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Aaron D
Aaron D - Time siden
This is a yikes ngl
Thunder Storm
Thunder Storm - 2 timer siden
Who's here for KSI
Danny Wallace
Danny Wallace - 2 timer siden
it’s like one of my favourite song everrrtr I replay it every time
Jaden _
Jaden _ - 5 timer siden
This song is so gangster I was listening to it while drinking tea and it turned into beer
Abasiama Okono
Abasiama Okono - 11 timer siden
Love this song 💖🤩
It's literally been on replay million of times❤️😍
Joshua Ngoga
Joshua Ngoga - 12 timer siden
I am vibing to this before my parents come whoop me
Ahmed Saeed
Ahmed Saeed - 12 timer siden
Lyrics: ducking this goose
Video: cuts to a goat
robert and friends and friends
this song fire but this has my fav ksi verses ever
Crystal Arbizo
Crystal Arbizo - 17 timer siden
Is it just me or does jj look taller than 6'0 lol
Christian Perez-Dillon
Christian Perez-Dillon - 20 timer siden
Wow kai got featured on a song instead of him featuring other ppl 👏👏
Skeletron J
Skeletron J - Time siden
He also got featured on lighter
Yung Joji
Yung Joji - 22 timer siden
Jj went to be a wizard
Zeron 4k
Zeron 4k - 22 timer siden
I came back cuz jj said don’t watch this on his vid
X -FIRE18 - 20 timer siden
He got you
Sidak Kundi
Sidak Kundi - 22 timer siden
That goat is the goat from ksi’s video try not to laugh goat addition
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - 15 timer siden
That feeling loose vibe=_=
Gracie Kemp
Gracie Kemp - 23 timer siden
I feel so sorry for jjs gf x😂😢🌞🤣 even though I think it's fake which it probably is u know what ignore this comment cuz I make no sense
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - 15 timer siden
black girls in vid
Kareem ali
Kareem ali - 23 timer siden
Yo bro I don’t know why when I’m listening to this the first time I’m like JJ’s been on better ones,but now I swear to god I’ve listened to it more and this is hands down one of the best songs I’ve heard
Adam Badjie Bittaye
Adam Badjie Bittaye - Dag siden
Jake BD
Jake BD - Dag siden
s1mba is the most underrated uk artist. and KSI needs to be taken alot more seriously now
Foc - Dag siden
Dj brillz Brillz
Dj brillz Brillz - Dag siden
Yung t & bugsy would have been great on this as well
James Marshalsea
James Marshalsea - Dag siden
Actully a decent song perhaps the one decent song 🎵 to come from this chanel in a while
Brandon Hernandez
Brandon Hernandez - Dag siden
Fun fact look at this and you gayyyyy
M̀ąñǥø ._.
M̀ąñǥø ._. - Dag siden
That wasnt a fact you gay cvn"t
D B - Dag siden
KSI just knows how to produce bangers 🔥
GiftedTuber - Dag siden
1:46 for jj
ishaq rahman
ishaq rahman - Dag siden
The guy who made the beat needs a milli
Callum Anthony
Callum Anthony - Dag siden
Mad song always a banger from KSI ❤️💯
Young boy_Roblox YT
Young boy_Roblox YT - Dag siden
I can already see this playing at a party
Strax iOS
Strax iOS - Dag siden
black girls in vid
Its WarZz
Its WarZz - Dag siden
That feeling loose vibe=_=
Mantas Na
Mantas Na - Dag siden
this song feels too short oh my god
TheGhostOfFive - TGOF
TheGhostOfFive - TGOF - Dag siden
Actually really good for KSI
Oscar Rowland
Oscar Rowland - 2 dager siden
Fam j make the song good, don’t chase money w the ksi feature. We all know he sounds like absolute ass. Even if he sounded good this still ain’t on my playlist, bcs it’s ksi man is faded
Afiq Nizam
Afiq Nizam - 2 dager siden
That's fat sterling
Rverse_Green - 2 dager siden
sorry but rover was better.
Bob MacBook
Bob MacBook - 2 dager siden
Who make better music like Ksi ignore Logan Paul
Niya Chowdhury
Niya Chowdhury - 2 dager siden
Ayo this music video was filmed at my school check 🎇🎇
nessa wiita
nessa wiita - 2 dager siden
this is my school haha
LuckyKizza17 - 2 dager siden
KSI ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Technical
The Technical - 2 dager siden
Instrumental Underground
Instrumental Underground - 2 dager siden
Ksi has a flow but that simba guy coud be anyone, even the quite guy in the back of the class
MidoSN - 2 dager siden
I love when KSI says Crazyy