Robert Kiyosaki 2019 - The Speech That Broke The Internet!!! KEEP THEM POOR!

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Robert Kiyosaki broke the internet with this life changing speech. They don't want you to see this! This is why the poor stay poor and the rich get richer!
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Robert Kiyosaki
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Dr. Wolf
Dr. Wolf - 15 minutter siden
All of these people always start out in middle class with plenty of connections with the rich. Good luck becoming rich when you're dirt poor
Vibeaholic - 40 minutter siden
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Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh - Time siden
6:54 Sometime blessing does not look like blessings but it turn out to be a blessing.
K Kking
K Kking - 2 timer siden
Democratic agenda is keep them poor
HooksandBeats - 2 timer siden
He forgot to mention there are rich people that have henchmen that will bully or kill to help they're employer! - suit up lol
Mark Hardwick
Mark Hardwick - 3 timer siden
Anyone else call bullshit? He’s playing monopoly “I’m teaching you now”, that didn’t happen. Like seriously who hasn’t noticed that monopoly is about getting the most money that’s the whole game.
Wow how insightful I never new owning a hotel in Hawaii would make you money?! No way! I’ll buy one now thanks for the tip geez 🙄 . Wow someone got rich because his dad died leaving him assets? What shit
G. Otaku
G. Otaku - 3 timer siden
Now I get it
Thanks for the education 😁😊
Tyrone Jones
Tyrone Jones - 4 timer siden
He found those glasses sitting around on a bench on Sesame Street
frank ditalino
frank ditalino - 6 timer siden
Fantastic interview!
Markus Patients
Markus Patients - 6 timer siden
I Googled practical real world uses for and of Calculous...
Aron Abraham
Aron Abraham - 6 timer siden
Really great speech and an informative one on that. However, they do require students to take an economics course at my high school. Maybe it's because it's a prep school? Or because we're heavily funded compared to the public schools around the district? I guess what I'm asking is.... don't most students learn about economics and basic financing in secondary/primary school?
nuts and bolts
nuts and bolts - 7 timer siden
Anyway they don't teach you this until college according to my teacher, because the Finances class teaches you about how you're fucked even being in the class in the first place
John Johnson
John Johnson - 8 timer siden
What I learned here: the US system is rigged. Poor sods.
Kaiser - 8 timer siden
I just cringe from these fake motivation videos
FMD1947 - 9 timer siden
Mr. B.S
Value Investing
Value Investing - 12 timer siden
learn with me
Lumen Psycho
Lumen Psycho - 13 timer siden
Our world is so fucked up it hurts.
Anymation - 14 timer siden
Ngl this story sounds hella fake but still inspiring
mitch mclean
mitch mclean - 15 timer siden
thoses glasses have no lenses in them.
Z. Sawyers
Z. Sawyers - 16 timer siden
I got an ad from one of his books right on this vid
host naruto
host naruto - 19 timer siden
This is bullshit ...
HoW about... U are as rich as u feel , i'd rather be middle class in good health and a happy familie then a rich person who isnt realy happy but can own hes own plane
carlo fraiia
carlo fraiia - 20 timer siden
Jesus said this in his own words: Matthew 6:24-24  Jesus says: You cannot be slave to two masters, God or money.
carlo fraiia
carlo fraiia - 21 time siden
I would rather be ok and honest than rich and dishonest.
Vishal Borah
Vishal Borah - 21 time siden
it will destablise the society and world if everybody runs after money throug one lane
TheManKnownAsJR - Dag siden
When you are poor, it is easier to control you....
Stop cursing people that have things, stop jealousy, you are denying G-d of his creation; namely you!
You can do what you want, no one is better you are and you are better than no one; stop following social standards and start following heavenly standards, it will change your life.
It is in the bible: I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you - If you curse someone who donates large amounts for good causes, you're an asshole... same with if you curse someone who has more than you but takes care of a lot of people and helps the local economy... it falls under vanity - self-adoration.
Once I stopped being angry at rich people for having things I wanted, I started getting things that I always wanted... your dreams are always available, you have to believe.
tim nic
tim nic - Dag siden
the financially rich are very rich because they exploit the poor and middle class with the help of lying politicians and governments. one day this will come to an end when poor and middle class understand the injustice .
RealistKilla - Dag siden
This doesn't actually teach you anything, those green houses require money to buy in the first place. The basis of what he is saying is you need money to make money, which doesn't actually help anyone without money to start with lol.
tim nic
tim nic - Dag siden
Achilles 137
Achilles 137 - Dag siden
The only person that keeps you poor is yourself. In America that is true. I can make as much as I apply myself to make. Set a long term goal, figure out what steps need to be taken to get there, get started. Simple. The hard part is sticking to it and not giving up when you get set back. Be vigilant within the war you have vs billions of other ppl. You have to have a it's you vs them mentality bc that's exactly what it is. Everyone wants to make all the money whether they admit it or not. That's why we even wake up early every morning and spend hours making someone else all the money. The opportunity for our turn. Create that turn and don't ever think you're at a disadvantage. That's the biggest thing you could do against yourself.
Punnarooth Srimongkolsilp
Thank you so much for teaching :)
K Deloris
K Deloris - Dag siden
When you listen you can learn something
deathofaclown - Dag siden
so his best friend's dad inherited a business and grew it, and he worked for him for free in order to apprentice into the business management. huh why didn't everyone think of that, such a genius!!
Mike Holley
Mike Holley - Dag siden
This guy is the biggest fraud...
Roshan Khadka
Roshan Khadka - Dag siden
Stanley Chen
Stanley Chen - Dag siden
i red this dude's book and lowkey it was kinda nice
WowFeed Watches
WowFeed Watches - Dag siden
Great speech and all, but he can’t really see it from a poverty built background, for us to come
Up is 10x harder than it was for him
Lucy Lynn
Lucy Lynn - Dag siden
Rich Dad Poor Dad is a MUST READ. YOU. MUST. READ. THIS. BOOK. Like, if you have kids, get this book. Idc how, just get it, and show it to your children. This is how you be a good parent. Educate the youth on how NOT to be indoctrinated.
Tommy Gunn
Tommy Gunn - Dag siden
If you hang out with 10 broke guys most likely you going be broke if you hang with 10 rich guys most likely you going be rich.-
Steve Harvey
Bigbenji juan
Bigbenji juan - Dag siden
Very wise dad
James Fagan
James Fagan - Dag siden
You can't be rich unless people are poor
Nathan Waldmann
Nathan Waldmann - Dag siden
love the rugby shoutout!
Albus Nightspring
Albus Nightspring - Dag siden
Fun how you can succeed when you inherit an empire from your father
Kliver John
Kliver John - Dag siden
Mind blowing for me.
"U need to escape"
Imran Wahid
Imran Wahid - Dag siden
Is being rich the ultimate purpose of life? Shouldn't there be a bigger purpose?
Andrew James
Andrew James - Dag siden
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Russell Brown
Russell Brown - Dag siden
LaserBeam 7
LaserBeam 7 - Dag siden
I'ma go play monopoly now 😂😂
Alexander Ratmitov
Alexander Ratmitov - Dag siden
He was rigth only about one thing. That successful capital will always accumulate and generate more capital. This simple truth usually do not teach in universities, cause this simple yet fundamental truth, was stated and described by Marx. The simple truth of capitalism, is that most people have to be poor (in order to exploit them), so that some small group could be rich.
Mr Sharath Gopalan Aiyangar
Superb !
one piece is the worst anime I've ever come across
Oh shit, this man is telling the truth. He is the same person who wrote rich dad poor dad.
Dani Par
Dani Par - Dag siden
When I read Rich Dad Poor Dad the first thing I thought was that I have to meet Kiyosaki
MR SIMPSON - Dag siden
Real wealth is found in Jesus..What good is it to gain the riches of the world and lose your soul!
tiny - Dag siden
keep who poor? i dont feel like watching the video
Frankie Plays
Frankie Plays - Dag siden
To this in retrospect.
it isn't about what you know,
its about who you know.
I think youtube should remove ads from motivational videos....damn that destroys your mood
Roger Carson
Roger Carson - Dag siden
I agree
jeffery briston
jeffery briston - Dag siden
Real talk this is good stuff just listen really listen it will change your Life My God Bless you
Sinister Witch
Sinister Witch - Dag siden
school system creates " obidient worker " not thinking human being. DO but do not ask questions dont be curious dont look for answears or innovations just DO what u were told to do
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson - Dag siden
2020 people still doesn't realize kiyosaki isn't big ass billionaire he's a scam who only makes money from selling this bullshit to housewives and imbeciles
anass riani
anass riani - Dag siden
I can see that interviewer the next millionaire he didn't interrupt him he just keep listening
Odoacre Da Calcutta
Odoacre Da Calcutta - Dag siden
if it were for this kind of people, we would still be bargaining cows for women. it's people who never really aimed for money who made the world richer.
Azad Farroq
Azad Farroq - Dag siden
Thats what EA did buy all and you r the only one
Eric Middelbosch
Eric Middelbosch - Dag siden
And this proved yet again that if you believe you can do anything you actualy can
Chowdhury Robi
Chowdhury Robi - Dag siden
Plot Twist: Robert Kiwosaki is actually Elon Musk with old man costume.
KFO-NOAH - 5 timer siden
Always has been
King Zenity
King Zenity - 7 timer siden
It’s all true
Aakash Dharmakari
Aakash Dharmakari - Dag siden
it was not a rich dad!!!! he was a CLEVER DAD. That dad is a genius. Tricking kids into working for him for free and being a monopoly partner and at the end making the kids be grateful for it
what he did.
that dad was seriously a businessman!!!!!
Fahim Imtiaz
Fahim Imtiaz - Dag siden
Regardless of financial literacy, you still need capital. In order to buy assets and/or invest the money has to come from SOMEWHERE. Either from your parents' pockets or FROM A JOB. Even banks won't loan you money if you can't provide proof of your ability to repay. So "Poverty is an attitude" can only be a rich man's saying. Poverty isn't an attitude, but it is passed on, the same way wealth is passed on. Someone please prove me wrong otherwise missed me with that fInAnCiAl LiTeRaCy bs.
K'ADAM - Dag siden
I read his book but it was so good to listen him
Carol Zangas
Carol Zangas - 2 dager siden
This is a completely different way of looking at things. A staving artist is not poor after all
alphaJackal - 2 dager siden
This sounds a lot like blaming poor people for being poor. The old 'clearly they're not doing it right or else they'd be rich'. It's true that having the right mindset and ethic will make you more able to take advantage of opportunity. It is not true that everyone is equally exposed to opportunity, nor is it true that everyone lives in circumstances that allow the creation of opportunity. It would sound more honest if you just called poor people lazy or stupid.
tanya roy
tanya roy - 2 dager siden
Let what you wear do the talking...Get yourself The V.
Edgar Bikermas
Edgar Bikermas - 2 dager siden
Modern men in western societies are driven by one thing only and one thing alone: Money,greed and that's not a bad thing,the problem begins ,when they stark to talk about spiritual and 'morality' issues.(Politicians,Christian pastors and such hypocrites)
Isaiah Magee
Isaiah Magee - 2 dager siden
Our school systems need to be updated they teach us how to be slaves for a life time not how to be free.
Wahyu Sitepu
Wahyu Sitepu - 2 dager siden
i wonder that, where is his accountant came from, is it from school or this accountant guy have another "real" teacher
jonathan heussi
jonathan heussi - 2 dager siden
Absolutely the best information I've learned in a long time, this guy is good!! A true master.
yusuf abdali
yusuf abdali - 2 dager siden
i have to say that back round music made the interview a lot better and also the interviewer was the greatest interviewer of all time
Nick Zannis
Nick Zannis - 2 dager siden
One person spends a lifetime devoted to wise entrepreneurship. He starts at the bottom, works day in and day out; he faces struggles and perseveres. He slowly climbs the ladder until one day he owns hundreds of millions of dollars worth of assets.
Another person never really strives. He jumps around from job to job, hanging on until he gets fired for being lazy and has to find another job. He owns nothing except debt.
What will become of these two? There will come a day when both will be eaten by worms, and, frankly, the worms will not care who owns the $800 million hotel.
The point is, money is simply paper that has a title written on it: power. Why chase after this when you can spend eternity with the source of all true power, who is God? This is the same God who said “blessed are the poor in spirit” and “do not store up for yourself treasure on earth, where moth and rust destroy.” Commit your life to an eternal treasure, and no matter where you are, whether CEO or fast food employee, you will be rich, and full.
Markus Patients
Markus Patients - 6 timer siden
But The Rich Guys kids end up happy as hell...
Simz Zxy
Simz Zxy - 7 timer siden
wrong. what if the rich guy decided to be cremated? take that!
Daniel Peter Vine
Daniel Peter Vine - 2 dager siden
Wow, that the fuck I received a Robert Kiyosaki advert right before this video
Xray Doge
Xray Doge - 2 dager siden
I get the fake teacher part, but science needs math. And vice versa. I think what he meant to ask was “is the average person going to need calculus?” Answer is no. Will someone working at NASA need to know calculus? Yes and more.
Lebaneser Scrooge
Lebaneser Scrooge - 2 dager siden
Pretty sure this dude emailed me posing as a Nigerian prince, and called me claiming to be Microsoft asking for me to send him gift cards in the exact same day.
Ar1 Af1
Ar1 Af1 - 2 dager siden
Naive, imagine everyone is rich millionaire who are going to be employees/soldiers/police etc?
Please don’t say animals or Aliens🤣🤣🤣
You always sit with rich they tell you they had dream to become rich and achieved it... fake
Loretta Taylor
Loretta Taylor - 23 timer siden
I contacted cryptonaid. com after which i saw the contact on youtube post i contacted them and i got $25000
Enkelejda Laze
Enkelejda Laze - Dag siden
At least someone that is reasonable
MUSIC UNITES US - 2 dager siden
One day I'll be rich. And I'll make my kids watch this video and I'll make them read this comment when I was poor and needy ✌🏼
MUSIC UNITES US - 2 dager siden
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Love you all ❤️ُّْٓ
Ali Mazin
Ali Mazin - 2 dager siden
Very stupid speech
Xtxtgxj Jgcgjcjgc
Xtxtgxj Jgcgjcjgc - 2 dager siden
Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
Im very poor
How about u?
Øivind Solheim
Øivind Solheim - 2 dager siden
clownish gambino
clownish gambino - 2 dager siden
I really don't see the reason to go to school but oh well what can we do
Jekkujee _
Jekkujee _ - 2 dager siden
this is a dumb video tbh "You can't afford it because you think you can't afford it, that's how they stay poor" wtf? My mans working three jobs to pay the bills and pay for food and can'r afford something, thats why he's poor, very much yes
Stelios TB
Stelios TB - 2 dager siden
Being rich is a mistake. The secret to a good life is leading a moderate life and getting only what you need.
Loretta Taylor
Loretta Taylor - 23 timer siden
I contacted cryptonaid. com after which i saw the contact on youtube post i contacted them and i got $25000
walter Wit
walter Wit - 23 timer siden
TheMalitias - Dag siden
But I want a jet ski..
cassandra jenkins
cassandra jenkins - Dag siden
I’ll drink to that.
F.B.I Otaku
F.B.I Otaku - Dag siden
No being rich is actually finding your worth in this world and finding where you belong, where you can have freedom, and where you are happy the most, that's the definition of being rich for me
Rizaldi Satrio
Rizaldi Satrio - 2 dager siden
Actually, many of us know, going to school only means become employes. Unless few, who really have big ambition. But know the bad things doesnt always give significant impact. The catalist for big impact back to our mindset. And that mindset, must be rebuilding from today or you never start forever.
TungarN - 2 dager siden
finally an interviewer that lets the man speak, awesome speech.
cheech chong
cheech chong - 2 dager siden
If I didn't watch harry potter,I might believe he is dumbledore.
ahmad almousa
ahmad almousa - 2 dager siden
You want to read a fact?
"Being poor is not a bad thing"
You don't need to be a millionaire to be "good" or successful. I really got sick of these videos trying to tell everyone to start a business and make money. You can convince yourself that money can buy you anything, but wait untill you get old with no one around you because you were busy getting rich instead of making good impact on people around you.
Satisfaction is the real success
ahmad almousa
ahmad almousa - Dag siden
@Ousama Berrag I agree with you, I don't hate rich people lol. Being poor is relative, some millionaires think they are poor comparing to billionaires which is the truth. Balance is the key in this life. Anything you do for a certain attribute is gonna have effects on other attributes. Choose wisely
Ousama Berrag
Ousama Berrag - Dag siden
You want to read a fact? Money isn't the goal. We chase money to facilitate other things. I can love my girl at home, or I can love her on a trip to Seoul, I chase money not to be "good" or to be "successful" but to have a "good" life. Working 9 to 5 my whole life and not travelling as much and seeing the world as much is what I'd get sick of. So stop hating lol.... You can chase money and "make good impacts" on those around you , normal people work as much and hard as rich people, just a bit dumber that's all.... It's not one or the other.
RubiiX - Dag siden
Money can't buy love or true happiness. Many rich people feel empty inside and feel as if they cannot trust anyone, because who is your friend for your money or because they actually care about you? Hard to tell. Lots of rich people are anxious. I just want enough money to live comfortably, being rich doesn't concern me.
Cod4 Wii
Cod4 Wii - 2 dager siden
You'll never become rich working hourly. You become rich by exploiting the poor and middle class. Even if you make $2,000 per hour, 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a'll take you about 30,000 years to reach top 10 richest person. I'm not even exaggerating....
John Smith
John Smith - 2 dager siden
The optimal strategy in Monopoly is to never buy hotels. Just buy as many houses as you can.
A X3
A X3 - 2 dager siden
So how do I get money
Estika Raras
Estika Raras - 2 dager siden
Thank you
Reuben - 2 dager siden
This interview deserves a standing ovation!
Momchil Andonov
Momchil Andonov - 2 dager siden
I wonder what are the "expert" morons who rated his book the best for financial freedom?!
Nolast Ionut
Nolast Ionut - 2 dager siden
I got you till you reached the age of 19 years old 👍
γιώργος χρήστου
What a boring and sad little man...