Return Home

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I have returned home to Toronto after spending much of the last eighteen months in hospitals. I am hoping that my health has improved to the point where I can start producing original content again. Thank you to all who are watching for your support over the course of this trying time. I hope that you all are coping with the COVID crisis successfully.
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Jay Silverstone
Jay Silverstone - 20 minutter siden
Having studied Mishlei (proverbs) in the Artscroll Edition finding it both truly enigmatic and fundementally liberating and empowering. Thrilled, but thrilled that you are back on the block and looking forward to Beyond Order ver much indeed, hope I am ready for It, the sjw brigade must be quaking in their boots.
Jose Jube
Jose Jube - 36 minutter siden
Have some Neville Godard's lectures
Patricia Dam
Patricia Dam - Time siden
I speak Life, Love, Health and Blessings for you and your family in the Holy name of Jesus! Amen!
Steven Rego
Steven Rego - 2 timer siden
Jordan, we love you're genuiness, you're intelligence, your empathy, relatability, perseverance and humility. We're glad you're doing much better.
Stay strong. You help people who are and have also been in similarly dire straits. You're work helps give people courage to press on.
We ALL need it as much as you needed to write it. Stay blessed, praying for you and your family.
GoatAmongSheep - 2 timer siden
Chemical dependancy is usually treated in the medical community by substitution, not withdrawal. In other words, JP will be fed a new addiction, and will appear to tell us he is cured from that evil 'benzo'....never mentioning that he is now addicted to something slightly different. Hey, welcome to the merry-go-round. I am not surprised that those visits to Joe Rogan could offer little help. Maybe try Graham Hankock.... he is just fine now (LOL) after being 'cured' by ayahuasca. Hancock is no longer stark raving mad, he is only mad now. I could offer advice, but some people are worth that effort and some are not. Hats off to his daughter, a family connection is better than being alone with addiction. Some people are born with common sense... others attempt to develop that trait and fail. I have heard it said that religion is the "last refuge" of the desperate, when all else fails.... and logic offers no answers to the deaf/blind. Jordan..what do you think of "stone gazing" where one gazes at stones in a hat until treated with revelation? It's a religion, it might fit you.
Tori G
Tori G - 5 timer siden
are you on any other platform? can I contact you now? Just curious and want to see if you are in fact ok after everything we have experienced. I do ask for personal reasons bc I think I have a theory on mental instability and would love for your personal expertize in the matter.
chakkachanda - 5 timer siden
Matthew 11:28-29... may God Lift you up during these difficult times.... God’s grace is sufficient and he will be with you guiding you with His wisdom and knowledge that only his living Word can provide! Many prayers for you and your family🙏💖Chanda
S.C. Allevato
S.C. Allevato - 5 timer siden
Jung without James Hillman is much like the katabasis. Enjoy the anabasis and your ascent from hell my friend, did Euridice make it back this time? You have a lot to share.
Darryl Harden
Darryl Harden - 6 timer siden
I'm sure we (those of us who are really feeling the effects of 2020) wouldn't mind if you made this a long video JP. The fact that you're OK is probably the best news some of us have had during this year alone.
Nathan L
Nathan L - 6 timer siden
You changed my life once, not too long ago. And I would like to do anything I can to assist your return to health
freesoul freesoul
freesoul freesoul - 7 timer siden
God bless you Mr.Peterson
We pray for you sincerely.
Regard from France.
Tom Gerambio
Tom Gerambio - 7 timer siden
That's awesome about the translations. I think that fact that they're doing well in other cultures is a good solid testament to universality of his ideas and their practical applications. You can disagree with the guy or even hate him, but damn you gotta respect him.
Beaux Bullet
Beaux Bullet - 9 timer siden
You’re my hero Mr. Peterson. I’m thankful that you are still with us. We need you. Peace and blessings be upon you.
Jacquelyn Maddalozzo
Jacquelyn Maddalozzo - 9 timer siden
When two tigers fight, one will be wounded. The other will surely die.
Arcticcat Caleb
Arcticcat Caleb - 10 timer siden
Your ideas and teachings assisted in getting me through a terrible bout with anxiety! The first doctors I went to wanted to put me on antidepressants. But I was able to get a different opinion Buy a natural pathic doctor. I am now six months without an attack. I cannot put it in words how much you helped me. Thank you dr. Peterson for the work you do!
DIVIN3KINGDOM - 10 timer siden
Glad you’re back Dr. Peterson!
Your work is life changing for the better!
Genesis, Exodus, Proverbs!
We are praying for you and your family!
Suezanne Marie
Suezanne Marie - 10 timer siden
So sorry about your suffering and pain. Sending you much love and peace. 💓
Kenneth Kernen
Kenneth Kernen - 11 timer siden
Return of the King!!
Sid N
Sid N - 11 timer siden
Go easy on yourself. Rest up and relax. Love yourself. One day at a time.
Menote - 12 timer siden
What is it with all the try-hard comments?
"I listen to Jordan Peterson I'm an intellectual."
- JP Fanboys -
Menote - 12 timer siden
Really? He did not know you can't Cold Turkey Benzo's?
Gustav - 12 timer siden
did he quiet the drugs?
Medea B
Medea B - 12 timer siden
Jordan B....LYLAF (love ya like a father)! When I first discovered you, I was a female incel. I was rotten to the core. You came into my soul, burned the ugly old curtains within, and gave me a complete makeover. I am transformed. Every night I play your videos so I can fall asleep.
Medea B
Medea B - 12 timer siden
@will molloy wow. My soul truly has no words to accurately reflect my life and my soul. The hunter is there for me a little while ago and I’m not sure how to make it but I’m glad you did not get to me. I’m sorry I didn’t realize you had a chance today and I’m not feeling very much better than that.
will molloy
will molloy - 12 timer siden
@Medea B What's gay is my obsession with the soul spirit of another man. How can it be so pure and cut straight to the core in as many words as possible!
Medea B
Medea B - 12 timer siden
@will molloy what’s gay is my feelings of happiness when I heard Jordan B’s voice again. I lost so many nights of sleep thinking I’d never get to.
will molloy
will molloy - 12 timer siden
@Medea B gay
Medea B
Medea B - 12 timer siden
I’m having a panic attack thinking about how we almost lost you
will molloy
will molloy - 13 timer siden
I will stop at nothing to preserve this jewel of a man! Let it be known that I was a young caterpillar, wriggling in the dirt. Now, after Dr. Petersun, or as I call him, Father, wrapped me up in a cocoon, I await my emergence as a beautiful butterfly! My chrysalized soul has been waiting for its time to emerge... and it is now! Now that Dr. Peterson has returned, the world has found order at last! I will inject his word salads straight into my bloodstream and see all the archetypes of man! At long last I will become a true special boy that is ready to find my way in a world of chaos.
Cheers, Father.
Medea B
Medea B - 12 timer siden
@will molloy I love you.
Medea B
Medea B - 12 timer siden
@will molloy that is so true!!! morning is near my church in the jungle of the house and I’m getting back to the real place I think I’m going to.
will molloy
will molloy - 12 timer siden
@Medea B I'll say it once if I say it one thousand times. I will BUCK anyone who gets in our way. Hand in hand we will revive our overlord!
Medea B
Medea B - 12 timer siden
@will molloy I don’t merely “like” it...... I LOVE it!!!!!!
will molloy
will molloy - 12 timer siden
@Medea B Hand in hand, we can raise him from his deep dark dwelling and dismantle disorder done by dissenting demons. WE WILL WIN...We just need Dr. Piterson. Like if ya agree!
mik - 13 timer siden
God speed Mr. Peterson, God speed.
maximiliano groselj
maximiliano groselj - 13 timer siden
Amigo Jordan espeto que su salud mejore
Agua de mar nutrira tu cuerpo y lo limpiara
Clorito CDS oxigenara y energisara tu cuerpo
Ben Shearts
Ben Shearts - 13 timer siden
What really drove him crazy is the realization that society is f**** up. That sounds mess up most people when they come to that
Snowflake Hailstone
Snowflake Hailstone - 13 timer siden
I am one who prays so I will bray for God to protect you and to restore. you to robust health. I'm so glad to see this post, that you are home and doing better.
Gonzza - 13 timer siden
Wish you the best and keep recovering✊🏻 you are amazing!
Markus Vogel
Markus Vogel - 14 timer siden
Welcome home
Jean-Philippe Martel
Jean-Philippe Martel - 14 timer siden
Anamaria - 14 timer siden
May Christ keep you well, Sir. Amen
Nora Vinh Svihl
Nora Vinh Svihl - 15 timer siden
A Jordan Peterson Bible Commentary?? PLEASE PLEASE DO THAT SIR! Oh my goodness,...dare I hope? Thank you for fighting for your life. So many people, me included, need you. We need your powerful intellect and your fierce courage. The way is forward, and you lead the way.
Barbara - 16 timer siden
Jordan, since you are in a weakened state, the Covid you have now may have an effect on you for months afterward. I was exhausted and run down and suffered from depression for 5 months after I got over Covid. Don't give up, Jordan. Sometimes life can hand you one thing after another health wise, my husband and I have been through a lot. But don't give up hope, It will pass eventually and you will bounce back. You are so loved by so many. God is with you. Hold your face up to His light even if for the moment you cannot see.
L.L - 16 timer siden
So lovely to see you back. I hope we get Russian sub or Russian dub ! I would love my parents to watch your videos as well but they dont understand English 😄
Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson - 17 timer siden
7,100 people who have no hope.
chemt46 - 17 timer siden
My best wishes ❤ for your complete recovery.
Retarded Shit
Retarded Shit - 17 timer siden
Getting humbled sure doesn't feel good, does it Dr Peterson? And the internet is about as shitty a place as when you left. Maybe worse. From such great heights...
Yep. Ah well, I'm not a published author, haven't sold a single book but Ecclesiastes always helps me when I'm feeling down. To paraphrase:
**"it's better to go to a funeral than to a party for at the funeral is the grave, where we all end up. So perhaps we can learn something there. At the party is only pretentious laughter like the sound of dried thorns crackling in a fire."**
Be well, Jordan. The path of thorns you've chosen has many dark lessons for you, I'm guessing. Things most will never understand. But, perhaps you are the person who can bring that darkness... those, giant pearls, or shall we say, unsavory morsels, to public light and make them somewhat palatable? (you can perhaps see now why I haven't sold any books!) Anyhow, your role has changed. Will you change with it or cling to what was? Again, best wishes and my sincere prayers for your soul. May the Holy Spirit shine *gently* upon you. May it *gently* guide you without overwhelming you. God bless. Take care...
Ilsa Galvin
Ilsa Galvin - 17 timer siden
May the MOST HIGH...
Keep you heathy.!!!
No name
No name - 18 timer siden
U look good on this video now! (Healthier)
eugene lapointe
eugene lapointe - 18 timer siden
Gods Wonderful Blessings to You and Yours! Be Well... !
Just Some Random Loser
Just Some Random Loser - 19 timer siden
God bless you dr. Peterson, thanks for coming back, take care of yourself, no doubt these times have been extremely difficult.
British Bulldog
British Bulldog - 19 timer siden
You are a brother and a lamplight in what can seem an ink black world at times. I understand and empathize with your situation having been altered permanently by medication necessary to make the now bearable even if the future be damned. I occupy that hell. In what seemed an endless and fruitless search for intellect and reason, I found you. I have no heroes and celebrity worship is the fetid stinking result of vapid acquired ignorance; Yet, here you are, a star. A person, a man, a husband, a father and still giving to those you don’t even know. You already have cultivated a legacy beyond what most will ever achieve. You have improved the lives of countless, invisible and voiceless people. Dr. Jordan Peterson, you are as wonderfully flawed and broken as the rest of us, and well worthy of all of the love and support you need to get back to yourself. Thank you, for everything, and thank you to your family, for sharing you.
andrea torino
andrea torino - 19 timer siden
Welcome back, Doctor Peterson. We have missed you so much. I'm really sorry for you and your family that you had to go through such a difficult time. Please take it easy, you have done so much already, there is no need to dig much deeper than that. Kind regards and stay healthy
Rusty Sanoian
Rusty Sanoian - 19 timer siden
Stay Strong Sir, very happy to hear that you are back home. This has been a trying year for all and this is some much needed good news!
Akshay Goyal
Akshay Goyal - 19 timer siden
Yoga and pranayam has been the constant since the ancient Vedic era. Do Suryanamaskar daily.
Picard sucks
Picard sucks - 20 timer siden
What the hell is he looking up at?
Minoru Haginoya
Minoru Haginoya - 20 timer siden
Stay strong, Dr. Peterson! My best wishes to you and your family!
Inhuman0 - 21 time siden
I disagree with quite a lot of what you say but I wish you well. We gain nothing from voices being suppressed.
Travis - 21 time siden
Does he have tardive akathisia? I assumed it went away by how he explained it but he surely did shock his system.
Carol Spillman
Carol Spillman - 21 time siden
If only i had access to Jordan's advise about the sources of "meaning" in life when i was young. My whole life would have gone differently (and way better). Instead i sabotaged my potential for a good life by valuing the wrong things. I had no mentors. Even intellegent people can lack wisdom and steer themselves wrong.
FEEdom Nation
FEEdom Nation - 21 time siden
I too have recently stopped the use of Benzos and have been outspoken about its side effects, thanks to you.
julian bishop
julian bishop - 22 timer siden
Good to see Jordan back but....he says absolutely nothing about the current covid situation and I wonder why???!!!!
James Librizzi
James Librizzi - 22 timer siden
May God Bless and keep you in His care.
Emma Cooper - Élan Vital Mind Body Health
Wonderful to hear you’re recovering well, and out the other side. I look forward to seeing what grows from here.
Jörg Pasquay
Jörg Pasquay - 22 timer siden
Thank You Dr. Peterson. I am very glad to see you in better shape. As you know, you are revered, loved and prayed for by many Christians of whom I am one. God bless you and your loved ones.
biggesu2tfan2005 - 23 timer siden
Hello, I've been watching your videos for a few years now. It's strange to feel like you've gotten to know someone whom you've never even met. I was so happy to see this when you first posted it. I was here making sure I hadn't missed a new video and watched this again. Both times I smiled and cried. Thank you for letting us know how you're doing. I appreciate you sharing part of your private life. I know that when I think of you, many great words come to mind. I regard you as much much more than honest, but honest for sure. Have a great day! Lisa
Joel Imago
Joel Imago - 23 timer siden
Prayers up for you jp! Thank you for sharing your mind.
Clinton Phoenix
Clinton Phoenix - Dag siden
The world needs people like Jordan. Respectfully challenging the generalized ideas and rules of men that feel they have a right to impose it on the masses. Free thinking leads to innovation in every level of life. I hope your health continues to improve and you continue to provide us with more and more content my friend.
Olivja W.
Olivja W. - Dag siden
Dear Prof. Peterson!
You need to get in touch with the living G'D, the G'D of Abraham, Isaac and Jacov! HE also is the Father of the Jewish Messiah Jeshua. Read HIS Words! Talk to HIM! SEARCH HIM and HE WILL touch you in your inner man. In fact: HE will give you a totally new spiritual existence which Jeshua refers to as "new birth" in the book of John chapter 3 in the "Brit ha Chadascha"! HE is the ROCK on which our life can depend in trust and for eternity! I'll pray for you! May HIS PEACE and GRACE bring you to the new birth in HIM!🕊🕊🕊
Brad Ander
Brad Ander - Dag siden
Sad to see an otherwise intelligent man sink into religious delusion.
Bomb La Tour
Bomb La Tour - 23 timer siden
David Coltrin
David Coltrin - Dag siden
God bless and keep you safe and well, sir.
Helen Russell
Helen Russell - Dag siden
Jordan you must know anxiety is a result of doing to much. Your nervous system needs rest. More time in nature, rest , massage, cranial and good diet.
Chris Palko
Chris Palko - Dag siden
Would love to see an analysis of the plandemic that has savaged the world
Sonia Sorbello
Sonia Sorbello - Dag siden
I’m so happy you are getting better. And working through that. I waste so much time.
Helen Russell
Helen Russell - Dag siden
So sorry this has happened to you
Barbara Byrne
Barbara Byrne - Dag siden
God bless Jordan. I’ve been praying for you! It’s so great to see and hear you back.
‘All things work together for good to those who love God’ romans
The book of proverbs is such a great book for young men / all men in general. I recently gave both my sons the book of proverbs , they are very young, with the hope that the messages from proverbs will form them as Adults. 🙏
bill myke
bill myke - Dag siden
Pillhead scammer.
NO ONE has all the answers.
No one.
Heather Jordan
Heather Jordan - Dag siden
May you grow in strength through Christ our Lord. Wishing you a greater life ahead!
Jacob - Dag siden
Man, Benzo's (Xanax, Valium, etc) are some of the hardest drugs to kick, AND they are the MOST commonly prescribed medication. That is just so sad. If you look on Google about this drug, essentially all answers are saying "their fine, long term use is relatively safe, they are regarded as safe etc" it makes my blood boil, these fucking pharmaceutical companies creating incalculable suffering, then rationalize it with their ideology w/ the small cases of help provided, in relation to the damage they cause, is justifiable.
poetry_on_standby - Dag siden
Jordan, you are brave and have a lovely family. For most of us, we see you as someone that must be protected at all costs.
Jillian Russell
Jillian Russell - Dag siden
Lmao what a hypocrite clown.
guachatierna - Dag siden
So glad to see you back Mr. Peterson!
kim캡틴잭 - Dag siden
I am a fan of you living in South Korea. First of all, I apologize for my short English

In South Korea, reverse discrimination among men is rampant. In addition to self-esteem, there are radical feminists who think that being born as a man is a sin.
If even a little bit of men say their opinions, the man is branded as macho online and subjected to comment terrorism. Social laws are often judged in favor of women.
This seems to be a global trend. I am very happy to know someone like you in this situation. Thank you.
Sam Chong
Sam Chong - Dag siden
"Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie." – Miyamoto Musashi
Francisco perez
Francisco perez - Dag siden
Welcome 🙏 back sir.
Joe White
Joe White - Dag siden
Great news JP. Best wishes for your recovery. That's amazing your family helped you out so much. Got to look after the silver back sometimes. Follower and fan since the beginning,
Much love from London uk mate 🤘. Jw
Dan Obrien
Dan Obrien - Dag siden
from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!!!!! MR Peterson..... i truly BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE A SAINT !!! sent from HEAVEN TO TEACH US!!! i cant THANK YOU ENOUGH IL BE PRAYING FOR YOU AND EVERYONE AROUND YOU ......
Gerald Sierveld, Photography Instructor
...this is what happens when you abuse drugs...perfect example...
10ExTwin 10
10ExTwin 10 - Dag siden
How can you dislike this video.
Tanner Herzman
Tanner Herzman - Dag siden
It takes balls to get help and admit he is human like all of us much strength this man has! TO YOU PETERSON! MUCH RESPECTS!
richard David
richard David - Dag siden
Be still
J-Life - Dag siden
Just spent the weekend listening to you, I started hearing your lecture s several years ago, im now LISTENING, thats a huge difference because, what sounds good sounds good! Bucking up amd and doing good, well I've given up addictions , laziness and even my attitude of ( oh I'm so weak) and let me tell you that is hard work, I journal now! Who knew on the other side of the mess I'd shake hands with someone stronger , a women who doesn't buckle and go hide in the corner, who knew that was me all along.
GutlesS - Dag siden
your speaking has helped my a lot, im so glad your well. God bless.
Terrarium Elio
Terrarium Elio - Dag siden
I have had health issues and gone through two bouts of depression. I now live with chronic sadness. Mr Peterson has offered advice which was of comfort. I’d like to offer some advice which I hope will be of comfort.
Mr Peterson’s work has helped countless people. The outcome of that help is love for Mr. Peterson. Mr Peterson should take that love and let thé love comfort him as he heals and gets stronger.
Mr. Peterson please take the time to get all your strength back fully and completely. I would be sadden if you were to crash again because you worked too hard too fast.
I wish Mr Peterson continued recovery and strength. I include him in my prayers when I pray to my Ma. There’s nothing like having an Italian mama lobbying for you with the Boss ;) .
DARLA HUGHES - Dag siden
You are undoubtedly in the prayers of many Sir.
God's grace is sufficient and his mercy's endureth forever.
Thank you so much
Mr. very much!!
Brandon Bambo
Brandon Bambo - Dag siden
This is a plandemic. Everything that is happening right now such as the Corona Virus has been planned by the Elites, the billionaires, and millionaires such as bill gates and much more, which are Satan worshippers. who run this world. They want to create a new world order out of chaos. They want to reduce the world population. It is on the United Nations Agenda 21, the Georgia Guidestones, and even on the one dollar bill. They had all of this planned out before it even happened. They want to have a digital currency where they implant mandatory chips into people. Through this chip they will be able to alter your DNA sequence, they will be able to control you. You will lose your God-given Freedoms to live free on this earth. you will no longer be human. They want to create a one-world currency, and a one-world government out of chaos. And for this to happen they want to crash the current economy and dollar, and they want to create chaos, in order to control us. Please Do Not Take The Corona Virus Vaccine that is Coming. I pray that the American people and people all over the world. wake up. Wake Up. If you know the ingredients inside that vaccine which will come with a chip containing nanotech which they will be able to alter your DNA Sequence, track you, and much more, you will never want that to enter your Body. as a human being. Forgive me if I offend you. I want people to wake up Wake up. I thank you for reading this comment Through. God Bless You in Yeshua(Jesus) Name.
Elizabeth Martinez
Elizabeth Martinez - Dag siden
Anxiety can so debilitating. I’ve suffered with it for years or my whole life due to childhood trauma. Treatment with benzodiazepines and antidepressants have done little to no good. I’m still learning to live with it. I’ve had good productive years controlling my PTSD and years where is triggered and comes back with a vengeance. Best of luck and wish you good Heath in the future.
Kare Reno
Kare Reno - Dag siden
Welcome home Dr. Peterson, we've got answers for you. I know what it feels to be at a presupus. It feels good to know you overcome something that you could've died from. don't forget while you are giving so much to others, to stop and look around you, and If you'll let God, he's give you new spiritual eyes to see the world around you, but take time for those you love. God Bless your family and your wife I'm praying for her and you. Welcome back....
Abu Huraira
Abu Huraira - Dag siden
Why all the great and noble person suffer most?😭
Abu Huraira
Abu Huraira - Dag siden
Abu Huraira
Abu Huraira - Dag siden
God bless you ❤️
JakeZ07 - Dag siden
Amazing Man
Lifeasis - Dag siden
Just learned that you exist Jordan:) Tonight I watched your lecture. Check your walls, I mean your paintings. If you feel uncomfortable with some of them, take it off. Put in storage, avoid to see the pictures. You will see, your depression will go. Stay healthy!
Jimmy Jambon
Jimmy Jambon - Dag siden
Never forget the humbling lesson. Without that dedicated collective effort of those around you, getting out of that deep water alone is uncertain. Remember this when you direct others to simply pull up their bootstraps. Be well.
The Dream Life Foundation
I'm rooting for you Jordan!! You are such an inspiration and amazing teacher. You're going to get through this. I love you!
Jose Luis
Jose Luis - Dag siden
We need Jordan now mors than ever. This is fantastic to see him better and back. Welcome back sir!!!
Jacob - Dag siden
Ahh, that delicious gaba deprived brain scrambling for words that used to come so sweetly fluid.
Carla Marlene
Carla Marlene - Dag siden
I am so glad you made it through! I have been worried and been praying you would be ok. Thank you very much
Ryan Heinzman
Ryan Heinzman - Dag siden
How the hell did I miss this? Thanks youtube for not blowing up my phone about this amazing news!