Roy Keane & Jamie Carragher clash over their combined Liverpool 2020 and Man Utd 1999 XI | MNF

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Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher clash on Monday Night Football as they failed to agree on their combined Liverpool 2020 and Man Utd 1999 XI.
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Sky Sports Football
Sky Sports Football - 5 måneder siden
Who makes YOUR combined XI? Let us know!
Jibril Ajani
Jibril Ajani - 7 dager siden
Alison, TAA, Stam, VVD, Irwin, Fabinho, Scholes, Keane, Mane, Cole, Salah - 4-3-3
Welsh Independence
Welsh Independence - 8 dager siden
Harvey Pask your a utd fan
Declan Fletcher
Declan Fletcher - 9 dager siden
Fury y
CaLLMeJaccK - 9 dager siden
@JJCS kinda disagree with that, I could name 5 or more world class players under fergie easy.
Sa Maqsood
Sa Maqsood - 10 dager siden
Yeah lol lol p
Jomy Jose
Jomy Jose - 18 timer siden
Comparing invincibles would have made more sense
Pooria Ansari
Pooria Ansari - 19 timer siden
The most interesting thing about this Liverpool team for me is which one of these players would perform to the level or let's say have the same influence elsewhere? Hard to say, but if you look at their performance in their national teams, I'd say Mane and Van Dijk and maybe Robertson.
T SB - Dag siden
On the Trent vs Gary point, I dont see how you can pick Alexander-Arnold over Neville.
Gary Neville could go forward very well, had excellent delivery and never stopped running, but couldn't shoot for love nor money. Trent is a better attacker because he's a goal threat.
Defensively though, Trent isn't on Neville's level. That's where the decision is made. Gary Neville was consistently a far better defender than Trent Alexander-Arnold.
Nchenge Eyong
Nchenge Eyong - Dag siden
You have to understand this is Liverpool 2020 and United 1999.We must not miss this as I had to remind myself that Mane did way more this Season than Giggs ever did in 1999 and not Giggs's career.I am a United fan !
John Hitchen
John Hitchen - Dag siden
Carragher is so up Liverpool arse it’s unreal this Liverpool team have nothing on the arsenal squad unbeaten season or the 1999 Man Utd team
JP WILLIAMS - Dag siden
Keane owns Carragher.
Cantona - Dag siden
Surprised Carragher didn't gob on Keane .
Shanthamoi Brown
Shanthamoi Brown - Dag siden
I stopped watching when he said mane is the best left side attacking in the world !🤦‍♂️ absolutely non sense !
Callum Brown
Callum Brown - Dag siden
Is the Man U 1998-1999 Best team in Prem History ?
sahil sahdev
sahil sahdev - 2 dager siden
who else noticed 6:43 ????
Rani Kumari
Rani Kumari - 2 dager siden
"I'll do anything you want." Roy Keane in a nutshell.
Timmy - 3 dager siden
Can some one name a goalie Roy likes
Susan Morris
Susan Morris - 3 dager siden
I don’t know both
Dom Lostitch
Dom Lostitch - 3 dager siden
You could tell Carra was afraid to say Giggs isn’t going in his team 😂😂😂
Michael M
Michael M - 3 dager siden
The 98 United team is the best of all time , won all 3 major trophy’s , in the same season , Liverpool are great this season but to compare them to United now is ridiculous, if they go on to retain the league next season then the season after then talk ,
Michael M
Michael M - 3 dager siden
Roy Keane , real player , Jamie couldn’t lace his boots
Luis Lizard
Luis Lizard - 3 dager siden
Italian here
I’ve admired Roy Keane since his legendary performances in the man u treble’s year. then I read his books and I loved him even more
You kids are discovering him now thanks to YouTube
Smart move sky sport
Alexander Marshall
Alexander Marshall - 3 dager siden
9:52 Jamie Carragher doesn’t understand Bias, does he. :) so passionate but so wrong all the time. Keane is so disappointed.
Thomas Gill
Thomas Gill - 3 dager siden
Trent, Stam, VVD, Irwin
Beckham, giggs
Salah, Firmino, Mane
Becks and Giggs bot played inside mid later in their careers, to fit in this team, I feel as tho they could have adapted earlier and made amazing box to box mids.
Keane, Robbo most unlucky to miss out.
Some tiered Boi
Some tiered Boi - 3 dager siden
Firmino wouldn’t go ahead of yorke one actually scored
Darkseid is the boss
Darkseid is the boss - 3 dager siden
The comparison doesn't make sense. Should have at least had the 08 utd team instead. And even then there would be 8 or 9/11 players being utd players
Galen Häst
Galen Häst - 4 dager siden
First of all, ridicilous comparing those teams. The United team 1999 is the best team the world would probably seen. And comparing players by numbers of goals and assist when there is two different tactics and roles are laughable. Giggs was the best player in the world in his role. There is no team that ever had a better combined midfield like that 1999 united treble season. And im sure that Keanes combined eleven would win against carraghers combined eleven.
Greg Bearne
Greg Bearne - 4 dager siden
Do you remember where you were on 25th of January? Because Jamie does.
Ncedisa Feni
Ncedisa Feni - 4 dager siden
For Roy to carry on saying the same thing about his loyalty being with his old team mates show lil bit of professionalism. He has a job to do and it is to pic the best player for the position based on those two seasons.
Ncedisa Feni
Ncedisa Feni - Dag siden
Vantheman12 3
Vantheman12 3 - 4 dager siden
Jamie is such a good bloke and is very fair in his comments. Not sure Roy has understood the platform of the show.
Iconic scenes
Iconic scenes - 4 dager siden
This is all BS schmeciel is no where oliva Khan. This are the 2 wrong people to do this with
Darren O'Neill
Darren O'Neill - 4 dager siden
You can't leave giggs out of any top premier leaugue side for years he was the player that everyone aspired too the goal against arsenal 99 season don't tell me everyone doesn't remember that absolute class as a Liverpool fan mane has not been clinical or consistent enough great player but can't put him above giggs yet
Muser187 - 5 dager siden
these kinda comparisons are a BIG WASTE OF TIME.......
Nadim Anwar
Nadim Anwar - 5 dager siden
Who else felt Roy's heart break when Giggs got taken out
shreyas dongre
shreyas dongre - 5 dager siden
Mane is the best 🤣😂🤣😂, neymar is the best and probably ronaldo after him. Mane never would've bcome close to ronaldo when he was in his prime.
Do Nut
Do Nut - 5 dager siden
Click bait
marc johnson
marc johnson - 5 dager siden
I get that! But i think you're wrong👌
marc johnson
marc johnson - 5 dager siden
You tell em Keaneo
Tasty McCheese
Tasty McCheese - 5 dager siden
Keene’s reaction to Jamie replacing giggs with mane was just amazing 😁
Harold Chapman
Harold Chapman - 5 dager siden
The fact that 64% of Carragher's combined team are United players, speaks volumes
Pissed up Gamer
Pissed up Gamer - 5 dager siden
Roy does the hovering
Red Man
Red Man - 5 dager siden
Back in August, Keane was correct. Liverpool boys are weak and nowhere near the utd team
David Roulston
David Roulston - 6 dager siden
I’d love to see this debate again, now that Liverpool only won the league compared to the 99 treble
krizsz - 6 dager siden
9:53 when u tell ur buddy u cant take that awesome trip u have planned for months xD
Android 16
Android 16 - 6 dager siden
The older Keane gets, the more I like the bastard
itss mooney
itss mooney - 6 dager siden
Love how Carra goes ‘Liverpool will break every record’ and they broke 0 of Man City’s from the centurion season
Benjamin Kessler
Benjamin Kessler - 6 dager siden
not gonna lie, I expected fist flying
Colgan - 6 dager siden
You can see how much Keane loves Giggs
Vikki S
Vikki S - 6 dager siden
Love Roy - says it as it is- no messing
Shaun Gregory
Shaun Gregory - 7 dager siden
My combined 11 - I'll do a 4-4-2 and a 4-3-3 to cover all bases.
GK - Schmeichel - excellent goalkeeper who was such an incredible organizer of his defense and leader in the team.
RB - Neville - Sure, Alexander Arnold has had an incredible season, but in a 4-4-2 it has to be Neville. The right side of the field in a 4-4-2 needs a winger and full back who can feed off each other - and there wasn't a better understanding in football at the time than Neville and Beckham.
CB - Stam - an absolute beast. Quick, strong, confident, assured, organized.
CB - Van Dijk - very similar to Stam. Not quite as strong, but that would be an absolutely incredible partnership.
LB - Robinson - I loved watching Irwin and thought he was a great player - but Robinson edges it for me. Irwin was better defensively, but with the partnership of Stam and VD in the middle, you can use Robinson for the overlap down the left to better effect.
RM - Beckham - in a 4-4-2 you can't leave Beckham out of the team - he has to be included. Furthermore, I'm putting Neville at right back, so I have to pair him down the right with Beckham as their partnership was fantastic.
CM - Keane - the driver, the leader, the man pushing everyone forward while protecting the defense. Also incredibly underrated in his technical ability.
CM - Tough one here, but I have to go with Scholes alongside Keane. Henderson is a great player, so is Fabinho - but Scholes was more of a difference maker.
LM - Giggs - again, it's a 4-4-2 and the work rate and production Giggs gave down the left keeps him there. Goals from that position in a 4-4-2 isn't the target - but link up play, creativity, defensive tracking, etc is essential in that formation.
ST - Cole - in a 4-4-2 you need a guy who can play high up the field and one who can play off him. Liverpool have a central forward who plays deep - but not one who pushes forward. Cole is the guy who pushes forward and has the unorthodox style that brings goals.
ST - Firminho. Sure, Yorke and Cole had a great partnership - but in my formation of one pushed high and one deeper, Firminho is better than Yorke in that role. He would create so many more chances for both Cole and Scholes to feed off.
GK - Schmeichel - still better than Allison for me.
RB - Alexander Arnold - in a 4-3-3 he doesn't have a guy out wide as close as in a 4-4-2, so the marauding runs that AA makes are needed in this formation.
CB's - no change from previously - Stam and VD.
LB - Robinson - the attacking threat is sorely needed here with no left midfielder.
CM - Keane - this position comes down to a choice between Keane, Fabinho or Henderson - and Keane is head and shoulders above both.
CM - Scholes - can't be left out. Vision, passing ability, drive, goals.
CM - Henderson - I considered putting Beckham here because he did show later in his career that he was just as good in the center as on the right - but by this point in his career he hadn't played in the center, so Henderson and Scholes pushing forward with Keane sitting behind them is the strongest midfield.
Front 3 - has to be Liverpool's current front 3 of Salah, Mane, Firminho in a 4-3-3. If Man U had played a 4-3-3 in the style of today's game with inverted wingers, I think it would be a different lineup. Salah scores more goals than Giggs would - but if Giggs was cutting in off the right, his creativity would be so much better. In that scenario, you'd have to stick Giggs and Cole in the front 3 with Mane off the left because Giggs would be pushing the ball forward and Cole would be there to score - but given that we'd not seen that type of lineup, it has to stay as Liverpool's front 3. The only question in this is Yorke or Firminho - for me the way Firminho links things up, he gets the nod.
Jibril Ajani
Jibril Ajani - 7 dager siden
Roy makes me laugh
Jibril Ajani
Jibril Ajani - 7 dager siden
Who would win if they had a fight lol
Tabib Ivtesam
Tabib Ivtesam - 7 dager siden
JT - 7 dager siden
Oblak is better than Allanson
Seanツ Mcelvanna
Seanツ Mcelvanna - 7 dager siden
Plus gigs has the most Prem titles
Ahmad Ilkaldi
Ahmad Ilkaldi - 7 dager siden
Cant compare mane with giggs they played different positions.. mane played as a Left forward not a winger thats why he scores more
Dini Rostiwa
Dini Rostiwa - 7 dager siden
Still Jamie afraid to roy . . . No doubt! He change the team he pick 4 keane hehe
He know, he v keane, keane is above him
But respect 4 all of them
I know all of them respect each other
This is just an entertainment talk, good
Scorpzian YT
Scorpzian YT - 7 dager siden
Literally all that I see is these 2 bending over their former teams and shagging all the bullshit out of them
Arthur Wilson
Arthur Wilson - 7 dager siden
Awww let Roy have giggs Jamie
David S
David S - 7 dager siden
How does Beckham fit into Jamie's team? He's either wide as he usually is which leaves 2 in the middle where only one knows how to make a tackle, or he's in the middle as well crowding Scholes' space.
Ramsey S
Ramsey S - 7 dager siden
When Jamie puts in the caveat we have to at this season and not the whole career, keano should have walked out.
Maradona 10
Maradona 10 - 7 dager siden
I’m Irish and I have to say keane is being very biased 🤣🤣. Mane salah Trent and vvd like Jamie honestly said.
SirCalz - Dag siden
Maradona 10 mane over Giggs? Oh dear one trophy this season vs a treble and Giggs was the better player consistently that season, mane is world class in patches.SalahTrent, VVD for sure get in
Bhaskar Dasgupta
Bhaskar Dasgupta - 7 dager siden
No one can deny the amount of loyalty he had and has for his teammates.
For me he's a true leader, may be a bit too harsh one.
Cash Back
Cash Back - 8 dager siden
The Treble Achievement remains United's and the Highest points total remains City's, so Liverpool still have to go again next season and win either the League or Champions League to be considered one of the all-time great sides., but even as a United Fan I will admit that getting 97 points and 99 points in the last 2 seasons is pretty spectacular. But unless they add some players in the summer I wonder if the Players can handle it for a third time and get over that 90 point threshold and if City won't come back again and win it back.
With United I'm being realistic our target for next season is to close that gap from 3rd to 2nd/1st from the start of the season and make some key signings that will put us in the mix as a potential title winner. Even with a 'Bad' season City still got over 80 points and scored over 100 goals, so that is the target really. another 15 points and increase the goal scoring to go with the more solid backline we have now and suddenly it's not such a 2 horse race anymore.
If Sancho signs this week that could be another 20-30 goals scored created next season that would make the difference, especially if Ole can beat teams around us in the big games again like this season with doubles over Leicester, Chelsea and City.
Toby Child
Toby Child - 8 dager siden
For me 4-3-3 Schmeichel, TAA, Stam, Van Dijk, Robertson,- Beckham, Giggs, Mane - Yorke, Cole, Salah
Gold 999
Gold 999 - 7 dager siden
Remove Giggs for Scholes