Ricky Gervais and Richard Dawkins in Conversation

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Multi-award-winning stand-up comedian, screenwriter, and actor Ricky Gervais was presented with this year’s Richard Dawkins Award, from the Center for Inquiry. CFI campaigns to remove the influence of religion in science education and public policy, and to eliminate the stigma that surrounds atheism and non-belief.
The Richard Dawkins Award has been presented annually since 2003. Past winners have included philosopher and cognitive scientist Daniel Dennett, activist and feminist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and actor and writer Stephen Fry.
This event was an unscripted conversation between Gervais and Dawkins, in which everything is on the table and nothing is sacred. They were joined by host, best-selling author and professor of psychology, Richard Wiseman.
Runtime: 1:21:52


donotberacist - 3 timer siden
Also, religions are mechanisms of control - always have been
donotberacist - 3 timer siden
You have to believe in atheism - it is a belief system / ideology
donotberacist - 3 timer siden
“Ideas like evolution”. Yes exactly. Ideas 😂
donotberacist - 3 timer siden
Free Masonic symbolism on the podium hmmm mmmmm mmmm
Steve Maher
Steve Maher - 4 timer siden
It's a fool that looks logic in the chambers of the human heart.
Panagiotis Papa
Panagiotis Papa - 5 timer siden
An award to proclaim rational values of Richard Dawkins first.
Salnsd - 5 timer siden
dame stoupid librals , jest more prapigenda TROMP 2020
Chris Blankley
Chris Blankley - 6 timer siden
Even Ricky Gervais couldn’t make this subject funny
HOMAYOUN AZIMI - 7 timer siden
Tons of contradictions and lack of true scientific knowledge on such important matters. Not everyone can be a teacher so just stay out of it rather than making it harder for everyone who is trying to learn. Just say "I don't know" or "it's just me and my idea." !!! Can't gain people's trust by saying "That's it or f... off!"!!! It's the same as Americans say and look what is happening!!! We need way more suffistication and smoothness in taking to masses about their beliefs and scientific facts if we want to be saved by understanding the reality while we know that it's the toughest path of our lives.
Terry Peterson
Terry Peterson - 8 timer siden
Ricky Jarvis is great!
Montrose2525 - 8 timer siden
I heard she was promoting Atheism in I had to stop there. I've seen quite a bit in my 58 years on the globe. Science and data doesn't explain it to me. I put my faith elsewhere.
The Furious Banana
The Furious Banana - 8 timer siden
The host was too star struck or his approach was strange. I'm surprised he tried to make it "funny" when it could have been two intellectuals discussing difficult issues that face us.
Oisin Lally
Oisin Lally - 10 timer siden
I dont get this... did Rickey go up against Richard? what a challenge? tricky dickies!
libertyjusticeforal1 - 11 timer siden
These scientists look at religion in a negative way. I look at some scientists in a negative way. Just look at the Atom bomb/ eugenics/ biological weapons. And how do these atheists have the audacity to talk about morality when without God, its just peoples opinions.
Leslie Carl
Leslie Carl - 9 timer siden
Are you saying that without god you'd be immoral? Do you need religion to know how to be a good person?
ivan belenky
ivan belenky - 13 timer siden
26:14 belly
hassan alsharif
hassan alsharif - 13 timer siden
I come from that region
I even sought asylum at the UNHCR
No one cares, nobody does, not even the UNHCR
They've been ignoring me for some reason, my case is being purposely delayed
I own a passport of a country that applies the penalty for apostasy, and currently hiding in another country that applies the same
And no one is giving a rat's ass
Been hiding between 4 walls for the past 3 years, jobless
The fucking middle east wont change, at least in my life time.
Florence Luijckx
Florence Luijckx - 15 timer siden
Pathetisch. Disappoited Gervais was part of this.
Max Xam
Max Xam - 14 timer siden
BabyBatPlays - 16 timer siden
the interviewer is so wholesome
Erika Lehmann
Erika Lehmann - 16 timer siden
Targeting the unconscious at 37:09 xD
USS Pandumbic
USS Pandumbic - 17 timer siden
Reason & science in the US... LOL. Good one. No human being should be brought to Atheism. We're all born Atheists, the world around us corrupts our minds with dogma, brainwashing & other toxins & pollutants.
Michel Haineault
Michel Haineault - 19 timer siden
Liars at is best
Max Xam
Max Xam - 14 timer siden
Explain how.
Robert Seavor
Robert Seavor - 19 timer siden
Two idiots who know nothing of philosophy and theology but that doesn't stop them pontificating. Dawkins is ignorant of real science (he's only a botanist, as a physicist said) who denies the validity of philosophy while simultaneously philosophying. He's an embarrassment to other atheist academics. But his fan boys are even dumber than Dawkins so they continue to worship him. 😂😂😂😂😂
Shaun Collins
Shaun Collins - 20 timer siden
I treat religion as a mental illness, I smile and have empathy.
Trust NoOne
Trust NoOne - 9 timer siden
My mum was Muslim from back home. All her life she feared hell. She lived for religion. She wasted her whole life living a shit life cos of this retarded religion.
Michael Dickinson
Michael Dickinson - 21 time siden
Darwinian Evolution and Racism with Ken Ham https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIqjpPZ0-es
Michael Dickinson
Michael Dickinson - 13 timer siden
@Max Xam I know he's not the author of Darwins Book " On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life)" I notice also that you are hiding behind a username and yet you want me to believe Ken Ham is a scam artist. lol Forget about Ken Ham. Who are you and can you explain who the Favoured Races are.
Max Xam
Max Xam - 14 timer siden
You know Kent Ham is a scam artist, right?
Debra Brashears
Debra Brashears - 21 time siden
You all have my pity. So prideful arrogant and lost. I can't watch much as I'm getting nauseous.
laeeque nadvi
laeeque nadvi - 21 time siden
بدیع السموات و الارض اذا قضی امرا فانما یقول لہ کن فیکون o
To Him is due
The primal origin
Of the heavens and the earth:
When He decreeth a matter,
He saith to it:" Be,"
And it is.
Robert Corroll, an expert on vertebrate paleontology and a committed evolutionist, comes to admit that the Darwinist hope has not been satisfied with fossil discoveries.
" Despite more than a hudred years of intense collecting efforts since the time of Darsin's, the fossil record still does not yield the picturd of infinitely numerous transitional links that he expected . (14)
Another evolutionary paleontologist, K.S.Thomson, tells us that new groups of organisms appear very abruptly in the fossil record:
" When a major group of organisms arises and first appears in the record, it seems to come fully equipped with a suite of new
chracters not seen in related, putatively ancestral groups. These radical changes in marphology and fuction appear to raise very quickly. (15)
The fossil record reveals that species emerged suddenly, and totally different structures, and remained exactly the same
Over the longest geological periods. Stephen Jay Gould, a Harvardv University paleontologist and well-known evolutionist, admitted this fact in late 70s.
The history of most fossil species include two features particularly inconsistent with gradualism:
1) Stasis- most species exhibit no directional change during their tenure on earth. They appear in the fossil record looking much the same as when they disappear; morphological change is usually limited and directionless.
2) Sudden appearance - in any local area, a species does not arise gradually by the steady transformation of its ancestors; it appears, all at once and " fully formed ". (16)

Further research only strengthened the fact of stasis and sudden appearance. Stephen Jay Gould and Niles Eldredge write in 1993 that :
" Most species, during during their geological history, either do not change in any appreciable way, or else they fluctuate mildly in morphology, with no apparent directio". (17)
The Adequacy of the Fossil Record
Some 140 years ago Darwin put forward the following argument :
" Right now there are no transitional forms,
yet further research will uncover them".
Is this argument is still valid today? In other words, considering the conclusions from the entire fossil record, should we accept that transitional forms never existedor we should wait for the results of new research?
The wealth of existing fossil records will surely answer this question. When we look at the paleontological findings, we come across an abundance of fossils. Despite this, not a single transitional form has been uncovered, and it is unlikely that any transitional forms will be found as a result of new excavations.
Niles Eldredgo, the well-known paleontologist and curator of tha American Museum of National History, expresses as follows the invalidity of Darwin's claim that the insufficiency of the fossil record is the reason why no transitional forms have been found:
The record jumps , and all the evidence shows that the record is real :
The gaps we see reflects real events in life's history -- not the artifact of a poor fossil record. (18)
14) Robert Carroll, Patterns and Process of Vertebrate Evolution, Cambridge University Press, 1997, p.25
15) K.S.Thomson, Morphogenesis and Evolution, Oxford University Press, 1988, p. 98
S.J.Gould, ' Evolution's Erratic Pace", Natural History, vol.86, May 1977.
16) Ibid
17) S.G.Gould, and Niles Eldredge, ' Punctuated Equilibbiria: The Tempo and Mode of Evolution Reconsidersd', Paleobiology, 3 (2), 1977, p. 115 .
18) N.Eldredge and 1. Tattersall, The Myths of Human Evolution, Colubia University Press 1982, p. 59
Ph.D. (Arabic Lit.) M.A. Arabic Lit.+Islamic Studies)
Amena Institute of Islamic Studies
& Analysis
A Global & Universal Institute,
Donate to promote this Institute
SBI A/C30029616117
Kolkata,Park Circus Branch
Scott Jacobs
Scott Jacobs - 22 timer siden
When I was 12 years old I thought it was cool to tell everyone how stupid religion was but I grew out it. Much of religion is superstitious nonsense but there are intelligent people who aren't convinced that the universe is a mechanism created only by chance. The beauty and design in nature seems to have an intelligent causality behind it. You don't have to believe in imaginary gods to see that but you can still be open to the idea that there is more behind creation than a big bang.
NAJEEB ULLAH - 22 timer siden
Arrogance won't let you get to the truth.
Elli P
Elli P - Dag siden
In case anybody still thinks that religious belief is just a personal thing between you and your deity, with no ramifications for anyone but your good self, please note that in Tanzania, the president firmly believes that God has eliminated Covid-19, thanks to the faith of all of the country's lovely shiny Christians.
What? Really? Oh. Well. That's all right, then.
No need for any of that social distancing or facemask nonsense; no heathen awareness campaign required, just lots of wild-eyed people getting together in churches to clap and sing and cough and hug and sneeze and squeeze and deny that there's any danger because they're so special. (Halleluia.)
David Livingstone has an awful lot to answer for, the tit.
The Tanzanian people did the same with Aids, you know. Yep. That worked really well. Totally eradicated the disease with not a single death. Not one. Not among the God-fearing classes, at least. Hooray. Nothing can harm true believers as long as the faithful persecute those dirty ol' infidels with sufficient vigour.
Bloody hell. Does it work with cancer and malaria and cholera and being hit by a bus, too? Praise Jaayzuss!
Meanwhile, they expect to be able to travel the world with impunity, spreading... what, exactly? Joy? Bushmeat jerky? Bubonic plague?
Yes, Covid-19 is jolly inconvenient, and presidents all over the world hate it. That's why Trump - a devout man, according to a little bird - is so keen to hush things up and pretend that there's no crisis, to get back to normal, and get the schools open again. Shut up, shut up, shut up, and pray. #NeroInTheWhiteHouse.
If only people would stop going on about coronavirus and whining about their damn stupid children dying from it, everything would be fine and his re-election would be guaranteed. Perhaps that would leave him some free time to go on holiday. Somewhere warm. I hear East Africa's nice at this time of year.
I find it fascinating that some people are quite happy with there belief of there being no eternal afterlife. No doubt if there is a God, he will give these people exactly what they want after this life, and that of course being that they want absolutely nothing. To be quit willing and devoted to throw away a possible afterlife, is amazing.
Leslie Carl
Leslie Carl - 9 timer siden
So much wrong here. First, being happy with a belief that harms no one is hardly a bad thing. Second, it isn't 'willingness' it is inability to believe something so obviously far fetched. Third, if your god is real and punishes people he/she created for their beliefs then is he/she really a loving god?
Ralph King
Ralph King - Dag siden
The section about giving human rights to ideas was interesting and reminded me about a discussion taking place several years ago on a writing site were amateur fiction writers would criticise each others work. There was a small group who would take great offence at any negative comment about their work even though it was given constructively. A lot of effort was used to convince them that a criticism of their work was not a criticism of them as a person. Unfortunately, probably due to their lack of confidence some of them were never able to understand this.
Aleksandar Radeka
Aleksandar Radeka - Dag siden
Atheism is a lie. Its a belife in nothing. And the only reason why it still doesnt have dogma is bcz its in minority.
But if it was in majority it would be just the same as every religion. It must play nice for some time.
People, Jesus is your savior, trust in him.
Leslie Carl
Leslie Carl - 9 timer siden
There is no dogma because there are no beliefs. What if people believe is Rama, Allah or Odin, you down with that?
Ronnie Jackson
Ronnie Jackson - Dag siden
If the posters are so sure of these men’s position, why do my comments always disappear?
Ronnie Jackson
Ronnie Jackson - 23 timer siden
Danny Spitzer - At the behest of the poster. It happens anywhere you challenge the posters’ claims.
Danny Spitzer
Danny Spitzer - 23 timer siden
It's NOburn spamming them, not the poster
mik 02910
mik 02910 - Dag siden
The host seems to have man-crush on Ricky. Didn't include Richard enough in the convo.
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson - Dag siden
God bless you both!
Enrique Peña Nieto
Enrique Peña Nieto - Dag siden
Why do people like Dawkins? He’s an idiot.
Tony Montana
Tony Montana - 21 time siden
He is not, you are
FunkyAnimal The Earl of Funkdom
@Enrique Peña Nieto Having an ego doesn't make him an idiot.
Enrique Peña Nieto
Enrique Peña Nieto - Dag siden
FunkyAnimal The Earl of Funkdom he is an idiot, tries to be a philosopher and even attempted to debunk thomistic philosophy, failed horribly and showed just how stupid he is by using the kind of arguments he uses.
FunkyAnimal The Earl of Funkdom
He may be 1 Dimensional, but he certainly isn't an idiot.
Danny Spitzer
Danny Spitzer - Dag siden
Says the idiot troll
t rex in hampsted would be great start at Rickys house just past boy Georges house
Rossfue - Dag siden
37.09 for a subliminal advert to appear on the screen.
Water Man
Water Man - Dag siden
So a friend said to me ,when you do die what if god appears before you what will you say?...i thought for a moment and responded,” I’m sorry i doubted you”.
Gennady Golovkin
Gennady Golovkin - Dag siden
Dawkins is demonic.
FunkyAnimal The Earl of Funkdom
Dawkins doesn't believe in Demons either, so the insult is mute.
Danny Spitzer
Danny Spitzer - Dag siden
Good comedy there 😂😂
Albert Chhab
Albert Chhab - Dag siden
Love from a Syrian atheist ❤️
ZN - Dag siden
"Wait, the giraffe wasn't stretching it's neck?" - Lamarck.
dylan storm trooper der
having an acting license is the only way to be heard that's creepy:)-
Campervan man
Campervan man - Dag siden
I cannot understand why people argue over this stuff. Why is it so hard for people to understand that one dude in the sky made everything and constantly judges all of us?.
Kolby Long
Kolby Long - Dag siden
I like her dress
rotten bones
rotten bones - Dag siden
Audience looks so stupid in this conversation.
matthew bellamy
matthew bellamy - Dag siden
Like Woody Allen but can play more than one character........brilliant
Ed Chigliak YNWA
Ed Chigliak YNWA - Dag siden
so did he take the pills?
Lilith Eden
Lilith Eden - Dag siden
Religion is quite entertaining but that’s where it ends. Richard Dawkins is my hero.
* 031770 *
* 031770 * - Dag siden
Lol still 'believes' in intelligent design but can't back it or he be a poor man ...no fortitude of his own convictions
See Gritti
See Gritti - Dag siden
Every religion is dogma. People made it all up. Every one. And the people who didn’t make it up just agreed to believe it.
Scott Jacobs
Scott Jacobs - 22 timer siden
Apparently you haven't studied Taoism or Buddhism.
See Gritti
See Gritti - Dag siden
Pseudoscience is like weeds in a garden. There is never really an end to them. One must remain vigilant and care for the garden regularly. As well as check for and remove any new weeds.
See Gritti
See Gritti - 12 timer siden
zemorph42 agreed
zemorph42 - 17 timer siden
The problem is convincing people deluded by pseudoscience that they are deceived, especially when proponents try to apply the label to actual science in a massive attempt to deflect. I've heard that from flat earthers! And when they can't get away with that, they accuse you of scientism.
ADIMIRROR - Dag siden
the evolution theory miss the extraterrestrial intervention part. I don't care about people thinking this is ridiculous? It's ridicualize by the media you're just programed to think that this idea is ridiculous while it should be an important probability to take .
JA me ReVs
JA me ReVs - Dag siden
Infinite was the word
AmmO Mug
AmmO Mug - Dag siden
It takes alot of stupidity to be an atheist. LMAO 😆
Dawkins especially. Cardinal Pell stumped him. Famous exchange.
Ricky ... LMAO 😆 .... Ricky .... Has three giant crucifixes hanging in his house.
Ding dong acquaintance says they are "art"
Yeah okay.
Ricky is a Christian who puts on a good front for the bucks.
Andrew Steven
Andrew Steven - Dag siden
Well this is now a religion in and of itself isn’t it lol
VoltZ - Dag siden
Ricky Gervais is so smart and considerate, he's much much more compassionate than one would first seem.
Aaron Davis
Aaron Davis - Dag siden
Dawkins and Gervais don't know everything.
Hrithik George
Hrithik George - Dag siden
43:02 Is that Simon Singh? Looks like the guy from: Fermat's Last Theorem - Numberphile.
Len Firewood
Len Firewood - Dag siden
I used to be strongly pro vaccination. Sadly I have to now report that I have lost ALL trust in the medical establishment after the highly politicised nefarious actions of the W.H.O. and suffering much disquiet from watching videos featuring Bill Gates and his obscene agenda being so keen to get direct access to our bloodstreams through mandatory means where he can. The medical establishments attack along with complicit MSM on a long standing drug that has a successful history of being used off label has only served to confirm my deep misgivings. I hope therefore that the Centre for Inquiry will develop a much more mature and well reasoned attitude towards vaccination instead of what now can be seen as a very naive bland and white attitude as expressed by Robin in this video.