RICH STUDENTS VS BROKE STUDENTS || Funny Situations At School by 123 GO!

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Whether you’re bored in class, or are simply tired of it all… We’re all just people, no matter how much money is in our wallets. If you had all the money in the world, what would you do to make school more interesting?
Could you relate to these rich student vs broke student problems? Which scenario have you found yourself in before? Be sure to share this video with your friends to give them a laugh! And don’t forget to subscribe to 123 Go’s NOburn page!
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Jassodra Kissoon
Jassodra Kissoon - Time siden
😷😂😂😁😀😊😥I am rich student
Marites Bastian
Marites Bastian - Time siden
Can We Appreciate The Effort Though
Marilynmavis Djohossou
Marilynmavis Djohossou - Time siden
Thu Young
Thu Young - Time siden
I don’t like cheating in class.
Thu Young
Thu Young - Time siden
I like test answers little bit.
Thu Young
Thu Young - Time siden
I like eat fish because fish is Yummy. 🍽 🐟 😋😍
Thu Young
Thu Young - Time siden
I like very long hair.
Thu Young
Thu Young - Time siden
Lana is very beautiful.
Jonathan Almaden
Jonathan Almaden - 2 timer siden
I love this video!
Sabina Magar
Sabina Magar - 3 timer siden
Lillian Alirez
Lillian Alirez - 3 timer siden
Loseli Daza
Loseli Daza - 3 timer siden
Hey guys lots of people have been asking there names and real voices well go to insta and put vikkimila you’ll see and put following for the rest of the members like if u saw it or did it
swalcott21 - 3 timer siden
I love it
cuc le
cuc le - 4 timer siden
cuc le
cuc le - 4 timer siden
Panda_ Ookies
Panda_ Ookies - 5 timer siden
Not all broke people are ugly or a bike. Why y’all do that
Briana Garcia
Briana Garcia - 5 timer siden
Not trying to he mean
Briana Garcia
Briana Garcia - 5 timer siden
I don’t like lana she is eww
Nova Butler
Nova Butler - 6 timer siden
Ronnie Andre
Ronnie Andre - 6 timer siden
aya army
aya army - 6 timer siden
الله الله الله الله الله الله الله
Monkeys Bananas
Monkeys Bananas - 6 timer siden
My mom gives me all that stuff for lunch am I broke?
Living mylife
Living mylife - 6 timer siden
If the Poor student Is poor then I why does he have a big computer
Aditi Pandey
Aditi Pandey - 7 timer siden
I like cycle ride
Andirudi Hartono
Andirudi Hartono - 8 timer siden
Jody Willard
Jody Willard - 8 timer siden
If he is a broke student how come he has a iPhone aren’t they broke
rachelle torrew
rachelle torrew - 8 timer siden
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi - 8 timer siden
I see in Assam
Anisia Tuttui
Anisia Tuttui - 8 timer siden
I like the rich one
James Hu
James Hu - 11 timer siden
Lana and her chef gone a little too overborad for lunch
Ahmed Samantar
Ahmed Samantar - 11 timer siden
Izzy Toscano
Izzy Toscano - 12 timer siden
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi - 8 timer siden
Amy Bailey
Amy Bailey - 12 timer siden
5:24 he didn’t even drink anything
Vaiva Kepežinskaitė
Vaiva Kepežinskaitė - 12 timer siden
Rich girl is so rich that even wakes up with makeup 🤣💄
Jaanvi Balgobind
Jaanvi Balgobind - 13 timer siden
I💓 Lana
LilyPlayz2013 - 13 timer siden
I love waking or biking so I love the poor so nice and relaxing I love it ! Lol
Cyla MC
Cyla MC - 14 timer siden
Priyaanka Jain
Priyaanka Jain - 15 timer siden
Love the shoot, video and the content, all the very best!!!!!!!!!
Hour Saeed Ebrahim
Hour Saeed Ebrahim - 15 timer siden
I like the rich people 🤑
Janelle Ridgway
Janelle Ridgway - 15 timer siden
Hi there I'm lola