She tried minimalism for a week.

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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 14:59


ROOM 24 - 2 timer siden
This is too cute hahaha girl version of Matt
James Darr
James Darr - 20 timer siden
Less than 33 items a day lol I don't even own 33 things.
DaFr3aK1Er - Dag siden
The intro was the best at the glasses pushup
Aurora Isabella
Aurora Isabella - Dag siden
Btw Natalie is so cute 🥰
Aurora Isabella
Aurora Isabella - Dag siden
What’s that little coffee thing she was using?
gaby's blog
gaby's blog - Dag siden
all right minimalism I´m in. the only thing is that digitally its alreasy decluttered. i have a flip phone. the wardrobe i think will be easy for me because I want an all back wardrobe anyway.
but my other belongings will be hard because they have emotional value . wish me luck!
Paul Williams
Paul Williams - 2 dager siden
Fuck she’s annoying af
renu punjabi
renu punjabi - 2 dager siden
She's lucky to have a husband like you, coz for me it's the other way round 😅😅
She does like her stuff a lot 😂😂
My desktop is always clean and I keep deleting chats n mails all the time. Oh and am not into makeup either 😊
Rashida Abdeali
Rashida Abdeali - 2 dager siden
Haven't been on this channel for a long time and super super love.. need more video that has natalie in it
Mosiqi-e- Manish
Mosiqi-e- Manish - 2 dager siden
0:23 those arms.
Paris. - 3 dager siden
I love those Sydney and New York posters. Where did you find those?
Portret fotograaf Almere, Herman Chow
coool man!
Vito Widiabhimata
Vito Widiabhimata - 4 dager siden
love the intro lol
KILLMONGER 404 - 4 dager siden
What was the name of that desk top stacking program?
Michael Hard
Michael Hard - 5 dager siden
The intro itself was worth smashing the like button.
Geek & Fit
Geek & Fit - 5 dager siden
Did he said, "...solid state hard drive."? I am like What??!?! lol
Other than that, I really enjoy the video.
ThatViRatio - 6 dager siden
Best intro ever.
Leila Auza
Leila Auza - 7 dager siden
You and Natalie are so adorable! That intro, I cannnooot 💛💛
TravelidoScope !
TravelidoScope ! - 7 dager siden
Top 10 most powerful passports in 2020 even in pandemic
Watch the full video and don't forget to subscribe the channel 💖
Bia - 8 dager siden
Great video!!!
William Miller
William Miller - 8 dager siden
Hey Matt is you think hers is bad I have 14,528 in all of my 3 email apps
DDot98 - 9 dager siden
Miguel Torres, Jr
Miguel Torres, Jr - 10 dager siden
Wow, this is awesome! I might just get rid all of my clothes and just wear the same thing everyday (all the same color shirts and maybe two jeans of the same color). I have always considered it.
NOU TFF - 11 dager siden
Dude I thought Nate was Asian (no offense)
Lunga Ciryl Ntenga
Lunga Ciryl Ntenga - 12 dager siden
Kyle Snyder
Kyle Snyder - 12 dager siden
My wife has 30,000+ unread emails!
p e r p l e x
p e r p l e x - 13 dager siden
Matt looks like talking Tom a bit
Zach Murtaugh
Zach Murtaugh - 13 dager siden
I just watched all of your minimalism videos and I’ve learned a lot and I’m really intrigued by it all... and yes it was really cute when she dressed like you, and out her chin in your hand. #relationshipgoals
Hailey Martin
Hailey Martin - 14 dager siden
"Identity theft is not a joke Jim. Millions of families are affected every year!!!!!"
Samiur Rahman
Samiur Rahman - 14 dager siden
This is the female version of Matt D'Avella.
Y Z - 14 dager siden
She doesn't even have the much stuff to begin with.
Rebecca Richmond
Rebecca Richmond - 14 dager siden
I fell in like with you a few months ago when I discovered you through my minimalism search. But I just fell in love with your wife. She's precious! And I'm not saying that in a passive aggressive southern way. I mean it. Totally precious!
Domestic Goddess Wanna Be
Domestic Goddess Wanna Be - 14 dager siden
Love love love the intro........
Nissa G
Nissa G - 14 dager siden
Can i just say Natalie's skin looks amazing
Adityasinh Sodha
Adityasinh Sodha - 15 dager siden
11:26 just awwwww
Adityasinh Sodha
Adityasinh Sodha - 15 dager siden
13:24 too
DoeEyedFaun - 16 dager siden
I’m not a minimalist but to not backup your digital life is just stupid. Imagine losing all of your child’s photos because you never backed up.
SalahDin Ahmed Salh Rezk
SalahDin Ahmed Salh Rezk - 16 dager siden
33? Isnt that a little much?
Wolf - 16 dager siden
Yes I know I'm stupid you don't have to tell me that but I just need confirmation the "prank channel" wasn't a real thing was it?
Build yourself
Build yourself - 17 dager siden
I dont know why i love this channel
Harsh Saini
Harsh Saini - 19 dager siden
11:26 you will not regret touching this believe me.
David S
David S - 20 dager siden
I am also a minimalist as far as possible and every day more, because the amount of things that a person poses is too much, not to say that the more objects the more time you lose and in an era in which time is very valuable and material and other things must be reduced.
Isabelle - 22 dager siden
I love the art above their heads on the couch they were talking on.
Jessica Rios
Jessica Rios - 23 dager siden
That was cute with your wife dressing up like you
barnabe adriaens
barnabe adriaens - 24 dager siden
you are a strange man, Matt. you make good looking videos. but i have the feeling that you are an anxious person and you fight this with extreme urge to control EVERYTHING, and you label - and market it - under MINIMALISM. well done. but stop being afraid of (a little) chaos in your life. the most natural form of entropy (energy) is chaos...
Ikrom Sharipov
Ikrom Sharipov - 25 dager siden
She woke up with clothes and went directly to the kitchen without washing her face. Is it normal?
Drie Muchtar
Drie Muchtar - 25 dager siden
rich homie quan
Ra Nia
Ra Nia - 26 dager siden
It's so hard to live with a partner who is not minimalist when you are one ..
Tyler Peck
Tyler Peck - 26 dager siden
Where do you get your T-shirt’s?
Awais Baig
Awais Baig - 26 dager siden
11:27 Kawai💕
Samah Amara
Samah Amara - 27 dager siden
They're so different ...I'm astonished that he loves her ...she doesn't get him at all
Naser Rezayi
Naser Rezayi - 27 dager siden
Best of D'avella
Reshma Haresh
Reshma Haresh - 27 dager siden
I badly wanna live minimalistic life. I'm living under my dad's roof now. My dad is kind of a hoarder. He loves furniture. We have 11 wooden chairs in our house and 4 plastic ones. I've never seen anyone as crazy as my dad who owns 2 dining tables🙄. He always buys stuff that is almost useless and unnecessary. I'm sick of seeing this everyday. And we live in a tiny rented house. With all these furniture, the house is crammed up. Our kitchen is filled with plastic containers. I'm 21 and still my brother and I share the same bedroom. He is not an organized person and the room is messed up. I just want to run away and live in a small and tidy house. I'm looking towards finishing my Master's degree and getting a job.
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera - 27 dager siden
0:31-0:32 😂😂🤓 to funny
Alana Stanton
Alana Stanton - 28 dager siden
My girls and I loved this one! Natalie is awesome. We loved how she tried it but did not like it. I respect both of you so much for respecting each other's differences. Way to go.
The Stanton Family
Queen B
Queen B - 28 dager siden
The 3 3 1 project would be great and all but I only war lounge wear so there's my problem lmfaoooo
Queen B
Queen B - 28 dager siden
ᆰORØZCO - 28 dager siden
Minimalism just sounds like a trend that controls your freedom. I say buy what you need 2 live comfortably and don’t spend money on stupid crap you won’t use. If you don’t use it donate it to someone who will or trash it.
Jan Pol
Jan Pol - 28 dager siden
I really thought she is VANYA from "THE UMBRELLA COMPANY" 😂
Francesca - 28 dager siden
You start to think you may have a problem when you are a girl, you don't even work every day from home, and your wardrobe is more like Matt's one....and I'm not even doing it on purpose!!
SunRae* **
SunRae* ** - 28 dager siden
Natalie, we are sisters from another mother. Matt, dont come for my condiments.
Manere Booth
Manere Booth - 29 dager siden