Should I keep it?

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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 06:23


Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
Thanks to Colin & Samir for helping me out this week! We're going to film a video on Monday announcing the winner so stay tuned for that. Be sure to subscribe to their channel:
Now go out and create something awesome!
kalu kampala
kalu kampala - År siden
good afternoon matt D '. It could be my sponsorship for 200,000 subscribers on my youtube channel today! my youtube channel has 15 video and my channel name alberto simoes constantino
kalu kampala
kalu kampala - År siden
Aria Blossome
Aria Blossome - År siden
I want it
Pato Gargini
Pato Gargini - År siden
Hi, great idea! I think the price will be more valuable if the winner can have a 1on1 talk with Matt, for 1 or 2 hours!
MisterGiant - År siden
Being a sub to Colin and Samir should have been a requirement! That channel is sooooo underrated!
Zayana Ekram Chowdhury
Zayana Ekram Chowdhury - 3 måneder siden
Matt be like: I haven't made my mind up . Should I keep it?(should I keep it?)
Aaron Chamberlain
Aaron Chamberlain - År siden
Hey that is Ben from Banger’s
Inks Hermit
Inks Hermit - År siden
Wait just hang it on the ceiling and once you finally look up you'll be like "Oh yeah that milestone"
Inks Hermit
Inks Hermit - År siden
If you strive to go higher melt it down turn it into something else because you'll might get a diamond play button.
edit; Youtube would like to know your location- oh wait....
Madison Young
Madison Young - År siden
pseudo-celeb youtubers..dude, nobody wants your signed play button. Get over yourself! I'm a new subbie who had been loving your content, but I lost a little respect with this one
François A.
François A. - År siden
Please stop talking and recording yourself when you drive. You're supposed to pay attention to what you are doing when you are at the wheel.
kalu kampala
kalu kampala - År siden
hundred thousand
Hello Jk
Hello Jk - År siden
I like to think the plaque being belted in represents all of us (:
Rocio Monserrátt
Rocio Monserrátt - År siden
Ahh yes shift the clutter I see you matt
theslk28 - År siden
Susan won't be impressed
راشد الدوسريي .
Arabic translation ?
Venus and Bluebells
Venus and Bluebells - År siden
You look like a minimalist Vsauce
Securedmemories ofshivalik
Nope you shouldn’ are a minimalist.!
And I’m sure you don’t like cheese either.
Daniel Barde
Daniel Barde - År siden
Hi Matt, I’m starting my YouTube channel in April and I’m looking for a cheap but great camera I can buy within the range of $300 to $350 I’m having some money constraints because of some other things I need to have ready by then as well, mainly the setup. I saw a Canon EOS M3 but wanted to know if you’ll suggest that for someone in my situation. Your channel inspired me to start mine and I’m working towards that.
slumberpass - År siden
So you're doing unboxing videos now?
White Coyote
White Coyote - År siden
As crappy YouTube is, the idea that they care enough to announce your presence in the arena is (to me) humbling.
vincent28 - År siden
1. why would anyone want it
2. just keep it a drawer or something why would you give it away
3. why would you give it away
4. dont do it
NicksFort - År siden
the camera riding in the back seat lol
darkdancerman - År siden
They should be sending you a gold one
Jaslyn529 - År siden
can't wait for you to get to 1M!!!
nicole pilovsky
nicole pilovsky - År siden
I have thought of what i would do if I ever got one of those awards. My conclusion is: take a picture of it and find the best way to recycle it.
Raphael Marley Alves
Raphael Marley Alves - År siden
yes matt please do take your shirt off
flaming flamingos
flaming flamingos - År siden
Fuccccckkkkkkk i missed this
BB Rapunzel
BB Rapunzel - År siden
Kind of weird to get rid of this.
•Murray• •HeleneJ•
*You’ve earned this and then some congratulations and you’re almost at a million subs that just shows how important the work you’re doing is and your message is being heard in a refreshing way*
Aser Etzu
Aser Etzu - År siden
it does look
WeirdCan - År siden
Grey T-Shirt, grey equipment, lots of grey in your apartment. And a silver button doesn’t fit?! 😂
I like your kind of humour. 😉
Prabowo Murti
Prabowo Murti - År siden
Make a video of it is more than enough.
Gitoya Tyndale
Gitoya Tyndale - År siden
Film commercial Viber
1379 - År siden
How did you set up the camera outside your front door and get the package pushed up against your front door and then go inside? That is an awesome special effect!
It Was Jovi
It Was Jovi - År siden
Love the message of this video. I overcame my self doubt and started doing videos 8 years ago and it opened so many doors for me career-wise. Unfortunately I lost my ambition somewhere in the middle, but that doesn't mean I can't start again.
So I did just that in in 2019. Screw self-doubt, go out and shoot that video 😎
Syahidah Abidin
Syahidah Abidin - År siden
Cmon keep it bro
Ian Salcedo
Ian Salcedo - År siden
Well, I highly regret giving up social media for the week! Haha I have the worst timing😫
Henrik Volkmann
Henrik Volkmann - År siden
Hey man! I just wanted to tell you that I follow your videos since you made the minimalist documentary and that it is so good to see you successful! Keep up the great work! You are an inspiration!
All the best from Germany!
Mike Lunc.
Mike Lunc. - År siden
Yeey, Colin and Samir! Love this community!
TheAcorableShow - År siden
I just wanted to say that many people now strive for the 100k subscriber button and stop at that. I love how Matt truly cares about what he does. Truly selfless to give away what you have earned. I have so much respect for what Matt puts out into the world.
Liam Watson-Barber
Liam Watson-Barber - År siden
Congrats on the play button :) I bet you’ll get another one in a month or two ;)
Just Lisa
Just Lisa - År siden
Really close to a million now, man! Proud of you. 🙏🏽 keep up the creativity! Once I get my budget under control, I’d love to help support your patreon account. I always find so much peace in your videos/podcasts and learn so much. Keep up the good work. Cheers!
The MX Guru
The MX Guru - År siden
I thought about your channel while watching tidying up on Netflix.
The MX Guru
The MX Guru - År siden
Lol they definitely took their time didnt they.
Jetoler - År siden
Rip i'm too late lmao
Zelcx - År siden
Kris McCauley
Kris McCauley - År siden
Man you’re my favorite YouTuber. Look up to you in many ways man. Thanks for sharing this
Tess McMurray
Tess McMurray - År siden
I went away and didn’t have wifi for the weekend that this was uploaded :/
Man, I wish that camera was buckled up in the back seat; look at it just teetering around back there.
aGuyWhoTypes - År siden
Based on what you said, get rid of it. Give it away. I don't want it, I would have no need for it.
Giannis Kopsaftis
Giannis Kopsaftis - År siden
Hey Matt!! Could you please share with us your smoothie recipe?
Yaacov - År siden
1:46 LOL
Well I can do that for you ;)
Therese Elstad
Therese Elstad - År siden
Oh no, I just missed out on this! Looking forward to the next film fest to try it out! :D
Darren Wynn
Darren Wynn - År siden
Hey Matt you should get Peter Mckinnon on your podcast. Love your videos man
Artem Markaryan
Artem Markaryan - År siden
I guess it was hard to put the box right in front of the door, while it was closed. Or was it your wife, you asked to put the box, when you was inside. I mean, how did you do this? Pls, answer, i'm really interested
Gemma Rotger Moll
Gemma Rotger Moll - År siden
According to Marie Kondo, if you hold it and it makes you feel happy, you can keep it :p. Congratulations!!
Pete Boraso
Pete Boraso - År siden
I would have said for sure Matt had a prius.
TomJoeSHOW - År siden
This is the most straight up humble act I’ve seen on YouTube in a while. Good on you Matt love your channel.
Yasir Khan
Yasir Khan - År siden
I can't believe I entered this challenge, I was absolutely crapping myself for just recording a 30 second video of myself haha
Max Carroll
Max Carroll - År siden
I don't need things like this, cause I am a minimalist.
OMG! What you have done with me?!
Brendan - År siden
Keep it Matt! You earned it
Vincent A
Vincent A - År siden
the plaque got its security belt, but the expensive camera on the back seat keeps on rolling... :)