Shannon reveals his phone conversation with Drew Brees following anthem comments | UNDISPUTED

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Last week, Drew Brees apologized for comments he made about not supporting protests during the national anthem. Many of his teammates and players around the league accepted Brees’ apology. And over the weekend, Drew called and spoke with Shannon on the phone for about 30 minutes. Hear what Shannon has to say about their conversation.
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Shannon reveals his phone conversation with Drew Brees following anthem comments | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Runtime: 23:34


Elwood Riley
Elwood Riley - 12 timer siden
I forgive you Drew Brees
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams - 20 timer siden
Them aints gonna get a beat down by the Bucs game ☝️Brady is gonna go off on them Aints he always has and with this more explosive better offense he always will. well atleast the next two seasons they will not beat him 😝👉🏻🏴‍☠️☠️🏴‍☠️⚔️☝️💯
Nurse McFarlane
Nurse McFarlane - 2 dager siden
Timing is everything. A great leader recognizes this.Yet we have to be honest with each other.
Dan Berry
Dan Berry - 5 dager siden
Drew absolutely has nothing he needs to be redeemed about...PERIOD!!! Shannon really needs to take off his rose colored glasses. Black people aren’t targeted and they have plenty of opportunity in this country but so many don’t take advantage of it. And that isn’t everyone else’s fault but simply their own
Mandy Guarino
Mandy Guarino - 6 dager siden
Drew had no bad intent and owed no one an apology!!! He has done so much for the black and white community especially in New Orleans. Everyone knows what kind of man he is!!! I want to know who else in the NFL puts out that amount of money Drew does in the community where they live. If he kneels he will lose so many peoples respect. Everyone knows this man is not prejudice!!! The NFL will suffer because nobody will watch this garbage. You really think this man owes individual apologies!! We all know what happened to George Floyd was terrible. Educate yourself on statistics about police brutality on all races!!! The NFL will lose out and all these athletes making ridiculous amounts of money will get hit where it hurts. 🙏🏼🙏🏻🙏🏽🙏🏾🇺🇸🇺🇸
Joe Turner
Joe Turner - 6 dager siden
It's funny to hear these guys say they don't want anybody to fan the Flames of Separation. LOL these guys are paid to do that. Don't believe me? When do you hear these guys talk about anyone richer than them negatively?
Joe Turner
Joe Turner - 6 dager siden
That video was the modern-day 9/11. Not in the sense of it being got an attack, but in the sense of the media playing games to separate us and bring us to chaos and War against our brothers. These guys hate us
Joe Turner
Joe Turner - 6 dager siden
Once people wake up to racism being a rich man's game, hopefully they'll also wake up to the class differences that these two guys hide from the masses. Let's get rid of racism and the propaganda these two fools spit
Joe Turner
Joe Turner - 6 dager siden
What did drew brees say again?
Badattitude Michael
Badattitude Michael - 8 dager siden
I love the way BLM is helping black community
Badattitude Michael
Badattitude Michael - 8 dager siden
Don't mention history cuz all you two men do is point out what fits your feelings but NOT THE ENTIRE TRUTH... Y'all must be drmocrats
Its more popular to be a socialist or anti American today. Drew will crumble to social politics rather than what he belives.
Pete Goff
Pete Goff - 9 dager siden
Just because someone is offended doesnt interrupt the fact he has his rights... well, what about Ed Reed attacking Drew's character. Albeit that's also freedom of speech by Reed! However, one persons opinions dont Trump anothers!
Pete Goff
Pete Goff - 9 dager siden
So, we dismantle an individual based off of his freedoms and his ability to speak his mind! Forget what he had done for a community.... people have attacked this man based off of his personal beliefs! So. Why should anyone take the first amendment seriously when one person uses it and others get offended! It's a mockery of our constitutional rights and it's an injustice of an individuals ability to use his platform. This wasnt wrong by Brees at all! It was wrong by all those who attacked him!
Soul Brother
Soul Brother - 9 dager siden
Best SPORTS show on tv! Even though they touch on politics I'd rather hear about sports..but what's A1 is you hear and see sides from white and black America even though skips a different breed..get more white Americans that dont understand I guess more Republicans that really are or have racism in there ♥️..still been a fan sense day 1 love the show guys.
xx S H O C K HD
xx S H O C K HD - 11 dager siden
Honestly all this proves is drew brees is an fing coward for going back on what he said, I know he meant what he said but as soon as he got backlash he went back on it. Straight up coward move
Jonathan Hawksford
Jonathan Hawksford - 21 dag siden
"Be strong and courageous for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go" Be strong Drew
Moe Moe
Moe Moe - 21 dag siden
He quoted Scarface
"Never seen a Man cry until you see a Man die" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
FALCONS 2112422
FALCONS 2112422 - 21 dag siden
Desean Jackson racism comments didn't get the same backlash as drew beres
Rosie Cast
Rosie Cast - 23 dager siden
Uncle and swagged skip two big bosses in the game having a real raw and uncut straight 💯 tureeeeee
Game Sneaker
Game Sneaker - 23 dager siden
Omg 😂 skip to 10:05 & watch Shannon face he was like “what word” then he laughed it off
Stephen Walsh
Stephen Walsh - 23 dager siden
Shut up Shannon
Jonathan C
Jonathan C - 24 dager siden
Drew Brees’s statement was AWESOME. Never apologize for being a patriot, no NFL for me this season 🖕🏻
JS Allen
JS Allen - 22 dager siden
He wasn't apologizing for being a patriot. He was apologizing for taking so much offense in how others protest for their cause. No one had a problem with him standing for the national anthem based off his beliefs so he shouldn't have a problem with someone kneeling for the anthem based off their beliefs.
Shawn - 24 dager siden
So now that the BLM Democratic campaign fund is mostly blown over, are white men allowed to have their own opinions again? After all Brees has done for his community, you turn on him for having the "wrong" opinion. I find it ironic that everyone talks about "educating" people when they themselves have no idea what BLM is REALLY about and blindly follow it when you can plainly see the truth with a little research on actual facts. Liberals need to stop letting wealthy politicians prey on their compassion... that is unless you just inherently don't like freedom, then by all means sign our country over to misandrist and racist Marxists.
I suggest Americans enjoy what freedom they have left while they can, because we are already not allowed to have certain opinions for fear of being doxxed, outcast and having our family's safety and livelihoods threatened. A truly sad time for our country.
Joseph Bowen
Joseph Bowen - 25 dager siden
Hopefully NFL and NBA go Belly up , who cares what you overpaid demonic crates think , Drew Brews messed up By apologize ing , He should not apologize to these crybabies,
Bronco - 25 dager siden
Don’t ever apologize for feeling the way you do..don’t let the liberal mob win
Felixd1st - 23 dager siden
Feeling idiotic and ignorant won’t take you that far lol
Road trip Mutt Naboo
Road trip Mutt Naboo - 25 dager siden
Love Brees and always will.
B dub
B dub - 23 dager siden
It's too bad he allowed himself to be castrated by the leftist mob.
TheLight - 25 dager siden
B dub
B dub - 23 dager siden
ALready have. F them!
Jimmi Q
Jimmi Q - 26 dager siden
This show is honestly better than first take
Kevin Kualapai
Kevin Kualapai - 26 dager siden
White sensitivity??? Sounds Like Blm is sensitive... Not about the Black Lives they Killed in Minnesota, Atlanta and everywhere else the not so peaceful Protestors/Rioters were!!!
Kevin Kualapai
Kevin Kualapai - 26 dager siden
Shannon and Skip are Racist... Brees has an Opinion and because it didn’t fit the BLM narrative, They went against him... see he said it “ we wanted you to be one of Us” Rascist Shannon and Skip!
Robert Somerville
Robert Somerville - 26 dager siden
Here after after DeSean and Stephen Jackson spewed their Anti-Semitic garbage.... Seems a little different
Robert Somerville
Robert Somerville - 11 dager siden
@Pamela Pritchett only two, count them two, called out Desean.
Pamela Pritchett
Pamela Pritchett - 11 dager siden
Actually many people "called out" Desean and Stephen.
Anthony Gruber
Anthony Gruber - 24 dager siden
I love how nobody is sayin anything about that but Edelman
Da RajunCajun
Da RajunCajun - 28 dager siden
A man can't have a difference in opinion anymore no matter how respectful, humble, and caring he is, people can't just take what he said n be alright that's his opinion n move on. People said how disgusted they where n how he needs to apologize for what he said. Smh, anyone else remember when football was about football n not political? I remember, n I wish it go back to that. Brees shouldn't have apologized for his opinion period if you say he should apologize then Kaepernick should apologize too.
Da RajunCajun
Da RajunCajun - 27 dager siden
@Coach Kruger The bottom line is I just want football to be bout football again. Is that really to much to ask for?
Coach Kruger
Coach Kruger - 27 dager siden
I agree 100%. To assume that Drew Brees "doesn't get it" is assanine! Drew never once said he disagreed with what this protest represents. He simply stated IN HIS OPINION, The National Anthem is sacred and represents the Freedom his Grandpa's fought for. The NFL will soon find out that most Americans are unhappy with the kneeling.
mason jason
mason jason - 27 dager siden
The media is indoctrinating
Christophe Kennedy
Christophe Kennedy - 29 dager siden
OK honestly this WHOLE ordeal is blown out of proportion. People are getting so mad Drew Brees for not speaking as if he is literally part of the black community, when he is still not a black person. At the end of the day he is definitely and obviously more white and he grew up in that. He’s been in New Orleans for a little bit more than over a decade, he’s been White all his life. Give the man a break! He’s done more for the black community in New Orleans then I’m sure what a lot of black people wish they could do, including myself.
bigdogon porch run
bigdogon porch run - 29 dager siden
Yes lets pander to one race ...over the last 5 months blacks have shown me every thing i need to know
blackbryant - Måned siden
Mr sharp! Walburg at this point have made millions! That's enough to respectfully feel a pause of reflection for walburg to say something, in every black human still and will know what he is, his past has caught up with him, a racist cant stop being a racist but can say I'm sorry when its actually is his/her finance and embarrassment that would bring him/her to speak out.
Andrew Villanueva
Andrew Villanueva - Måned siden
Drew brees didn't say anything wrong and should not have apologized. He say nothing wrong.
Greg Bradley
Greg Bradley - Måned siden
skip invited to the cookout
Patriot Cyber Force
Patriot Cyber Force - Måned siden
What was the real conversation ? Shannon said say what they want you too. The bit the hand that pays you.
Michael Triplett
Michael Triplett - Måned siden
Drew didn't do anything wrong SMDH!!
Clay Bolton
Clay Bolton - Måned siden
Shannon I remember you did not like it when ray lewis ,kneeled at a game
Clay Bolton
Clay Bolton - Måned siden
Would you block for drew ,,
slunasaurusrex - Måned siden
Great stuff. Class acts. keep up the good work.
Matt Darcy
Matt Darcy - Måned siden
We need people in like Shannon in government. He is powerful and articulate in speech and his heart is squarely behind his words. He’s a great football commentator, but his address of the situation at hand has been so direct and honest that I can’t help but to believe that this man should have a greater calling in the service of humanity.
The hairy rabbit
The hairy rabbit - Måned siden
I love how when it goes against the pathetic organization blm agenda the democrats get offended. 😂😂 what a joke
Anton Smiff
Anton Smiff - Måned siden
NFL players will be forced to kneel during the national anthem. It won't necessarily be a NFL rule, but you can bet that they will be pressured by players and BLM. I am also looking to see who the first player is to lose an endorsement deal for not kneeling. Shannon and Skip are obviously "Saints." No skeletons in those closets.
Noah Shin
Noah Shin - Måned siden
Hearing skip say "clout" and "woke" makes me laugh
zr riff
zr riff - Måned siden
Im WHITE and i hate cops.
Cheer Whiner
Cheer Whiner - Måned siden
My question is, why was the time during the Anthem chosen to kneel?
Couldn’t there have been another time chosen to make a (continuing) statement? In another public way? TV? Some kind of streaming event or something?
What does the time spent listening to the Anthem supposed to do for the audience?
The answers to these questions demonstrate the true motive here.
Cheer Whiner
Cheer Whiner - Måned siden
Soccer Parent Life The Anthem time was chosen because of instead of the Song being a unifying activity, now it divides us into groups. It was never really about the police and issues of race, although that was probably part of it, it really was about acquiring power and setting off a revolution- “burning the system down.” That’s the goal of this movement- destroying the system we have and setting up... what? That question hasn’t been answered yet. Stories are now being written about, “What’s next?” I’m not sure if they know. This has been going on for a long time, longer than K kneeling before a football game.
Soccer Parent Life
Soccer Parent Life - Måned siden
Because the whole point is to get your attention and those of us that were frustrated by it were forced to deal with a reality that we may have been refusing to face. So the same reason you give for not doing it is the same reason you should.
Robert Leese
Robert Leese - Måned siden
I guess Drew Brees got his knee pads fitted properly for Shannon Sharpe now. This is progress.
Overtime Dad
Overtime Dad - Måned siden
Shannon Sharp is following up his HOF football career with a HOF life. Without a doubt my favorite sports commentator!
Sara Dimmig
Sara Dimmig - Måned siden
You cannot condemn the man who did not understand
Darnius Terix
Darnius Terix - Måned siden
We also have to remember that $5 mil for Brees is a drop in the bucket and a tax deduction! There are thousands of rich and racist white guys that "give" to help organizations lead by white's that serve poor communities of color.
Darnius Terix
Darnius Terix - Måned siden
Now Brees knows what it means to be a Black Man in America! And Shannon continues to show the historical love, forgiveness, and dignity that African Americans have showed since stepping on this continent.
Jason Hay
Jason Hay - Måned siden
And look at how he repaid your TRUST
Tyler Estopinal
Tyler Estopinal - Måned siden
Stand for the flag 🇺🇸💪
to day
to day - Måned siden
Shannon ("old river") is an Irish name, Anglicised from Sionainn. Alternative spellings include Shannen, Shanon, Shannan, Seanan, and Siannon. The variant Shanna is an Anglicisation of Sionna ("possessor of wisdom").
Omgdannie2 - Måned siden
Tom Brady: "My whiteness will protect me from the virus. I'll be fine. Let's practice."
BAMSKY A LUVER - Måned siden
Thomas Ward
Thomas Ward - Måned siden
he is great, he has done so much for the city, he has been a model citizen......yet he is almost taken down for voicing an unpopular opinion. that is scary to me!! please think about that before you get mad at me