nagel, a fashion designer and owner of the brand Dazey. We discussed making the leap from full-time employee to full-time business owner, the slow fashion movement to create ethical and sustainable clothing, and the crisis of authenticity on social media.
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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
I'm moving to podcast to a new channel:
Giuseppe Collia
Giuseppe Collia - År siden
this link is broken but the one in the description works
Spooky Carrie
Spooky Carrie - År siden
Purgatrio - År siden
I would suggest keeping it on this channel. I, as well as many others, only really began watching the podcast because I was subscribed to this channel, and it was coming up in my subscription feed. Of course, I've subscribed to the new channel and will continue to follow the podcast, but if you were to get a new subscriber, and that subscriber had to actively go to a separate channel to get to the podcast, then they'd be less likely to bother. It's a small thing, but on the internet (where things are almost instant and a lot is done for you) having that extra step in place could make an impact. Just some advice. If you choose to keep it on the other channel, then that's cool, too. Anyway, great video, and I'm looking forward to the next one. :)
Raul bararata Mandalay999
Subscribed ¡👍🏽
Chris Rudsdale
Chris Rudsdale - År siden
Go to his Patreon and do the maths...
Ezekiel Short
Ezekiel Short - 3 måneder siden
I went to school w/Dani – hi, Dani! Happy for ya – looking good (thought she looked familiar)
just blue
just blue - 4 måneder siden
Dani says to/too/do/shoot, many words U-containing so beautifully
mason s.
mason s. - 4 måneder siden
Fun fact: Victorian houses have very few closets. While you are always told this is because closets used to be taxed as rooms, it's also because many people only had 2-3 outfits to change into.
arissa pan
arissa pan - 5 måneder siden
Hi— just a quick tip, I used to use good on you (ethical rating app), but have since discovered that their ratings are done by volunteers (the whole app itself is basically run on volunteer work), which is sort of the opposite of ethical labor. Their rubric which they use to rate brands is also quite flawed and the accuracy of their ratings are not always accurate. There is a post by Aja Barber on Instagram where she dives deeper into why Good on You is not that great.
KataGan - 5 måneder siden
Our second hand clothes are dumped in the third world in bales and sold cheap. This is undermining the local industries.
Emily Walker
Emily Walker - 7 måneder siden
30:30 OMG I feel absolutely the same (crying)
Ali Reza Naseri
Ali Reza Naseri - 10 måneder siden
what a boring guest 😴
oh im sorry
a woke guest 🤮
Mon Avis
Mon Avis - År siden
Just watched the movie " The True Cost" by Andrew Morgan. I am proud to announce that I have never purchased an item from " fast fashion " chains. This was a huge relief. So I hope the rest of you boycott these chains also. On wikipedia there is a list of all fast fashion brands. Please boycott them. Here is the link to the movie :
Movie Geek
Movie Geek - År siden
So is no one going to talk about the frame of young Dwayne Johnson at 1:13 ?
Emil Shibu
Emil Shibu - År siden
I have a doubt. If we are producing only 10 or so items at a time, won't the number of times the manufacturing process happens increase? Won't that lead to less optimization and more pollution and energy output?
Same doubt for the t-shirt printing process, there are a lot of chemicals involved within that process. So even though the quantity produced is less, the number of batch production increases right?
How do we come around this? I think extensive market analysis can only help so much.
What do you guys think?
Lashes&Lipgloss !!
Lashes&Lipgloss !! - År siden
Matt, I want to clone you.
Catherine3385 - År siden
I care about fashion, I want to look stylish and the best I can. I never buy cheap clothing that wont last, but not real expensive, I can't afford it, I buy what I can afford and what I need. I really don't understand how people can handle huge walk in closets full to the brim and then clothing in other closets also. I want to open my closet, that is not stuffed and enjoy everything in there and actually wear it for a long time.
captainjb - År siden
I love the fact that these two look so different from each other. Matt's clothing/appearance is simple and minimal and Dani's just on the other side decorated in bright colors.
Gitoya Tyndale
Gitoya Tyndale - År siden
Pay pay pay I forgot about the comment box
adriana vaca
adriana vaca - År siden
DazeyLA is a great brand! I'm an ambassador for them and LOVE the design and mentality behind the brand. Shop using "ADRI10" at checkout for 10%!
Clara Dourado
Clara Dourado - År siden
She’s amazing! I loved the topic :)
hollihobbi1230 - År siden
She looks JUST like Teddy Geiger!! Holy Crap!
Diana Cassaro
Diana Cassaro - År siden
The Good Trade website, is an awesome website that shows ethical and sustainable brands. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Once I saw a bee drown in honey and I understood
So where do the units that don't sell go?
Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock - År siden
American always project the opposite of who they are in real life. Like they always project themselves as fashion conscious but you look at the typical American, they dress trash. It's like on FB, they're politically correct but if they are with themselves, they are their true racist selves!
Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock - År siden
How about an "ethical toothbrush"? Use a second hand toothbrush
Tube82ful - År siden
superb and tq
aberu - År siden
this is the first ground up podcast that i've ever listened/watched and i love it!
i listened to this while working and it was so refreshing
ira guevarra
ira guevarra - År siden
Finally had the time to listen/watch this after Puna. Love these bad ass women on the pod !! 💕
Cecil - År siden
I'm so glad I came across this channel!!!!! keep it up Matt!
Alyona A
Alyona A - År siden
Anybody read Naked economics? I think, it’s a little hypocritical to talk about bad corporations and poor workers and not to mention that fast fashion provides jobs to these people. You might say, these jobs aren’t luxurious, but slow fashion doesn’t provide any jobs for poor countries. I don’t say, that it justifies fast fashion, but I think that the argument about poor workers is weak.
Christopher Patrick
Christopher Patrick - År siden
I just bought my first new winter jacket in ten years. Keep it simple, neutral, and high quality and it will last a decade.
I still haven't gotten rid of it. I'm going to use it as an outer layer to protect my other clothing while I do yard work so it will still have a few more years of life in it.
After that I'm going to find a way to recycle it.
PM - År siden
I thought this was teddy geiger
Ana Carolina Andrade Damasceno
Could swear it was Teddy Geiger on the thumb, I clicked.
Chris Hume
Chris Hume - År siden
love this.
le petit pauper
le petit pauper - År siden
Her clothes are a pretty pricey. They're cute, but not really my style (I like to wear a bit more cutesy/lolita/larme style clothing). For those like me who either can't afford the clothes or don't really like the style, try thrifting! It might take more time or energy, but it's fun and slightly more sustainable/eco-friendly than buying new clothes!
Caithlin Hunt
Caithlin Hunt - År siden
Is that actually the young The Rock photo?
Hennessy - År siden
I don’t know how to say this, the more you engage in conversation to each other, the more I have felt you are like already know a very long time, like, close friend (long lost close friend 😅) you’re both just click to each other in this conversation. I like this podcast more than more😆
fungus - År siden
Love her! Great podcast.
Also love the framed picture of the Rock 😂
Dong Montemar
Dong Montemar - År siden
Love this episode! Would you be able to interview an architect and his/her creative process? Thanks Matt!
I'm not shouting.
Summer Warrior
Summer Warrior - År siden
picture of the rock with the fanny pack in the background
Aygül Muradova
Aygül Muradova - År siden
Hi Matt! I'm learning English,so excuse me for mistakes. I'd like to be a minimalist,but as I go to school, I have lots of books,workbooks,fails. Of course,I try to use only necessary things. I'm going to change my wardrobe to find my style. Could you make a video about a minimalism for students learning in school??
Samantha Yong
Samantha Yong - År siden
Just want to say that this helped fuel my motivation again
beanzingaa - År siden
Build - År siden
hey Matt, im only 10 yet still love the idea of minimalism and your videos. is that weird?
La Licorne Payete
La Licorne Payete - År siden
May I ask why she always pointed out the FEMALE entrepreneurs, like if you want equality then do like it is already here, and I am a female but just pointing it out just makes it look more sexist then it should be like «  here is something I support BECAUSE she is a FEMALE entrepreneur »like isn’t sexism treating people differently because of their gender ?
Joe - År siden
Matt D’Vella did you graduate from Voorhees High school? I’m a freshman now.
Bel A
Bel A - År siden
12 minutes into the podcast, and I noticed the picture on the top right hand corner, haha.
Mário Spinelli
Mário Spinelli - År siden
Hello Matt, Your channel is amazing... I'm trying to avoid us social networks, but I got addicted in your youtube channel. LoL
It will be nice if you upload your podcast to Deezer too. Cheers from Brazil =)
rdify - År siden
Hey Matt would love to connect, my name is Raghav and I made my first $1.1m at 15 years old and also got a meeting with Gary V in his office (also was in his vlog) just this July. Been watching your content and it's spectacular bro! Keep it up and I look forward to watching more of it in the future! My IG is @rdify for proof by the way.
Chris Powell
Chris Powell - År siden
Matt, from watching your videos over the course of one month you create great content - but if you’ve noticed your viewership is higher when your content is about you and not others.
Nathaniel Green
Nathaniel Green - År siden
DAZEY LA >>> not daisydaisy. Jumped to Google early to take a look and thought I had the right thing up until the end...
Malcolm Alexander
Malcolm Alexander - År siden
another great podcast matt 👍👍👍 love what your doing!
motivated me to start a podcast myself thanks!
Vanargand - År siden
She looks like a pain in the ass.
Gregor Granoux
Gregor Granoux - År siden
I was looking for a nice durable T-Shirt for around 10$ and then looked up JCrew but they are like 30$ a shirt. Can anybody recommend other T-Shirt brands?
Wearing GILDAN right now its not bad ...
btw looking for basic tshirts #student
little.kitten - År siden
7:42 Question the premise of our economy. Why are we allowing our current pseudo-capitalist framework to reward perpetual, destructive, senseless production & consumption? And yet we make impossible and penalize those who devote themselves to caring for one's own family - children, the elderly, the infirm.
PixelFiend - År siden
SJW shirts.
Vamsi Krishna
Vamsi Krishna - År siden
Matt- *makes the slightest bit of sense*
lol no hate ...just found it funny..
Natalia Świętoniowska
Great channel, great episode, great message :)
iko - År siden
omg I just noticed the Rock picture on the background hahahah
Strolling Through Life
Dani and her brand are great!!! So glad you featured her on the podcast! :)
Candice L
Candice L - År siden
She, like, sounds like Drew Barrymore! Love the content, wish that sustainable swimwear was affordable. In New Zealand an eco-aware bikini top (not the bottom, just the top) is $119. If you have to eat as well as swim then unfortunately one does end up choosing an awful brand.
sammybelove - År siden
OMG DANI!!!! Love her somuch
Kendra Kinter
Kendra Kinter - År siden
Love DazeyLA! Such a great podcast!