Riding In Mike Finnegan's 11.7 Liter Twin Turbo BIG BLOCK Jet Boat!!! (Nearly 2,000 Horsepower)

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DaZzLe_VR46 - Time siden
Been on some fast longboats in Thailand can't forget that feeling being on water going so fast and NO BRAKES!!
nicholas ross
nicholas ross - 5 timer siden
Cool thing about boats is the unlimited cooling supply. Must be a hell of a sea water pump on that thing.
Ian Smith
Ian Smith - Dag siden
Two little boys with the new toy. So awesome!
Jimmy Deen
Jimmy Deen - Dag siden
Georgian C
Georgian C - Dag siden
Is this rear wheel drive or all wheel drive. How do you actually brake on water and what speed
Steve Sullivan
Steve Sullivan - 2 dager siden
I'm so glad I saw this I'm 😀 ear to ear.good stuff.
CalypsoNotch408 - 2 dager siden
All that power and hits maybe 120 at best
Blades 22
Blades 22 - 3 dager siden
FUCK that. Ride a 145 h.p. Harley everyday of my life, but thats just crazy
Axanka - 3 dager siden
im on
Axanka - 3 dager siden
Limited Edition
Limited Edition - 3 dager siden
Oh ho
Francis Mabo
Francis Mabo - 3 dager siden
This is why we have more women than men....79.2 Mad men
อดิศร Gli
อดิศร Gli - 3 dager siden
grim reaper ps4
grim reaper ps4 - 4 dager siden
Take it tubeing
JonathanJ Nguyen
JonathanJ Nguyen - 4 dager siden
I sounds so amazing
Juan Sandoval
Juan Sandoval - 4 dager siden
Fucken cool bro
Jonathan Parker
Jonathan Parker - 4 dager siden
That last pull though.
Alan Ries
Alan Ries - 4 dager siden
I wonder how many fish went through the propeller that day LMAO
Carl Kirkwood Jr
Carl Kirkwood Jr - 4 dager siden
Cool as cool can get. Thank you.
ModernBeastx1 - 4 dager siden
2 of my favorite genuine people
The Singles Dad Channel
The Singles Dad Channel - 5 dager siden
Am I the only one who thinks cleetus is annoying ?
Romana A
Romana A - 5 dager siden
This sound so sick
Eatshit Asshole
Eatshit Asshole - 5 dager siden
Slower than a turbine
Greg Kulig
Greg Kulig - 5 dager siden
You couldn't get me in one of those things with a double cheeseburger!
Spiritual Hesso
Spiritual Hesso - 5 dager siden
“I don’t care about 3 thousand hp, just give me 2 thousand hp” 😆
Jim Johnston
Jim Johnston - 5 dager siden
Ever see these guys get sucked forward outta the boat.
Toniche Cavalari
Toniche Cavalari - 6 dager siden
Brother ' the fiber glass insulation in the garage ceiling can not be good for you , your family and friends ' you are breathing that glass dust into your lungs.
I'm not a "Karen" l'm just a concerned fan of bad ass machines 😎
Dương Đình Phúc official
Nhanh quá 😍
Media Design
Media Design - 6 dager siden
Need that to make a run from Jamaica to Florida for some fishing. ;-) wink, wink
D Bruce fishing
D Bruce fishing - 6 dager siden
10:51 last words
kevin schulze
kevin schulze - 6 dager siden
Why would anyone thumbs down this!..
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson - 6 dager siden
YOU GUYS SPENT ALL THAT MONEY,then you put a woman drive on it,that should be a V-DRIVE,with a propeller under it...what a waste of money....
Blind Dog
Blind Dog - 6 dager siden
Should call the video -- Some Dude's Teeth ...
Master Vidz
Master Vidz - 6 dager siden
22secs in Mike gets left hanging by Cleetus but styles it nicely... LoL
Florian Bischoff
Florian Bischoff - 6 dager siden
thats so retarded. i love it
UJT CHANEL - 7 dager siden
Crazy idea
Tony TBone
Tony TBone - 7 dager siden
Sketchy, scary and it looked fun as hell! I love that feeling! That thing is awesome!
Eduardo Pecorari
Eduardo Pecorari - 7 dager siden
how many fuell could I spend to move two persons over the water? this is unnecesary
Syn Better
Syn Better - 7 dager siden
Dude really trimmed his eyebrows beautifully.
Kaden Bradford
Kaden Bradford - 7 dager siden
Know that’s a fishing boat
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson - 8 dager siden
Incredible machine.
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson - 8 dager siden
Hit the water at that speed, pop your eyes out your head, two gallons of water directly injected through your ripped cheeks! ...just saying. I've submarined through a wave, at 65mph...you guys are travelling at ludicrous speed!!
TRENT MILLER - 8 dager siden
Hey that’s the Great Outdoors boat!
The Surferjo Show with Chef Frankie
great video ty
Christopher James
Christopher James - 8 dager siden
That was the most fun I’ve had on YouTube in a long time lol. Ya’ll look like you’re having about as much fun as a man can have.
David Switzer
David Switzer - 8 dager siden
Holy Shit! That is some pure ass kicking fun!
Adam Nope
Adam Nope - 8 dager siden
Over 11 liters, and turbocharged, that's fucking INSANE!!!
Anna Hall
Anna Hall - 9 dager siden
The speed of that will cause you to go bald.
Pauly Bouy.
Pauly Bouy. - 10 dager siden
Hey just curious
Why aren’t you reaching 150-175 mph?
Dipper Pines
Dipper Pines - 10 dager siden
I wonder what would happen if you put that in a jetski
Mike Porter
Mike Porter - 10 dager siden
awesome video 🤘👍
Grif Luke
Grif Luke - 10 dager siden
I knew there was no reason to fly on a plane ever again..
MegaDDingo - 11 dager siden
Come on man! Crack of dawn, late fall or early spring, and 0 mph wind. Water like glass and a smashing of the throttle. Find a man sized body of water.
DEMO 300
DEMO 300 - 11 dager siden
Want this guys life
Bass King
Bass King - 11 dager siden
Have you've tried trolling at that speed 🤣
Stephen Wittmann
Stephen Wittmann - 12 dager siden
Put me in the driver seat i will take it to it's limit...j...s...
Stephen Wittmann
Stephen Wittmann - 12 dager siden
Love it but need bigger lake for full open beal just saying need for speed brother...would lime to be on it at full beal....j..s...if you aren't scared i game...😁
Jason Freydin
Jason Freydin - 12 dager siden
Rip fish
Elmer Roth
Elmer Roth - 12 dager siden
Super Psychotic
Matthew Hudson
Matthew Hudson - 12 dager siden
I want to see a Tesla one, or I should say...a space x one
DJ Salad
DJ Salad - 12 dager siden
So this is the friend of dustin porier conor mcgregor was talking about
flyingjoed - 12 dager siden
You guys on Allatoona?
Dawson • Drifts
Dawson • Drifts - 12 dager siden
This would be fun with a knee board on back holding on!!!
Baroy Leyva
Baroy Leyva - 12 dager siden
14:42 look the scary 😦 face 😂😂😂😂🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
Brandon - 13 dager siden
The worst enema of your life lol
Paul Rawluk
Paul Rawluk - 13 dager siden
I frickin cried a__ H_les!!!
Dave - 13 dager siden
Thailand river boats pulling G's with 4 cyc turbo diesels ........
zero012345678910ten - 13 dager siden
Takes skills to make that look easy when it he goes fast and smooth
Zonker Nunya
Zonker Nunya - 13 dager siden
Couldn't make it past the 5th damn commercial. Hope it ended well... half the damn time is ads. Relentless ads!!
Nic Zizzox6
Nic Zizzox6 - 14 dager siden
That guy was on the edge of having a heart attack
C goods
C goods - 14 dager siden
Martin Moore
Martin Moore - 14 dager siden
Bad ass boat!!!
Tony Elberg
Tony Elberg - 14 dager siden
Fukin insane brother,luv it
Tony LS Silverado
Tony LS Silverado - 14 dager siden
Lake X Monster Escapes Tune in to future sightings last seen with Cleetus & Fin nice boat well done
Casey Chase
Casey Chase - 15 dager siden
Cleetus! You need a new intro to your videos bro. Or at least a change in the graphics! Hell yeah brother 👊💯
Hervé Chretien
Hervé Chretien - 15 dager siden
What will she do, Sir ?
David Barker
David Barker - 15 dager siden
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf - 15 dager siden
KUDO's to both guys for the huge balls !! AWESOME MACHINE !!!
AKASPEEDY cubley - 15 dager siden
So much fun ❤️ epic
Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor - 15 dager siden
Holy shit ...
Seanzy W.
Seanzy W. - 15 dager siden
Eagle Mike Fin🦅
engine & boat như nhân
engine & boat như nhân - 15 dager siden
At a great rate, I liked it so much
Jon Silver
Jon Silver - 15 dager siden
Bad ass
Juzo - 15 dager siden
Imagine minding your own business while fishing and see this absolute unit coming in your direction
Sport13312 - 16 dager siden
those life jackets aren't going to help u much, just for show
IAMREIKI - 16 dager siden
That was fun . Thanks Guys .
Facewest - 16 dager siden
Your channel rocks!!
joshua cunnett
joshua cunnett - 17 dager siden
I recognise this lake but can’t remember the name anyone in the comments know?
It's Me
It's Me - 17 dager siden
I bet it'd be intense being pulled on an intertube behind it
Andy Man
Andy Man - 17 dager siden
08:06 *"there's literally nothing to hold onto just for the record"*
you guys need an Aussie invention, the 'Geeezus' bar - mounts to the passenger dash for the passenger to hold onto while he yells 'Geeeezus'
Dillan Hames
Dillan Hames - 17 dager siden
I was mildly terrified for him.
phairat Ruk
phairat Ruk - 17 dager siden
Vince C
Vince C - 17 dager siden
They are 2 cool dudes, very entertaining video, thanks
Metu Martyr
Metu Martyr - 18 dager siden
How much ballast do you have in this thing?!
j dog
j dog - 18 dager siden
No hovercraft action?
Brandon - 18 dager siden
Gota love no boat lic in Florida lol
Don Tait
Don Tait - 19 dager siden
Watch this on Thursday with my dad. He passed away on Sunday. Was the last smile I seen him make. RIP dad, you will be greatly missed. Thank you Cleetus for the memory.
Marcello lindo
Marcello lindo - Time siden
Condolences brother !!
Don Tait
Don Tait - 2 dager siden
@Denver Davis Thank you.
Denver Davis
Denver Davis - 4 dager siden
I’m sorry man😭 hope u feel better soon bro
Don Tait
Don Tait - 5 dager siden
@Quackers Thank you, definitely the worst thing I've been through. We were always very close. One bit of advice I can give too all, even if you don't get along with someone in your family try. Life is short, never know if it's your last chance to tell the person how much they meant to you or try to resolve your differences. Im lucky I got the chance too. There's people I haven't seen in my family for 15 years, unfortunately it took this to get us all talking. Family is really the only ones that will stick with you unless you really screw them. Cherish them.
Don Tait
Don Tait - 5 dager siden
@1st name last name Thank you.
The RV Connection
The RV Connection - 19 dager siden
"That was SIIIICK! Let's go faster!" Lol...nice job guys, that video had my heart pumping!
8literbeater - 20 dager siden
I would've expected the "save me now" button to be slightly larger and harder to miss.
Elevate Higher LV8
Elevate Higher LV8 - 20 dager siden
Imagine wakeboarding or waterskiing on this beast... RIP